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Activist Tuesday: Some Actions You Can Take

Posted on: September 17, 2019

Hello Widdershins! It’s been a while since we had an actual Activist Tuesday. Given the flywheel o’crazy that is constantly churning in DC, we could use a few outlets for our frustration, tears and anger.

Here are some things you can do!


We the People March – September 21, 2019 (this Saturday!)


Official Donation Site for the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian


Onward Together – pick an organization!

That’s it for now folks. Tawk amongst yerselves – this is an open thread!



57 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Some Actions You Can Take"

Shockingly Corey Lewandowski refuses to answer any question from Congress.

2- a real story of redemption, eh?

@2: How lovely:

Kemper is also responsible for the murders of his mother, her friend and his paternal grandparents

This is kind of fun:

@2, (shudder) Sure hope he never read any audio book I’ve listened to. Some audiobooks have readers I don’t care to have that close to my ears.

@7, rather like trying to nail Jello to the wall, eh? The slime layer is deep.

Yep, here’s your daily Republican criminal story:

Not surprising.

@12 Luna> I’m sure the Russians have all kinds of safety measures in place…

@10> I bet this Republican with the child porn on his phone opposed gay marriage.

@13: Good one, DYB

@11 – I am thrilled Netanyahu lost! I hope Drumpf sees that Netanyahu will be forced to step down, and stamping his feet and yelling “fake news” will not save him.

@7, I listened to the whole. To call that creep a piece of slime would be an insult to slime.

@7 & 18: I didn’t watch the entire hearing, saw clips on some of the talk shows. It was funny to ffw it and watch sleazy Corey’s eyes dart back and forth like a trapped and cornered badger.

Pompeo calls attacks on Saudi oil facilities ‘act of war’Asked whether he is also looking at a military strike, Trump said, “We’ll see what happens. We have many options that we’re considering. There are many options.

There’s the ultimate options, and there are options that are a lot less than that,” he added, later clarifying that he was not referring to nuclear war.

His comments came after Pompeo arrived in Saudi Arabia, where he met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for 40 minutes.

Shit. Trump will take the US to war to defend a murdering misogynist autocrat. But he’s not thinking about nukes, so he says.

I think Drumpf will not attack Iran. This is a wag the dog gaslight because he is being impeached, the economy is going bad and his poll numbers are abysmal. Remember he said he’d rain down “Fire and Fury” on North Korea, but didn’t. It’s hard for me to believe he’d attack Iran, which is far more dangerous than North Korea.

@20 Fredster> I didn’t watch the hearing, but did watch that whole clip. A few remarkable things in it: the Democratic lawyer doing the questioning has the patience of a saint. Lewandowski repeatedly tries to provoke him and the guy just doesn’t give a shit. And two, and I guess this is what made the headlines, he showed that Lewandowski LIED in several major interviews with the media. One was a clip he showed of Lewandowski telling Chucky Cheese Todd that he has not been approached by Mueller to testify when, in fact, by that date he had already testified. Lewandowski, trying to be flippant, said that he is under no obligation to tell the truth to the press. That was a remarkable statement from a government employee who was doing nothing but, literally, spreading fake news on Trump’s behalf.

@23 madamab, but has the Shah written Trump any beautiful letters???

So Trump made a promise to a foreign leader that freaked out the US intelligence community. (The potential foreign leader suspects are the usual brew of Putin, NK and Middle Eastern despots.) Now the White House is trying to cover it up by refusing to cooperate with a House investigation.

@26: Saw a bit of something about that on Maddow. I’m dvring (new word?) her show and will watch later.

@25: I would not be surprised if tRump did say that. And he said he also got a “great” letter from Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

@25- this is very troubling, as if things could be any worse. Lawrence is covering it presently.

@25 – that was what I was thinking! The letters usually come after the faux aggression.

Who did Drumpf make a promise to, and for what?

He made a promise to one of his favorite dictators — my guess is Putin, MBS, or Kim.

Time for a critter with ENERGY!

D @24, well said.


Apparently it involves Ukraine. That means Trump’s puppetmaster Vladimir is involved.

@35, Dang, I thought that would be a Republican, but she’s an Independent. Well, in most cases that’s about the same thing.

Randy’s tour dates! I’ll have to miss him in Seattle as I’ll be away on vacation then.

Oh, so that’s why MoscowMitch finally changed his mind.

@40, meant to attach this:

Jennifer is right but…the money goes to blue states and red states with Dem governors. They will put it to good use. I think it is a hard won victory because both parties are now on record that our elections are not safe from foreign interference.

Hillary just destroyed Drumpf on Twitter.

Wait for it…before he became a congress critter he was the chairman/manager of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

We’re all fucked. Dump starting his war now.

@46: Ah, here we go:

He says it’s a response to requests from the Saudis and the UAE to help improve their air and missile defenses.

@46, 49, because helping rich Saudis is more important than helping refugees who legally request asylum, or cleaning up Flint’s water, or filling the 50,000 clinical vacancies in the VA, or repairing hurricane damage, or …

I wonder whether it makes the worst outcome likelier or less likely that the Dump and the Saudis are both completely incompetent.

@51: And don’t forget to add both absolutely corrupt.

annie, that USC/Utah game tonight was great!!

@53, yes the dudes were amazed!

Impeachment of Clinton absolutely hurt the Repubs. Bush lost the general to Gore in 2000. It was the cheating and the press’ relentless attacks on Gore that got him into the WH.

Check this out.

The US press is cowardly compared with the UK press. Trump would have apoplexy after being question by UK reporters.

I don’t know enough about other European countries to compare their press.

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