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Activist Tuesday: If You’re Mad and Feel Like Marching…

Posted on: May 21, 2019

It looks like you won’t have a problem finding a place to get your feet on the street today…and after today.

#StopTheBans Actions

This Tuesday, May 21st at noon local time at statehouses, town squares, and courthouses across the nation–with other events throughout the week–we will show up to speak out and fight back against this unconstitutional attempt to gut Roe and punish women.

Plan an action or RSVP to one near you now. We’ll send you more information on tips to make the most of your event.

As Our Girl Hillary said at the Women in the World Summit in 2012:

“We need to be as fearless as the women whose stories you have applauded, as committed as the dissidents and the activists you have heard from, as audacious as those who start movements for peace when all seems lost.”

This is an open thread.

55 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: If You’re Mad and Feel Like Marching…"

Great post MB.

I can’t believe I still have to protest the same old shit I did since the sixties.

A middle finger to all those young Bernie supporters that didn’t listen to Hillary and her supporters when we warned them that the Rethugs would pull this shit.

Step up young women, it’s your damn turn to decide if your rights are worth fighting for. What does it take for you to pay more attention to what is important?

Sorry, I am in no mood to play a glass if half full with this stuff.

Barr is apparently saying he’ll “let” Mueller testify to Congress if they drop the contempt charges against him (Barr).

Cool. Is this the way we’re doing law now? Can I use it the next time I get a traffic ticket? I give the cop a wedgie, but I’ll pay 5% of the ticket if they don’t charge me with assaulting an officer in the line of duty?

I don’t have a big enough face for the facepalm this needs.

Shadow, it is truly infuriating. I doubt I will ever need an abortion at this point; why am I more passionate than the women this law would actually impact?

Q -your last line is an instant classic! 😂 We have to laugh so we don’t do *endless screaming* all day!

This new rep is scary smart and more entertaining than AOC (not that I hate aoc, I like a lot of the stuff she says, not happy with her bernoid shilling).

Carson’s even too dumb to realize why posing with Oreos shows just how similar they are. (As someone (sorry, can’t remember who) said on Twitter.)

Back from visiting relatives in CA. Didn’t take my laptop, my “smart”phone takes half a minute to load a web page and I don’t think I can afford a faster one just now. Going back to catch up on all the comments.

Did you see Trump’s snit fit this morning after trying to face Pelosi & Schumer? LOL lol. “I am not a crook.”

The amazing thing about Carson isn’t just ignorance of what REO stands for. I mean, all I accomplished was being alive during 2008-2010 and being aware of the housing crash and I know what it means.

The amazing thing is that he could have been HUD Sec’y for over two years and never have come across it. Really? What’s he doing at that expensive desk he bought himself? Figuring out how to play tic-tac-toe?

Somehow, in two years, he’s managed to never read word one about the housing crash?

Katie Porter is smart, Oreo boy ISN’T, nor is he funny.

Maybe at some point he was a good surgeon…but outside of that world, he is a nitwit.

President Trump, reacting angrily after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accused him of a “coverup,” said there would be no deal on infrastructure unless Democrats stop investigating him.

“For some reason, maybe it was lack of confidence on his part . . . he just took a pass, and it just makes me wonder why he did,” Pelosi said. “In any event, I pray for the president of the United States, and I pray for the United States of America.”

Trump was visibly angry when he arrived in the Cabinet room about 15 minutes late to meet with Pelosi and Schumer, according to people familiar with what transpired. Trump did not shake hands or sit down, and after accusing Pelosi of saying something “terrible,” he headed out without allowing time for a response.

Maybe at some point he was a good surgeon

As the saying goes, “Surgery is sterile carpentry.” (snort!)

This was on Huff n Puff:

The Medical Boards for all 50 States in the Union announced today that they have revoked Ben Carson’s medical license and will no longer allow him to operate as a brain surgeon any where in the U.S. And they cited as their reason Carson’s mental and intellectual challenges — otherwise known as the propensity to sound like a total and utter nutcase.

In a joint statement, the Medical Boards said: We have been increasingly concerned about the gibberish emanating from Mr. Carson’s cerebrum. We cite by way of example his belief that the holocaust could have been prevented by armed German citizens, that straight people go into prison and come out gay, and that Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to the country since slavery.

We are therefore suspending his medical license in any state where he is qualified to practice. And should he choose to come out of retirement and re-apply for credentials, we will not allow him to operate on people’s cerebrums, or indeed cerebullums, limbic systems and brain stems, until he can demonstrate that his own are in fully working order.”

While appearing on The Really Bad Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Ben Carson said: “I’m very disappointed to hear this news and I categorically deny I’m crazy. I think this is a concerted effort by Dr. Gregory House, Dr. No, Dr. Who and Dr. Doolittle to undermine my candidacy for the Presidency and I am therefore going to ignore it and carry on with my campaign regardless.”

“Surgery is sterile carpentry.” (snort!)

Hahaha, Luna.

New York puts Democrats a step closer to Trump tax returns

The Democrat-led Senate and Assembly both approved the measures Wednesday, sending them to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat. A spokesman has said the governor supports the principle behind the legislation but will review the bill carefully before deciding whether to sign it.

He better sign it.

Shadow, do Medical Boards write like that? That has to be satire. Right? Right? (I can’t tell anymore!)

@16: Dateline of that piece:

10/14/2015 05:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

16 Q

I doubt medical boards in any normal state write like that, but I am beginning to wonder on some of our more deplorable states. 😉

What caught my eye was that he lost his medical license, and that made sense to me.

I searched google to see why Ben was no longer a surgeon. I didn’t do an extensive investigation.

many readers mistook their “Ben Carson Loses Brain Surgeon License” article for a genuine piece of news reporting and not as a satirical political commentary (as indicated by its being tagged as “political humor,” “comedy,” and “satire”). However, the article was published in the Huffington Post’s “comedy” section and was not meant to be taken literally.

Photos: Hundreds gather for pro-choice rally in New Orleans, temporarily blocking CBD streets

@20 – Go NOLA!!!

And Fredster finds out that the Huff n Puff was joking on Ben. So he does have his license (?) and yet, he isn’t working as a doctor and decided he would rather be President in 2016…weird.

Fredster, I heard that the Stones won’t make it for the jazz festival but will reschedule and still play in NOL. Seems as though Mick had some kind of heart surgery.

That piece was obviously satire, alas. It takes egregious behavior to get medical boards to even admit a physician might have been infallible. They protect their own. Most of them have gawd complexes, especially the ones sitting on boards.

@22: Honestly, I would never think of HuffPo doing a satire piece, seriously (lol). I mean, their regular stuff nowadays is satirical when you want to think of oh, say, journalism.

@23: True, the Stones did not make it for Jazz Fest in April since Mick got his chest cracked for a valve replacement. Caused a bit of a ruckus because ppl have to buy their tix for the day and it caused some issues with refunds.

And yep, they’re supposed to be heading back. I won’t be going though.

@21: I saw lots of water bottles in those pics. It’s been hot lately and supposed to be worse next week.

I saw the Stones in ’78. I think it was the Some Girls tour.

The satire about Ben Carson was really funny. Wish it were true.

Good God, dump really lost his shit today.

quixote, check this out:

Chances of historic Morganza Spillway opening are rising due to weather, officials say

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is warning stakeholders along the Morganza Spillway that it could be forced to open some of the structure’s gates early next month because, based on current forecasts, the Mississippi River would overtop the spillway structure on June 5 and render it unsafe.

The Morganza is above Baton Rouge.

Yikes. I don’t recall that one being opened in recent times, like the last 30 years, at all.

@29, WTAF? Abso-loooney.

I see the “Donald J. Trump” is in bold whereas the “President” is not. Shows that he thinks he’s more important than the office, as if we didn’t already know that about him.

Also — some poor White House intern graphic designer running between his computer and the printer. Hey kid, no one’s going to want to hire you when they see all the Trump shit in your portfolio. You’ll end up working for the NRA.

Maggie whines that a lawyer is lawyering.

Time for a animal cutie.

@31: I think last time they opened Morganza was in 2011. But when they do it starts sending water into areas used as farmland and affects wildlife also.

Cuz they couldn’t do a cover of them kissing his butt.

@35, good-looking? I’m going to have to disagree with Adam Schiff on that one.

@38 – that was Schiff-style shade. It’s like we used to say about bad singers, “He lacked on the high notes what he didn’t have in the middle and lower notes.” 😜

@39, Oh. Like the Southern “Bless his heart” comment.

Fredster, thanks for posting that article with Jay Inslee talking about the first public-option healthcare bill he signed. A pragmatic plan turned into actuality! Why is Inslee not getting more attention? He’s already accomplished so much in our state that the other candidates only have plans for. (Plans are a good thing, yes, but being able to make them real is what counts.) 100% clean energy by 2030, environmental protections, women’s rights protection (WA is the 2nd best state in the US for women’s bodily autonomy rights), reasonable college costs. Inslee marches in protests to raise the federal minimum wage, talks about how POC are disproportionally affected by pollution and climate change. He’s a 2-term governor and before that served multiple terms as a Congressional Rep, including election from a heavily rural district. He’s built good relationships with trade partners including Canada, Japan, and of course other West Coast states. Eastern WA is fairly rural, fairly Republican, with lots of farming.

But most of what I see are articles on Mayor Pete, Beto, Bernie and Biden: a small-town mayor, a senate-race loser, a presidential-primary loser (by 4 million votes) in his 70s and a former VP who was a multiple presidential-primary race loser in his 70s. Gah. The political pundit journalists are still mainly on the East Coast. I worry that Inslee, who entered the race relatively early, (IIRC the 6th?) gets lost in the flood of lackluster white male candidates who have few real accomplishments and who entered the race recently.

I doubt Inslee will win the primary. Though in debating Trump he could simply say “Hey I’ve actually done that already. And I didn’t go bankrupt!” about nearly any issue. And “You can have economic growth, clean environment, and public-option healthcare.” I do want a woman — Warren or Harris — to win. But Inslee should get a Cabinet or even VP slot.

Rant over.

Oh the shade!

One last plug today that shows what Dem governors can do and why we need to vote Dem in down-ballot races. It’s much nicer for adults and children to ride transit that’s free of stinky and unhealthy diesel fumes.

All monies went to fund electric bus purchases, both for transit agencies and school districts, and for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

You all may have seen this before — I hadn’t. The full episode!

@42: Glad you were able to see that.

IFIRC, your guv was on Bill Maher’s show for the first segment interview before he starts with the panel. I watched it.

You may be correct on the east coast deal. I’ve seen him but let’s face it, we’re a bunch of political junkies here.

But Inslee should get a Cabinet or even VP slot.

I think a number of them are auditioning for those positions.

I’m going to rain on parades, as per usual.

The right strategy couldn’t be more obvious.

1) Have four, maybe five candidates with enough policy differences that voters have a choice but are not faced with a crowd of Twenty Tweedles. The situation now from the perspective of the psychology of choice is a disaster. And, interestingly, it seems to happen when what would be the frontrunners are female. Sexism deja vue all over again.

2) MAKE BLOODY SURE WE’RE ALL HANDMARKING PAPER BALLOTS IN 2020. (Sorry for the shouting. Can’t help myself. This is critical.) We don’t have a lot of time to get this done.

3) Have as many as possible of the popular but aren’t-really-doing-anything-but-auditioning candidates run for Senate. If we don’t manage to get both Houses as well as the Presidency, we may as well take Lady Liberty down off her pedestal and ship her back to France.

We are either doing nothing or too little toward any of these tracks.

As Will Rogers said, I don’t belong to an organized political party. I’m a Democrat. Let’s hope God really does watch over fools and they manage to save the country with their Keystone Kops methods.

@48, quixote, Agree on fewer candidates. I could see four to six, as long as they had diversity, expecting at least a couple to drop out early. Really agree on needing candidates run for Senate. Beto, Mayor Pete, and most of the rest of the male candidates should be Senate candidates. Inslee running for Senate is a hard no because Washington already has 2 fab women senators: Patty Murray & Maria Cantwell. (They both are multi-term senators and are examples for why arbitrary term limits are a bad idea.) “Term limits are elections.”

Hand-marked paper ballots! Yessss. WA has these. But so many other states have easily hacked systems. We’ve known this for some time, but it’s an uphill battle to get them replaced. The party in power (hmmm, that would be mostly Repubs in each state) doesn’t want to protect ballot integrity.

Trump gets a judiciary slap-down again!

Agree, Luna, that who should do what, exactly, depends on the local situation. All these politicians should be working together toward the overall goal of maximum Dems at every level. Instead of this DeBlasio-style grandstanding to no clear purpose at all.

Except of course getting your name in lights and possibly a third house . 😡

What the Judge said.

‘Here we go again’

In an indication of which way he is leaning on the request to block the new law with the earlier ban, Reeves asked attorneys Tuesday: “Doesn’t it boil down to: Six is less than 15?”

Hey folks, last night/early this a.m. I was trying to reset and adjust some settings on the laptop. One of those things was the Windows updates. Well, one of those adjustments triggered the updates to start and that went on for hours. So the weekend post may not go up until later this evening.

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