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Lazy Weekend

Posted on: April 14, 2019

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Our Fredster is having computer troubles. Let us hope for a quick reboot on that front!

I’m feeling a bit in the dumps again because of all the craziness going on. But I don’t want to bring everyone else down for the weekend, so let’s do the opposite! Music that makes you happy, puts a smile on your face! Doesn’t have to be music; could be a comedy routine. Whatever it is.

25 Responses to "Lazy Weekend"

Perfect spot for this!

I’ve been up all night watching this. A lot of fun stuff. Even Mohamad Ali’s physician. Interesting how casually homophobic a few of Dick Cavett’s comments are:

@1 Love it. Let’s always remember Bernie math.

Just watched a good amount of the Dick Cavett show. Amazing how the questions for women haven’t changed since the 70s! So many assumptions about women who work and how their kids must suffer. My favorite bizarre question, which I don’t think would be asked today, was about how women shouldn’t enjoy the company of other women but should gravitate towards men who can talk about other than domestic matters…just shockingly sexist.

The women were just fabulous though.

Oh, and loved the Bernie math!

Oh, that Bernie math! And the ‘bro talks just like the young ones at my caucus. Thank the goddesses the caucuses are dead, DEAD! in Washington now.

Good post DYB, I will have to wait until tomorrow to post things that make me happy.

Today was taken up with my dread and procrastination of having to do and PAY my damn taxes to that corrupt Dump. I hate giving him one orange cent and if I was going to get a return, I would have done it on day one.

I hate to see 60% of the country in total depression after the Barr ‘bottom line’ summary, bullshit note.

I still do not believe Dump is void of blame, squeaky clean and will survive this report.

I am reserving most of my depression…until someone proves to me he has a free pass. Just like putting off my taxes, I am putting off most of my dread.

I still believe Mueller has the goods on him and his damn family. How much, and will it be enough to get the GOP to help vote for his impeachment…time will tell.

May he go down in a greasy ball of flames.

This isn’t the end of the line for hope…chins up and do what ever makes you happy until then…

Yeehaw, something is about to make me very happy…I am going to watch the first episode of the last season of GOT. Bring on the dragons!!!!

Sorry to get here so late D. We had to write out our tax check today, really a bummer. Fucking rethugs took away all our deductions. Anyway, am trying to put it behind me, and here’s a song I heard today that made me smile:

That Bernie math is hilarious!

I miss our Fredster.

Something to make Shadow smile:

A very early Fry and Laurie. Roll on the floor stuff.

And then there’s the priceless Hugh Laurie as Shakespeare being huffy at his editor (Rowan Atkinson) who wants to “cut the dead wood” out of Hamlet.

@13, LOLOL! They were so young! Was this 80s?

@15, another goodie. Love the “cut the dead wood” line. My kid was in Hamlet once. They did it samurai style like “Ran.”

I think it may have been the 70s even.

I’m actually back to say I just listened to Rep Katie Porter take apart Jamie Dimon in that hearing. Oh, maaaaan. Where have these incredible new congresscritters been all my life? I know I complain a lot about too many Dem presidential wannabes, but ….. Katie Porter for President!

I *think* she may also be able to understand Dump’s “stable genius” tax returns.

@ 18, yes she’s brilliant. And fearless.

Notre Dame is on fire and the top is gone. So sad.

12 socalannie

Ohhhhhhhhh Annie, this makes me very happy. Thank you.

I already printed it out in color and put the digital version up on my big screen in my office.

I am devastated about Notre Dame. I just can’t believe it.

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