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Activist Tuesday: GOT or TMR?

Posted on: April 16, 2019

Happy Tuesday, Widdershins. I hope Tax Day was not too hard on you all. Had we not sold our house this year and moved to California, we would have been screwed by the Republican middle-class tax increases. Next year we will have to watch our step!

Like most of you, I watched Game of Thrones (GOT) on Sunday. I thought it was terrific. I waited for it with a great deal of anticipation, and it did not disappoint. But it’s nothing compared to the anticipation I feel, waiting for The Mueller Report (TMR) this Thursday.

But MadamaB, I hear you saying, The Mueller Report is going to be edited by that slimy piece of elephant dung, William Barr. (I do not use the word “redacted,” as there is no legitimate reason to change a single letter of that report.) He’s going to make that report as meaningless as possible. Nothing actionable will come of it.

Well, if that’s true, then why are the Republicans preparing a 140-page “counter-report” (which is, by the way, NOT A THING)?

That’s a huge about-face from when Barr first released his summary of the Mueller memo.

When it was released last month, Trump administration officials and conservative backers celebrated the president’s exoneration and attacked reporters, Democrats, and members of the public who were vocal about the evidence suggesting the president colluded with Russia.


But just days away from the redacted release of the actual report, White House officials are bracing for its findings and the president has once again renewed his attacks on the legitimacy of the investigation.

Drumpf has been tweeting like a lunatic. Sarah Sanders just called Democrats dumb on TeeVee. Kellyanne Conjob has been saying something, I have no idea what (she just sounds like a droning, whining baby to me). Ghouliani has been looking like this whenever the report is mentioned:

So, yeah. I think there is going to be enough in the report to make the Mango Moron look really, really, REALLY guilty. And I am also quite sure that sooner or later (my money’s on “sooner”), the entire report will come out, either through Democratic subpoenas, or through Mueller’s testimony to Congress, or through leaks.

This is the beginning of the end of the disgusting sham of the Trump government and the Republican Reign of Error.

This is an open thread.


84 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: GOT or TMR?"

BTW folks…if you see some BS about Pelosi throwing shade at AOC, watch the clip. This is a fake Twitter fight being pushed by people I have thought of as allies. Pelosi does not denigrate AOC, she praises her repeatedly.

That article on the “counter report”

…Trump’s legal team has been working on a counter-report for months…
…Conway also said, “it’s not premature for the president to say he’s exonerated and vindicated.”

This “logic” makes my head hurt! They’ve been working on it for months because the report will show Trump did no wrong. Riiiiight. Sounds like they know what he did and are frantically twisting and pretzeling words to pretend it’s just fine and dandy for the president* to do corruption and treason.

Why are people still working for a boss who’ll punish them for telling the truth? SMH.

…some people in the White House are getting nervous. Are they afraid their own wrongdoing will be revealed?

No. According to Carol E. Lee, Hallie Jackson and Kristen Welker of NBC News, they’re afraid that President Trump will find out that when they were questioned by investigators, they told the truth.

@3, Forgot to include this part:

it tells us that Trump expected them to lie under oath. Or, at the very least, to conceal things.

Authoritarianism is growing around the world. Bet Trump wants to ape this move.

Egyptian President Sissi wins approval from lawmakers to stay in office until 2030

Egyptian lawmakers on Tuesday approved sweeping changes in the country’s constitution to extend President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi’s rule and give him unprecedented powers, cementing his authoritarian grip on the Arab world’s most populous nation.

The vote was widely expected: The parliament is dominated by Sissi’s loyalists, and Sissi’s regime has widely silenced any dissension to the constitutional amendments. It has arrested opponents of the changes and sought to stamp out an online campaign against them by shutting down its website. It has also blocked or partly blocked tens of thousands of other websites and domain names to restrict online content that allowed Egyptians access to the opposition campaign.

Great post, MB. We were hammered in taxes. Literally lost almost all of our normal deductions. Dump screwed the middle & working classes. Ah well. Moving on, & trying focus on positive things. MB, I admire your positive outlook about the Mueller report, and love the Hillary vid. I needed that.

Luna, appreciate your comments, especially the ones about the Wapo article.

Hahaha MB, great post and I agree with all you said.

Maybe in the land of Reality Denial, Dump is above the law and the strong sack of blubber and $hit man that all his supporters dream that he is.

Everyone lies for him and he is clean as the Easter Bunny, oh Hell no.

GOT was good, any show with the dragons and the Mother of Dragon’s is great in my book. Unknowingly hooked up with her brother……jeeze, hope she isn’t preggers.

Hello Widdershins!
I’m here but just briefly. I know mb told y’all I had computer issues. The hard drive just gave up the ghost on a relatively new laptop. Could not do squat. So took a few days to find a local repair guy (no google to search) so took it to him. He had to replace the drive and sadly wasn’t able to recover very much of my info. I had started my taxes with TurboTax but that was gone. When I got the laptop back late Monday I had to reinstall that and file for an extension. Grrr.

Next, saw a new doc Friday. They were going to do my 90 day supply of meds through mail order and then call me in about a 10 day supply to cover while that was processing. Except they didn’t do any of it according to CVS and Aetna. And of all the meds that I didn’t have any of it was my b.p. med. Had to sweat it out until Monday and as soon as they had it filled drove like crazy to CVS and almost shouted to give me the bp med right then. I grabbed the bottle and washed one down right there in the drive through. LOL

With all of this I wanted to just throw a fit of Trumpian proportions but figured that wouldn’t do the bp any good.

So I may be around a little bit but I’m still going to be busy otherwise trying to see what I can restore from my backup drive. Don’t know how successful I’ll be at restoring things backed up from one drive to a new one. I don’t have a lot of hope with it. DYB has said he will take the weekend posts until I get this stuff straightened out.


Fredster!! Thanks for stopping by. Sending you healing thoughts for your laptop and a good outcome for the doc!

Luna, Shadow, Annie – thanks for your comments. Shadow, re GOT…the two you mentioned are aunt and nephew, not brother and sister. Still icky!!!

Fredster! Gentle hugs to you What a hideous time for a computer to go down. And for your med Rxs to get hung up. Could have been the doc’s office, could have been Aetna or CVS. It’s too bad my Rx authority doesn’t work across state lines.

11 MB I thought they had the same father…now I am confused. So it’s Daenerys’ brother who was Jon’s father?

Wha…Fredster. Your new laptop needs a new hard drive? Wasn’t it under warranty? That super sucks!!!

Good luck on replacing what you can. So sorry.

Just got our taxes off yesterday. I hate TurboTax. It was a good product for the first 10 years or so, then they started to “improve” it. (angry face) Yes, we had to pay in. Yesterday 4/15 I tried to e-file and put in the date as 4/15 for our account to be debited. Up popped a box saying the date for funds to be debited had to be 1 day after taxes were e-filed and that it couldn’t be after the tax due date. The “due date” was a clickable link, which popped up a box saying that the last date to e-file was 4/15 and the last date to have payment debited was 4/15. WTF??? The 2nd pop-up box contradicted the first. I couldn’t find a way around this so chose the e-file and mail a check in option, then raced to the P.O. and got there a couple minutes to 6 pm which was the last pick-up date. I had so little time left I didn’t write the check out at home but in the car (when driving on a straight stretch, yeah, I know, bad-bad). But I couldn’t remember the amount due and had stupidly dashed out of the house without writing down the amount due. So I wrote the check for what I thought was a few hundred above the correct amount due. On the way back my panic and cognitive fog lifted and I remembered that the amount was nearly half as much as what I’d written the check for. Shit!. Well, I’ll find out how long it takes to get the extra $ back.

Moral: Don’t do taxes at the last minute! Damn, I used to be so organized. The last couple of years I’ve grown un-organized due to stress and feeling blue. I’m letting Trump’s destruction of our country affect me too much. I feel constant stress and worry, and no one thinks well under those conditions. Whole lotta clinical studies on depression and anxiety will need to adjust for the Trump presidency*.

Um….speaking of stress and cognitive fog, I didn’t mean to have the rest of my comment in italics, lol.

@14: Shadow it’s just a bit over a year old and I had even purchased an extended warranty with HP. However, things being the way they were I just sucked it up and took it to a local shop.

It would have been days or more to send it off, get it fixed and get it back.

@15: That’s the other thing also. I had the last couple years of Ttax on the laptop and that’s gone.

Just so you know that I’m back and being my sometimes crude and rude self…I texted a friend in Bama and asked did he hear about the fire at Notre Dame. He said yeah and a co-worker said “aww, one of the Pope’s Vaticans burned down”.

I texted him back and said “tell your co-worker, or you do it for him, to shove a baseball bat up his ass, big end first. Oh, and no lube either.”

@19 Good for you, Fredster. Clearly, you’re feeling better.
I didn’t watch GOT on Sunday, I watched “Les Miserables” on PBS and it was superb.

@20: Thanks Sue. I had made my mind up that if I started feeling odd or something to just go to the E.R., sit for a few hours and tell them what happened.

So now I’m trying to recover as much stuff as possible or download things again. It’s giving me a headache. LOL!


What a run of bad luck, Fredster!

How does it actually work with bp meds? I mean, how long does it take for the residual effect to wear off and for the blood pressure to climb? From what you’re saying, it happens pretty damn fast. In a rational world, they’d take that into account for how much of a supply they give you so you don’t run out.

Speaking of irrational, I knew someone who was on warfarin because of life-threatening blood clots. They’d give her *exactly* the pills needed for a month, and she couldn’t get a refill one day early. So every single month there’d be this omigod-am-I-going-to-make-it period, which, given how ill she was, probably shortened her life all by itself.

Our medical care is the pits.

@13 – yup, Daenerys’ older brother was Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow’s father.

This tweet is priceless!

@13, yes. I’m confused as to how the Targaryens’ rules of succession work. I thought they’d had queens in the past, but on 2nd thought, maybe they hadn’t.

Under succession rules in the U.K. Dany would be the ruler. Under succession rules of primogeniture it would be Jon.

Hillary Clinton: Pelosi is proof ‘it takes a woman’ to get the job done!
Hillary Clinton praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leadership skills, giving her credit for Democrats regaining control of the House and the party’s diversity.

Clinton, the first female presidential nominee of a major party, called Pelosi “a driving force” and said she’s “never one to back down from a bully,” in her profile of the California Democrat for Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2019.

“Under her leadership, Democrats passed the first major gun-safety bill in a generation and desperately needed voting-rights legislation. As Democrats continue fighting to protect reproductive rights, pass paid family leave, protect Americans’ right to affordable health care and hold this Administration to account, Nancy is leading the charge,” Clinton wrote.

Pelosi became the first female speaker of the House in 2007. She regained the title in 2019 when Democrats took back control of the House.

the Targaryens’ rules of succession work…

One would think that Jon lost his ‘boys first’ rule of succession when he died…and then his DNA changed when born again. 😉

@23, BP meds are dosed once or twice daily, depending on the particular drug pharmacodynamics. BP may start climbing up in as short a time as a few hours after the effects of the BP-lowered meds taper off. But generally speaking, going without meds for a few days shouldn’t be that dangerous unless the person has severely high BP and needs several different meds to keep it under control. It’s the extended periods of time with high pressure which result in continual strain on the blood vessels and poses the most risk. Not that I’m encouraging skipping meds!

Warfarin is one of the most dangerous drugs out there and requires frequent checks to ensure the level isn’t too high or too low. Would not want someone to run out or take too much. I don’t understand not letting her refill a day early yet they’d Rx for a month at a time.

@23 & 28: I’ve only been in the situation one other time. When it happened I kept seeing my bp going up and up (checked with a home bp thing). After I got the tablet I saw it coming down (I thought) fairly quickly.
Luna, I take 20 mg of Quinapril, ACE inhibitor. After this I think I may squirrel away 3 pills somewhere and hope I remember where I stashed them. LOL

Luna, my mom took warfarin d/t a mech. aortic valve replacement. It was so odd that for times her PT/INR would be stable as hell. Then, on other occasions it would just get whacked. I think at one time we had 3 or 4 different strengths of the medicine. And of course when they had to change the dosage that required me to take her to the office for lab checks. I tried applying to medicare to get her approved for a coaguchek machine at home. Of course they denied it. Grrrrr

@29, Fredster, yes that sounds like a good idea to stash a few ACE inhibitor pills away for any emergencies. That’s great that you only need one kind of BP med to keep it under control. Of course stress can increase BP, unfortunately. Warfarin can be affected by certain foods, but you probably knew that and were careful about not suddenly increasing or decreasing foods in the usual diet.

A sensible healthcare system that didn’t deny needed care or equipment would keep people healthier and save money. Yeah insurance will pay for surgery and hospitalization but usually it won’t pay for stuff which could keep people out of the hospital. Grrrr.

@30: Yep, was pretty careful about what the momster ate, well at least when I was around.

Yes the coagucheck tester at home would have helped. Each time she had to go to the office for a test I had to take off from work, drive home to get her and the wheelchair in the vehicle, drive back up to the office, get her and the chair out, up the elevator to the office, get the test done and then back home. At one point the supv was questioning taking off and especially in the afternoons. I wasn’t going to explain squat to her. I just said “hey I’m approved for FMLA, so if you have any questions take them to HR.”.

Oy vey.

Oh dayum, I thought I was getting away from this crap when I left Bama.

And the wx folks tonight said the SPC may upgrade this from enhanced to moderate.

Hey y’all, go take the test. See who said it: the junior Senator from La, Senator Cornpone, or Foghorn Leghorn.

I can’t believe how most of woke America is totally freaked out tonight. Damn Dump for causing all this stress because he is a nutcase and thinks he is above the law.

interesting about the bp meds. My friend on warfarin had the same thing with her INR: it would be stable for weeks, months even, and suddenly wobble all over the place. (Yes, she knew all about food etc that could affect it, and she was very conscientious.) She was in Utah, which is a crazy state, but from what I’ve seen, every place is the same for dumb prescribing rules. It’s the insurance companies fault, isn’t it?

@38: quixote said: It’s the insurance companies fault, isn’t it?

I would give that as strong yes.

@35: Oh hell that changed; wasn’t a static image. Anyway, we are under an enhanced level for storms, tornadoes, maybe to EF2 or 3.

I was suspended from twitter (LOL), so I’m completely out of the loop on news. I only know what I’ve seen here and few pages on facebook. From what I gather, Dump is having Barr cover for him and that’s that.

Nixon is so jealous he’s gonna claw his way out of his grave and run for President again.

@42: Uh-oh were you a bad boy D?

DYB, did the progboys report you for telling them the truth in plain language?

@42, Dammit! Sophie isn’t back yet either. The trolls are picking people off, one by one. I don’t understand why the brainiacs who run twitter can’t figure out who they are.

D, I think you’re back on twitter. When I clicked on your handle it took me right to your page.

I’m seeing more and more people worrying about lack of impeachment proceedings after the Barr-spun Mueller Report. People are pointing to their Fox-y relatives saying the Dump did nothing wrong because if he had, he’d be impeached. Sometimes what’s right is more important than what’s feasible.

And so on. Exactly the point I’ve been banging on about since forever.

So what do Widdershinners think at this point? I know in the past the lean was in the direction of Repubs will block it, so better to do useful legislation.

But is that still true? At which point does being practical shade into turning a blind eye to treason?

Plus, if nobody is visibly called to account for anything, what’s to prevent the next election from being even more stolen than the last one? That seems like the fatal flaw in the argument that the people can decide in 2020.

Q – Pelosi said no impeachment before the Mueller report. She didn’t say she wouldn’t do it afterwards!

Tonight on Rachel, Adam Schiff said they are in a position to start pre-judiciary and impeachment hearings, and that they expect Mueller to testify publicly.

I think tonight there are going to be a lot of Democrats calling Republicans to see which Senators they can get to vote with them on impeachment.

I think it’s coming, and coming soon.

@49 & 50: I know this is going to be very unpopular here but I’m going to say it: I am just about to the point that I don’t care anymore about this, i.e. I’m not going to get worked up or vexed over it because I’ve got other stuff to be concerned about.

I was talking with an acquaintance the other day (actually the funeral director who handled mom’s funeral – he’s now the mgr. of the place). I know he’s more to the left politically and he said he’s gotten to the point he can’t or won’t watch political stuff anymore. And I understand how he feels. I’m just about there also. I used to record Nicolle Wallace, Melber and Maddow. I was getting to the point of watching five minutes of the shows and then deleting them. Why bother?

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to vote or anything like that but I’m simply not going to get worked up over it. I’ve got enough other things to get worked up over.

@51: We were actually discussing my wishes for my final disposition.

I was going to have a fifteen minute “meet and greet” before they fired things up. But then I thought about it and thought “if they haven’t seen me recently while I was walking why do I think anyone is going to make a trip to another location?”. So I told him nope, direct cremation, no muss, no fuss.

Fredster, don’t you dare. We need you right here, throwing around fun and sanity like Mardi Gras beads.

I get as much politics as I can stand filtered through sources I trust. Like the folks here.

I’m really heartened to hear that the Dems are going to do do something about at least some of this stuff. I’m really glad they’re talking about Mueller testifying. I’m willing to bet he’d be more than willing to testify to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

@53: q, I’m just trying to make sure that I have everything set up for whenever that occurs. I’ve seen too many people in the situation of not knowing what to do or what someone’s wishes were, for example me and the momster when her mother passed. And having no siblings (had 2 half brothers who have both passed) there’s really no one to make such decisions.

Trust me, I’m against that turd in the W.H. as much as anyone and totally despise him and the people who support him. But really I need to scale back on some of this. It can become totally consuming.

I didn’t even bother turning on the TV today until 2-ish. Even then, I knew no one could possibly have had time to read Mueller’s full report, so they were reading a section and speculating about each section at a time. As the day and evening went on, more interesting things started coming out. Just have to watch (cause I ain’t going to read 448 pages-maybe I should-maybe we ALL should) but I’ll let the legal analysts point out to me what blares out to them. I treat this this news the same as I ever have. Wait a day or two, after the churn, then it’s more accurate.

But, William Barr needs to be removed. Don’t ask me how…

Not gonna link to even the least of it, but I saw a headline on memorandum that said QAnon is in a frenzy because the Mueller report didn’t result in the arrest of Hillary and the “deep state” as they were waiting for all for this time. It would be funny, but weirdos wearing Q shirts are showing up at Dump’s campaign rallies all the time. Nutjobs are dangerous.

@54 Fredster, always take care of you and your life first. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately myself. Everyone has to. I’m just thrilled you’re back!!

Fredster, I agree with GAGal. I usually watch only Rachel, sometimes Lawrence too, but no other TeeVee. You have to deal with the stress of this awful time in our lives the best way you can.

@55: But, William Barr needs to be removed. Don’t ask me how…

Someone needs to find some dirt on him.

Regarding my comments above about my “final disposition” dealio, I’m concerned that if I don’t do this, something like this is gonna happen:

Well. I need a cuteness dose after reading these last few comments.

From SD, this thread goes into strategy for the Dems.

@61: Cute indeed!

“Let the facts drive the process”


And next time, how about we do that *from the beginning*?

Just one eg: facts re 2020 candidates instead of mooning over Magic Grandpas. (Grrr. Complaining to the choir, I know.)

Magic Grandpas, small-town mayors, and didn’t-win-their-last-election men. We can do without them.

Fredster, completely understand your need to scale back on politics, I’m trying to do so myself. And also taking care of death arrangements. We’ve been doing a lot of business lately, changed our LLC to an SCorp, did a Living Trust, redoing our insurances, and looking at cremation and burial plans. Even Laker just got his first life insurance policy, which I think is the responsible thing to do. Better to get it while you’re young. I’m superstitious (Greek thing–can’t help it), and always feel that if you’re prepared for anything, bad things are less likely to happen.

@65 & 66, LOL, so agree.

I can never figure out how to post a thread on twitter. Anyway, Mods, feel free to delete my first tweet.

socalannie> That is an odd footnote. In essence Mueller is explaining how impeachment works….which people reading his report already know. I wonder why he felt compelled to explain it.

As far as Twitter: I was suspended after someone reported one of my tweets as a threat. It was when Dana Bash of CNN did her glowing profile of Kellyanne Conway a couple of weeks ago. I tweeted that Kellyanne would personally lock Dana Bash in a gas chamber, but Dana keeps kissing Kellyanne’s ass. Someone reported that as a threat and I was suspended.

I haven’t logged back on yet and I’m kind of waiting… What Fredster said about just being too overwhelmed by all the stuff happening – it’s exhausting. The past several days without Twitter I feel like I had extra time! I also feel uninformed. It’s a delicate balance!

As far as should Trump be impeached…in a perfect world, absolutely. In our insane world – I have no idea. I don’t know anything anymore. We know that the “electorate” (whoever these people are) in the midterms didn’t care about Trump, Russia or impeachment, which is why Democrats’ message on the stump was all about healthcare and economy and jobs, etc. Heading into a full election, can candidates stay on an economic/healthcare/etc. message while an impeachment is going on? The media would never let them. Every second of the day would be about the impeachment and the Democrats won’t be able to get their message out. But – how can one ignore the treasonous behavior of a POTUS? Does nothing matter? I don’t know. I really don’t know which way is up.

@73: I think you’re okay on twitter now DYB. I just sent you a DM and it looked like it went through.

@75, yes, I posted that yesterday. When I click on D’s twitter name, it goes right to his page. When I click on Sophie’s, it doesn’t, and has a banner saying the account is suspended.

@73, well said. Glad you’re back.

So, Mitt Romney says he’s “sickened” by the Mueller report… Does that mean ‘mildly nauseous’ (thanks Comey) or wants to puke in the toilet like me every time I see Trump open his asshole mouth? There’s a difference.

@77: Hmmm, so sickened that if the House impeaches and there’s a Senate trial, would he vote to convict?

@76: I didn’t try to go to his page or anything, just wanted to see if the DM would go through.

I wonder if Sophie could do some type of go around with a different name and possibly ip address?

@78 Should we hold our breath waiting for someone in the media to ask Republican Senators if the Mueller report did not just lay out the path to impeachment? I guess they have an excuse for laying low right now, for their holiday break. It will be interesting to see once they get back. Spin and all.

Some lovely and non-political photos at the link:

I’m sure I’m not the only one here who also thinks Mueller was too tepid in his investigation and its conclusion (or lack thereof).

@82 – I will have to read it. I am open to this line of thought, but I do wonder if people are taking into account that Mueller may have been stopped before he could finish.

Hmmm…were the pre tapes real?


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