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Lazy Weekend~Taking a sick day

Posted on: May 11, 2019

Good weekend Widdershins


Fredster is not feeling well right now.

Perhaps it’s the 4th day of rain we’ve had…we’re under a flash flood warning…and it’s just plain yucky.

Is my body responding to the crappy weather?  I dunno, but I’ve just felt “blah” the last few days, tummy or gut is off – somewhat nauseous and no appetite.  I opened the cabinets and fridge to try finding something to eat and all of it looked awful.  I settled for a peanut butter “bend over” of one slice of bread with peanut butter smeared and folded over.

So shinners, take the post wherever you wish. It’s the most open of posts/thread.




50 Responses to "Lazy Weekend~Taking a sick day"

Poor Fredster! I hope you’re feeling better soonest!

Hope you feel better!

Sheeeeer happenstance, eh? Trump’s probably asking his advisors right now “Why can’t I? Vladimir does it.”

If I thought I was feeling nauseous and pukey before, this sure as shit doesn’t help:

Trump takes over Fourth of July celebration, changing its location and inserting himself into the program

If you’ve used up your freebie reads at WaPo, trying opening in a new private or incognito (chrome) tab.

Note to self: ask doc for a script of generic vistaril. With this asshole in the White House, never know how much of it I’ll need.

OK, I am indeed bragging about my governor again. I really like that the surcharge on the B&O tax to pay for this is highest on the big tech companies.

“I think it’s going further than virtually any state has to address both the challenge of affordability for students and the underfunding of colleges,” Sara Goldrick-Rab, a professor of higher education at Temple University, said.</blockquote

Luna, when I lived in WA in the 80s, my younger sis was in High School, and I couldn’t believe how much better her school was than the crime riddled dump I went to down here. It was a beautiful school and had the most amazing classes, classes that were only available in college here. She had a class that was going to an opera in Seattle for a field trip and she told her teacher that I loved opera, and the teacher said, “great! Bring her along!” I wasn’t going to miss that and happily rode on the school bus with a bunch of teens and teachers to Seattle’s fine opera house. Everyone was dressed up and it was a lovely experience. Later, after I moved back (’88), I wondered why our schools weren’t as nice, so I went to the library and looked it up in a Farmer’s Almanac and I learned that WA spent more $ per child on public ed than CA, a consider amount more, around 1/3 more. I think a lot of it was due to the extreme pop. difference, and CA spends a lot more now, but I’ve always loved the schools up there.

@4, Fredster, Oh, yeah, that’s exactly when we need in a president — someone to plan parades and fireworks. Trump probably wants to light the fireworks himself like a little kid or beer-drinking MAGAt. If only. He’s so clumsy and dumb he’d blow himself up. Ah, that would be nice.

@7, annie, It’s only in the last couple of years I’ve realized how good we have it here compared to most of the rest of the States. Oh, there’s plenty which could be improved, but our last 4 governors have been Democrats (they usually are most of the time).

Interesting about the schools. How fun to get dressed up and go to the opera! I went to a rural school which probably didn’t have great funding. My SiL’s kids in California go a school which has all sorts of advanced classes and enrichment activities. The program for “gifted” children at my high school was a couple of field trips in the summer to museums. I think the urban schools here are much better. Teachers’ pay isn’t as much as it should be, but that’s the case anywhere. I think Warren or Harris will change that.

@8: It’s gonna be so disgusting and now and you can’t see the entire Boston Pops deal anymore either. Just GAAAH!

@9, agree that big cities get the better school. Hubs worked on the 3 best High Schools for LAUSD and they are amazing, and have fabulous programs and classes. They cost a ton, but make money by renting out their professional theaters and the grounds in general for filming commercials, movies & tv shows.

@10, Heartbreaking. He destroys everything he touches.

@7, I wrote that badly: “. CA spends a lot more now” I meant that CA spends a lot more on their schools than they used to; not, that they now spend more per kid than WA.

Fredster, hubs & laker say Congratulations on LSU’s big day in sports.

@14: Thanks for posting, Luna

Fredster, I hope by the time you read this, you’re feeling much better.

@16: Thanks Sue. Have no idea what it is/was. I’ve just eaten only some broth and saltines. Would have tried going to the store for some jello or something but all the rain and flash flood watches and warnings have kept me inside. Didn’t want to fool with that mess.

@14: I saw that last night. It was so spot on, especially Collins.

@13: Annie you’ll have to educate me on that. The baseball team won 1 game out of the last 5 they’ve played. Terrible.

I saw that about the Arabic numerals. Things are so bad that all it caused was a slightly twisted smile.

(Who *are* these people? How do they survive outside of an institution?)

I keep being flabberghasted by the ignorance.

Game of Thrones was horrible tonight. I guess they just can’t ever let a woman be in charge without turning her into a monster.

@19, Fredster, they were watching sports news and it showed LSU’s track team winning some events and I think a baseball team.

@20, omg. What do these weirdos suggest, Roman numerals?

@23, I heard that lots of the fans hated it. The old Star Wars fans hate the new Episodes 7 & 8. I guess these know-it-all writers can’t stand to give the fans a story they will like.

@23: My guess is this sets the path to, not Jon Snow becoming king…nor Sansa Stark becoming queen but…Arya! Just my guess.

And remember:

Daenerys Targaryen is the daughter of King Aerys II Targaryen (also referred to as “The Mad King”) and his sister-wife Queen Rhaella, and is one of the last survivors of House Targaryen.

Here’s Jonathan Van Ness with his takeoff, Gay of Thrones.
I’ll miss his videos.

23 | madamab
May 13, 2019 at 1:45 am

Game of Thrones was horrible tonight. I guess they just can’t ever let a woman be in charge without turning her into a monster.

I can’t believe you said this. I was just having that same discussion here at work about GOT and how they effin’ ruined Daenerys character. So what if her father was mad, doesn’t mean that the producers had to take that away from her fans. She could have had the same war and not mowed down the innocents of the city.
I am pist!!!!!!

I said to the people at work, after what happened to Hillary, every hero women might have, have to be destroyed. They have to be destroyed because they are too emotional.

There was some comment in the show last night about a man being the ruler over a woman.

Looks like they are setting things up for Jon Snow…

MB looks like a lot of fans are angry about last night, many articles.

‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season Draws Backlash Over Portrayal of Female Characters

From the comments above, I’m glad I’m watching Les Miserables! Never could get into GOT-too much gratuitous female nudity.

“They have to be destroyed because they are too emotional.”

“They” refers to the male producers, right? since they fit the description. (Also in the political situation.)

@27: So what if her father was mad

You forgot the product of incest too. But that’s okay right?

The Targaryens continued their incestuous marriages. Jaehaerys I himself was wed to his younger sister Alysanne, while his children Baelon and Alyssa were married to one another. King Aegon II Targaryen was wed to his sister Helaena Targaryen, King Baelor I Targaryen had been wed to his sister Daena (although the marriage was never consummated and Baelor had the marriage annulled upon ascending the throne), King Aegon IV was wed to his sister Naerys, Prince Aelor to his twin-sister Aelora, King Jaehaerys II Targaryen to his sister Shaera, and their son Aerys II Targaryen to his sister Rhaella.

@28: Ever read any Shakespeare? Macbeth?

Shakespeare? It’s 400 years later and we STILL can’t have a strong female ruler.

Daenerys was not crazy. She was an amazing woman who walked into fire and hatched three dragons, who freed slaves all over the world. She deserved and earned the Iron Throne. To make sure she didn’t get it, the asshole writers made sure to ruin her character.

@37: Yeah whatever.

Got an email from DYB. (I emailed him first) He’s doing okay and just taking a break from politics and social media. He said to tell everyone howdy.

I completely understand that.

@37: You still didn’t mention the incest.

@39 – “yeah whatever…” you’re not giving me much to work with there. 🙂 Incest doesn’t make people guaranteed mass murderers! Her actions made no sense.

Understandable about DYB for sure.

Rosenstein, fresh off his resignation, spoke to ‘business and civics’ leaders and said this about Comey, a lifelong Republican. (Comey actually said this in an op-ed in the NYT)

Rosenstein also responded directly to a barb from the former FBI director, who said at a CNN town hall last week that Rosenstein’s character wasn’t strong and that his soul had been “eaten” by his time in the Trump administration.

“Now the former director seems to be acting as a partisan pundit, selling books and earning speaking fees while speculating about the strength of my character and the fate of my immortal soul. I kid you not. That is disappointing,” Rosenstein said.

Then, he said this:

“People spend a lot of time debating whose side I was on, based on who seemed to benefit the most from any individual decision,” Rosenstein said. “But trying to infer partisan affiliation from law enforcement decisions is what you might call a category error. It uses the wrong frame of reference.”

Rosenstein was right that Comey should have been fired for his July and October ’16 press conference and his action right before the election. But, we all know that’s not why Trump fired him, and so does Rosenstein. Another weasel.

Fredster, hope you’re feeling better. Make some rice with broth. That helps me sometimes. Or I’ll just make a small bowl of grits.

Can’t blame DYB for taking a break.

Well, if Fredster is whatevering madamab, he must be feeling better!

And I don’t know about not blaming DYB.

1) I miss him.

2) At this rate, us slackers /*hides under the covers*/ will have to start writing

(Well, there was a blue shocked “scream” face at the end of 2), but wp censored it.)

@43: Maybe that’s all I can muster right now.

Imma stop now on GoT. It’s all beyond the books now. Perhaps they are setting it up for another female to take the Iron Throne, i.e. Ayra. Ayra is pissed at Daenerys killing all of the innocents so she kills her. But she does her face thing so it looks like Jon Snow doing it.
(I have no idea; I’m just guessing right here.)

The movie versions/extensions of GoT are getting odder and odder. Meanwhile:

“Epiphany” Hahahha. Sob.

Understandable Fredster! You’re right, who knows what is coming with GOT.

New post!

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