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Activist Tuesday: Open Thread

Posted on: May 14, 2019

Happy Tuesday, Widdershins!

We can talk about any of these things….

Or we can talk about #DemThrones, this epic takedown of Lady Lindsey, the 2020 election, the disastrous, ridiculous tariffs with China, or cute fluffy animals.

This is an open thread.

36 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Open Thread"

Jumping on a plane to Dallas shortly, but I think I read on Twitter that Lady Lindsey may be retiring to his fainting couch after initiating a third corrupt inquiry into the FBI and DOJ over their investigation into Russian cyber attacks on our democracy in 2016.

@1: Hope he falls off the fainting couch and never gets up.

Good for Elizabeth Warren. Fox news is a hate-for-profit channel.

@3, I love that phrase, “hate-for-profit.” Describes them perfectly.

I’m glad D is okay. Completely understand needing a break.

Great post MB. I like those tweets.

@6 – thanks Annie! Lots going on.

I feel sorry for the women in Alabama. Not surprised, but sorry. My guess is there are a lot of WOC whose voices were not heard on this issue. The state Senate has just passed a complete ban on abortions; all that’s needed is the governor’s signature.

No, I don’t think it’s going to hold up, but there could be a lot of harm done while it winds through the courts.

@8: From the Repubs (majority in the lege) and the state that gave us Roy Moore.

So, I haven’t watched GoT, except for some youtube clips, but I’ve heard what happened on Sunday and gather that a huge amount of the fans are pissed, at the direction the story has taken. It sounds like the women leaders are horrible psychos and there’s a good guy waiting in the wings to take over. Well now the Star Wars fans can join you. They are in the same boat cuz the head of Disney hired the same GoT writers to write a whole new Star Wars Trilogy! and Laker says the fans are not happy about it.

The ACLU tweeted out a comment that they will see the Alabama Republicans in court, for the third time. Along with a copy of a $1.7 million dollar check the state of Alabama paid to them (and Planned Parenthood) the last time they tried this shit and lost. You would think three strikes and you’re out. The ACLU is trying like hell to squash it before it goes before the Supreme Court. They will do the same in Georgia.

@11 – I sure hope they can. I keep hearing “women won’t go back to when abortion was illlegal” but I am not at all confident this SC will uphold Roe v. Wade, if it gets to them. I am ready to march or do whatever is needed to fight back.

Apparently drugs used to kill people aren’t drugs. Whut? Wonder if Trump will lift tariffs on execution drugs.

The Justice Department says in a new legal opinion that the Food and Drug Administration does not have authority over drugs used in lethal injections, a stance sure to be challenged by death-penalty opponents.

The department’s Office of Legal Counsel said that “articles intended for use in capital punishment by a state or the federal government cannot be regulated as ‘drugs’ or ‘devices.’ ”

The legal opinion, issued this month, comes as states have struggled in recent years to obtain drugs for lethal injections, which remain the country’s primary method of execution even as the number of executions has declined.

While European companies have objected to their products being used in executions, corrections officials could have more luck turning to countries such as China or India, Denno said. “It has the potential to open the floodgates,” she said.

Some articles on the Ala forced-labor law say that the sponsors don’t expect it to hold up in the lower courts but that their strategy is to get cases up to SCOTUS to overturn R v W so women will be forced to incubate.

Ardern and everybody else!

Serious question here. This percolated into my caffeine-deficient mind while averting my eyes from most of the news.

Tom Udall apparently has floated a bill to stop the Dump going to war in Iran. “Thank you, @senwarren, for signing on as a co-sponsor of my bipartisan bill to halt the Trump administration’s march to war with Iran. … Contact your senators & urge them to co-sponsor the Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act TODAY.”

Very nice. But, and this is my question, why do we need it? Why are legislators constantly coming up with new bills when they’re trying to apply existing laws?

Why? Why don’t they just apply the existing law? Is there actually a good reason? If so, what?

Or is this just a way of not getting into the embarrassing position of having to arrest a criminal Prez? Instead you can have debates with your colleagues trying to pass the redundant paper?

Quixote, I doubt that there is a “good reason.” From what I understand, all the great bills originating in the House since the mid terms will never pass the Senate. Maybe the Senate will never pass any Senate bill that smells anti trump either. Political posturing to constituents on both sides? Maybe naively thinking the bills will rally the people to support these measures publicly, even if not enacted? Also, I assume that enforcing the law would require McConnell’s support and that will never happen as long as NOT enforcing the laws keeps him and his ilk in power.

Cats, yes, I understand the bit about McConnell being a black hole. And I’m not trying to say that *all* bills related to old laws are useless. Like HR1, the new voting rights bill, looks like it’s actually necessary to plug up the million new loopholes powergrabbers are using against voters these days.

But things like “let’s have Congress enact a law about war powers” seems 100% redundant. Recently, I keep stumbling across stuff like that. I love Warren as much as all outdoors, but her recent bill to require Prezzes to divest to prevent conflicts of interest is another one. We already have laws out the wazoo on that. The problem seems to be that they’re ignored. So how will new ignored laws help matters?

Your point about rallying voters is a good one. Maybe that’s the whole purpose, together with getting anyone who votes against on record.

@17 & 19: Question: Why don’t they just update the established War Powers Act that’s already on the books? Don’t need to specify a particular President or country or whatever.

The congresscritters have previously complained about Presidents abusing the one that’s on the books. Just fix it.

@14: Exactly what they have in mind. Apparently the La. lege is working on their version of it.

Without objection, the Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee backed legislation to prohibit abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected, similar to laws passed in several conservative states that are aimed at challenging the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 decision that legalized abortion. Louisiana’s ban, however, only would take effect if a federal appeals court upholds a similar law in Mississippi.

The legislation includes an exception from the abortion ban to prevent the pregnant woman’s death or “a serious risk of the substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function” — or if the pregnancy is deemed “medically futile.”

But it does not include an exception for a pregnancy caused by rape or incest. Irvin called that “a horribly cruel omission.”

A doctor who violates the prohibition under the bill could face a prison sentence of up to two years, along with revocation of medical license.

Fredster @20 “Just fix it.” Exactly.

I think the AUMF may be the concern. Drumpf is not above using it to “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” as our old friend McCain used to say. My guess is the new bills are trying to backstop against that. Plus, the voting reasons mentioned.

I think I must have been posting about the right-wing agenda to overturn Roe v Wade for at least ten years. They have been playing a long game. Taking over legislatures to pass laws that will be challenged and thus taken to,the Supreme Court is an important first step. You can find everything on their super creepy “right to life” websites, if you have the stomach to read them.

Yet another reason the DNC should have let Hillary be the nominee instead of rigging it for Obama in 2008. She never would have allowed the Party to be hollowed out in the states the way Obama did. His appropriation of all the funding to himself for his 2012 re-election was a huge tactical error. Hillary would have immediately started building the bench in 2009 and would have made sure the states had the support they needed to fight for every seat.

We are paying for others’ mistakes, and it really sucks.

“Yet another reason the DNC should have let Hillary be the nominee instead of rigging it for Obama in 2008.”

Absolutely. The world would have been in a better place.

Funny no one is carping on about if it’s Joe Biden’s turn to run. His turn.Ya’ know, coronation… Funny that.

@26: Yeah, but see, Joe let Hillary run the last time so now it *is* his turn.

From the Reuters feed on the right:

TSA staff will include 175 law enforcement officials, including air marshals, and as many as 400 security staff drawn from six U.S. cities but will not include airport screeners, CNN said, citing two additional unnamed sources. The six cities were not immediately identified.

Except they lie so much it may include screeners. Just in time for summer travel.

Samantha Bee provides Sex Ed for Senators.

You’ll have to go to link below to see John Oliver’s take on the Georgia bill and “baby fetus”.

I hardly ever watch videos, but I watched both of those all the way through.

Bee and Oliver, both brilliant, and how they manage to be funny on this topic is beyond me. I mean really funny. “Laugh out loud by yourself in an empty room” funny.

@31: I watch Oliver’s show each week. He was with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show and I just enjoy his show.

And damnit I forget about Samantha Bee since she’s on TBS! Hardly ever watch that channel. However I think they both brilliantly skewer the Repubs who were responsible for these awful bills.

Love the Sam Bee & John Oliver vids, Fredster. I also forget about Sam Bee because I never watch tbs.

It’s time. The Judiciary Committee Democrats need to announce loudly and clear as a bell (instead of bullshit) they are beginning impeachment hearings this minute. It’s time. Whether they will introduce any Article of Impeachment is another matter. My God. If this piece of shit is un-impeachable… we are done for. Lost. It’s time. Nancy Pelosi needs to say so.

I couldn’t care less what Biden, Bernie and the rest of the B-Boyz think.(Notice it’s only the women who agree) Begin impeachment hearings. There is really no other choice. Are we going to allow another President to get away with this, or even do worse? (if that’s possible) IT’S TIME.

@33: Well now I’ve got a reminder set with the cable box. I enjoy her so much.


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