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Activist Tuesday: SuperMajority!!!

Posted on: April 30, 2019

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Something really inspiring happened yesterday, Widdershins. It answered a question for me: Why did Cecile Richards, one of the most effective leaders Planned Parenthood has ever had, resign from the organization?

She had to partner with Alicia Garza and Ai-jen Poo to form an exciting new women’s organization, called SuperMajority!!! (Okay, the exclamation points are mine. I am just so excited!) Yes, anyone can join, regardless of gender. You just have to believe in the mission.

In an apparent reference to the #MeToo movement, the organization, which describes itself as multiracial and intergenerational, said that “in the past two years, we’ve seen what happens when women mobilize. But while “women are on the cusp of becoming the most powerful force in America,” Supermajority’s co-founders say that to “fundamentally transform this country” women must work together.

To help further that goal, the group’s leaders say their organization will provide on-the-ground training to help women advocates “get and stay informed on issues that affect their lives,” in addition to creating a “women’s agenda” that will put women’s issues first, “from economic equity and opportunity, to dignity and safety on the job, to keeping families and communities safe.”

While Supermajority’s aim is to push politicians to adopt a “women’s new deal,” as Richards told The Associated Press in a recent interview, the group is not expected to endorse individual candidates.

A “women’s new deal!” Oh, yes, PLEASE!!!

I remember way, way back in our PUMA days, when I suggested that a new Women’s Party should be formed. I wrote:

So let’s review. The Democrats make appropriate noises about women, but don’t follow through when push comes to shove. The Republicans are so backwards as to be laughable.

Isn’t it time we had our own Party, ladies?

I am tired of hearing that the interests of 51% of the population are not important enough to focus on. I am tired of hearing that we should shut up and vote Democrat because they are the lesser of two evils. I am tired of seeing *ssh0les like Obama get away with breaking his promise to pass FOCA first thing and sell out our reproductive rights to pass a bill the Supreme Court will most likely overturn. I am tired of seeing mindless monsters like Jesse Lee Peterson being given airtime by Defenders of the Hateful, Faux News. I am tired of the religiously insane trying to pass laws that will humiliate and kill our sisters.

It will f*cking kill me to vote D on Election Day, even though I won’t be voting for Obama at the top of the ticket. I am frankly weary of the crapulence of the PFKAD. I want a Party that represents women and puts our equality FIRST, that won’t be distracted by the latest shiny object. One Party, one goal: Pass the ERA! Fight for women’s equality in every aspect of our lives. That is what we women need now.

I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for women to wake up. Maybe women got too complacent with Obama at the helm, naively believing their rights would never be threatened again. Maybe we all “knew” that Hillary would win in 2016, so we thought we didn’t need to mobilize separately. But once the giant pile of orange slime slithered his way into the White House, maybe that was the catalyst we needed. The Resistance, MeToo, OnwardTogether…and now this amazing new organization!

After the horrors of the past few years, it seems unbelievable that anything good could come out of our long national nightmare. The latest attack on a temple in San Diego, killing one heroic woman and wounding others, is just one of the many hate crimes inspired by Der Drumpfenfuhrer and his Nazi minions. But maybe if we women (and all genders who support us!) do band together, we can finally turn this country in the direction it so desperately needs to go.

This is an open thread.

87 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: SuperMajority!!!"

Today, right now, Jerry Nadler is making a case for the ERA.

SuperMajority, Yes!

And what a difference that House Dem majority makes.

So, I just finished listening to the entire ERA hearing, and what’s next? I thought they would vote or something?

Off topic but:

The Battle of Winterfell: A Tactical Analysis

Take the Dothraki cavalry. Putting that squadron forward of the main line of infantry was doctrinally correct, but the allied commanders did not put it to proper use: screening the allied lines and gaining active intelligence on the enemy. Instead, the Dothraki are ordered forward into an attack before the enemy situation is even known. This move, sometimes known as a “Custer,” predictably ends in ruin for the Dothraki cavalry, who get chewed up and spat out in an unsupported frontal attack. This destruction of the cav squadron leaves the allied forces without their reconnaissance assets.

You might have noticed that we haven’t yet talked about the allied forces’ most powerful—and most misused—asset: close air support.

Nor the ravens’-eye monitors, a resource which goes totally unused.

Lol, I saw a comment which called that Dothraki move a “Custer fuck.”

@5: LOL, it really was!

Kudos to the journalists who found out about this. Wonder what other “undisclosed” information is out there.

Mueller complained that Barr’s letter did not capture ‘context’ of Trump probe

Days after Barr’s [4-page letter] announcement, Mueller wrote the previously undisclosed private letter to the Justice Department, laying out his concerns in stark terms that shocked senior Justice Department officials, according to people familiar with the discussions.

“The summary letter the Department sent to Congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of March 24 did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this office’s work and conclusions,” Mueller wrote. “There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation. This threatens to undermine a central purpose for which the Department appointed the Special Counsel: to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations.”

Mueller’s main worry was that the public was not getting an accurate understanding of the obstruction investigation, officials said.

7 Yes Luna, Mueller finally came out and blasted Barr and this ‘somehow’ came out just before Barr is set to testify tomorrow and Thursday.

Barr needs to be roasted and then Mueller needs to testify in front of Congress and the American public.

@8 – The DOJ is blocking Mueller from testifying now! But Mueller will quit and then testify.

Meanwhile the IG of the DOJ has been asked by the Senate Dems to look into Barr’s corrupt handling of the Mueller report.

The poop is hitting the fan!

Shadow, I thought there would be action at that hearing too. Surprised there wasn’t!!

MB, great post, very inspiring. I love the video, and the phrase, “giant pile of orange slime!”

Is that your prediction, MB, or has Mueller said he’ll quit? 😯

Speaking of activists, go, Auntie Maxine! She’s telling Barr he can resign or be impeached. (Probably doesn’t faze him at all, since the Senate blah blah blah. But still. Good for her!)

@9: Can’t find anything more recent than this which is datelined the 26th.

Although Barr said prior to the release of the report that he would have no objections to Mueller testifying, it’s still not clear that the special counsel will do so by that deadline. According to a Judiciary Committee source, there have been several conversations between committee staff and the Department of Justice about Mueller’s testimony, but there is still no agreed-upon date, nor a commitment from DOJ that it will happen. The Justice Department declined to comment on the talks, instead pointing to Barr’s previous comments.

Also unclear is whether Mueller, who spent nearly two years investigating the Russian influence operation and its aftermath, is willing to testify.

It’s unclear the White House would have the ability to stop Mueller’s testimony if he wanted to speak publicly. Mueller will leave DOJ employ and become a private citizen again “in the coming days,” says DOJ spokesman Carr. Once that happens, the Trump administration would have less sway over Mueller.

Rachel said on her show tonight they had asked the DOJ if Mueller was still ’employed by the DOJ’. They said yes. Interesting… Either Mueller is tying up loose ends or maybe he’s pissed at Barr for misrepresenting two years of his work and is forcing his hand, or it may be something else… It will be interesting (and tell us a lot) on which terms Mueller finally leaves.

@13: Wonder what he’s doing/working on?

@13, yes. In addition, Rachel said that the DOJ said Mueller will be “concluding his service with the DOJ in the coming days,” as Fredster mentioned.

I believe he will resign shortly so he will feel free to testify without any conflicts of interest.

@15, that flamingo is feeding the carp and the turtle! Amazing.

Listening to the hearing at work, but wanted to remind all –

Hillary Clinton visits the Rachel Maddow Show Wednesday 5/1, 9pm

@18: Oh thanks for that shadow. I’ll set the dvr.

@20: I watched a little bit of it and then had enough.

@15: That is so cool!!

@24, Barr, after being dragged by Kamala Harris, Mazie Hirono, and other Dems, is hiding out, scared and shaking.

Hahaha the Scientologists are quarantined!

Was laughing so hard I forgot to paste in the tweet.

Hillary kicked ass tonight on Maddow. If you didn’t catch it, watch the rerun. She’s on the whole hour and was AMAZING, pointed and direct. Hubs said “she shoved it right up trumps ass”.

Hillary’s hypothesis about China doing for the Dems as Russia did for Trump is at the 6:00 mark. I had this same thought myself many months ago with Trumps trade wars. Not that they would think any Democrat running would be friendly to them. In fact, they would probably prefer Trump because they can play him. But, Hillary sure gave Faux news and right wing media something to completely edit and take out of context. It won’t matter to them if she’s right.

Another thing, Hillary commented in an off-hand way about the next WikiLeaks, ‘whatever it is’. Assange was just sentenced to 50 weeks in prison for jumping bail. Let’s hope his legal problems have just begun.

I don’t want this to get lost in the weeds. I despise Erik Prince and his mercenary creeps (a few of which are in jail now). He wants to send a few thousand into Venezuela now. Not that I know a damn thing that is going on Venezuela, but I’m damn certain Erik Prince should be nowhere near it.

@30: Yes, HRC was wonderful tonight.

GAgal @34, spot on.

@32, I also wondered how faux news will deal with Hillary’s comparison. Honestly, when she said it, it took my breath away, it was so bold. I looked at twitter an hour or so ago to see if he was raving and ranting about it, but I didn’t notice anything.

Herewith, Quixote’s potted summary of Venezuela:

1) Outrageous, Tsarist-Russia-levels of income inequality.

2) Result: Hugo Chavez who actually did do some income redistribution. That was necessary. He may not have done it the best way possible. He def didn’t need to be a South American strongman about it, but I doubt that a nice rational Norwegian democratic socialist could have cut through the powers-that-be there. Also, everybody with money was outraged that he sent some of it to the poors. The nerve.

3) The whole endeavor was resting on high oil prices. When those stopped being high, the economy collapsed. Everybody *really* started wanting all the money for themselves. Corruption there was always sky high. It got worse. Result: social collapse.

4) Maduro, the current top banana and left wing dictator, gets the strongman part but not much else. On the scale of the atrocities directly committed by right wing dictators, I believe he’s actually not as bad. Not at all sure. Maybe he is. Plunging the whole country into migration and starvation kills people too, even if not directly by the government, and on that he’s the worst South America has seen in decades, maybe ever. Don’t know.

Mike Pence is apparently the Venezuela “expert” among the Trumpsters. He was apparently the one pushing for an overthrow. Erik Prince is, as usual, doing his best to help right wing cronies get their hands back on all that nice oil.

(What is it you’re supposed to say these days? Thanks for coming to my TED talk.)

@38, ahh, thank you that. Feel free to do “potted summaries” whenever you feel like it. I need all the help I can get!


I’ve never watched Game of Thrones, but have read a lot of comments about it, and am wondering if our worlds current political culture isn’t a lot like a real life GOT.

Luna, you still haven’t watched Hillary? It would be a real shame to not enjoy her brilliance.

annie, check your twitter dm

You know, Shadow, I never watch Hillary. Not since Nov 9, 2016. I’m afraid of going postal. The contrast between her brilliance and benevolence and what we’ve got is too much for me. Maybe Luna suffers from the same syndrome?

We don’t have Franken in the Senate anymore, but we still have him snarking insightfully at the Repugs.

@38, quixote, thanks for the potted summary and please do more!

Let’s here it for California: Candidates must release tax returns before they get on the ballot!

@38 Quixote, thanks for the summary. I knew about the collapse of oil prices, but I never see reporting on the details of what’s happening there. Probably because it’s not safe and near impossible to report from there. I wish the media would be a little more in-depth with their coverage.

Sheldon Whitehouse’s questioning hasn’t got much attention, but he so good at this.

49- that’s for sure. Whitehouse is always excellent. This video really showcases what an absolute jerk Barr is.

Nadler’s moving! If not complied with, committee will move to contempt proceedings.

House Judiciary Chairman Sends DOJ Detailed Counter Offer for Mueller Report Redactions and Underlying Evidence.
Nadler Sets 9 a.m. Monday Deadline.

View at

@40, “Look what I found on my doorstep…” One more reason I’d never live in the South.

Glad to see this gerrymandering get smashed.

@52: Yeah, that’s not Amazon dropping off a pkg.

One more reason I’d never live in the South.

But I’m sure every region has its share of critters and other things ppl don’t like.

@53: I wonder what happened to that redistricting thing that Eric Holder was supposed to be working on?

Good piece at The Atlantic by Benjamin Wittes on Barr and the disaster he is.

The Catastrophic Performance of Bill Barr

Not in my memory has a sitting attorney general more diminished the credibility of his department on any subject. It is a kind of trope of political opposition in every administration that the attorney general—whoever he or she is—is politicizing the Justice Department and acting as a defense lawyer for the president. In this case it is true.

@56, that was a good piece.

@57, nice to see her praising Hillary.

@59: I have really come to enjoy watching Nicolle Wallace’ show. It’s a round table format usually with a number of people around the table with her and some on a link to discuss the current political events.

quixote, you’re right.

@54, Fredster, around here it’s the rain (drizzle) 8-9 months of the year, then Microsofties and other techie bros. Otherwise? We have no poisonous or dangerous snakes or other reptiles west of the Cascades. Mosquitos can be fierce on both sides of the mountains during parts of the summer.

@57, Oh, that’s a good one!

@62: No mountain lions or other dangerous critters?

Here’s a good clip with Glenn Kirschner, who was mentored by Mueller and knows how he thinks. I agree that Mueller will not let Barr’s bullshit stand.

@65: “. . .timidity is going to kill us.” Exactly.

@55 Looks like Eric Holder is doing a whole of talking and nothing else. Thank goodness the ACLU is fighting gerrymandering. Holder is focused on getting Dems elected into gerrymandered districts so they have the power to change the districting lines. Good for him, that needs to be done, but the way some of these lines are drawn, it’s impossible. He wants candidates to run on “redrawing the lines”. Oh, and they are still doing research on voter’s interest in doing so.

“This is something that candidates need to talk about, out of concern that if you win and you got a gerrymandered House of Representatives — we’ve seen that picture before,” Holder said in an interview with POLITICO. “We’ve seen what that looks like: a progressive trying to deal with a gerrymandered House and a Republican Senate. So they need to engage more.”

Holder is considering launching a pledge for Democratic presidential candidates to sign, promising to focus on redistricting and building the party up and down the ballot. The pledge is still in its early stages: The NDRC is still conducting research and surveying voters to gauge their feelings about redistricting and its role in the next campaign cycle.

It’s too late then, idiot!! As I said , thank goodness for the ACLU.

@68: I should have added #snark. 😉

@69 Oh, but I had been wondering myself. It was suppose to be a Holder and Obama thing, so no surprise. I’ve seen two headlines about Obama lately. He was “personally insulted that Hillary didn’t win”- well, hell yeah, because that’s exactly what he said when he ‘campaigned’ for her. And apparently, he and Michele think media through Netflix is their next gig. More power to ’em. It might be great. We’ll see.

@70: GAga, whenever I see anything about redistrict or gerrymandering it almost always crosses my mind (what little is left after 2.whatever years of tRump) that “yeah, gerrymandering…Holder was gonna fix that wasn’t he? ” And this time #snark.

Just a note: I will be doing a weekend post but it may be for Sunday instead of today.

@73 – She is right. Maternal mortality rates will get even worse. Women will die!!!

Here’s an article that eloquently captures how I feel about the way women candidates and voters are being treated.

Brilliant article by Solnit! This sentence popped out at me:

“The Fortune 500 as of 2018 had only three black CEOs, all male, and 24 women, and it’s not hard to imagine that this would be a different country if white men didn’t control most of it.”

That’s our problem right there. They know it would be a different country just as well as we do. That’s why they’re working everything they have to prevent any change.

@Fredster, yes, young undernourished cougars that wander into areas recently settled by humans can be dangerous, though that’s very rare. As a kid I wandered all over our family’s 40 mostly wood acres surrounded by forest land and only once saw a cougar, disappearing into the brush away from me. Now with so much formerly wild land getting pushed into by humans I’d be more cautious if I had small children or dogs. And don’t run or bicycle away (unless you’re the equivalent of a Tour de France leader downhill on a paved road) away from them; that triggers them to pounce. Stand your ground, whip your pack or bicycle in front of you, jump up and down waving your arms, and yell “Not Today!”

Here’s a beautiful picture for us:

@74, 75, as the old saying goes: Yes, it’s a man’s world, and look what they’ve done with it.

After all, if we had a woman president, she might do something like that Jacinda woman in NZ — take our guns away from us in mere days after a mass shooting.

@75: Which article are you referring to? In one of the comments??

@78: I’m totally comfortable with letting the ladies take over.

@79, it’s the Solnit article referenced in @74.

This is a really interesting article on how Mueller punted on the Trump Tower meeting about value of oppo research and “knowingly and willingly”. He’s unsure about both which is pretty ridiculous. Of course, there would be huge value in oppo research. He’s going along with Trumper’s lies that they were too dumb to know it was illegal. Paul Manafort was in that meeting, he knew damn well it was illegal. Also, no one ever ran it by McGahn because they knew he would never have allowed it. That tells you all you need to know.

The Mueller Report then moves to the question of whether the prosecution would founder on the failure to show that the participants in the Trump Tower meeting “knowingly and willfully” broke the law in soliciting support from the Russian government. Mueller sees no evidence that, at the time of the meeting, the American participants were trying to hide their actions. Later, he concedes, they lied to prevent its public disclosure, but this may have reflected “an intention to avoid political consequences rather than any prior knowledge of illegality.”

Of course, the “political judgment” that Mueller imagines may have included a belief that disclosures would lead to legal as well as political trouble. Indeed even the political judgment could have had a legal dimension: that adverse public reaction could be influenced by the charge that the meeting with the Russians violated the law. Mueller inexplicably divorces the “political” from the “legal” motives at work in the substantive falsehoods later told about the meeting.

@83 LOL! ‘That squirrel family was there and I already had a broth going’… What would SNL do without Kate McKinnon?

I loved the Solnit article.

@77, Beautiful.

Hubs surprised with tix to Bill & Hillary! It was fabulous! And I got to meet Pie (imust)! Luna did you go in Seattle?

Hubs commented how different it was to the ugly maga rallies. Brilliant and funny discourse. Enthusiastic and happy audience compared to the ugliness that is routinely displayed In the MAGAt world. Pie and I hugged & visited in the aisle and when I went back to my seat, everyone was smiling and saying how nice I got to see an old friend. (even thought they had to stand up to let me out and back in) It was a great night. We were both so glad we went.

New post up top, it’s cartoon day!

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