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Long Weekend~Happy Fourth of July

Posted on: July 3, 2019


Greetings and Happy Fourth Widdershins

Yep, yep it’s a bit early but I won’t be around Thursday.

Thank goodness for friends who have friends who have a condo on the gulf coast.  The condo couple are going elsewhere for the fourth and offered to let *my* couple use their condo at Navarre Beach along the Florida panhandle.  My friends asked if they could bring me along since it’s a three bedroom place and the condo couple said sure if they would vouch for me.  Since I’m housebroken it was a go.  We’ll be heading out Wednesday afternoon and will probably stay through the weekend.

Since y’all are east coasters, formerly east coasters or west coasters here’s a little info.

It’s actually known as “the Emerald Coast” but everyone calls it the redneck riviera.

There is not — and I will take a hard, fast, definitive stance on this issue — a single place in these blessed United States that has better sand than the Emerald Coast. Not a one. It is paper white, fine, and as soft as the day is long.

That sounds good to me.  Oh and btw it’s not that “rednecky”.

Not sure if we’ll barbecue or anything.  There are just too many great seafood places around there.

There is supposed to be wi-fi available but I can’t honestly think of a reason to bring a laptop, can you?

So here’s a patriotic Fourth of July song or two for ya and I’ll see y’all later.





Open thread of course.



39 Responses to "Long Weekend~Happy Fourth of July"

Hope everyone has a great and *safe* 4th.

Enjoy your 4th, Fredster!

Fredster, hope you have a terrific weekend! I liked the gulf coast, we were in the middle part, haven’t seen the panhandle yet.

These ancient repubs are all brain dead automatons:

Sounds great, Fredster. Have a fabulous time.

Annie? Madamab?Shadowfax? Hope you’re OK.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Best wishes that all of us are not stuck with Dump supporting family members.

Have fun Fredster, there are beautiful coasts of America that I have enjoyed, in FL, NY, but especially love the beaches of the islands of Hawaii and the California coastline.

We are so lucky that our ancestors came to this country and they didn’t have to face someone as corrupt and heartless as Dump.

BTW, loved the clip of the deer rescue. Good to see not all outdoors men would rather kill and eat this beautiful creature.

HAPPY 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 4th everyone! I am totally fine, didn’t feel a thing. The quake was in SoCal. Sounds like Annie and Shadow are well also!

I am heartened by Rep. Amash declaring his independence from the Rethug party today, but even more by CBS, NBC and ABC snubbing Drumpf’s tacky imitation military parade. MSNBC too. This means the Mango Moron is finally getting to a low enough approval rating that the media is realizing he isn’t the draw he used to be. Eyes, clicks, etc. – no longer guaranteed.

I still think that if/when he gets to about 33% approval, the Rethugs in Congress will be ready to talk impeachment. The Mueller testimony is going to be brutal for him, will likely cause him to drop several points.

P.S., the deer video was awesome, and Fredster, thanks for the post and have a wonderful time in Florida! I do love the area near Sanibel, not sure if that’s where you are going to be. The sand is beautiful!

I am pretty sure Grassley’s feed was hacked, but if not, holy sh*t. He’s more in dementia-land than Drumpf!

Are folks fireworks-watching tonight? We’re going to go up on the top of our building and check out the SF display. It was great last year!

DYB! Good to hear from you!

DYB! Where ya been?? You don’t call…. You don’t write….

DYB, I’ve missed you!

MB, you should have some great fireworks over there in SF. I didn’t know there was a quake, didn’t feel anything on this side of the bay.

Hahahahahahaha, it rained on Dump’s parade! Mother nature had her say of what she thinks of Big Dump.

The perfect photo of Dump in a plastic box with his two teleprompters and the rain drops everywhere…check CNN while it is still up:

A couple of reminders of what real Presidents look like in the rain. Bet they didn’t talk about the Revolutionary War airports either.

20 Luna,
My favorite photo of our Hillary.

7.1 earthquake!
I hope everyone from southern CA is okay, doubt any of you live east of Bakersfield.


Instant karma.

Well, at least my first thought was, “He’s gonna be in the burn unit forever. Ouch.” But then? Snicker, snicker, snicker….

US women’s team wins the World Cup! And they’re not going to the fcking White House.

With Trump and rain: wasn’t there a D-Day celebration a year or two ago in France he avoided by staying in his hotel because it was raining? While everyone else went?

@24> Oh that’s a shame.

@26 Luna> Nope, they’re not going to the White House. Bill De Blasio says NYC will host a ticker tape parade.

@29, I meant they sure as hell don’t want to go to the White House.

@27, Wasn’t that this year’s D-Day memorial? A couple of months under the Trump admin feels like a year. Supposedly the weather prohibited his military helicopter from flying (riiiiiight, like those are delicate machines, uh-huh) and he couldn’t ride in a mere car to the observation, just like all the other leaders of democratic countries.

Would someone hurry the hell up and sedate all these mediocre white men?

DYB!!! Missed ya!

Luna, that’s my fav pic of Hillary! Like the Obama one as well.

@31, Oh for godsake!

Come to think of it, where’s GAgal?

Good –
Eric Swalwell​ ended his race for President.
I had some hope he would be as strong of a candidate as he has been on the two committees…but he wasn’t. I didn’t like him playing the age card either.

Too young, he is great in the House and might mature and decide to run later. He is going to run again for the House.

@34, Good decision for Swalwell. Hope he wins his House race. I don’t think experience as a Rep is really enough experience prior to the Presidency. His withdrawing from the race now might help the other unsuitable candidates decide to step down too. I’m sure no one wanted to be the first to do it.

I know, I know, I post too much about my Gov., but this one is silly-funny. Rapinoe lives in Seattle.

Glad these lawyers are telling Trump “No.” Wonder how the new lawyers will tie in consumer protection skills with unconstitutional census questions.

@37 – Sounds like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel. As usual! Who else would work with the Mango Moron? And, I love the pic of Inslee posing like Rapinoe!!

Great to see you DYB!

I’m working on a post for tomorrow now. Sorry I was offline. Hubby hurt his back and my dad was over on Sunday, so I was quite busy taking care of my men. 🙂

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