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Activist Tuesday: And now, for something completely…the same

Posted on: July 16, 2019

Our media is shocked, shocked! at the Mango Moron’s latest disgusting attacks on the four female JDs who are women of color. Fainting couches all over the country are groaning under the weight of all the privileged doyens and doyennes of the press who have not previously been able to admit that he is a dyed-in-the-wool, white-hood-wearing, white supremacist-loving, LEGAL immigrant-hating RACIST.

It’s no longer something they can avoid. Saith the Charlotte Observer:

“Go back where you came from” is among the worst of racist tropes. It divides us by ethnicity and skin color. It says that even if someone is a citizen or legal immigrant, they are not part of the rest of us. That runs contrary to who we should be as Americans, and if Donald Trump didn’t know it when he typed the words, he surely did later when people responded with appropriate outrage. But the same president who referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” and said African visitors would never “go back to their huts” once again doubled down on his racism.

It’s dangerous, destructive behavior, and at the least every Republican lawmaker in Congress should declare as much about their president’s outburst…


….the Republican Party is firmly Donald Trump’s party now. It’s the party where insults and other ugliness are just being “rough around the edges.” It’s the party where locking legal migrants in crowded, unhealthy cages is acceptable immigration policy. It’s the party where it’s OK to say racist things so long as the next jobs report is encouraging.

Many people have written about Drumpf’s long, long, LONG history of racism, and I won’t go over the obvious here…but I will say, it’s encouraging to see at least some of the media using the correct words to describe him. And the snowball will keep rolling down the hill after the Democrats censure him, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

The text of the resolution, which is sponsored by freshman Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.), obtained by The Hill “strongly condemns President Donald Trump’s racist comments that have legitimized and increased fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color by saying that our fellow Americans who are immigrants, and those who may look to the President like immigrants, should ‘go back’ to other countries.”

In my opinion, Drumpf has gone too far now. Back in the days before he began squatting in the Oval Office like a feces-throwing orangutan, he, and his enablers in the media, could still pretend his oh, so very white voters were motivated by “economic anxiety.”

But not any more. Not after ripping children from their parents at the border; not after putting human beings in conditions that would make the Nazis proud; not after trying to ban legal entry to this country by Muslims and to end legal asylum protections for Central Americans; not after declaring immigration a national emergency while ignoring climate change and the real national security threats posed by Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea.

No, if you are voting Republican now, you’re voting racist. There’s no way of avoiding that realization and that condemnation.

It’s too bad they didn’t listen to Hillary now, isn’t it?

This is an open thread.

44 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: And now, for something completely…the same"

“I am the last things standing between you and the apocalypse.” – Hillary Clinton.

“Economic anxiety” though.

The fact that the entire GOP stands by Trump through even this is not surprising. I know many people thought that eventually the tide would turn and GOP would abandon him. But they won’t. Even Justin Amash’s very public rejection of GOP led to the Tea Partiers to eat one of their own creators, Amash himself, Freedom Caucus founder. GOP will never turn on Trump because the Republican base supports him 100%. The GOP must be destroyed.

“I don’t have a racist bone in my body” Anyone who says that has got to be racist.

@2 – I still think that if he goes down to around 33% approval, which we may see after Mueller’s testimony, the Rethugs will throw Drumpf under the bus. It will be far too late by then. Pelosi is a genius.

@3 – exactly!

Less than a handful of GOPee’rs have sold their soul to the devil. If half of our congress has no morals, then America is for the shits. If we can’t stop him in his tracks now, how can American’ stop a future president that is even worse?

If things don’t start turning around after Mueller finally testifies, then my patience will have run out on waiting for the Retugs to turn against him for a proper impeachment.

Our only hope is that Mueller winds up the public and the GOP has to worry about their darn jobs.

Trump’s approval rating INCREASED by 5% because of the racist tweets. I will maintain that his popularity with his base (not just Republicans, but the racist white independents) will never drop low enough for the GOP to turn on him. There is nothing he can do to, not even shoot someone on Fifth Ave, to lose votes.

@7 – that is a really sobering poll. The Rethugs have gone full white supremacist.

It just goes to show once again that our winning strategy in 2020 is to mobilize Independents (who have dropped to 30% support per D’s poll) and Democrats (who dropped an additional 2%). This will be done by running against Trump, not trying to win over his voters.

Agree with DYB and madamab. We also need to get the non-voters out. I hope the “they’re both the same” idiots have realized how wrong they were.

Oh jeeeeeeeeeeebus. Have you seen the latest Epstein stuff? Not only did he vigorously use that weirdo Austrian passport, with ingress and egress stamps from all over the place, it was issued with his picture, a fake name, and an address in Saudi Arabia.

since he had it purely as a decoy to show to kidnappers and terrorists, he must have been kidnapped *a lot* on his private plane.

@10, Saudi Arabia? He would fit right in with the male culture there.

This Epstein investigation is going to crawl into all kinds of dark places we will need brain bleach to forget. I imagine a lot of skeevy old white men will be implicated.

On Epstein, Alan Dershowitz has already changed his story a bit on his involvement. He went from threatening to sue anyone on twitter who dared to insinuate he had anything to do with Epstein to saying he *may* have attended a party, but did not do anything wrong. Yeah sure, Alan…

I just hope the right-wing’s desperate desire to connect Bill C. to Epstein is just a smear….

Republicans always say “What about Bill Clinton?” when one of their own turns out to have raped teenagers. I think he preferred consenting adults, not children.

Trump rally tonight; crowd chanting “Send her back” when he attacks Ilhan Omar.

@15 Luna, I hope so!

We don’t have to worry about Bill Clinton and Epstein. He detailed specifically each contact they had. There were several witnesses in each instance.

@16, DYB, A president* threatening to deport a member of Congress, and whipping up a mob. This is the U.S. now.

Thanks MB for the details. I was a little worried because the GOPee’ers always blame Bill for every sleazy thing they can.

Epstein refused bail. I hope Rachel is right that he may have to give up the goods on someone else, (Dump) to help reduce his years in prison.

Trump is now lying by saying that he tried to stop the crowd from chanting “Send her back.” (Video footage shows no such attempts, but – well – you know…)

The RNC is now mobilizing their resources to produce ads attacking “The Squad.” So we are seeing the establishment taking Trump’s racism and running with it.

The establishment will never turn on him. It’s up to Democrats to end this. I don’t know how this ends, but GOP will not help. GOP will do everything they can to make Trumpism permanent.

@21 – yup, you are right. This is who they are, not a single bit of soul or conscience amongst any of them. Nazis, and unapologetic, gaslighting ones at that.

What really frosts my cookies is that “the Squad” is trying to make us all defend them against racism. I don’t want to because they are seriously committed to making us lose 2020, but d*mn, these women do not deserve to be abused and threatened by the Mango Moron.

Bernie screwing over his employees? Say it ain’t so!

Labor fight roils Bernie Sanders campaign, as workers demand the $15 hourly pay the candidate has proposed for employees nationwide

A draft letter union members earlier had prepared to send [campaign manager] Shakir as soon as this week said that the field organizers “cannot be expected to build the largest grassroots organizing program in American history while making poverty wages. Given our campaign’s commitment to fighting for a living wage of at least $15.00 an hour, we believe it is only fair that the campaign would carry through this commitment to its own field team.”

The draft letter estimated that field organizers were working 60 hours per week at minimum, dropping their average hourly pay to less than $13. It said that “many field staffers are barely managing to survive financially, which is severely impacting our team’s productivity and morale. Some field organizers have already left the campaign as a result.”

@22 madamab, I agree. There are two issues there: first, I don’t like any any of the 4 Squadroons. They are showboating and self-centered. There is frequently zero self-awareness and they throw more firebombs at Democrats than they do at Republicans. With friends like them, who needs friends. But on the other hand, Trump’s attacks are a separate issue.

@25 – exactly!

I like Ilhan Omar the least because of her comments about Israel, but yet, I am the most worried about her safety. Those Magas are shit-bonkers.

@25 madamab, to be honest, her Israel comments (at least the recent ones) don’t bother me. When she said it was about the Benjamins – she’s right. (I’m a Jewish Soviet refugee.) Israel has a lot to answer for.


Man now charged with threatening to shoot Omar.

“Man now charged with threatening to shoot Omar.”

God help us.

@22 madamab,
I’m not sure about the Squad doing their best to make Dems lose. I know what you’re saying: the Repubs are all lined up to use ALL-CAPS-BLINKING-SOCIALISM! as this year’s campaign slur, and the Four are playing into their hands with some of what they say.

But whether that helps us lose or not depends on the diagnosis of the situation. Do we lose because an oddly “just enough” amount of persuadables are persuaded to vote for the Dump? Or because of vote suppression and election rigging? Or because of the vast numbers of people who can’t be bothered to vote?

Not mutually exclusive, of course. Plus, the Repubs have been using red herrings to fire up the base enough to vote since Nixon and his Southern Strategy.

I could see a strategy working where the Dems stop worrying about which names the Repubs will call them and instead focus on firing up their own base. I think the Four could help a lot in that department if the Dems had the sense to make loud and proud policies for the people.

@27 quixote> My fear with “The Squad” is that they spend more time attacking fellow Democrats than Republicans. AOC’s chief of staff recently tweeted accusing today’s centrist Democrats of being just like the old Southern Jim Crow Democrats. This wasn’t the first time he’s done something like that. Though he later deleted this particular tweet, it was too late. That kind of behavior – and AOC is responsible for her chief of staff’s behavior – is what’s giving Republicans fuel against us and depresses the Democratic vote.

Agree, DYB. The I’m-to-the-left-of-the-left tweets of AOC’s CoS are beyond d.u.m.b for somebody who’s supposed to be a professional in politics. And I include her in that, since if she’s so much as distanced herself, I haven’t seen it. Lots of very unsavvy Out There comments from all of them that they would do well to learn how to stop.

Where I could see some of that firebrand talk being useful, though, is if they channelled it to firing up not-usually-voters about real issues. The ones Dems don’t discuss nearly enough because they’re too busy worrying about what Repub meanies might say.

Hey widdershins. I added the “who’s on first” info for the Detroit debates over on the right.

You may recall I had to have a medical thing done a couple of weeks ago. There was some follow up that needed to be done but got pushed back because of Barry so that’s why I’ve been absent the last day or so.

Fredster, hope you are feeling ok!

Fredster, hope you’re on the mend, and thanks for the debate list. I wish Kamala was on the first night.

Agree with you all about the squad. I like some of the points they make, but don’t appreciate their disrespectful attitudes towards us older liberals. And I wonder where their loyalties really lie.

Am I the only one that thinks “the squad” nickname is lame?

I’m like most of y’all and have little use for the “squad” or the “four” or whatever. That being said, they were elected by the voters in their districts. However, they need to realize there are bigger issues right now, like getting rid of the current occupant of the White House. Plus, they are green and are newbies. They need to sit back, observe, and learn.

Medical stuff, even when it’s minor, is Bah! ick, yuck! Much worse when it’s major. Hope you’re okay, Fredster, and it’s all not too unbearable.

Sending hugs to you Fredster!!!

That death threat to Omar is exactly what I was afraid of…it awakens the Mama Bear in me! Damn Drumpf to the deepest pits of hell. He makes these animals feel empowered to be as evil and horrible as he is!

I agree with the assessment of “the squad.” Anyone who doubts their motivations should look up the definition of “Justice Democrats.”

“Squad” is silly. Makes me think of ‘Mod Squad’ or more often, a police squad. There are a number of other WOC in the House who aren’t hogging the limelight and fighting the Speaker of the House. C’mon, we have a traitor and a criminal fraud in the White House. Let’s not eat our own.

“Justice Democrats” as if regular Democrats aren’t for justice. Anyone working against Sharice Davids’ election has something very wrong with them.

What Luna said at 37.

Ditto what Fredster said @38! (Well said Luna!)

Here’s our homework for the weekend, before Wednesday when Mueller is going to be questioned by Congress…per RACHAEL. 😉

Introducing “The Report”: A Podcast Series from Lawfare

I’m listening to it now…

Good resource there, Shadowfax!

@42, that’s encouraging.

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