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Lazy Weekend: Control+Z

Posted on: March 30, 2019

Happy Weekend Widdershins!!!

I know I’m mostly MIA these days, but fear not, I’m around. How’s everybody doing?

One interesting thing happened since MB’s post on William Barr’s letter trying to save Trump’s ass “NO COLLUSION!” is that late on Friday William Barr sent another letter (dude likes to write letters). This time he says he will submit the full 400-page Mueller Report, with redactions that they are working on now, that they currently do not intend to submit the Report to the White House for approval beforehand. (Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler has said he rejects Barr’s timeline and expects to have the full un-redacted report in a few days. Stay tuned for how that works out…)

But the funnest part of Barr’s 2nd missive was this:

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 2.03.32 AM.png







Oh…….how interesting. This is, of course, disingenuous. The original letter was presented as a summary of the Mueller Report and certainly every pathetic reporter who has been presenting it as such. Trump and all the Republican have been using it that way. Barr’s need to correct the record on that suggests that the Mueller Report does not quite exonerate Trump the way Barr wanted us to believe. So we see-saw up and down up and down I’ve got whiplash ya’ll!

And on that note, William Barr trying to un-do, re-do, walk-back, try again, “oops did I do that?” his first letter is our musical inspiration for the weekend.

80 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Control+Z"

Nice recap Friday post, DYB. Glad you are still around.
I will hunt around Utubes tomorrow for some tunes. Night, night.

D, this is a hard one. Been looking & looking. This might be applicable. Has a good line at the end: “But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.”

I’m looking forward to Barr’s third letter. He’ll never get it right and let’s hope Congress will grill him for that.

All I can think of is the GOP are all screaming, “he’a innocent!” when even they don’t believe it. But hey “Welcome to the Grand Illusion”

“…was not, and did not purport to be ….” Hahahahaha! Suuuuuuure.

Fredster, they warn about heartworm in dogs up here, and we have hardly any mosquitos here in the city.


@Readmylips, thanks for commenting! Good to.see you.

Great post, D! To add a bit more to the story, I understand Mueller is helping Barr redact. Can you just imagine that conversation? I’ll bet Barr is sweating like Matt Whitaker.

I think this song qualifies for today’s theme:

DYB, where’d you get the text for that 2nd Barr letter?

@5: I wasn’t aware of that Luna abt the NW, just knew abt down here and we have lots of skeeters.

We had Chloe on the prevent meds here but stopped when we got to Bama bcuz she was almost always indoors.

And my thx to DYB for taking the weekend post. I’m deep in paperwork with new pharmacy stuff plus trying to finish up the dreaded taxes.

Still haven’t found or been to a new doc yet Luna. I’ve narrowed it to two of them.

Ah, yes. Taxes. I just did mine. Since I’m below even the median this year, no house, etc etc, kind of the middle of the middle class, I didn’t think the Dump’s crap would have much effect on me.

The jokes on me. After withholding out the wazoo, I found out I owed the slimeballs over a $1000 more!

Is that more or less how it’s going for everybody? Did I do my taxes totally wrong?

If this is happening all over the country, expect to see the sentiment for impeachment spike.


@12: I remember seeing somewhere that in the new and improved tax dealio, they limit your claiming of property taxes to 10k. Supposed to be a slap to the “blue” states. However, big surprise for anyone who has multiple properties. Woman who owns this duplex has several other properties and she’s not sure if it will affect her and husband or not. Just guessing and I bet it will.

@12: Quixote, I consider myself low to mid middle class. I got $2400 as a result of the withholding ($200/mo) and a $40 refund. I parked the $2400 in case I had to pay it at the end of the year. I didn’t have to. I itemized before and itemized again this year. My tax preparer said my effective tax rate went from 17% to 15.5%. I am paying less in federal taxes but I would gladly forfeit it if trump was proven to be illegitimate or removed from office for corruption, obstruction and colluding with Russia. As I told a trump supporting friend, no yacht for me!

I did my parents taxes on H&R block and they got back 800 less than the past few years. Their refund was $8 and H&R Block charged 35.00 to file, so they went in the hole on Fed.

We’ve always paid in for years. My spouse is self-employed in a non-lucrative field, and I work part-time so we’re probably lower middle-class. Last year we got a bit back, though spouse-person did something different with his estimated taxes then, which he has to pay 4 x year. I’ve put off doing mine this year but I’d better get on it soon. We’ve never had enough to itemize, probably because our mortgage has never been high enough. Guess we should have bought a nicer, more expensive house but I’m not into that.

Since we lost most of our deductions, and didn’t make the change from LLC to SCorp fast enough, and I apparently didn’t pay in enough, we owe several thousand dollars. Dump screwed us all. I think there was something about corps taking 20% of income off the top before deductions and stuff, but that didn’t apply to us. Anyway, hubs says we will earn it back, and the new cpa is supposed to show me what to do. It sucks but I’m not going to dwell on it. We’ll pay it and be done with it.

Anyway, I won’t be around for the next week, we are going on vacation for a week with my sis & her hubs for our 30th anniversaries. Since we got married a couple of weeks apart, every 5 years we do a fun trip together. We’re flying on an airbus, but I still took the opportunity to update the Living Trust! Of course, I’m expecting to return safe and tan and rested. And I wish you all a great week as well!

Here is something delightful:

@9, never mind, found it.

Luna @19> Oops, saw that you found it after posting my response!


Ugh, yesterday a high of 83 and right now it’s 49.

And HBO has been running a Veep marathon with the new and final season starting at 10:30 pm eastern.

Last, I kept getting notices for Windows updates last night/early a.m. so I though wtf, take a break and run that. It must have been a monster update bcuz it took hours. What a mess.

Sorry, mistake to post SNL twice. I will try the link I hoped to copy… Please removed duplicate if possible.

Fingers crossed on this one…

Thanks for deleting one of my duplicates!

@29: No problem.

Imagine if we could just yell, “April Fool!” and the whole kakistocracy would just turn into compost and disappear!

😯 What a beautiful dream. Don’t wake me up.

@32: LOL, wish you could share that dream.

Fredster @34, yeah, that one was jawdropping.

These guys are in the business of *communicating*. Do they not hear themselves?

@35: Nope, they don’t and especially Chris Sleezea. (snark)

Trump punts vote on health-care bill until after next year’s elections

The bestest health plan! So best we’re going to not bring it up!

Dump quote, “If you want to see my healthcare plan, you have to reelect me.”

Hahahaha, what an idiot.

Well-deserved insomnia. May no sleep meds ever work for him.

@39 Comey said his wife and daughter voted for Hillary. Maybe his cot in the garage ain’t so comfortable.

Comey – “I hope someday someone proves that what we did was irrelevant.” Who the hell is someone? What more proof do you need? There was no ‘we’. It was all you, just you. YOU broke protocol, not once, but twice. And hey, how about that investigation into leakers at the FBI NY field office? Is that the “we” we’re talking about here?

Your really can’t get better than an Amapour interview and even she misses this. Ask him!!

Okay, there is something very weird bothering me. But I can’t let it go until it’s fixed. I’ve watched Adam Schiff’s wonderful rant and dressing down of his idiotic counterparts after they asked him to resign, several times. I’ve noticed the front of his ‘podium’ has a spot for a placard, but it’s empty.

I watched Elijah Cummings clips as head of the Oversight Committee and he has a placard saying “Elijah Cummings – Chairman”. Where is Schiff’s? Just curious. “Adam Schiff – Chairman” should not be missing.

What I mean is, everything he said will down in history (and is right). The fact that his name is missing on that placard on that video pisses me off.

@43 I know what you mean. Stuff like that bothers me too. Optics are important!

@44 – This is beyond shocking….and how many other times did it happen without that smart receptionist catching it?!

Sounds like the only thing that “visitor” didn’t have was a satellite dish on a shoulder harness.

Are the Secret Service people really that d.u.m.b? Or was the receptionist merely the only one not in on it all so it didn’t stay quiet?

It’s the same old questions all the time. Can they really be that stupid? Or are they really all spies? Or just plain superfund-site-level of corrupt?

And then I kick myself and remember those are all inclusive “or,” not exclusive.

The “visitor” probably didn’t have enough $$$ this time.

What could go wrong with the fox inspecting the henhouse?

Pork industry soon will have more power over meat inspections

The Trump administration plans to shift much of the power and responsibility for food safety inspections in hog plants to the pork industry as early as May, cutting the number of federal inspectors by about 40 percent and replacing them with plant employees.

Under the proposed new inspection system, the responsibility for identifying diseased and contaminated pork would be shared with plant employees, whose training would be at the discretion of plant owners. There would be no limits on slaughter-line speeds.

Pat Basu, the chief veterinarian with the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service from 2016 to 2018, refused to sign off on the new pork system because of concerns about safety for both consumers and livestock. The USDA sent the proposed regulations to the Federal Register about a week after Basu left, and they were published less than a month later, according to records and interviews.

I’m just so tired of this old fart. Please, Bernie, go away.

I never watch Chris Hayes, but I watched this YT clip with Akerman. It’s worth a watch because it makes so much legal sense.

@50 I look forward to Bernie wagging his finger on Faux news. Then they will shred him. Of course, they will claim ever other Democrat (he’s not a Democrat) running is just like him. Because that’s what they do. And I will tell my Faux news watching parents, again, that he is not a Democrat.

@51: I’m just about at the point that I don’t even bother with the
MSNBC shows. Perhaps it’s information overload or something.

I don’t bother with Hayes, Tweetie or Chuckles. Any time there’s a court day in DC, I pretty much skip Maddow because she’s going to have the transcripts which she will read to us.

Bernie on Fox News — this man is desperate for attention. Not that we didn’t already know this.

Just effin’ go away! And HRC won working-class voters you idiotic puppy.

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan joins Democrats’ 2020 presidential field

Ryan, who unsuccessfully challenged Nancy Pelosi for Democratic leader in 2016, has entered the presidential race with a bid based on winning back working-class voters.

I’m tellin ya: the Fifteen Midgets. The Dem campaign started interesting and is turning into farce.

And the media is pushing it along since more people click on crap.

Yes, every underperforming male is getting into the race to muddy the waters for qualified women that want to run or are already running.

Same as it was in 2008, 2016 and now.

Beto, Joe, Pete, Bernie and every male Hillary would put to shame. Yes, she is more qualified, smarter, funnier and works harder than all of them put together.

I am so pist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Nobody liked Hillary”, the media is now putting Pete on a pedestal. WTF!

@58, is that what Pete said? So how come she won the popular vote by nearly 3 million, in spite of the Russians, Comey, Bernie and voter suppression? I don’t remember anyone saying “Nobody liked Kerry” or “Nobody liked Gore.”

White House maneuvers to block release of Trump’s tax returns

Hmmmmm. Almost like Trump’s afraid of something. Oh yeah, the returns are still “under audit” though that doesn’t effect releasing them.

That video with Hayes is interesting, but not because of Hayes. He is actually still sitting there going “Maybe the report totally exonerates Trump.” Uhm, no Chris Hayes, it doesn’t because if it did, Barr would have released it. So much benefit being extended to Trump.

Oh Lordy just saw I forgot to do the like for the post. Duh!

And it looks like I’ll probably stop following the individual known as The Resistance.

@63, “every possibility” of about 2%.

59 NW Luna
April 4, 2019 at 9:40 pm

@58, is that what Pete said?


No Luna, Pete didn’t say that…I was quoting the media. Right now, Pete is the flavor of the month for the media, then it will be another male…until they push their agenda on the gullible public.

Still a No on Joe.

@67. He’s not even trying to get it, is he?

I thought I couldn’t be more repelled by his smarmy bullshit than I always was, but he just achieved that.

Personally, I think the ‘Me Too’ movement is starting to go off the rails. Equating what Joe did with such media hype as what Kavanaugh did…is really taking away from the seriousness of sexual assault, IMO.

The type of men that are the deplorables are probably not going to see a difference and may even feel more justified in being abusive to women.

The only good I see in the hype over something like Joe has done, is that maybe some women will start feeling comfortable to telling these men to knock it off, right there and then…no matter who it is. I learned this lesson when I was 18 years old and my self confidence grew leaps and bounds after that experience.

Shadow, there’s equating, which, um, no. Just no. And there’s recognizing the spectrum.

I know it seems kind of bizarre, if you’re not drowning in patriarchy, that there are people, including women, who manage to convince themselves of the Oh-he’s-just-affectionate excuse.

What you’re hearing is those people waking up to the fact that, no, affection and consideration and kindness are in a different universe. This crap is on a spectrum that starts with a type of disrespect the perps never show to men.

Sure, Creepy Joe has always been closer to the polite end of the spectrum. But his basic, complete inability to see women as human beings has been setting our rights back for decades and has harmed millions of women.

It’s good to point out how many flavors of harm there are on that spectrum. It helps the people who suffer from it, even if it makes the deplorables cross.


You and I will have to disagree on this one.

Women of deplorable men will not change there spots with the media thumping away…they kind of like the idea that a man’s home is his effing castle.

My concern isn’t about keeping these abusers happy, it’s more of hoping women start stepping up to men that are not physical threats, like Joe, and telling them to back the eff off, and keeping the media focused on the bigger threat and not make the 24/7 news cycle go ape shit on the same thing………for days.

*their spots

This is nice:

I agree that Joe’s shenanigans do not equal Trump or Kavanaugh. He’s still creepy, but creepy and rapist are different things. But – there was a Rebecca Traister essay on Biden; did anyone post it here?? She did a pretty good job discussing that it’s not Biden’s creepiness that’s the problem with his candidacy; it’s that he has been a terrible and not at all liberal Senator for many years. His voting record up until about 2010 is atrocious. He and men like him have been the problem with our system all along. (And Biden STILL insists that he considers people like McConnell his friend.)

Bernie is hiding something in his taxes. Today he kicked the can down the road again.

DYB @74, exactly. He’s dreadful. He just has good manners, except to women he decides should be nuzzle-toys.

Traister’s article was brilliant.

Virginia Heffernan at the LA Times lays it out perhaps more clearly than I did. About how Biden is on the spectrum of women-don’t-count.

he also did something only people who are profoundly not sorry do. He rationalized his misconduct — and then, far worse, he ennobled it. He said — miming a bear hug and a lapel grab — that he considers this roughhousing to be a universal “gesture of support and encouragement.” [Ed note. he wasn’t bearhugging. He was sniffing women’s hair and kissing their necks.}

Biden doesn’t belong in jail, or even some golf-free rehab center. But even though his behavior fell well short of violence, he justified it using the language and logic of assailants. And that’s where he truly lost me.

For any GOT fans, this is really funny.

Rats, this is the link I meant to attach…

(I think fredster forgot to note he put a new post up. He’s feeling poorly, so go lend moral support! 🙂 )

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