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Lazy Weekend Music~ It’s Spring!

Posted on: March 23, 2019


Happy Weekend Widdershins!

That color above is supposed to be peach, somewhat appropriate for a spring color.  Neither yellow nor cyan showed up very well.  You work with what you can.

Wednesday the 20th was the Vernal Equinox which is supposed to mean that we are in the Spring season.  However with (psst – climate change) are we really having seasons anymore?  I’m not sure.  However, we’ll take a look at some “spring” songs.  I’ve got some of the tried and true and hope you’ll add some of your own in the comments.

* * * *

When It’s Springtime In The Rockies

* * *

Some Other Spring

* * *

It Might As Well Be Spring

* * *

Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

* * *

Spring Song-Song Without Words

* * *

Voices Of Spring

* * *

Voices Of Spring~Stooges Version


* * * *

Please share some of your choices in the comments.  Open thread of course.







65 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~ It’s Spring!"

Concertmaster and conductor — love his expressions; he is having so much fun!

Off to checkout the crawfish festival. Hope I can get some crawfish bread or crawfish Monica. And nope, don’t have any idea who Monica is or was.

Just saw this so had to add it b4 I leave.

So, the regulation that was written that a special council would provide a confidential report to the AG, who would then provide a ‘brief or summary’ report to Congress? It was written after (and because of) Ken Starr’s ridiculous and lurid 400+ page report made public about Bill Clinton.

James Comey breaking protocol and costing Hillary the election? Now they’re super duper careful not to say anything about someone they don’t plan to indict after (and because) they did it to Hillary.

What do they do, anything to slam the Clinton’s, and turn around and say ‘You know, we probably shouldn’t have allowed those things, so let’s make sure we don’t do that to anybody else. How convenient. Funny how that works, huh?

Sorry Fredster, I just can’t get into spring music today. I am too pist.

I wrote this down at the bottom of the last thread before the music thread started…

We needed a new election in 2017 after it was admitted that Drumpf stole it with Russia’s help. Our Constitution provides no remedy for that, so we didn’t get justice for us and our real elected president. This is also something that makes me furious and sad.
The second issue is that there was no remedy, is true MB.

But, the fact that the election was stolen with the help of the Russians is a crime against this country, and Mueller couldn’t find enough proof of that? He indited Russians that were doing that, he indited a heap of people that were doing that for Dump, but all of Dump and his family come out as innocent benefactors, I scream, BULL SHIT!

Yes, the spooks have already found some proof, so why didn’t they turn it over to Mueller, or why did Mueller avoid that proof?

I am too angry right now to say much about this. Obama dropping the ball, everyone dropping the ball and who get’s punished, Hillary and America. All of the social damage Dump has done, and we are still left hanging, waiting for someone else to help fix the problem.

America is being/has been broken and this will encourage Dump to do more, and worse things.

Effin’ Birds. I agree.

@8: No biggie shadow.

Interesting article from Benjamin Wittes on the end of Mueller’s investigation.

Very pretty post, Fredster, pretty pic and songs. I feel like the seasons are starting later and then being more intense and ending later than they used to. Everything is so crazy.

I retweeted the effin’ birds. Good conversation on last post. I’ve been wondering if we need to have a massive protest, with millions of people, and/or stop doing or buying anything that benefits rethugs, like a general strike. Someone must be smart enough to figure out the best way to hurt these people.

Someone we all know & love changed their handle:

@16: LOL, love that.

It is the springtime of my life . . .

Ooops! I don’t know this happened but it posted the wrong song. I didn’t even look at that song. Trying again.

Wow. The coding on that is really messed up. I’ve never had that happen before. Trying one last time. (Fredster feel free to delete one or both of the others)

Finally got the Rain Song posted. I had to find it from a different source. This is a beautiful video with all seasons:

This is kinda long, but it was one of my favorite classical pieces when I was young.

Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, is over but whatever Mueller considered his narrow purview. There is no exoneration for Drumpf or anyone else. Per CNN, indictments and investigations will continue.

Can we stop getting so worked up over something we have not seen?

And oh btw, Mueller will respond to a Congressional subpoena. One way or another we will hear EVERYTHING.

@23, I love Appalachian Spring, and the Shaker song whih forms part of its melody.

I don’t trust what Barr said about the report either. And, he said this:

Nonetheless we had better hurry up and find another way to hold Drumpf accountable for his multitudinous crimes. There is no doubt something impeachable in the report. The Dems wilI see it and then we will find out what they think.

Barr’s handling of the report is pretty much what I expected.

It’s a cover up, plain and simple. William Barr’s opinion. Nothing more. Poor Katy Tur just couldn’t wrap her head around until she finally brought on Ari Melber and Neal Katyl to explain it to her. )Oh look, there’s the Dotard. Click!

Nice selections annie, and thanks! I’ll delete one of the duplicates.

And yes I’ve been having some issues with adding in youtube links also.

Barr did exactly what he indicated he would do before his selection as A.G.

Mueller punted the decisions on to Barr. There must be some reason he did not make judgement on his 2+ year investigation, instead, letting Barr who saw the report for a little over 24 hours, give Dump a free pass.

@33 – from what I read in Barr’s letter, the standard he “and Rosenstein” chose for criminal obstruction of justice was extremely narrow. This is how Barr’s covering his *ss and pretending he’s unbiased.

@35: There must be an Effin’ Birds for that one.

I like Ari. I either watch or DVR his show daily.

Well! I feel better about it already.

The U.S. official said planned changes included 15 minutes of training to help pilots deactivate the anti-stall system known as MCAS in the event of faulty sensor data or other issues. It also included some self-guided instruction, the official added.

The reason Mueller found no chargeable collusion is because there were no ‘documents’ between the Trump campaign directly to the Russian government. We all know what we saw (with our lying eyes), but as a prosecuter, you must show documents. This just means they didn’t leave a trail. IMO that’s not because the Dump gang was smart enough to do that. It’s because the Russians were. The Dotard gang can’t decide if they were ignorant rubes (which I think Mueller and others are giving a pass on) or if they thought it was perfectly fine to conspire w/ Russia. And then lie about it, over and over.

Fascinating to watch the legal analysis today. (I mean the actual legal experts) People tend to think the law is ‘cut and dried’, but it is not by any means.

@44: Liked this tweet from Joyce Vance.

Yep more law school for us.

@33 Mueller punted the decisions on to Barr. No, Barr took that upon himself. Mueller punted to Congress, which he was always suppose to do. Barr is trying to impede that. Not gonna happen. It goes to Congress.

Mueller told DOJ weeks ago he would reach no conclusion on obstruction

Critter break.

@49, crap, highlighted the desired tweet but didn’t hit “copy.” Obviously I still need more caffeine this morning.

@50: Those don’t look like Woody Woodpecker.

ZOMG. Eleventy. Separated at birth.

Here’s a piece breaking down Barr’s letter. (weasel words) The last part:

For now, all we have is the letter. And it doesn’t show that Trump is innocent of collusion or obstruction.It shows that collusion and obstruction were defined to exclude what he did.

@54 – Exactly! That’s what I was saying before.

Well, dictators almost always bring themselves down by overreaching. Trashing the ACA after people got used to it may not be as good an idea as he thinks it is

@57: I really wish he would have something like that blow up in his face.

I normally have the dvr thing setup to record NIcolle Wallace, Ari Melber and Maddow. I disabled it today – simply didn’t want to hear any of it.

So who wasn’t thinking ahead here?

Nasa cancels all-female spacewalk, citing lack of spacesuit in right size

I understand you just can’t go down to Cintas and pick up a couple in the right size, but really?

I can’t believe the scope of Mueller’s investigation was so thin, thin, thin…it was a string (according to Barr’s little letter). It seems (without knowing Mueller’s report) that the only way Mueller could claim conspiracy to collude is if he found an actual document, some form of communication directly between Trump and Putin…

Putin: Hey, Donnie! We’ll help you win if you lift sanctions so we can continue laundering our money in your and other US interests accounts! Win Win!

Dotard: Thanks Vllad! Go for it. Much obliged.

Putin: Cool bro! I’ll call WikiLeaks. Let the hacking begin!!

I guess Mueller couldn’t find that actual document. Therefore, no collusion.

@61, we really don’t know anything but what Barr told us, and we can’t trust him.

@60, oh for crying out loud! You’d think all those brilliant minds at NASA would have thought of this beforehand.

@53, Cousins at least!

I love NASA dearly. I think they’re one of the real standout federal agencies, and they’re accomplishing things we’ll be remembered for like people marvel at the pyramids. So far, so good. But all that said, they really do make some of the most amazing floaters. This female-sized space suit fiasco merely (probably?) ruins some poor woman’s chance at space. But they also had that Mars mission which crashed because there was a slight error in calculation. Someone had used feet and inches for something instead of meters.

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