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A little something to move us along~ a poll

Posted on: June 13, 2019

Good Day Widdershins!

As fun as Anne Lister was to read about and discuss, I thought I would move us along just a bit and perhaps someone else can take the weekend post.

As we all know, because we are smart, well-read, and politics is in our blood, the first pair of Democratic Primary debates are set for two nights later this month on the 26th and 27th at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central.  I’m not sure if they will be tape-delayed for the West Coast for shown at 6 pm Pacific Time.

There is some information on the debates that you can find here.

Also, Vox has a good article on the debates that you can find here.

So that brings us to the poll.


Open thread of course.

67 Responses to "A little something to move us along~ a poll"

I’ll be waiting for the highlights and bloopers reel. a) I’m lazy. b) Life is too short to listen to 15 vanity candidates not answer the question for two days straight.

If it sounds like somebody unexpected stood out, I’ll find their segments on the web and watch them.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if Tom “Who Needs A Climate Change Debate” Perez and the DNC (motto: “All the Issues! Best Candidates! Who Needs ‘Em? Let’s Do Biden!”) avoid a massive stuff-up.

@1: I’ve got a DVR so I’ll record them and then have the option of fast-forwarding not if, but when it gets boring or otherwise not interesting.

I’ll either find a online livecast or catch the highlights later. I’m looking forward to hearing Harris, Warren, Klobuchar and Castro, and hearing my Gov give a brief answer that immediately segues into climate change and pivots to a whack at Trump a half-second before his time ends. I’m mildly interested in hearing Beto and Booker.

Will also have something else to do during the times I roll my eyes and hit “mute” for Bernie, Joe, Pete, Tulsi, Marianne, and the rest.

And a sense of humor is always good….


@3: I would think the NBC/MSNBC outfits would have live streaming available, and it may be that the ones you want to see/hear will be on the first night and would spare you the second night.

I will watch the debates. I miss the days on another site where many of us would watch and post comments in real time.

No Hillary to cheer on this time…[sob]…

@8: We’ve done that here also shadow so who knows? Although, with 10 contestants each night it might become tiresome.


Sarah…so many lies…good riddance

Yup, Fredster. It will be nice to hear for those that have not been given much of a voice on CNN and MSNBC.

Ack…”…nice to hear FROM”


She also noted that she’d have more time with her kids. “In the meantime, I’m going to continue to be one of the most outspoken and loyal supporters of the president and his agenda.”

Of course she is. Once you start covering for the president’s mendacity and perfidy, it’s impossible to stop — at least without admitting the entire fraud.

Well, 3 less already!

Democrats delete from presidential debate stage a Montana governor, a Massachusetts congressman and a Florida mayor

Debate hosts NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo have invited representatives from the campaigns who made the cut to a drawing midday Friday in Manhattan to sort out who will appear onstage each night, according to two officials familiar with the plans, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the meeting had not been publicly announced. The selection process, which will not be televised, will first sort candidates polling at 2 percent or higher over the two nights, with a separate drawing for those with lower polling numbers.

The only three major candidates to miss the cut are Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, Rep. Seth Moulton (Mass.) and Miramar, Fla., Mayor Wayne Messam.

Fredster, thanks for new post! I voted maybe because we’ll be traveling then. Smart of you to dvr it.

Luna @4, Love him! Retweeted.
Luna @5, OMG! Spectacular!

Shadow @8, I remember that, and it was often very funny. I remember once when the rethugs were doing their debate at the Reagan museum, and I mentioned my kid was not far away, Prolix and Fredster were urging him to jump in Ronnie’s AF1, start her up and mow down their podiums. LOL!

Good riddance to Sarah Hucksterbee Slanders.

@15: annie, you voted in the Cali primary already? Geez, how early do they let y’all vote?

This episode is very suspicious. Hubs & I were wondering if it was Russia or Saudi that did it, so dump could claim it was Iran. What would Iran possibly get out of such a stunt? And I’m wondering if dump and his war industry buddies, like Erik not-a-prince would like a war with Iran. What do you all think?

Fredster @16, No, I meant your poll!

@18: Ah, okay! LOL

I should have said I voted for the 3rd option. Badly worded.

annie check email. The Pac-12 got their stuff together.

I’ll probably make someone angry with this but congrats to the Toronto Raptors! Bout time someone else won the NBA Championship.

About the tanker hits: it’s the Middle East, real Spy vs. Spy country. Could be anybody in the region capable of planting / throwing mines, and they could be doing it for any reason.

Just eg: Netanyahu is an unprincipled whatnot rapidly losing support and facing jail time. He’s been wanting the US to fight the Iranians for him since forever. So this would be two birds with one stone for him: distraction from his legal and political messes plus the US finally attacks Iran.

Or it’s the Saudis who want the Iranians to look bad.

Or it’s the Iranians making a move to checkmate themselves. Which seems the least likely possibility, coming from the inventors of chess.

Etc., etc.

Meanwhile, Pompeo knows exactly who did what apparently by telepathy. Interesting. Not.

@21, Thanks Fredster! The Dudes will like it. Laker doesn’t think the Trojans are going anywhere this season. He says they may get Urban Meyer? But we’ll see.

@22, Even though we usually root for a Cali team, the socal fam was all rooting for Toronto. The Warriors have won it enough the past few years. Am happy for our neighbor to have their first NBA Championship. It was an entertaining game, btw.

@23, All interesting ideas. I wonder if Jared and Netanyahu wanted this? Love the Spy V Spy reference!

@23: And distraction for tRump also. Would seem to work for them both wouldn’t it?

The lineups and nights have been announced for the Miami Debates:

The first group of 10 appearing on Wednesday, June 26:

• Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey

• Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts

• Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas

• Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota

• Former Rep. John Delaney of Maryland

• Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii

• Former Housing Secretary Julián Castro

• Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio

• New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

• Washington Gov. Jay Inslee

The second group of 10 appearing on Thursday, June 27:

• Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont

• Sen. Kamala Harris of California

• Former Vice President Joe Biden

• Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana

• Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado

• Author Marianne Williamson

• Rep. Eric Swalwell of California

• Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York

• Entrepreneur Andrew Yang

• Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado

I was just going to post that list too, Fredster.

I am glad they didn’t put all the front runners on the same night and left the kid’s table to the rest.

First night I am most interested in seeing the contrast between:
Warren, Beto and Amy. (Booker is too nice, he will not win against Dump).

Second night: Joe, the Socialist, Kamala, Michael Bennet and Eric Swalwell.

@28: Yes, it was a good idea not to do it as the Republicans did the last time.

From the WaPo:

NBC News said the positioning of candidate podiums onstage would be based on polling and will be announced at a later date.

I think this a bad idea. It should be a more neutral placement.

@23, The whole Near East is a deceptive mess of players in a not-so Great Game.

And hey, let’s hear it for the Canadians!

@32: Yes! The Nola Pelicans made it twice to the first rounds of the playoffs and had to play Golden State. Got knocked out by them both times and their fans were just m-e-a-n !

@34, Awww, there is good in some humans after all. Damn whoever left that fishing line.

Fredster, what do you know about this?

@36, Hmmm. I just don’t trust anything they have to say about this.

Am I overreacting? Who me?
I think it’s a real slap in Warren’s face that she’s at the kiddies table for the debates. For chrissakes, she’s polling-in some polls- at number two, right behind Biden. Please enlighten me if I’m making a mountain out of a molehill.

@40: Oh I think it will make her stand out more by being with that group. And there might be a drop off in viewers for the 2nd night of the debates.

I will definitely DVR the debates and probably watch some of live.

Y’all know how Dump has a habit of replacing his people who leave with someone worse? Is that even possible with Sarah Sanders?

@40 Sue, I had that same thought about Warren. I bet Bernie is relieved she won’t be on the same stage as him, but eventually he will have to.

40 Sue and GAgal

I don’t think that Warren not being with Joe and the Socialist is a bad thing for her or her group.

I think there are strong candidates on each side and she is with other strong candidates that many American’s don’t know about.

IMO, Amy and Warren are two of the most experienced women in Congress and a splash of Beto and Cory is a good thing.

Hey, that’s not the kiddies’ table! That’s the one with Bernie!

Fredster @way back when, yes the Iran mess would serve the Dump’s criminal agenda too. And Poot’s. As Sarah Kendzior brilliantly put it, we’re dealing with a transnational crime syndicate masquerading as govrnment[s].

@45 Luna, LOL. Okay, friends, I feel better now. It’s just that the other day I heard Donny Douche, I mean Deutsch, say that Warren would lose in forty eight states. They just can’t envision a woman President.


Right now Warren is in third place…and the debates haven’t even started.

( I’m still the only one planning to read War and Peace? )

@49: No more votes, I closed the poll.

@49, you don’t mean re-read?

@51, Yes, actually. But that was as a teenager. (Yes, I was a topnerd teenager. Why do you ask?) It’ll seem like a new book now, don’t you think? Especially since all I remember is that it was long.

Probably, unfortunately, not long enough to get me past the Dem “debates.”

quixote, Why I read it as a teenager too, of my own volition! I should re-read it. I’ll look at the different translations first.

Gawd. I remember when I was the sort of person who didn’t giggle under her breath about people having their house KO’ed in a disaster.

/*desperately trying to muffle — bwahahahahahaha */



Publicly, Trump initially declared that the results had been fabricated by the media and “don’t even exist.” But Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale later confirmed that the results were indeed from a poll conducted by the campaign in March, and on Friday, ABC News published the poll results.

IOW, can’t trust a thing that comes out of this lying turd’s mouth.

Hey Widdershins! Sorry for the long absence. I am in NJ for a few days taking a mini vacation. (Yes, I vacation in New Jersey. Doesn’t everyone? 😎) I will write something next Tuesday on the plane.

The warmongering in the Middle East is incredibly scary. I hope the Rethugs do not get away with pretending Iran decided to bomb us out of nowhere.

Did you guys hear about this?

From wapo:

@62, 63 — America, the new Nazi homeland.

@64, Support our troops — send them off to a senseless war to die.

(endless screaming)

Only the best:

As Trump’s defense pick withdraws, he addresses violent domestic incidents

In the months that he has served as President Trump’s acting secretary of defense, Patrick Shanahan has worked to keep domestic violence incidents within his family private. His wife was arrested after punching him in the face, and his son was arrested after a separate incident in which he hit his mother with a baseball bat. Public disclosure of the nearly decade-old episodes would re-traumatize his young adult children, Shanahan said.


In November 2011, Shanahan rushed to defend his then-17-year-old son, William Shanahan, in the days after the teenager brutally beat his mother. The attack had left Patrick Shanahan’s ex-wife unconscious in a pool of blood, her skull fractured and with internal injuries that required surgery, according to court and police records.

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Dec. 2019 Democratic Debate

When: Dec. 19th.

Where:The debate will happen at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

Time:9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT

How to watch: The debate will air on, and

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