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Lazy Weekend~sick weekend ~ugh

Posted on: April 6, 2019

Fredster is a sick pupper today.  Pollen counts have been astronomical and I have no idea if that’s it or not.

So as Linda Rich says, “tawk amongst yourselves”.

The most open of open threads.



27 Responses to "Lazy Weekend~sick weekend ~ugh"

Aw! Hope you feel better in the not-too-distant future!

I just bumped into a report (several days old by now) of the Dump telling asylum seekers, “No room! All full! Move along there!” But just the other day he was begging a bunch of Norwegians to come plug up the country. So which is it? He’s so confusing! /*Not*/

Hope you feel better soon, Fredster!

Trump can’t talk with sounding confused about anything except racism and misogyny.

Judge rules New York county can’t ban unvaccinated children from schools, parks

Apparently the right of fanatics’ children to spread disease wins out over protecting the public from exposure to serious and potentially fatal disease.


Yes, that was, shall we say, surprising. In general the law has been on the side of sense. This is the first one I’ve seen recently where spreading diease trumps all. I’m betting that was a religion über Alles ruling? I hope they appeal it, but with the judiciary in an omnishambles, who knows whether even that is worth it.

Sorry you’re feeling lousy Fredster. The pollen is really building up here, too. I think it’s suppose to rain tonight, thank goodness. And that god-awful privet that’s everywhere here is about to bloom. That stuff chokes me.

Wooohooo! My state’s Dem party finally sees the light! Though I find it interesting — and disconcerting — that although only 7% of the public still wanted caucuses, 34% of the party officials did. At any rate, I won’t have to stand through 2-plus hrs of being bullied by Berniebros or Petebros this next time.

I hope you feel all better soon, Fredster.

Yes, it’s allergy season and hope we all feel better soon.

I’m back from beach trip. Did I miss anything unusual?

Fredster, hope you’re feeling better soon. I know Spring pollen is hard on you.

@7, That’s fabulous! I hope the other caucus states follow suit.

Christ in a voting booth. Now Swalwell has announced he’s in for Prez.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s an excellent congresscritter. But what the hell is with every Tom, Dick, and Harry brushing his teeth in the morning, looking in the mirror, and seeing a President looking back?

Remember the Seven Dwarfs? (I think it was the primary Michael Dukakis ran in?) So are we up to the Fifteen Midgets yet? Or are we going straight for the Twenty Tweedles?

I thought the Seven Dwarfs were the Rs in 2016?

Now Swalwell has announced he’s in for Prez.

He kinda hinted he would jump in the race, more than a month ago.
So far, I have two I like the best, so far…Amy and Swalwell.

Yeah, with this many people running in the D side, the debates will be crazy…gotta narrow them down.

To me, there are two sides, the Bernie too far to the left side…that will never win against Dump, and everyone else.

Sorry everyone is suffering from allergies! ‘Tis the season for beautiful flowers and trees, which bring with them (alas!) mucho pollen. Sending you all good vibes to de-swellify your noses and eyes.

I love Swallwell…suggestions on Twitter are that he’s either running for VP (which he can’t be with Harris as President, since they are from the same state) or to move up to her seat if she wins the nomination. Interesting times….

As you probably all know, the main reason I’m so cross about too many candidates is that I’m sure if Harris, Warren, and Klobuchar were Rodney Harris and David Warren and Peter Klobuchar the attitude would be, “Well! What a field! Job 1 is to get behind them and win!”

Instead of, “Gee, nobody seems to have thought of running. I better volunteer.”

And if they really feel they need another candidate, why aren’t they drafting Stacey Abrams? The one with the intelligence, policy smarts, courage, and bigheartedness approaching that of the best candidate in living memory.

@18 Good point, although I don’t think Stacey’s time has come yet. (also, I selfishly want her to run for Senate here in GA – we need her down here!)

@17, 18, exactly.

I don’t consider Swalwell a Johnny come lately, though. He was fighting to maintain some sanity back when he was paddling upstream against Nunes. He deserves a second look, although I agree that I wish the women would get much more airtime. Swalwell is pretty decent from my observation. Klobuchar/Swalwell?

@22 Ouch for Bernie. Love it.


I will raise you two….

Hillary/Amy or
Hillary/Swalwell 😉

@22, Well-written article; nails the evidence to Bernie.

Amazon in Seattle: Economic godsend or self-centered behemoth?

Selfish behemoth. Higher pay for Amazon employees, higher cost of living for the rest of us.

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