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Activist Tuesday: Brace Yourselves…

Posted on: June 4, 2019

For Fredster

Happy Tuesday, all, and happy Pride!

It looks like the Democrats in the Judiciary have decided to hold public hearings, starting next week. These are, of course, not impeachment hearings, nudge nudge, wink wink…they just happen to be looking into the findings of the Mueller Report! And it’s just a coinky-dink that they have John Dean as their first witness. What is he the expert in, again?

This hearing is being referred to as “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes.” Former White House Counsel John Dean, who served under former President Richard Nixon and later testified against him, is set to testify. Dean has said that the Mueller report is “more damning” than Watergate and shows evidence of “clear obstruction.”

“Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes.” Sounds like the Judiciary Committee has already made up its mind that the President is a criminal, doesn’t it? And it’s not just obstruction. It’s conspiracy, corruption, lawlessness and fascism. We have Uncle Junior from the Sopranos as President…except Junior had better hair!

Now to get the American people more informed of Drumpf’s evildoing, and on board with impeachment. I’m sure Dean’s testimony is going to be riveting…and he’s only the first one.

Brace yourself. Justice is coming.

This is an open thread. (No reason for this video except that I like it. Karine Jean-Pierre is FIERCE!)

72 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Brace Yourselves…"

John Dean as first witness! Lol, that’s perfect!

Good strategy to have hearings to show all the material on obstruction, fraud, and conniving with Russia. As with hearings on Nixon, it’ll move popular opinion toward impeachment. Nancy Pelosi is a sharp strategist.

The Brits go all out for Trump’s visit!

No one throws shade like the British. Drumpf is an amateur. 😃

R.I.P. Leah Chase.

I only had the opportunity to eat there one time but oh…it was fantastic!

@mb: Unfortunately I won’t be going to any Pride events.

I could see it now: One step…second step…grab for a lamppost.
And saying to all around: “No, I’m not drunk, I effed up my back!”. Uh no.

However, there is Southern Decadence coming up Labor Day Weekend. I have hopes!

Sad to hear about Leah Chase!

Sad in a different way that your back is keeping you away from the festivities.

And speaking of the Brits, a poster at a march: “The ultimate insult. Giving a book to an illiterate man. Well played, Your Majesty.”

@7: What is it the funeral homes like to say: A life well lived? She did that for sure. I hope her kids don’t end up squabbling and ruin the place.

@9: I really liked “Feed him to the Corgis”. LOL

Re the video on Karine Jean-Pierre. She is on Nicolle Wallace’s show frequently and I love watching her.

Oh and something else: Are man buns still a thing? I mean, take that jerk out and beat his ass for wearing one of those things. Ugh

Love the Feed Him to the Corgis!

Man buns — I don’t dislike them except that they seem to be worn only by misogynist (and usually racist) progbros.

Good answer!

Sorry your back prevents you from going to Pride, Fredster! I thought you would appreciate the pic though. It looks like a lot of fun in NOLA, of course!

I love all the protest signs….and “straight pride?” OMG. The sexual equivalent of the whiners who can’t stand to hear the words, “Black Lives Matter.”

Sadly, man buns are still en vogue out here in SF. They are, simply, the worst. I’d rather see a man with no hair or a mohawk!

@16: and “straight pride?” OMG.

My thoughts too.

mb, I just don’t want to take a chance on aggravating it. I would have to drive down, find a place to park, walk to the events and so no right now. Add to the fact we’ve had more than 2 weeks w/out rain but that dissipated 91L is supposed to feed moisture in to us and we’re probably gonna be rainy over the weekend. I did love that picture though.

Adult language for clan tRump. Seems the entire family got a trip to Britain on our dime.

Great post MB! Love Karine! What a douchebro that guy is. I read that he does that kind of thing a lot. Typical of the broz, too lazy and dumb to create their own events, have to highjack other peoples.

@19, I really wish the Brits didn’t invite the White House Hillbillies. The whole spectacle was revolting and gives dump, who cheated his way into the presidency, and his creepy children of the corn a kind of faux legitimacy.

What is straight pride? I haven’t seen any man-buns lately, although laker says he saw one at the gym this year.

Lots of man buns here in Seattle. There’s also a new trend: Man bun for the top part of the hair, and back of head from ear level down is really short. I nearly did a double-take when I saw that style.

My impression is that Straight Pride is what insecure heteros came up with after feeling threatened by rainbow flags. Similar idea as White Lives Matter.

@25: I might have to bust out laughing if I saw one of those. LOL

Are you saying there is actually a parade for straight people? I thought it was some kind of lame joke.

@19, great tweet!

@25, that does sound . . .um, unusual.

@28, lol, it is lame, isn’t it?

@27, 29, and you know what’s really bad about that? It’s the medical resident who’s temporarily sharing my office! It’s been about 5 months and I still have to control my reaction. Fortunately our desks do not face each other.

Are we talking about the Man Bun Fade? I don’t know anyone personally who has one, but they are not unusual here in SF. Saints preserve us!

And re “straight pride,” Cap’n America is not having it. Hee hee!

@31, That’s it! Didn’t know the style had its own name. ‘Cept on my guy more area goes into the bun and the fade starts about even with the top of the ears. giggle

@33 😀 😀

You really, really wonder who thinks that is sexy. It’s definitely not aimed at straight white Gen-X women!!!

A “straight” pride parade in Boston?!? Lordy. Sad to see so many straight white men, and even women, feeling so aggrieved about gays and POC finally getting the rights they deserve.

@34, I’m a boomer and its not my thing either. The bottom part reminds me of Nazi haircuts in the 30s & 40s. And I’ve seen a lot of it the past several years.

@39: That was amazing!

Ugh…we had a line of storms move through earlier and we actually had a tornado warning for here where I live.
I dutifully went to my safe space, in the bathroom, cellphone in hand to wait it out.

@42: Another.

@Fredster, I came over here from just posting a Dr. John tune at SD. RIP

This was about a florist who sold flowers to straight couples but refused to sell to gay or lesbian couples. “Conscience clause” won’t get you out of that homophobic shit here in Washington!

@44: Well Luna, Leah is up there cooking up a storm and Dr. John is bangin’ out songs on the piano.

Fredster, glad you’re safe. Tornados scare me more than earthquakes. I met Dr. John once, he seems gruff, but was rather charming.

Luna @46, I saw that earlier. Now I’m afraid of it happening to me.

@47, Yay for my second state!

Luna, I couldn’t read that article. How did the woman get the tapeworm in her brain?

Think of all the rubes that voted for dump because they thought he was some kind of business genius:

@53, But …. but … but…Trump’s book….The Art of the Deal!

@51, here’s a few paragraphs from that article. I thought it was hilarious they put a Warningabout the tapeworm picture. snort!

Warning: An image of a tapeworm appears lower in this article.

Bobbi Pritt, director of the Clinical Parasitology Laboratory in the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, said Taenia solium is not common in the United States but, when people do become infected, the parasite can present in two different forms. The most common form, she said, is the adult tapeworm, which is ingested from undercooked pork and lives in the gut. But there’s another, less common way to get the parasite.

People who have the adult form shed microscopic eggs in their stool and, if they do not properly wash their hands, they can pass on the tapeworm to others, Pritt said.

For example, Pritt said, if the person who has the adult tapeworm gets the eggs on his or her hands and then prepares another person’s food, that other person can unknowingly eat the eggs. She said the eggs then travel to the small intestine, hatch into larvae, penetrate the bowel wall and get into the bloodstream, where they can migrate throughout the entire body, including the brain.

@50, She didn’t go play golf instead?

What we could have had.

@49: annie, he had that rough, raspy voice so maybe that’s what you picked up on?

And I’m with you: I hate friggin’ tornadoes. At least with hurricanes you normally have a couple of days to pack up and get out if needed.

This is a tornado from yesterday (Thurs) that comes up over the river levee and crosses a street. It’s a weak tornado, probably EF0 or EF1. Did it actually cross the Mississippi? Dunno but seems like it did.

@58, God, that’s terrifying.

@55, Also terrifying.

@58, No way would I be driving closer to a storm like that!

@60: He was pretty quick to put that vehicle in reverse though. LOL

This is the funniest tweet I’ve seen all week. Perfect shade, how did they get that cat to make that perfect expression?

Dammit! Its the response to @62 that I wanted to come out. Here it is in all its glory:

@63, 🙂 Kitteh is disgusted!

@64, My whole family was screaming with laughter over that. I absolutely love it, the cats expression is perfect.

@66, LOL!

More importantly, are Americans ready to withstand another four years of male presidency? It is unpleasant to traffic in stereotypes, and many men are in no way like this, but recent experience teaches that for usually 31 days a month (sometimes 30, occasionally 28), a male president will fall victim to irritability and irrationality that causes him to embarrass the nation abroad and make emotional decisions not based on math or information.

Hey shinners, just touching base quickly.
I’ll have a weekend (lol) post up sometime in the near (?) future. Just all kinds of shit happening right now.

@Fredster, hope the shit settles down!

@70. and he’s got his goddamn finger up again / still / forever!

/*endless screaming*/

New post up in just a few. Up now.

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