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Weekend Madness

Posted on: August 11, 2019

Hello Widdershins! Happy Sunday!

So let’s see, has anything happened? Anything at all? Hmm… Oh yeah, Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide and Donald Trump tweeted a meme blaming the Clintons for murdering him. Mind you, Trump wasn’t the only one doing that. Bernie Sanders supporters did the same thing. So there you are.

On to more pleasant weekend shenanigans. This week I noticed something: the days are getting noticeably shorter. I know it’s still only middle of August, but the seasons have been so crazy this year that I think summer is over and Autumn is just around the corner. So, in anticipation of cooler temperatures (one hopes) and Autumn, let’s do Autumn/cold weather themed songs.

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Oh I wish summer was over and fall/autumn on the way, except:

Issued: 3:22 AM Aug. 11, 2019 – National Weather Service


The National Weather Service in New Orleans has issued a Heat
Advisory, which is in effect from 7 AM this morning to 7 PM CDT
this evening.

* TEMPERATURE…Low to mid 90s with heat index values between 107
to 112.

* DURATION…Through 7 PM this evening.

* IMPACTS…High heat index values will cause an increased risk
of heat-related illnesses including heat exhaustion and heat

Send some of that cooler weather down here please.

I also noticed the days getting shorter, which makes me kinda sad. I like the long days. Not the heat waves though.

The weather up here in the Bay Area has been a little screwy too. Berkeley has been foggy and cool most of the summer, just east over the hills it has been near perfect most of the summer with a few days hotter than Hell.

The summer here has been way too short and I do not look forward to the cold days and too many days spent indoors with the heater on.

I’m dreaming of Oahu on the beach watching the sunset with a Pina Colada and a good friend.

When it’s too hot, go to the ocean, lake or stream and jump in.

@5: I love the Moody Blues.

DYB, it’s late but thanks for taking the weekend post for me. Much appreciated.

Shadow, love the surfer clip and the Moody Blues song. The last time I saw the Moody Blues was 2015, and they were still wonderful. Justin still has his voice.

@8: Used to listen to the Moody Blues, ELP and kick back,back in my youthful days

I never heard of the Moody Blues! 🙂

Yes, this one’s obvious, but I love Vivaldi.

I went to college in Hawaii and lived on a sailboat with my boyfriend. I don’t really drink but will never forget the evenings spent in this little restaurant and bar on the edge of the sand, watching the beautiful sunset while the bar payed the sunset song. Watching and playing in the water was a daily event.

DYB, you don’t know who the Moody Blues were? I would say maybe you are too young or highbrow, but then again, you know every tune by Madonna. 😉

Here’s one just for you DYB, I’m sure that you’ve heard it…a classic and Annie is right, even 50 or so years later, the band is still plays together and sounds great.

@12 shadowfax> I actually have never heard that! But it’s great!

@12, Shadowfax, classic Moody Blues! I was tempted to post that same song when I read that DYB had never heard of them.

@15, poor thin-skinned Bernie, whining about not getting nice articles from the media. Sad.

Cute critter time: Frog with butterfly hat!

@17: LOL, that’s so cute.

I really enjoy watching Nicolle Wallace’s Deadline White House on MSNBC. She always has a good round table discussion.

However, when she and other MSNBC hosts have Claire McCaskill on their shows I get

Thank goodness I dvr the things and I can just ffwd thru her.

As far as Bernie and Jeff Bezos/Amazon – I remember someone on twitter pointed out that when Bernie launched his book tour – he launched it at the Amazon headquarters…

@20: I wish Bernie would just go away.

@Fredster, if you haven’t yet seen this!

Bernie gets more and more like Trump every day. Fortunately he keeps dropping in the polls.

@22: I have to remember to follow him on twitter.

Chloe would give me those looks if I said “cheese?”. She would absolutely lose her mind.

There is a very thin line between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump; certainly their fan-bases are very similar. Bernie has always attacked the press generally, but this latest escalation against WaPo – where Trump has NYTimes as his punching bag – is really something…

And no, Bernie would never consider the possibility that the voters just don’t want him. Like they rejected him in 2016.

@24, his account is politics and lots of cute doggo pics!

All I have to do to get my kittehs to come running is to say “Treats!” As someone once said about herding cats, “Have you tried a can opener?”

@26, Oh, that’s a good one!

The genius Steve King.

“If not for rape and incest, ‘would there be any population left?'”

@28: How about the “geniuses” who keep reelecting him?

New post up, from Quixote

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