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Activist Tuesday: Mueller Time

Posted on: May 7, 2019

At long last, Widdershins, it’s #MuellerTime. The Man Himself is tentatively scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on May 15, 2019 (which is only 9 days away, holy shite!).

What will you be doing when Mueller comes on TeeVee (and he will, Drumpf has literally not a single weapon in his arsenal to stop it)? Will you be working, or glued to MSNBC, or ignoring it all, or marching in support?

All I know is, Mueller is dying to share what he knows outside the Justice Department. What a tragic statement that is, because in a rational world, he wouldn’t have to stray from the fold to tell the truth.

This is an open thread.

95 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Mueller Time"

I’m glad you seem optimistic about Mueller’s turn to testify. After all we have been through with Dump refusing to let his puppets hand over or testify on anything…I am in limbo on hope these days.

I want to see Mueller step up and be a post-Marine and not leave us holding the bag, again.

Since I’m fantasizing about his appearance before the committee, I wish he would show up with a big bankers box beside him and he says “oh is this what you wanted Mr. Chairman?” And he pulls out a *complete*, unredacted copy of his full report. Then he hands the box to an aide there in the committee room who hands it up to Nadler.

Then he looks at the cameras and says “Mr. President, this is for you”.

……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.·´

Effing hypocrites, all of ’em.

Xanax and Zoloft for everyone!

A lot of folks are saying that Mueller is still, technically, an employee of the DOJ so Barr can prevent him from testifying. He should have wrapped up all the loose ends, then handed over the report and promptly quit to avoid that. I think we will eventually hear from him, but I don’t think it will be next week. (or the week after that)

@7: Two word memo to Barr: I quit.

I agree. Why can’t he just quit. Or even, just say to Barr, “no one has the legal right to refuse a subpoena, whoever they are, wherever they work.” And then j u s t d o I t! I don’t get all this pussyfooting around. The Dems need to start arresting people that don’t comply with their warrants.

Arrest the m-f-ers! If a black or poor person refused to comply with a request to testify or provide documents, let alone a subpoena, they’d get thrown in jail (if not shot first).

@11: That’s like if you don’t fill out and return your census form you will get thrown into census jail.

@4, Love the pups!

@10, that article has “Mob money-launderer” all over it. Ya gotta try really, really hard to lose a billion dollars.

@6, sigh, Democrats. Alas, Zoloft isn’t an instant-on happy drug. I haven’t seen anyone who actually gets happy! from it, but rather, it takes the edge off. Which these days is a good thing.

LOL, is this what happened?

Barr has sent a letter to Nadler saying if they vote for contempt of Congress tomorrow, he will advise Trump to assert executive privilege on ALL documents. Nadler needs to hold the vote and right before gaveling out, say “See you in court Mr AG”. And get on with it!!

Contempt! Contempt! Contempt! Yessssss!

@14 -hahaha! My guess is it’s a patriot at the IRS 😍

OMG that whale! I want one!!!!!!!!!

Is that the Russian spy-whale which defected to Norway?

Nadler responds to Barr’s BS.

Washington, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) released the following statement in response to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) letter declining the Committee’s counteroffer to view hidden sections of Special Counsel Mueller’s report.

“Tonight, in the middle of good faith negotiations with the Attorney General, the Department abruptly announced that it would instead ask President Trump to invoke executive privilege on all of the materials subject to our subpoena. This is, of course, not how executive privilege works. The White House waived these privileges long ago, and the Department seemed open to sharing these materials with us earlier today. The Department’s legal arguments are without credibility, merit, or legal or factual basis.

“Worse, this kind of obstruction is dangerous. The Department’s decision reflects President Trump’s blanket defiance of Congress’s constitutionally mandated duties. In the coming days, I expect that Congress will have no choice but to confront the behavior of this lawless Administration. The Committee will also take a hard look at the officials who are enabling this cover up. In the meantime, the Committee will proceed with consideration of the contempt citation as planned. I hope that the Department will think better of this last minute outburst and return to negotiations.”

The media is so annoying. I didn’t actually click on any of these, just going by the headlines.There’s clip on CNN about how Bernie has been so consistent for 40 years. And there is a headline on memorandum titled ‘The Transformation of Bernie Sanders”.

The media spent the last two months insisting that the Dems cannot – CANNOT – run as only anti-Trump! Why, they shouldn’t even talk about him! They must run on policy, plans, ideas and how to implement them! Then Joe Biden announces. New headline… “Why is Joe Biden the only Democrat running who talks about Trump?”

Biden is asked about health care and basically says he hasn’t had time to come up with his own plan. Not a peep from the media. Imagine if Hillary said such a thing… about anything.

@13: Alas, Zoloft isn’t an instant-on happy drug.

There have been times, these last 2+ years that I thought just give me that Thorazine shuffle and I can tune it all out.

@18, people are joking on twitter that the files came from the Chinese, after Hillary “suggesting” it!

@15: Cute! No, I don’t want one though.

MB, that video of Beyoncé singing “At Last” is beautiful. She was amazing in that movie as well.

That beluga! *boggling*

It often happens that an animal does something which people see as human-like and give it totally erroneous but cute human motivations. Fun, but not amazing.

This, though. The only way the beluga knows to do that is using symbolic thinking (this object is a thing humans care about) and empathy (they’ll want to have it back).

The latter is especially amazing, not because belugas are without empathy — they’re whales! they do empathetic things like saving whale calves and people from drowning — but because carrying things around that mean a lot to you is not something belugas ever do.

It would be like us empathizing with an alien enough to realize that weird music they were humming helped run their spaceship and then helping by humming along!

As I say: *boggle*

Or was it maybe a trained beluga that dove for things for a fish reward??

@28: Thanks for that quixote.

I assume the whale had come to the surface and the person dropped their phone while recording the encounter. The whale probably dived for it out of curiosity as much as anything else.

@31: Killjoy.

I’m seeing *many* ppl on twitter shouting “impeach now” or “I supported Pelosi but not for this (waiting) and now they’re getting pissy about it, like this:

What I replied.

GAgal, that could explain why it dove down, but it wouldn’t explain why it brought the thing back to the person.

(This is weird. First it refused to post my last comment and then dropped the second sentence:)

Unless, as I say, it was already trained as part of some SeaWorld-type act to play fetch.

A day after blocking House demand for Trump’s tax returns, Mnuchin addressed gathering of his top fundraisers

Treasury secretaries in recent years have avoided attending fundraiser events with people they could be tasked with regulating, in part because of their unique role in overseeing a broad swath of companies in the financial system.

Live House proceedings on holding Barr in contempt. Repugs on stonewalling and tanget-chasing as usual.

“The Congressional subpoena is the law!” — Ted Lieu

Lol! Rep Collins is arguing that comparisons to proceedings in Watergate are not relevant because those subpoenas were initiated after impeachment proceedings were started, not before. Well, hey, sounds like an argument for starting impeachment.

Live hearing on contempt proceedings.

Raskin: “Trump made the US an international pariah….”

Cline: “No conspiracy … the Mueller report shows that…. Dems want the redactions released, and then they’ll find a smoking gun in the redacted sections when it’s not there.” (How does he know when he hasn’t seen what was redacted?)

Jayapal: “The Constitution included checks and balances …. co-equal branches…. Congress writes the laws …. the President is to faithfully execute the laws …. Mueller’s letter says that Barr misrepresented the report … ”

Eyeroll The Repugs keep yammering that there’s no evidence of wrong-doing in the Mueller report. And variations thereon…. Huh? Why don’t they release it then? My head hurts.

Now, this is how ya’ do it. Hope it happens.

@Luna: re proceedings:

I turned it on

Saw Jim Jordan and Gomert (?) from Texas.

Did this:

Then switched the channel

Live hearing on contempt proceedings.

STF up GOPee’ers…let’s see the damn vote of contempt!!!!

NYT at it again just like in 2016.

All of this circles back to the Times’ Clinton Cash fiasco, in which the country’s most prestigious newspaper got into bed with a right-wing author who was peddling a patently dishonest book. Recall, it was the Times that trumpeted Clinton Cash as the “the most anticipated and feared book” of the 2016 campaign season. And it was the Times that forged an exclusive alliance with the Breitbart-backed book (published by a Rupert Murdoch-owned subsidiary), and used the factually erroneous tome as a guidepost for Hillary Clinton gotcha articles.

If I hear anyone in congress or the media say, ‘in the face of..’, I am going to scream. It is everyone’s favorite expression and it is sickening.

Scream away:

Finally, CONTEMPT on Barr!!!!!!!!

Never thought I’d see this. Is this so Dump Jr can tell all he was just too dumb to know what he was doing? How about all the lying about it?

Does anyone know what the actual truth is in the Biden – Hunter Biden – Ukraine story?

NYT publishes totally bogus Clinton Cash. There was no truth in it.

But all I’m seeing on Biden is “How partisan!” Nothing about what actually happened (which was also how they got Clinton totally wrong).

What I’ve read is the Hunter was on some board in the Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Inspector-General-or-whatever-he-was was investigating corruption in connection with that comapny. Biden Sr. made some comment to the President (?) about getting rid of the Inspector, and presto he was gone and the investigation closed.

Is that all nonsense? Did somebody make it all up? If so, who?

If it’s not made up, and if it happened, it is NOT the same as Clinton Cash. It’s actually pretty serious evidence of Biden and son being rather corrupt. Even if it is in the NYT.

So which is it? Does anybody know?

@52: That piece was written by Eric Boehlert who had written for that Blue Media or whatever that was prominent during the ’16 election. He’s a pretty stand-up reporter, I can say that much.

@53: Boehlert says this is the work of the same guy who wrote Clinton Cash. And if you check the Times article, Rudy is involved in this also.

I see. Anything by the Clinton Cash guy falls into the chemtrails category without strong proof to the contrary. Off to look for the Boehlert piece now. He’s *very* good.

Sounds like the bald facts are that, yes, Hunter was on the board, yes, the company was part of a countrywide corruption probe, and yes, the inspector involved did leave suddenly.

But I gather it just looks weird to have Biden Sr for (probably) other reasons disapproving of the inspector while his son is on the board of a target company. There’s no evidence anyone is citing that Hunter was party to corruption.

So it’s a mess, because Ukraine is hugely endemically corrupt (pretty much like all members of the former Soviet Union). Doing business there would mean skating around the corruption just to get anything done.

Which means the real question is a) was Hunter participating in corruption over and above the minimum? AND b) was Biden Sr. aware of that and did he have corrupt intent in getting rid of the inspector. Without the second part, what Hunter does has little to do with Sr. except in a you-didn’t-raise-your-boy-right kind of way.

Of course all those nuances — even if we could know them — will never be part of the narrative. One side will scream corruption and the other will roll its eyes at the gotchas. All heat, no light.

Bloomberg has a different take on the Biden’s. First of all, the timing is all wrong. Also, it seems Biden wanted the prosecutor removed because he was not down on corruption enough.

But, I will say this: The VP’s son should not be on the board of a foreign gas company who is paying him $50,000 a month while his father is in office. If Hillary was President and Chelsea was getting that kind of money lobbying for a foreign interest, I would feel the same way. This is Republican ratf*ckery, though.

Re the corruption: yes, but the problem is, it’s a very rare top banana there who is not corrupt. I’d be willing to bet that the next guy is just as corrupt. Difference being, he’s not investigating Burisma whereas the gone guy was. (Even when you’re corrupt, you gotta look like you’re doing something.)

So, anyway, you’re right that Biden’s motives may have been good. You have to start somewhere, weeding out corruption. But why in hell didn’t he tell Hunter-boy to resign from that board first?!

And, yes, def Repub garbage, given the extreme murkiness of the whole situation.

Meanwhile, we have enough truly outstanding candidates that Biden could have taken his murkiness with him and just gone home!

@59: Meanwhile, we have enough truly outstanding candidates that Biden could have taken his murkiness with him and just gone home!

Tru dat! And did the NYT article disappear? I’m seeing “document not found”.

I noticed twice today pundits (even though I have watched very little ’cause I had other things to do that needed done) showing Hillary calling out Dump in the debate where she laid out the fact that he didn’t pay taxes. He said he was ‘smart’ for not paying taxes.This is not new news. She f*cking told you so (media) and you ignored it.

Mr. Pundit says to go for it.

Practical Impeachment Politics: Your Objections Are Bullshit

As PBS Newshour points out, “When the Watergate scandal broke in 1973, only 35 percent to 40 percent of Americans wanted to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Richard Nixon. One year later, more than 70 percent thought Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against Nixon.”

And a good article by Charles Pierce. Right here.

…After all, the House and a dwindling number of federal courts are the only avenues of traditional checks and balances still functional against a robotic Republican power elite. But essentially to argue that impeachment should be off the boards not only in the House, but also on the campaign trail, is to rely on guard rails that aren’t there any more, and that had been rotting away for years, anyway.

Because of what Mr. Pundit said re: Watergate, I’m gonna say start warming up the machinery to hold hearings on impeachment.

Good articles, Fredster.

Hillary not only called out Dump on his taxes, she also pointed out ‘how do you lose money running a casino?’

Right now we’re all calling him the Biggest Loser, but losing money in a casino — which handles lots of cash — is classic for money laundering. Likewise much-above-market cash paid to him for real estate, which he also had. Also classic money laundering.

Much as I believe there are plenty of rocks who won’t let him into their clubs for being too dumb, I think in these cases the likeliest explanation is crime, as Hillary indicated years ago.

Found the Boehlert article (the dailykos one linked above). This is the bit relevant to timing GAgal mentioned:

On Tuesday though, a Bloomberg report that included more details about the Ukrainian timeline appeared to demolish the smear campaign, noting that the supposed investigation into the Hunter Biden-affiliated company had been shelved in 2014, two years before Joe Biden became involved.

Which, Bloomberg says, undercuts the idea Biden was acting against the prosecutor to protect his son’s wallet.

Maybe. Maybe not. The way things work in deep-dyed corruption is that anti-corruption investigations are used against your enemies. (See, eg, Saudi Arabia.) The investigation may have stopped for a while because Burisma paid somebody off.

IF Biden really was lending himself to corruption, his action would work as a massive signal to everybody: Lay off anything associated with money to my son.

Given that the Repubs have zero standing to be pointing fingers at anybody else’s corruption, the part coming from them is definitely garbage.

Given that there’s more than a whiff of appalling appearances here that they can use forever, and given that we have much better candidates, if Biden was an actual public servant, he’d get his sorry butt out of the race.

@quitote and GAgal, when I read the NYT article and saw Ghouliani’s (on purpose) name in it that was all I really needed to know. I blew it off right then.

quixote the Corpse is gonna open up the Bonnet Carre spillway again. First time they’ve opened it twice in one year.

Right now we’re all calling him the Biggest Loser, but losing money in a casino — which handles lots of cash — is classic for money laundering.

I agree that money laundering is right up Dump’s alley. Why the Hell didn’t Mueller not follow the money with the Russians? Or did he hand it off to another group?

Fredster @68. Those Chinese climate hoaxsters just don’t let up, do they? 😯

The only thing I can thing re Mueller, Shadow @69, is that he was trying to pardon-proof it? also protect it from his own investigation being closed down early.

Reposting my comment from another site.
I’ve had a rough night and I’m so mad I could spit. We’re all past the judging one another for strong language, right? Okay, so I’m never watching Ari Melber again. I’ve never watched “Veep, ” and you can bet the farm I never will. Melber had the producers of “Veep” on as guests and this fat fuck (whose name I don’t know) and the lisping Frank Rich (relax, he’s straight) said that after the fourth season, the antiheroine became Hillary Clinton, a horrible person. They drew parallels between Hillary and Trump (!) as both dishonest individuals who pretend to love their families. I wish I were kidding. I screamed out “Motherfuckers” and refrained from hurling my wine glass into the TV (it’s a very good TV). These smug, self satisfied, rich white men trot out all the old canards because when, for example, Roe v. Wade is struck down it won’t affect them in the slightest and, most importantly, because they will never, ever admit to their part in putting that monster in the White House with all of that “they’re all the same,” and what’s the difference?” Goddamn them and their progeny to hell.

Sue, I’m with you. replying with basically my reply from SK:

“Anti hero” WTAF again. All I can think is that these men really hate women who are smarter and more experienced than they are. Hell, they probably hate women period.

On Comey — I only wish someone had asked him “So, did you use your hatred of a woman boss who was more accomplished than you as an excuse to commit a policy violation?”

And those men were obviously voting with their own crotches since they doesn’t give a shit about women’s. Plus they’re Trump voters if they thought not voting for Hillary was worth more than getting Trump. They’d better have a vasectomy or be gay since them wimmenz crotch voters won’t be able to get birth control or abortion. Although most gay men have a helluva lot more intelligence than those men.

Just another one of those coincidences which coincidentally are happening so often with Trump and the GOP.

I’m glad I didn’t watch the Veep men talk trash about our Hillary.
Fu@k them. I did watch Veep a couple of weeks ago, they were so crass that I decided their humor was no longer funny, just meant to be shocking.

Wow. I’ve never watched veep. Never will now. Or ari whathisname.

Sue, i turned the channel after the first 30 seconds, never even got to the wine throwing stage. Let’s not overlook the awards VEEP has received over the years:

Awards and nominations
Award Won Nominated
Emmy Awards 17 59
Critics’ Choice Television Awards 2 13
Directors Guild of America Awards 3 4
Golden Globe Awards 0 7
Producers Guild of America Awards 0 5
Satellite Awards 0 10
Screen Actors Guild Awards 4 10
Television Critics Association Awards 2 10
Writers Guild of America Awards 3 8
Total number of wins and nominations
Totals. 60. 184
Veep is set in the office of Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), a fictional Vice President, and subsequent President, of the United States.

Veep has received critical acclaim and won several major awards, including seventeen Primetime Emmy Awards, two Critics’ Choice Television Awards, four Screen Actors Guild Awards, two TCA Awards, three Writers Guild of America Awards, one Peabody Award, and has been nominated for seven Golden Globe Awards.

I guess we should be thankful the lead in this COMEDY is an obnoxious, ball, breaking ambitious woman.

This makes me crazy – getting “Hillary’d”

Why couldn’t they just say, ‘Afraid they were getting screwed’ like Hillary was in 2008 and 2016?????

Fear of getting “Hillary’d” in 2020: Women voters still haunted by 2016 as they size up the female candidates

Shocker! The GoFundMe Campaign to Build the Wall Is a Bust
And now, the donors to the effort are demanding answers.

Sue, the degree of internalized misogyny some women out there have is stupendous.

Which states are blocking abortion — and which are enacting protections?

Let’s hear it for the Left Coast again! Top 3 states with protections: California – 1st; Washington – 2nd; Oregon – 3rd. Then New York is 4th.

My opinion exactly.

Dems are going to bundle a truckload of Contempt citations to be voted on all at once by the House.

@83, Yay for the West! @84, funny tweet!

So, Ocasio-Cortez announced today that she has a plan that would give both parents, (mother/father; father/father; mother/mother) 3 months of paid parental leave when they get a new child. This includes parents that are adopting a child! For every child they have. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a government program, or if employers will be required to provide it, or a combo of both, but the bottom line is, taxpayers will be paying for it with increased taxes and increases from companies. I like the idea of a mother, that birthed a baby, to get that time, because it takes months to recover from it, and I like the idea for the Dad to get a couple of weeks off (without it counting as “vacation” time), or maybe 3 or 4 weeks, but the same as the birth mother?!?! I hate to break it to the men angling for this and Ms Ocasio-Cortez, who is looking to be the progressive savior of the world, but the men don’t do that much. While I was laying on my gurney, exhausted, my body wracked in pain, my once lovely facial skin sporting two black eyes, white lips, and several new broken capillaries, the gurney standing in puddles of blood, goop, and vomit, my dear hubs was happily holding the swaddled baby up to the glass for our family and friends to see. It takes weeks to get over your body being ripped open, the sharp pain of breastfeeding (it hurts like hell for the first few weeks), and the exhaustion. (I know there are some very young women that pop their kids out much easier than some of us, but they are still working harder than the father.)

And the fact is, newborn babies (0-6 weeks) sleep most of the time. Unless you’re feeding it formula, there’s not a lot for the Dad to do. Babies are much more work once they start crawling. My husband managed to bond beautifully with his kids while holding down a job and they adore him. I left a comment under her tweet that while I liked the idea of more paid parental leave, I didn’t like her one-size-fits-all theory about the whole thing. Think about it, why do parents who adopt school age children both need to be home all day? And what about the fundamentalist weirdos who pop out a kid ever year? Are we supposed to give them 6 months of paid leave per year for god knows how many years? And what about rich people? Are we working & middle class folk supposed to subsidize them even more than we already do? (They pay less % tax) And what about all the many adults, a growing number thank goodness (I think the world is massively overpopulated), who are choosing to not have children? Is this fair to them?

Anyway, would love to hear everyone’s thoughts. If I’m being unreasonable or republican-ish, please feel free to tell me so.

Annie, what I’ve started calling in my own mind the “civilized countries” give, for instance, mothers and fathers a minimum of 90 days, with additional time up to (I think!) a year which can be divvied up according to personal situations.

Half the idea behind maternity leave is to provide physical recovery time and to ease the strain of caring for, esp. breastfeeding, a newborn.

The other half of the idea is to make it easier for both parents to be actual parents by giving them the time to do it.

The latter would apply to any form of parents. The former not so much.

So you’re not wrong as far as that goes. Failure is the only outcome facing all these currently fashionable attempts to pretend biology is irrelevant. Reality doesn’t care how you feel.

I’m less sure about excluding rich people. Just as they’re not excluded from Social Security, it shouldn’t be relevant to parental leave either. Old age and parenting are just part of the human condition. It doesn’t feel right to means test it. They certainly shouldn’t get more than other people, if they want nannies they can pay for them, but also not less. Does that sound wrong to you?

I guess my signature is included since I signed Tom Steyer’s Need to impeach petition a long time ago.

WASHINGTON — National advocacy groups on Thursday delivered to Congress multiple petitions of what they said contained 10 million signatures from people who support the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

They delivered the signatures to Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., who has introduced a bill that would direct the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether Trump committed impeachable offenses — an issue that has been heating up among congressional Democrats and presidential contenders.

“Half the idea behind maternity leave is to provide physical recovery time and to ease the strain of caring for, esp. breastfeeding, a newborn.”

Oh, I agree. I think I said so in my comment. (Breastfeeding is very time consuming, and exhausting at first) I would have loved 3 months. I ended up with 3 weeks.

“The other half of the idea is to make it easier for both parents to be actual parents by giving them the time to do it.”

Yes, but both parents have plenty of time. There was plenty of time for hubs to change a diaper or two and hold his babies and talk to them. He couldn’t do it all day cuz baby is sleeping most of the time. For the first few months, a baby is nursing or on formula, so unless its formula, the Dad can’t feed the baby during the first 90 days. I can assure you we both bonded immediately with our little one.

“I’m less sure about excluding rich people…” You’re right. It just seems galling to see them get sooo much more than the rest of us. When Romney was running, he paid 13.8% income tax according to the 1040 he provided. We paid 27% on ours. And for 2018, omg, I never dreamed we’d owe so much $. We lost almost all our deductions, even a lot of the business expenses.

“Civilized countries.” So true.

Oh I should mention, when I went back to work when Wade was 3 weeks old, I took him to work. They were desperate to have me come and fix all the messes the temp had made, and the baby was so happy and peaceful (he rarely cried) that everyone loved having him around. I had a sofa and coffee table in my office and I pulled the coffee table near my desk and put this cool little baby rocker on it and he was happy as a clam if he could see me. I changed and nursed him on the sofa. My boss was very happy about it and said “the baby is no trouble, you can bring him everyday.” But I knew that once he got bigger and needed to crawl around that it wouldn’t work. Also I wanted to live near my family for a time, so after a few months I quit and we moved to Bellingham, WA.

GAgal, that’s encouraging.

Socal, very interesting points on maternity/paternity and who does more work in those first six months. I well remember my sister-in-law with my nephew, her first child. He was undersized and she ended up having to breast feed him every 1.5 hours, plus give him formula, to get him to a healthy weight. It was terribly difficult for her. My brother helped as much as he could, but he couldn’t do the feeding part!

I think when I hear AOC talk about these programs, or Elizabeth Warren, or Kamala, I think of them as part of an overall package that includes tax reform, so the burden will not fall disproportionately or harmfully on the middle class and poor. Most are aspirational anyway. I am expecting that our Democrats know what they’re doing….at least the ones I like do!

I am sure the Biden thing is pure BS. The sources stink to high heaven.

Re impeachment, Adam Schiff said on Rachel that they could very well start hearings just to get the documents and testimony they need. I do believe the hearings will start soon.

MB, it’s great they plan to tax the super rich appropriately (for once), and I’m all for that, I just think there are more important needs to spend it on than giving parents that haven’t actually given birth months-long paid vacations every time they have a new child. Especially the religious fundies that pop one out every year. In fact, the more I think of it, the more it pisses me off. Birth mothers deserve more time.

I saw Schiff on Rachel also. I want to trust Pelosi and assume she has a master plan to take down dump, and not impeaching him now is part of it, but I’m thinking the huge outcry for impeachment must be getting to them.

New weekend post up top.

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