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Activist Tuesday: Can Two Shiny Objects Occupy The Same Space?

Posted on: March 19, 2019

Courtesy of The Hill

Rut-roh, Bernie! There’s a new cult figure on the horizon, and *gasp,* he is YOUNG. And, he raised $200,000 more in 24 hours than you did! Oh my, oh my, what shall you do?

O’Rourke’s total crushed the first day hauls of many of his Democratic competitors and surpassed even that of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the fundraising pace-setter and a far better-known candidate who collected $6 million [actually, he didn’t. He raised $5.9 million] in the first 24 hours of his own campaign. In an email to supporters Monday, the Sanders campaign pointed to O’Rourke’s total and asked for help to “close the gap” before the first Federal Election Commission fundraising deadline.

Oh, but that didn’t happen. Why? Because Beto knew how important this was going to be, and he was ready.

The cash windfall was no accident. O’Rourke began preparing for a robust online fundraising push even before he announced his run for president, alerting top supporters to be ready to solicit contributions from their lists. Once he announced his candidacy on Thursday, the campaign began aggressive texting, email and social media appeals. O’Rourke spent more than $157,000 on Facebook last week, running more than 2,300 — many of them soliciting donations, with the campaign telling donors that “what we raise in the first 24 hours will set the tone in the national conversation about the viability of our campaign.”

Whatever we might think about Beto, he certainly has political savvy – enough to know how to shut up the yelling, pointing, almost-octogenarian Senator Sanders. And now, it looks like at least some of the Powers That Be have decided that Bernie and Beto cannot occupy the same space. The compares and contrasts are starting, first on one of Sanders’ signature slogans – er, policy positions: Medicare for All. Guess what? Beto’s on the right side of this. He favors a plan called Medicare for America,  which outlines a gradual phasing in of single-payer. Not too coincidentally, this concept is also what Our Girl proposed in 2016.

That Democrats are arguing whether their next health care proposal should cover every American in a government plan in a matter of years or a matter of decades shows how far to the left the party’s internal health care debate has shifted. But in a crowded presidential field, these distinctions are going to be treated as meaningful. O’Rourke is allying himself with more mainstream Democrats, setting up a collision with Sanders and the single-payer purists [bolding mine].

That is a good sign for Beto. But there are other, more troubling signs that despite the cash he can raise, he just might not be ready for prime time, especially in the era of #MeToo and the massive infusion of energy, brilliance and joy over 100 female freshman Democrats have brought to the House this year.

Much of the criticism of O’Rourke, while specific to the comments he has made, also revolve around his status as a 40-something white male running in a party increasingly leaning on minorities and women for support.


Tracy Sefl, a Democratic consultant who served as a surrogate to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, summed it up by calling it “the tyranny of bro culture.”

“A seasoned campaign professional — a woman— asked me, ‘Is he running for president in this century?’ A question worth asking based on what voters saw over the past several days,” Sefl said.

So, Beto’s shiny and embodies white male privilege. Bernie’s shiny and embodies white male privilege. At the end of the day, which one, if either, will remain standing? I think we’ll find that two shiny objects cannot, in fact, occupy the same space.

This is an open thread.


77 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Can Two Shiny Objects Occupy The Same Space?"

New post!

Speaking of 2020, the National Popular Vote is gaining momentum.

The Berniebros frothing on Twitter over comparisons with Beto — so amusing! I can only hope they’ll attack each other and leave the rest of us alone.

Go Beto! Anyone who can get that puff-faced fingerwagger shoved into retirement deserves the thanks of a grateful nation, as far as I’m concerned.

(And then he can gracefully exit himself and run for Senate or something.)

Haha MB, the Sandman as a shiny object…more like a wrinkled ball of aluminum foil.

Just get him out, I don’t care who or how many do it. He is the guy, that proclaimed he was jipped of the DEMOCRATIC primary and could have won against Dump. I want to see Burningman crawl on his old knees, out of the race in disgrace, where he belongs.

I prefer that he gets knocked out by an intelligent candidate, not just for raising the most $27 bills.

This is priceless…


BREAKING: George Conway (husband of Kellyanne) Just Responded to Trump calling Him a “total loser”


“Congratulations! You just guaranteed that millions of more people are going to learn about narcissistic personality disorder and malignant narcissism!”

Caption for that pic:

I fell and I should have never bothered getting up.

Great post. I hope you’re right and they do just cancel each other out. I still think there are waaay too many candidates. Which brings me to Gillibrand. Why is she running? What does she think she has to offer that the other women don’t? Politico has an article up today about KG not firing a man in her office that women said made unwanted advances towards them and comments to the effect that rape was not a big deal. Apparently this dragged on, and the woman that made the original complaint, her deputy chief-of-staff, is quitting. A young woman already quit over it. It doesn’t look good, especially in light of her Al Franken fiasco. Regarding that, KG took to twitter last night to say she did the right thing in calling for AF to quit, that there were too many allegations. She stupidly ended the tweet with “so will you support me?” She was deluged with No’s and people making angry comments that the Franken thing looked like a set up and she rushed to judgement to make herself look good, etc. I thought the tweet was a really bad idea. And now this Politico piece makes her look like a raging hypocrite. I don’t see how she can advance in the race with all of this. It’s almost like karma.

@7: Sigh. I miss Al. He certainly livened up any congressional hearings he was in and would have been such a perfect attack dog on tRump.

Anne @7

She was deluged with No’s and people making angry comments that the Franken thing looked like a set up and she rushed to judgement to make herself look good, etc.

A big yup to their comments on AF.

Her rush to judgement is finally getting some payback.
Glad I’m not the only one that is disgusted with her actions.

About a totally different disaster — what? you say you had enough of them already? — there are several chemical storage tanks burning in northeastern greater Houston.

So far, there’s one of naphtha, another of xylene, and now one of toluene. All they need is a tank of benzene to join in to have a full hand of some of the most toxic petrochemicals known to humankind, spewing poison into the air.

Residents of Deer Park are being told to shelter in place. Because obviously inside a house you have your own independent sealed air supply.

Chalk up another example added to the millions for reasons to get off those death funnel fossil fuels.

@10 -yikes Quixote!!!

Yrch, where is Bernie finding these nasty and asinine people?

Just in case you haven’t yet seen this, Fredster:

@10, quixote, “Shelter in place”? Helluva industrial safety plan they had there. Company CEOs should shelter in place right next to those tanks.

Give me a break. We all know Dotard is violating the emoluments clause in the Constitution… and so do these judges.

RICHMOND — A federal appeals court panel was indisputably hostile Tuesday to a lawsuit accusing President Donald Trump of violating the Constitution by profiting from his business dealings with foreign countries seeking to curry favor with his administration.

The uphill battle the suit faces was evident before the arguments even began Tuesday morning when it was revealed that all three 4th Circuit Court of Appeals judges assigned to the case are GOP appointees, including two of the court’s most conservative jurists.

Bernie’s new press secretary proudly voted for Jill Stein.

Rachel M talked about that toxic death cloud at the end of her show. Gone past Houston and heading to Austin. Officials say as long as it stays up high, away from ‘land’, it’s no threat. Please. Along with the ozone, somewhere it’s going to meet weather conditions that is going to bring it down and effect others, even if far away. It effects us all.

Q @10
Yup those black clouds of toxic smoke, “…are perfectly safe, as long as it is high enough in the sky. Nothing to report, move along now, little doggie.”

Good old Texas, the land of few environmental restrictions, the rich oil producing families that sell snake oil to their residents and most of them are Dump supporters.

I feel sorry for residents that somehow don’t realize how toxic the area is and/or too poor to leave.

@13: Her hat is ***perfect***. Screw dem ppl Hazelnut, you rock!

@10: Wow, xylene and tolulene, there’s a cancer cocktail for ya.

Right now the south is in a zonal flow deal for weather. Just need to pick up some of that Gulf moisture and voila, it will definitely rain on someone’s parade.

I am going to Houston next week! I hope the air is safe by then, I definitely don’t think it is now.

Bernout has hired three awful people, actually. Another one is David Sirota, who is under an ethical cloud for being secretly working for Bernie for months while writing Guardian articles trashing all things non Bernie.

@19 – my goddess!

And … another candidate insults Hillary and her supporters while showing he can’t recognize the effects of voter suppression, media emailzzz coverage, Russian hacking, and Bernie sabotage. Nor does he know it was not Hillary’s official slogan but our slogan. Sorry, Pete, you just lost me. Go stand over there with Beto.

Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo was the first place I saw dubiousness about how rich Dump was. I think back in 2016. The signs were all there.

24- So far, my preferences remain Amy, then possibly Kamala. Inslee, perhaps. I am disappointed in many of the remainder, but am concerned that they will all be placed in the same bowl by the media and then puréed into a laughing stock.

@24 Jake Tapper pulled that ‘i’m with her’ crap not too long ago and got his ass handed to him on Twitter. Good thing I never planned to vote for Pete.

I doubt Pete will get very far but I did like some of what I’ve seen, though he sure doesn’t have enough experience to be a valid candidate (not that that stops anyone). This and his “my face is my advantage” line put him in the solid “No” category for me. May seem petty to decide based on a few sentences, but it shows his poor ability to analyze situations and draw the right conclusions. I really like Inslee but honestly though he’d be a good POTUS I’d prefer him as VP. He could focus on climate change and working with legislators and public coalitions, which is what as a governor he has two terms of experience doing in addition to his experience as a congressman.

@29: “Mayor Pete” as some call him. Just no. If a Dem wins in 2020, maybe a cabinet slot for him or something.

@24: Did you read some of the comments on that? How quickly some folks forget that the election was lost due to foreign influence by Russia.

GOP Sen Isakson from GA is condemning Dump for his attack on McCain and says it was deplorable among other things. (Hillary warned you dude) Remember last fall he said this on the floor:

“I don’t know what is going to be said in the next few days about John McCain by whomever is going to say it or what is going to be done, but anybody who in any way tarnishes the reputation of John McCain deserves a whipping because most of those who would do the wrong thing about John McCain didn’t have the guts to do the right thing when it was their turn,” Isakson said last August.

@31, yeah, how quickly they forget Russia, Bernie, Comey, voter suppression, and a small, suspiciously similar number of the bare margin of votes needed all came together so Trump could steal the Electoral College. And how quickly they forget HRC won the goddamn majority of the vote by 3 million.

@34: And how quickly they forget HRC won the goddamn majority of the vote by 3 million.


Speaking of 2016, generally I hardly ever fool with Huffpost (or whatever) now, but this piece that annie tweeted is good.

I am sorry to hear about Mayor Pete being a schmuck. Honestly none of the men are nearly as good as the women in the 2020 race….

@37: Oops, just noticed that piece ^^ was from 2017.

There’s lots of pro-Pete enthusiasm on twitter. I don’t get it. I’m glad he’s well educated and well spoken, but he’s mayor of what to me looks like a town. Plus, he’s only 37. He has lots of time to get some big time experience. If I was going to vote for a man–I’m not–it would be Jay Inslee.

Last week it was Beto. . .this week Pete. All this fan-girling over every new young white man that pops into the race. It’s exhausting.

God, Bernoid looks like Father Time in that pic at the top of the thread. I’ve seen a lot of really bad pix of him this week. Hopefully it will sink into the subconsciousness of voters that he’s too old, and looks unwell. Ditto for Biden.

A woman I follow on twitter was gushing over Pete today, and described him as “self-taught, graduated summa cum laude from Harvard, & Rhodes Scholar”. How can you be self-taught if you graduated from Harvard?

24 NW Luna

Young Pete, you would NEVER get my vote for a list of reasons and now you have opened your mouth and have been awarded the ‘kiss of death’.

Insult Hillary or her supporters, you have lost before you ever began.

“@42, annie, “Self-taught” and “Harvard” — lololol. We’ve already seen how bad a “self-taught” POTUS* is. We don’t need another even if he’s less bad.

@43, Shadow, lots of people in (and out) of the Twitterverse are pointing out the exact same thing. Any Dem candidate needs to win us if they want to win in the primaries.

Annie’s article may be from early 2017, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good, complete, and true summary of how the election was stolen.

Tragically (in the real meaning of the word: walking into disaster with your eyes open because you refuse to change) tragically, the Repubs thought losing our democracy would give them a win. And tragically, the Dems enabled them by not, at the very least, bearing witness.

Re “self-taught” I suspect the dim connection of ideas was with “self-made.” It’s a pretty rare term by now so she just threw any old placeholders in there. As she apparently learned from the Dump, words don’t have to mean anything. Just make it sound good.

(Yes, sarcasm, but seriously, the level of bullshit in someone’s language is a good indicator of their bogosity.)

44 Luna

It sure seems like the 20somethings that vote are looking for memes, flash-in-the-pans or as I prefer, ‘prom dates’ to vote for. So far, it’s about males…the current women running seem to get little excitement or interest from our media or social media.

Didn’t the media cause some of the problems in 2008 and 2016, supporting the males over Hillary? And now, they are doing it again for men’s sake.

@45: True dat.

Re the Fluffpo article. I hadn’t gotten it from the website. It was in a thread on twitter, so I clicked on it and liked it. I stopped looking at huffpo last year, its not the same place it was back in the mid aughts. It’s been taken over by young people and they’re all about Bernie & AOC, and being offended over everything any baby boomer does or ever did. I do like that article though because it rightly points out that Hillary didn’t lose, the election was rigged, and since a lot of people still make comments to the effect that Hillary “lost”, I think its important to keep making the distinction that no she didn’t. Hope that makes sense. I have a bad cold, and taking lots of medicine.

Quixote @46, ahhh, I think you’ve got it. She probably meant self-made.

Shadow @47, Yes, I see that everywhere. Last week Beto, this week Pete.

@49: No biggie abt the article annie. I didn’t see it at first and then noticed it when I wanted to see the writer’s name. Still a good article and all of it holds true. Oh and you’re correct about the site itself. It’s definitely gone downhill.

I hope this comes out right. an unusual twitter event:

Here is aoc’s reply:

@51 and 52: LOL

@51 & 52 Pure Gold!

The shade!

Hell. May the deities damn Trump and his ilk to eternal humiliation for what they stoled from America.

Tears. Yeah, it’s too late at night and I had one Grand Marnier too many.

Love the interaction between HRC and AOC! Amazing women both. I hope HRC is giving AOC advice – she has a lot of learning to do.

Really great story about Bernie’s fraud with David Sirota. Damn, I used to like him.

Um, wait, that Orange-Potatohead-Golf-Club thing is for real? Not the Onion? Newsweek? Really?

I suppose I could find out by clicking on the link, but there would probably be big pictures of the Pile O’ Garbage and I just can’t handle that right now.

Hillary is pure 24 carat gold.

quixote, I wish they would’t use photos of that repulsive Orange Caligula either. I avert my eyes. Here’s the quote about the “funny” incident.

…a funny exchange that came as a result of Trump’s anger at a wayward drive. Reilly wrote in the Politico excerpt:

“One time, after a bad drive, Trump slammed his driver back in his bag, as guys will do, and wasn’t really watching what he was doing, and the driver ricocheted back and hit Trump in the head. ‘A.J.?’Trump asked, pissed. ‘Did you just hit me in the head with my own driver?’

“Funny,” huh? I’d say Borderline Personality Disorder. This is sometimes diagnosed by medical professionals based on the Urge to Strangle Patient in the First 30 Seconds test — because you can sense that they’ll refuse to try anything you recommend, because they just know it won’t work and they think it’s all your fault anyway. I wasted many hours of my empathy and intellect on patients like this before I developed the clinical acumen to recognize the type. Sounds cynical, but it’s the equivalent of trying to convince a MAGAt anti-vaxxer that the HPV vaccine can save lives.

“ricocheted back” etc. Wow. Just … wow. He really has trouble with cause and effect, doesn’t he.

Strikes me as at about the mental stage where if you put the baby’s head in a paper bag, baby is astonished the world has disappeared.

And that got enough votes to steal the election :boggle: I still can’t get my mind around that.

Well folks, the Mueller report has been submitted. It truly is #MuellerTime

Yes, MB and it sounds like Mueller didn’t hold a hammer, just a feather.

I know what you mean. I’ve been bummed out all day. Here’s a philosophical tweet from Phillipe:

I have a rinestone covered, ‘It’s Mueller Time’ t-shirt I have worn once, the next thing I will have to do is cut it into shreds and toss it in the trash.

2 years waiting and it helps Dump…

I keep seeing people, including many running for Dem nom, saying Barr has to release the report, “American democracy depends on it.”

Don’t you think the Dump side is fully aware of that? Might be smarter not to remind them of it so much. They’ve been at war with democracy since Nixon. What’s the point of telling them victory is at hand?

Probably would work better to taunt them with being scaredy cats. The only thing they understand is games of chicken.

@66 Shadow, why do you think it helps Trump? We haven’t seen it yet. We may not know unless Dem committees can somehow make it so. Trump (and Fox) will pretend it does, of course. Mueller’s job was not to decide if the president should (or could) be indicted. It was to lay out the facts of Russian interference in our election.

Also obstruction of justice, which is quite obvious. Hell, there was no investigation required there. The public saw it with our own eyes.

It moves on to DOJ, then to Committees. I would love to see him removed or resign before the 2020 election. Nancy P is right. Public sentiment will have to remove him. That was never Mueller’s job to do.

@68: Shadow, why do you think it helps Trump? We haven’t seen it yet.

My question exactly. I use to follow Philippe Reines but dropped him. Too full of himself IMHO.

I urge you all to read Seth Abramson on Twitter. There is zero evidence that the various lines of inquiry into Drumpf, the kids and other key players like Roger Stone and even Paul Manafort are over. In fact, there is plenty of public evidence to the contrary.

He breaks the investigation into three pieces: criminal (Mueller’s piece), counter-intelligence (FBI and others) and Congress.

Here is one outstanding tweet about counter-intelligence.

The problem is the election was stolen. People with access to the classified data had evidence it was being stolen before Nov 9, 2016. The rest of us guessed. That should have been brought into the open then simply as a matter of justice, politics be damned.

Same thing after the election and before the inauguration.

Same thing after the inauguration and every minute since then while the evidence available to everybody gets stronger and stronger and stronger.

It’s maybe better than nothing to say, in those circumstances, “But wait! The law grinds on.” But it’s far from good enough.

People stealing quarters get put away for years, while people robbing the whole country don’t even resign the offices they stole that put them in a position to rob.

That’s just *wrong*. That’s what Shadow and I and millions of people can’t take.

Yes, maybe there’s nothing anybody can do except let the law grind on, but let’s acknowledge the truth of what’s happening. The system has failed, the checks and balances did not work as advertised. That will have to be fixed if we get back to our senses. (HR1 is a good step in that direction.) Meanwhile: we wait and remember: This Is Not Okay.

We needed a new election in 2017 after it was admitted that Drumpf stole it with Russia’s help. Our Constitution provides no remedy for that, so we didn’t get justice for us and our real elected president. This is also something that makes me furious and sad.

I feel this is a separate problem.

You’re right about needing a do-over. Like Kenya managed to do, for instance.

It is a separate problem. One wedge of the pie that keeps growing bigger the longer the criminals are in power.

i.e. one of those fundamental things that has to be fixed if we ever get back to rule of law.

Not separate, in the sense that it’s part of that overall problem of criminals trampling democracy.


We needed a new election in 2017 after it was admitted that Drumpf stole it with Russia’s help. Our Constitution provides no remedy for that, so we didn’t get justice for us and our real elected president. This is also something that makes me furious and sad.
The second issue is that there was no remedy, is true MB.

But, the fact that the election was stolen with the help of the Russians is a crime against this country, and Mueller couldn’t find enough proof of that? He indited Russians that were doing that, he indited a heap of people that were doing that for Dump, but all of Dump and his family come out as innocent benefactors, I scream, BULL SHIT!

Yes, the spooks have already found some proof, so why didn’t they turn it over to Mueller, or why did Mueller avoid that proof?

I am too angry right now to say much about this. Obama dropping the ball, everyone dropping the ball and who get’s punished, Hillary and America. All of the social damage Dump has done, and we are still left hanging, waiting for someone else to help fix the problem.

America is being/has been broken and this will encourage Dump to do more, and worse things.

The system has failed, the checks and balances did not work as advertised.

As all of us have said, the Founding Patriarchs did not plan for such lack of patriotism, responsibility or honor. I don’t know how long it will take — or even if it is possible — to undo what Trump has done. Or at least to help prevent (or quickly punish) such corrupt and treasonous abuse of power. We’ve got a republic, not a democracy. Amendments to the Constitution aren’t easy to pass. Our elected representatives aren’t as responsive to the people as they would be in a Parliamentary system.

I’m not particularly optimistic now. I don’t trust Barr — he’s a Trump pick.

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