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Lazy Weekend~Time for more toons

Posted on: August 18, 2019

Good Weekend Widdershins

Happy weekend to you widdershins.

As crazy, insane and bizarro-world as this past week has been I thought perhaps we needed professional help.  Professional help in the form of some political cartoons.  Well that and there’s an early afternoon Saints exhibition game on so I’m gonna be elsewhere until later in the day.  So with that let’s take a look at some toons.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

And last:

* * * *

Okay shinners, hope you enjoyed those and I’ll see y’all after the Saints game is over



36 Responses to "Lazy Weekend~Time for more toons"

Love the toons, Fredster, especially the Hickenlooper and Biden gaffe machine. Sorry I haven’t been around this week, we’re moving.

Fredster, did your team win?

@2: Yep, the Saints won but it was ugly. Brees didn’t start and the primary backup was awful.

Well, at least they won. I don’t know what’s going on with our teams yet.

@4: It was the Chargers that we played. Of course this is all pre season.

I thought it was weird that they were allowed to move to L.A. from San Diego. Seemed really unfair to San Diego, and why does Los Angeles need two football teams? We have two teams of all sports. Years ago, San Diego’s basketball team moved up here, which I also thought was strange. Plus, the Angels baseball and a hockey team are in Anaheim, right next door to L.A. So we have Rams & Chargers football; Lakers & Clippers basketball; Dodgers & Angels baseball; & Kings & Ducks hockey. I guess its good for L.A. for the revenue, but I bet there was a lot of big bribe $ being secretly handed out to make it happen.

Great toons Fredster, thanks.

@6: Well annie, New Yawk has two football teams and two baseball teams also. Not sure but I think they have two basketball teams too; I don’t follow that.

Iirc, the Chargers owner wanted a new stadium in San Diego, with the city/county picking up all or most of the tab for that and I believe the city/voters said nope so the owner picked up his toys and left.

This craze for new stadiums with tons of bells and whistles and with the taxpayers picking up the tabs is crazy. The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears still play in their older stadiums (with renovations/improvements made to them). The Saints are still in the Dome which is 45 years old, although the state and the Saints are getting ready to do $450 million in updates and renovations to it. It’s in a great location right in the middle of downtown and easily walkable to hotels, the Quarter, and the rest.

@7: Glad you enjoyed them shadow, thanks.

This kitten!

@10: Awww. Cute!

Hey y’all! It’s a bit quieter on the blog and I am pounding it trying to catch up after my vacation. Plus, the toons are golden! Let me try to post something on Wednesday night.

I think my favorite was “wooing Hickenlooper’s supporter” 😀

Deb Haaland endorses Elizabeth Warren!

Lol, that cartoon with Moscow Mitch flipping between his two hats. Nice collection, Fredster.

@mb and luna, thanks y’all.

mb, go over to uppity’s place and read her comment @9pm on the 19th.

@8, I’m not for the taxpayers having to pay for these luxury stadiums. The Rams owner is supposedly paying for the huge development in Inglewood (Hubs was offered a job with them), which is good. I say, let these billionaires pay for their own vanity parks. As a life long Dodger fan, I do not want Dodger Stadium pulled down for a new glitzy ball park, and I think that’s the consensus among the fans.

@16: I agree about those stadium costs, except unless the team owners allowed the local community to reap some of the rewards, i.e. bucks from the stadium.

I believe with the Superdome renovations the Saints are kicking in either 90 or 150 million. However, the dome is used for many things other than as a football stadium.

@17, good point.

Fredster, thanks for mentioning Uppity — Somehow over the last half-year or so (or more?) I’ve gotten out of the habit of reading and posting there. Went over and commented.

@19: Same here Luna. Neither she nor Sophie do a lot of new posts so I haven’t been there a lot. As far as blogs I’m basically here and La. Voice and that’s it.

So a horse walks into a bar…

Sorry about the size of that @22 but couldn’t find an option to resize it.

Fredster, thanks for the heads-up on Upps’ post.

No problem Shadow.

@26: And I’m sure the Danes and the Greenlanders(?) breathed a sigh of relief.

Jay Inslee reached the donor mark for the 3rd debate! Thanks to any who donated.

Apparently CNN announced a couple of weeks ago that they’re hosting a climate change debate, but they only invited the candidates who met that threshold then. (angry scowl) If it weren’t for Inslee, there wouldn’t be a climate change debate in the first place! They better add Inslee to their lineup.

I’m convinced the media is far more interested in their image than in actually making a good forum in which voters hear the candidates’ plans and their qualifications.

Fredster, thanks for the FYI about Uppity! I will send her a DM. I also got out of the habit of going there and Sky Dancing. I should get back to that…

We’d be happy to see you over at Sky Dancing! All of you!

quixote, have been thinking of your post in last thread but have been unfortunately too squeezed by work and other issues to write anything in further discussion. Yes, women have an advantage in endurance sports such as ultramarathons. LOL, I remember in my anatomy class years ago the prof warned against women being “too active” as it would cause amenorrhea. (Turns out that just an extra 100 cal/day usually takes care of that.) Anyhow, I showed him an article on a woman winning an ultramarathon and beating the men. Prof said, well that’s nice but she’s probably amenorrheic. I said, oh she’s definitely amenorrheic — she’s 62. I still chortle thinking of his expression!

Luna @33, another one! Cool.The numbers of women winning both-sexes endurance events is doubly interesting because these champions are coming out of a smaller pool of people training. I’ll bet a lot of potential female winners don’t start because they assume they can’t do that. Which will change the more of these champions we have.

Informative overview of candidates’ positions here:

mb has a new post up. Closing comments on this one.

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