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Lazy, no Angry Weekend~Shout it out

Posted on: May 19, 2019

Good afternoon Widdershins


I had a different post in mind for the weekend, but yeah, fuck that.  And no, it wasn’t going to be a GoT thing.

No, after this week it’s time to let your musical voices come out in anger!  Shout it out.

I’ll put up a few songs but I fully expect y’all to provide lots of them yourselves.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *


* * * *

Open thread of course but hope you’ll add some of your own in the comments.


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31 Responses to "Lazy, no Angry Weekend~Shout it out"

Great songs, especially the Dixie Chicks!

And I’m not going to say anything about that show.

Not much to say…about as bad aa I expected.

Speaking of a bad show, I just read a Will Bunch article about Biden. From the voters Bunch talked to, they’re counting on Unka Joe to take them back to 2015 and make everything since then go away like a bad dream.

Is anybody really that stupid?

No, don’t answer that. I’m obviously that stupid because I keep thinking people can add 2+2, in the face of repeated and constant evidence. /*dope slap*/

And yet Jennifer Rubin of WaPo seems to think
Joe is just the thing

Rubin, really? I mean, really?

@6, ewww! How could she?!?

Okay, this one ain’t pretty, but it is angry:

I didn’t watch GOT, the only episode I didn’t watch when it came out. I had people at work tell me what happened…it made me really angry. I am a visual person, so watching it would have made me even more angry.
Jon……….really? Three eyed raven……the most worthless character of all.

Effin’ sexist bs.

Shadow, you may be interested in this article by Zeynep Tufekci on what went wrong in GoT storytelling.

She’s a Princeton prof (or was?) whose specialty is digital media and who’s brilliant on media manipulation generally. This is kind of off-topic for her, but it’s very interesting.

All about how Hollywood can’t stop turning stories into the tropes it’s comfortable with (read: sexist drivel, although she doesn’t say that) and can’t talk about social pressures to save its sorry ass.

13 Q

Thanks, the article was interesting and I was also a fan of The Wire, part of her comparison.

I didn’t feel that The Wire came even close to abruptly destroying the character of one of it’s long term male/female hero’s and changed them into villains, and had that person murdered by the one person he/she loved and trusted.

I am disgusted with what GOT did to it’s main characters and rewarded Bran of all people…I wasted my time on this show.

Okay. Nothing to do with anything, but this had me giggling wildly. (Not that it’s actually funny. But oh the irony.)

Men who receive paid paternity leave want fewer children, study finds

Shadow, there’s a lot of people who feel that way!

@17: Yeah, neither do we.


Enjoyed the article Shadow! Q, I will check yours out as well.

There is a “Dallas”-style meme out there for GoT already, showing the ending as Ned Stark’s dream. I can’t find it though!

Leslie Jones on SNL is really funny.

Quixote @15, Screamingly funny! Predictable, but still hilarious.

Q @13, she nailed it!

Leslie Jones is awesome.

@27: Saw that on Maddow. Same results probably for the other case involving this.

I’m glad I never watched Game of Thrones. I took one look years ago, saw all the naked women and the lack of naked men and just said, nope, not for me. Les Miserables on Masterpiece Theatre was superb.

@29: Oh Sue, there were naked men, but just not enough of them.

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