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Posted on: April 20, 2019

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Well, the Mueller report was released with some massive reductions. But even ignoring the redacted parts, William Barr lied his ass off in the original letter and then in his press conference. Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice, even if Mueller wants to leave the details to Congress. The only person exonerated by the report was Hillary Clinton, frankly. But we already knew that.

Anyway, Barr lied and Democrats in the House should impeach him. Get that sonofabitch outta there!

Our musical themes are: Liar, Leave Us Alone and GTFOH (that’s Get The Fudge Outta Here.)


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To bring the discussion from the last post here: I agree with MB that there’s a very good chance Mueller wasn’t able to really finish the investigation. We know he did start writing his final report a while ago, but to announce you’re done a few weeks after the man brought to the Justice Department to shut you down arrives seems like too much of a coincidence. Of course, we’ll see what he says to the House Judiciary Committee.

Well said. I’m sure there’s a lot we don’t know. Like why Pelosi came out against impeachment so early. What is her strategy? “He’s not worth it?”
Have the Dems been threatened by Russia or compromised in some way?

socalannie> I don’t always understand Pelosi and her early “no impeachment” comment is one of the things I don’t get. While I always defend the old guard of the Democratic party – this is one time that I think the younger generation’s “Impeach the motherfucker!” is right. The timidity we are witnessing from Pelosi, Nadler, Cummings, Hoyer, etc. is disgraceful.

For both trump and Barr.

I love these music selections!

@10: And thanks for doing the post D!

DYB, I think Pelosi, Nader, etc want to hold back on impeachment if and when some GOPers start turning on Dump. Right now, the House could win he impeachment vote, but not the Senate. Without enough votes, the impeachment would not drive Dump out. Also, if impeachment doesn’t get him out of the Oval, the fear is that it will just energize his base in 2020 even more to go out and vote.

So re Pelosi…She said before talking about impeachment they would have to see the Mueller Report.

And now Adam Schiff is openly talking about impeachment and there is a House meeting on Monday.

So I am not sure how things will go. We may get impeachment hearings started next week!!

BTW this is a great article on the ‘smoking gun’ on obstruction from the New York Review of books. I have to say, Don McGahn appears to have been a rare Trump appointee with a conscience. Without him and Jeff Sessions, we might be in a full blown kleptocracy by now.

Here is the into on Adam Schiff.

@16: What was it tRump said? He could shoot someone on 5th Ave. and it wouldn’t bother his supporters, or something similar.

@15 MadamaB> I agree on Don McGahn and Jeff Sessions. And isn’t that astounding??? Sessions is evil. And yet – he resisted Trump on the investigation and on his more dictatorial tendencies. And McGahn is the reason we got the SCOTUS judges we did and the judiciary is getting packed with right-wing nut-jobs. And yet – he also resisted Trump in some highly significant ways. It’s hard to square off them being evil bastards and important players in the Resistance.

Same, by the way, for George Conway. He is evil. And yet, I think he is a principled “conservative,” I think what he tweets about Trump is where he stands. Kellyanne, on the other hand, is completely amoral and will stand wherever the power is.

As far as Pelosi saying that she is waiting for Republicans to turn on Trump – does she not realize that will never happen? Never. Ever. They will not oppose him. And she knows that. So she’s letting Republicans dictate impeachment. And impeachment hearings are not the same as impeachment. Start the hearings now, don’t wait for Republicans.

I think that Ronald Klain WaPo piece someone linked to in the previous thread is right on point.

As far as worry about energizing Trump’s base, screw it. They’ll always be energized by hate and the chance to show up the libs. Impeachment proceedings are more likely to energize our side, and there’s more of us anyway. Assuming voter suppression, Russian hacking, and voting machine weirdness aren’t a big factor.

Absent gods! “Nothing wrong with treason” say the Trumpists.

‘Nothing wrong’ with campaign accepting information from Russians, Giuliani says

I thought that Independent article looked familiar. It’s the excellent one from Nov 23, 2016. Everybody capable of facing facts knew from the getgo that the election was tainted. Obama definitely knew. McConnell knew. (He’d probably helped in as much tainting as he could.)

Yes, the voting machines were hacked. Drumpf didn’t even win the Electoral College. He is an illegitimate traitorous criminal, NOT a true President.

Here is a poll that truly puzzled the man writing about it. He can’t seem to figure out why a) Buttigieg doesn’t appeal to Democrats and b) Bernie’s voters do not want to vote for wimminz. We’re not surprised, are we, Widdershins?

@23, I got excited thinking it was a current article but no. Such a sheeeeer coincidence, the results in those 3 states.

@25, Mayor Pete, who wants to appoint Rethugs to Cabinet posts in his administration, doesn’t appeal to Dems? Bernie’s bros don’t like the wimminz? Who’d a thunkit.

Sorry gang. Don’t know how I missed the date!

@25, very interesting. Glad to see poll numbers justify what we’ve all been saying.

Of course there’s been no investigation of voting machine and software system fraud in this administration.

All you mediocre white men — just damn stop it!

Annie, I think it’s good to bring back the evidence from Ye Olden Days because it really shows how much we knew then and how determined the refusal to see it was.

As for the 17th candidate … remember, you heard it here first. We’re headed for the Twenty Tweedles, peeps.

(The really depressing thought is that when the Repubs tried this crowdsourcing of a candidate all it enabled was the worst. Which means ….)

@26, oops, it’s Swalwell, not Buttigieg, who wants to put Rs into his administration.

@33: Was it Clinton or Obama that had a Repub or two in the administration? I seem to recall that one or both of them did.

Extremely useful (and anger-producing) information:

@34> Fredster, Bill Clinton had Colin Powell for sure. Not sure if there were other Republicans.

I think Obama did also. Oh, there are a few Rs who could be OK, more so back in Bill Clinton’s admin. But now? I’m wary of a Dem candidate who voices that intention.

I wish I could think of insults even partly as baroque as Jeff Tiedrich:

your occasional reminder that our country is under a state of national emergency so dire that our president is spending another 4-day weekend at his crappy omelet-bar-slash-golf-resort while panic-tweeting about how’s he’s not a criminally-stupid sweaty twenty-megaton pig lagoon

And true to the last drop.

@39 – oh Quixote! That is just delicious.

Didn’t Bill Clinton have a repub Sec of Defense? I forget his name.

Tiedrich is a hoot. I always retweet him.

Ah, William Cohen was SecDef and he was a repub.

Good thread on this scary issue–Dump admin trying to rig the 2020 Census

Rachel says that she thinks a big field is good for the democrats. Something about that it worked well for them except for McGovern.

Frankly, I’d be surprised if that wannabe crime boss was NOT trying to rig it.

That, the election, and anything else he can get his grubby, short, vulgar fingers on.

Trump stole one election and looks like he won’t be punished for it. So why wouldn’t he try to steal another? GOP supports him, Democrats won’t stop him.

mb has a new post up top.

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