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Lazy Weekend: Summer Time!

Posted on: June 23, 2019

Let’s take a mini-break from the horrors of the news and celebrate the official coming of beach weather! I think we can take a bit of consolation from the fact that Drumpf’s threatened ICE raids this weekend melted in the summer sun.

Here are a few summer ditties for you all, please contribute your own in comments!

Open thread, of course.

54 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Summer Time!"

New post! Sorry so late for those on the East Coast. We had a family event yesterday and my Dad stayed overnight.

Thanks for the Hilliard Ensemble Renaissance tune! Lhude sing cuccu!

For Fredster! BTW, do you always start making terrible puns when you get sedated?! Lol.

Ooops. Here it is.

If I could carry a branch ten times bigger than I am, I’d be pretty proud too!

Great idea for a post, MB. That’s my favorite Don Henley song. Here’s another good oldie:

The War song was from Hubs. This one is from laker:

And one from me:

@5, adorable little doggo. Fredster will love it.

This morning dump posted the weirdest freaking tweet. It’s a creepy video of moving signs saying “Trump 2020” then 2024 and so on, all the way up to the year 5000 (or more)!?! And set to the music of “Hall of the Mountain King”!?!?! Trump appears halfway through swaying weirdly and making his petulant angry face. One of the most insane, evil things I’ve ever seen. Some maniac made this for him, he appears in it, and tweeted it himself. He is f*&king psycho. Someone retweeted it with a clown wig and red rubber clown nose on him, and circus music playing instead of the Grieg music . . . and dump retweeted his as a response to them! So, he’s not just tweeting, but reading responses? I am so flabbergasted by everything going on, I hardly know what to think.

Fredster, hope you’re feeling better soon! I believe I was baptized as an infant in a prez pete tyrion church!

Thanks for the music and doggie videos!

SoCal, I just don’t know how the Rethugs can look at themselves in the mirror knowing how crazy the orange slug monster is. He almost started a war with Iran all by himself! If they don’t care about those poor people seeking asylum ( which they don’t because they’re racist), then maybe they should care about global thermonuclear war?!

Have you guys seen some of the tweets about Mayor Pete and his Twitter followers? There seems to be something odd going on.

madamab, which tweets? I’ve seen one for Republicans for Pete which looks like a bot account.

@4: Luna, that midazolam is rough. Or rather the after effects are. I was lying on the couch at one point thinking “Okay, this can stop anytime it wants to”.

A little something from Miss Ella.

I’m not fond of Haberman but:

I don’t watch The View.

That squid! Straight out of the Dungeon Dimensions, except it’s here and now. Jeeeebus. Scarier than a Hitchcock masterpiece!

The Pete tweets involve a bunch of accounts that allegedly represent various diverse groups who support Buttigieg. They all look to be using coordinated talking points and some of the groups are very, uh, specific. ☺ For example: Atheists 4 Pete. Drag Queens 4 Pete. Awkward People 4 Pete, Mutants 4 Pete. It seems these were all created around the same time and follow each other to give the appearance of a huge online presence.

@24 – love Emily!!

@16, CNS drugs can have some weird side effects!

@17, oh good, glad you posted that Fredster, it was running through my mind. Suuuuuuumertiiiiiime …

@18, A squid that’s 10 to 12 feet long????? Yikes!

@29: Yeah, that’s not gonna be sushi. LOL

Everyone’s going to take July 17th off!

Whips. In. The. Office. I just can’t anymore.

@33: What the hell protocol is that?

I don’t want to know anything about what the hell protocol that is.

@35: LOL, neither do I but I at least hope it’s between consenting adults.

Little weaner dog was not only strong, but knew where to hold the long branch for balance and exactly how to maneuver it though narrow opening. Cute and a little smarty pants.

Mueller will testify before two committees in public on July 17th!!

I can’t wait.

These are the things that make me hate the cable company:

I’m sitting here watching Maddow on DVR. Started to FFW thru a commercial and nothing. Looked down at the cell phone and no wi-fi symbol. Come to check the laptop and zip, nothing.

Sooo, go reboot the modem and wait for lights to come on, except they don’t all come on. I tether the cell phone to the laptop and only when I go to the cable company website do I see:

There is an outage in your area. We estimate service will be restored by 6 a.m.

Huh? WTF?

And they better not say that an ate through some wires or something.

{{{Shadow!! }}}

Wayfair Employees Plan Walkout to Protest the Company Selling Beds to Border Detention Facilities

Fredster, is this a doxie pup? He’s starting to send out lots of cute pupper tweets, lol.

@36, The horrid thing is, with Trumpists being who they are, maybe one side is not consenting.

Sorry to hear about the internet outage. That’s so frustrating.

@44: Luna, that sure looks like a doxie pup judging by the feet and the ears. Those are hound ears for sure.

@46: Cox got things restored around 4:45 a.m. Central.
Yes, I “work” the overnight shift. LOL

Acoustic space jam into “Summertime” instrumental – Jerry Garcia, David Grisman and Tony Rice, Feb. 1993

In The Summertime — Bob Dylan with the Grateful Dead, rehearsal 1987

I really, really, really want Congress jail. Or at least a dunking stool.

New post up for the debates

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