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2019-2020 Democratic Debates Drinking Game~a twofer

Posted on: June 26, 2019

Good afternoon Widdershins

So today is the first of two big days for the Democrats.  Twenty, count’em, twenty Democrats (well minus Bernie) will be on a stage in Miami over two days to rip each other to shreds, but in a nice way, bless their hearts.

I tried to find a Bingo card or cards for the events but could not.  However, courtesy of someplace, LA Times, NY Times, somewhere, I found a drinking game for each night.  And should you not imbibe in liquor or partake of other mind-alternating substances, well just pretend that you do.


Presidential debate, night one

Who’s on stage: Mayor Bill de Blasio, Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, former Rep. John Delaney, Reps. Tulsi Gabbard and Tim Ryan and former U.S. Housing Secretary Julián Castro.

Take a drink if:

  • De Blasio references President Donald Trump as “Con Don.”
  • A moderator or candidate refers to O’Rourke as Robert (his actual first name).
  • A candidate dances around whether they’re in favor of impeaching Trump.
  • Warren says, “I have a plan for that.”
  • A candidate says a progressive stance is not socialism.
  • De Blasio starts a response with “listen.”
  • You have to Google who a candidate is.
  • Klobuchar mentions the Midwest.
  • A candidate turns a question on policy into an attack on Trump.
  • Booker mentions he is vegan.
  • An attempt to answer a question dissolves into multiple candidates shouting over each other.
  • All the candidates give the same answer on a yes or no question.
  • Hillary Clinton is mentioned

* * * *


Presidential debate, night two

Who’s on stage: Former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, Michael Bennet and Kamala Harris, Rep. Eric Swalwell, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, author Marianne Williamson and entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

Take a drink if:

  • A moderator or candidate jokes about pronouncing (or mispronounces) Buttigieg.
  • Biden says “folks.”
  • A candidate turns a question on policy into an attack on Trump.
  • Harris has to defend her record as a prosecutor.
  • A candidate says a progressive stance is not socialism.
  • All the candidates give the same answer on a yes or no question.
  • Attacks on Biden tally more than 10, then take a drink after every five more.
  • Sanders wags his finger aggressively.
  • A candidate dances around whether they’re in favor of impeaching Trump.
  • You have to Google who a candidate is.
  • Gillibrand has to explain her shift in opinion about gun laws.
  • Sanders calls himself a socialist.
  • Hillary Clinton is mentioned.

* * * *

Okie-doke Widdershins, you are all set.  Get your cocktail glasses, ice, favorite adult beverage or any other accoutrements that you feel you might need to prep for the next two nights.

Does it need to be said?  Open thread of course.

95 Responses to "2019-2020 Democratic Debates Drinking Game~a twofer"

Now I know it might be early for you West coasters to be imbibing, but isn’t that why the Lawd invented Bloody Marys and Mimosas ?

I’m drinking the Champagne of teas, a fine 1st flush Darjeeling. I also need to work on my text for a presentation (groan) so I need my wits about me.

I see my Guv is wearing a green tie for the debate!

OK, last @owillis pup tweet, but he’s sooooo cuuuuuute!

I’m going to watch the debates, Amy need to step up tonight so people get to know her…otherwise, she has almost no hope.

Three cheers for you Shadow!

@3, meant this one:

@6: Definitely a doxie. Wait until Oliver finds out how much they love back rubs. Helps that elongated spine of theirs.

Answer the question, Beto!

Don’t have time to comment on even the highlights. I’m getting really pissed off at the moderators. Questions per candidate are not evenly balanced. The best way for us to see how the candidates stand is to ask the same question of each of them.

RE Shadowfax #4
agree wholeheartedly. This is Amy’s shot at getting on the map.

{{{ Sophie! }}}

@9: The best way for us to see how the candidates stand is to ask the same question of each of them.

That would seem to make sense wouldn’t it?

{{{ Fredster! }}}}

Fredster, great post, love the list of comments to drink to! I got home late and turned on the debate half an hour late, so trying to listen while getting dinner together.

My comments so far, I don’t even know who all of these people are, and don’t really care. Why did the democrats agree to this ridiculous spectacle? Why are they all talking over each other? It’s embarrassing. It reminds me of the rethug clusterfuck in ’16.

Luna @9 & Shadow@!4, agree with you both!

I’m drinking a delicious iced tea: The Republic of Tea’s Green Tea w/ Pineapple Orange Guava. Fredsters right, too early for me to drink the hard stuff!

@14: Fredsters right, too early for me to drink the hard stuff!

I rarely/barely touch any of it. Since I’m on a statin med booze was the easiest thing to set aside. Don’t use any other mind altering substances either. Old fartdom has set in.

So judging from what y’all have said, it seems like I’m going to be able to ffw through a lot of this.

Oh and annie, from what I understand, the next round of these will have fewer participants. The DNC will raise the stakes for being able to participate. It will be a higher standing in the polls or some other criteria.

@15, haha! I know what you mean. I was never a big drinker, but I enjoy a good glass of wine or cocktail on occasion.

How can Rachel stand having to sit next to nasty chuckie todd?


Do you have a new Twitter handle?

Did Amy just take a shot at Hillary?

HAHAHA! At the end Rachel & chuckie are leaning as far apart from each other as possible!

socal #20, I didn’t hear one and I’ve been told my ears are finely tuned to super-sensitive when it comes to Hillary. What did you hear?

She said she wasn’t an “establishment candidate” and some other stuff about money. I’m probably being overly sensitive.

Luna @23, love that! And hasten to retweet it.

Ah shit, chuckles is on there? I’ll get carpel tunnel or something from hitting the ffw.

And that brings up another thing: Where the hell or why the hell did MSNBC decide to add Claire Mccaskill as a commenter or whatever on their shows? I record NIcolle Wallace’s show. She always had a good group on there However lately she’s had Mccaskill on there. Thank you, but no.

I missed the first part of the debate because I stupidly thought CNN would cover it and finally dug around to MSNBC to see it.

That guy with Rachael, is his name Todd? He was an ass wipe and tried to pay being the loudest barking dog in the pack. He was terrible. At times, it was almost a food fight where candidates had to talk over others to get an extra 30 seconds. Pretty poorly run in my book.

All things not being equal, I don’t think there were real winners…some seemed to try and play by the rules and others ran over their fellow candidates with ease.

I didn’t hear Amy attack Hillary but she did say at the end that she isn’t the establishment choice, which I think she was talking about Warren, and Joe.

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with anyone. No one even comes close to our Hillary.

If it was geopolitical threat to the world and not just the US, he’d say climate change. But Trump is a huge security threat and his information give-aways to Putin are and will be dangerous. We’ll be finding out more consequences years after he’s kicked out of the White House.

@28, Inslee did say earlier that the #1 priority of his presidency must be climate change and I agree with him on that as well.

@27, agree that none of them compare to Hillary, who was brilliant in her debates. Always the most prepared, the most composed, and you knew she really wanted to make things better for everyone.

@27, I also found that running over each other annoying. The whole debate was poorly arranged and moderated, imho.

Fredster @16, good to know. This herd needs culling.

@32: And think of it this way: we’ve only seen the first half.

@27: Shadow, his name is Chuck Todd. He’s the host of Meet The Press and MTP daily. I call him Chuckles, as in Chuckles the Clown.

He must have some dirt on someone at the network because that’s the only way I can see he’s still on the air. Horrible.

Hey guys, heckuva day. I am going to be around tomorrow evening! Did any moments stand out for you? I agree, WTF re Chuck Todd. He is so bad. But Tweetie is pretty awful too, and he still has a job.

MB Anything else stand out for me…only 30% were women running for president, and one of them was the woman from Hawaii I don’t like.

Too many people for a debate, more like a food fight.

@36: Thursday night: Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Marianne Williamson (who is she?)

I have a suggestion for chuckles when he does that thing with his lips like he’s smoothing out his lipstick: Someone run up there and crazy glue ’em shut.

I saw this on tv and I’m glad they already have it up on youtube.

who is the geopolitical threat to the United States”

So some got asked “what” and others got asked “who.” Eyeroll.

Instead of words, this is minutes — shows how uneven the moderators were. If it showed minutes for the moderators Chuck Todd would be on top.

@37: Fredster, Marianne Williamson is a New Age spiritual “guru”. How she got included in the debates is beyond me.

@45: Thanks Sue!

The chattering class pundits have been saying the Democratic voters don’t know who all these people are. Well, yes I did know except for that one. And I agree, it’s amazing she got included in this.

@45, I know, she’s a joke. As was commented many times on twitter last night, a lot of these weirdos know they have no chance of winning, but are running so they can get book deals or speaking gigs or otherwise need the name recognition to help them in other endeavors. Its bullshit. The Dem party is really fucked up to allow the primary to become such a circus.

I’ve set the cable box to remind me when Samantha Bee’s show comes on since I rarely watch TBS.

However I saw this and I’m glad it’s on youtube.

Hey Montana governor (whoever you are) run for Senate Goddamnit.
8 min. clip

@48, Love that!

I’m gonna watch the debates on youtube tonight. I have my fingers crossed that Eric finally steps up and does well or his days are numbered.

@50: There are a number of them whose days are numbered. As annie said, this herd needs to be culled.

yipes, youtube had 14k watching a minute ago, not there have 211.5k.

Take a drink, take a puff, ever time Kamala drops her Gs.

Bernie is still sounding like a whackadoodle

This debate is much better than last night, as far as I am concerned. Joe is doing pretty well too.

I missed it! We all had to move hubs office tonight and just finished. Will enjoy any and all comments about it.

I have just stopped working. Oh m g

Watching on DVR. Kamala is by far the best. Gillibrand is good too but the Al Franken thing will kill her.

Thanks MB. Keep it coming!

I have to be honest. I would vote for anyone on that stage. It is great to hear normal people again. Maybe wouldn’t vote for Williamson though.

@59, yeah, she kinda creeps me out. There was a lot of speculation on twitter that Russian trolls are her main supporters. I’d never heard of her before, had to look her up.

Had to work late last night so missed that 2nd debate. Will try to find someplace where it was recorded to watch. Hope the moderators were better this time.

Kamala Harris owned the night, she was very impressive. I almost felt sorry for Joe Biden. She will have to back off that no more private health insurance stance-it’s a loser. She should give it a few weeks and explain her pivot on the issue. My two cents.

@62: I put last night on dvr and sadly, haven’t even watched it yet.

How did Prez Pete Tyrion do?

@61: Luna, you may be able to find it on youtube. Yep, here it is.

War and Peace was almost long enough to screen me from the debates. Coming out from under my rock, judging by what I see on the media, there’s a consensus that Harris was outstanding. So far, so good. But there’s a lot of favorable comment for BootyEdge. I don’t know why. Unlike Harris, no examples of brilliant moments. I’m not sure the takes couldn’t be summarized as “Aw, isn’t he cute.”

Which, I guess, after being faced with a pile of shambling garbage for lo, these many years, is a valid point.

@65: Unlike Harris, no examples of brilliant moments. I’m not sure the takes couldn’t be summarized as “Aw, isn’t he cute.”

Perhaps he could be appointed First Elf? Just sayin’.

@63 Fredster, I thought Pete B. was pretty good. He’s passable Veep material. I’ve always liked Swalwell. I’m glad to see that Harris clarified her position on health care. So far, a Harris/Pete B or a Warren/Castro ticket interest me the most. If Tyrion is a GOT’s reference-I’m assuming it is-it’s going to go right over my head!

@65 Wow, Quixote, you must have studied the Evelyn Wood method. I picked up War and Peace forty years ago and I still haven’t finished it. Don’t get me started on “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.”

@67: Yep Sue, it’s GoT reference. Tyrion was a character in there and also a dwarf. However, it’s more or a religion reference and pun (?). Say it quickly: PrezPeteTyrion.

I tried once to read Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past. I failed miserably.

Right before I tossed the book (almost literally) I thought “To hell with the damned cookies!”

(Sue @68, just trying to be funny about how endless the Dem “debates” feel. )

(Good Lord, Fredster! You’re not calling madeleines “cookies,” are you? The horror!)

@72: I did because I wasn’t sure of the spelling of madeleines and at that point yeah I just thought “cookies”. LOL

Fredster @73 /*covers eyes and groans quietly*/

@74: Have you ever tried to read that horrible book? It was working on my very last nerve.

Hahaha! As I was catching up on the comments I came to Fredster’s “cookie” comment about Proust and thought “How dare he!”

I think I didn’t get very far into Remembrance of Things Past back in my early college years. Well, I was reading a lot of heavy books then, literature being my first major. I should try again with a different translation. I’d like to re-read War and Peace. As for Mr. “Scribble, scribble, scribble”‘s book, forgetaboutit!

@67, Noooooo! I can’t see Mayor Pete as VP material, not with Trump’s catastrophes to fix. Also, he doesn’t have a very good reputation with the Black community.

@64, thx!

I may have gotten as far as page 3 of Proust’s meanderings. Pretty early on there was that life-is-too-short moment. As “1066 And All That” puts it: it was Not Memorable.

Did I read Proust? I can’t remember. 😎

I watched Night Two on DVR last night. Biden and Sanders are going to tank. Biden’s response to Kamala was terrible when she was talking about her experience being bused to school for integration purposes. First he was defensive about his record, then he mansplained busing policy to her! As they say, misogynoir.

Bernie was boring and one-dimensional. He never explains his own policies and starts yelling that they will work because revolution. Goddess forbid there would ever be a real revolution. Bernie would be peeing in his Depends.

@79: I read or heard somewhere that it was “great literature” so I thought I would give it a try. Truly I shouldn’t have bothered. OTOH, is there a “Proust for Dummies” or a CliffsNotes? Perhaps a graphic novel?

@82, Here ya go! Note the “Free Quiz” oh boy.

Remembrance of Things Past Summary & Study Guide Description

Remembrance of Things Past Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. This study guide contains the following sections:

Plot Summary

This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust.

@71: Quixote, I know.

I was pretty sure you did 😀

Luna! That link doesn’t work. No free quiz. Both me and Fredster, deprived!

@83: Thank ye, but like the book I’ll pass. I did check it out and recalled M. Swann and Odette when I saw the names. That was plenty for me.

quixote, try here:

If it doesn’t work just plug in the book name in the search.

Well good:

Life sentence for killing at Charlottesville protest

He’ll have a chance to meet Big Gay Bubba (look on youtube)

Thank you Jimmah. Now we need Obama, Clinton and Bush to do the same.

@86, this was it:

@89, that’s a fitting sentence; I was worried he was going to get off with a slap on the wrist. Rot in jail, you murdering nazi.

The rankings are exactly right! Wisdom of crowds, indeed. We ought to be using it. Sigh.

NEW POST, by the way.

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