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Lazy Weekend~Erin Go Bragh!

Posted on: March 16, 2019


Good Weekend Widdershins!

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too!  This is the weekend we celebrate all things Irish and isn’t that grand?  We all have a drop of the green in our blood for this weekend, but please no corned beef and cabbage for me.  Just never developed a taste for it.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some songs that celebrate the Emerald Isle.  There are tons of them out there so please share some of your favorites in the comments.  I believe I’ve found some that I really haven’t’ heard of before.

* * * *

The Irish Rover

* * * *

A Nation Once Again

* * * *

Arthur McBride 1977


* * * *

Rocky Road To Dublin


* * * *

Molly Malone

* * * *

Okay Widdershins, I’m making my list brief so that y’all can add lots of music videos in the comments below.

Open thread of course.




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49 Responses to "Lazy Weekend~Erin Go Bragh!"

Well this song isn’t about Ireland, but it’s sung by pretty Irish people:

Did anyone hear about the obnoxious Bernie brats that verbally attacked pregnant Chelsea at a vigil that she was asked to attend?

@2: Pardon my language but what the hell was that woman mouthing off about? What does Chelsea have to do with the NZ massacre?

@2 I was just going to post about that. She blamed Chelsea’s “rhetoric”?
You know what? I’m no longer pissed at these BirdBrains. They are making fools of themselves. They just look stupid.

Maybe the reason so many Dems are jumping into the race is to get rid of the non-Democrat early. It’s a plan and It can work. He’ll be gone soon if they get their ground game on in the early states. Polls be damned.

@4, Hilarious! And also cute.

@5, GAgal, I hope you’re right.

That doggie!!! Want!

Thinking about Chatblu today. Erin Go Bragh!

I agree about all the Dems running. The idea is message amplification. It will drown out the wackos like this woman, who thinks she is reacting to Chelsea’s comments about Ilhan Omar and Omar’s antisemitic comments.

Anne @ 2
I was about to post a few songs by Irish singers and I saw that video of those NYers going after Chelsea and I am so angry now, I have to step away for a few minutes.

So many good songs by Enya, here is one with a beautiful video.

I’m half Irish, Happy St. Patty’s Day!

One more from Enya because her voice is so beautiful.

More Bono, just ’cause. 😉

My bad, just ran across this song on youtube and couldn’t resist posting. It’s a gem. Too bad they aren’t Irish, but they are/where great. Enjoy.

Oh my, Shadow you’re on a roll!!

@7: I was thinking of her also mb, as I was creating the post.

@15 – {{Fredster}}

Nice posts, Shadow!

This is a great piece about Beto. It captures why I feel really sh*tty about how he’s being portrayed…I didn’t really get it until now.

And I also agree that on policy, Elizabeth Warren is knocking out of the park. She has the best platform so far. But it’s early days…

@16: What piece abt Beto? In another comment here?

MB @18, OMG, that article is brilliant! I absolutely related to what she was saying about how your life changes with motherhood. The only thing I didn’t get is why she says Beto is over. Is he? I haven’t noticed that.

@19 not sure where she got that either. Maybe because he didn’t release his fundraising numbers? Scratching my head…

19- at least he is over for the writer. What a great essay! I don’t generally care for Warren, but I could certainly relate to the way she was described herein. What a legacy of challenges one life can have! So many compromises, attempts to survive, possibly flourish someday, avoiding both self-imposed and externally infused guilt.

Why can’t we pose on a pick up truck on a dusty road and be taken seriously like Beto? No fair! It is all so absurd. I remember dating once after I left my ex and was a single mom of a three year old while working full time and attending grad school and being told that I should dress more sexy! You can’t win.

@lililam, I hope you told him that however sexily he dressed it would never make up for his lack of intelligence.

Speaking of Beto, I heard a talking head on one of the MSNBC shows mention that his wife’s family are centimillionaires. I had to look that one up.

Also heard one say that Beto’s three terms in the House were fairly uneventful. But I imagine it’s pretty difficult to be eventful in a group of 435 people.

Well, John Lewis, Pelosi, Lieu, Schiff, and more than a few others have been eventful.

Yes, IIRC Beto is more than comfortable and his wife’s family even more so.

@24: That probably helps with the childcare issues.

I’m not sure about women necessarily not having magical photos if standing next to dusty pickups. If *Annie Liebovitz* took the photo, there’d be a glowing inner essence coming through even if it was of Debbie Downer.

The question is why isn’t she doing that kind of spread for the serious candidates? Why isn’t Vanity Fair writing mystical articles about them?

The sticking point is that Vanity Fair doesn’t. Not that it would be at all difficult if they wanted to.

Right now, Beto comes across as a dreamer. (Not a ‘Dreamer’) Lots of lofty platitudes but nothing concrete to implement them. Remind you of anyone? Let the NY Daily News interview him like they did Bernie and we’ll see where the rubber meets the road. He’s not ready. Maybe in the future, but not now by a long shot. But, I have no problem with him running. Go for it dude. I won’t vote for him, but that’s beside the point.

I’m reading a great long article about the international scope of white supremacy and how they now have this wonderful electric internet machine to egg each other on with.

Okay, so far nothing new. But the author mentions the point that (duh) they want to get rid of everybody “non-white” which even includes European Jews, and that set my mind off on one of its ridiculous tangents.

They think whites are better than everybody, right? So they should be able to strategize better than everybody, right? So how come they haven’t done the arithmetic on the *scale* of the job?

I mean, when these were national movements, the whole idea of (urgh) “cleaning out” one nation was stupid enough. (Aside from any considerations of justice or humanity, obviously.)

But if they’re now thinking globally … I mean, have they looked at a map?

What, exactly, do they fancy themselves supreme in? They don’t even want to be supreme at justice, mercy, humanity. But apparently even simple arithmetic escapes them.


Love the Rude Pundit!

Q, there is a reason white supremacy is becoming extinct!

White supremacy can’t go extinct soon enough. It’s a hateful, conniving beast that’ll take a long time to kill.

Gotta love a guy like this, and his husband’s sense of humor! Not to mention he likes dogs, and dogs like him.

Okay, folks. I have bad news. The problem with democracy is democracy. The experiment has now officially failed. Another article (I have to stop reading articles) on Buzzfeed about Beto.

Though few were willing to commit to voting for him, as is common this early in Iowa, many said they were convinced that he could deliver on the promise of unity that he offered at every campaign stop.

“I tend to agree with some of the stories … but I look at him and he’s the only one that gives me that hope,” said Anne Phillips, a graphic designer who saw O’Rourke interviewed for a podcast in Cedar Rapids. “I want reconciliation, and he brings that to my heart. I sense in him that he can bring us back together.”

Who here is eager to reconcile with the tiki-torch crowd?

That’s what I thought.

And these half-baked Hallmark moments is where “the voters” are at. Given that the voters were the last leg of our democracy we still hoped was standing, I’d say it’s all over but the shouting.

Oh my, I just rotfl at this.

@36: “I want reconciliation

With whom and over what? If it’s those far-right douchebags, no I want them stomped into the ground.

@39, well gee, another Trump crony getting hauled off? I’m having problems keeping up with the numbers.

I want them to hurry up and get to the biggest fraud of all, the one in the White House.

@36, goddamnit, Democrats, quit falling in love with candidates! You cannot reconcile with people who want kids in cages and who stockpile AR-15s.

I didn’t like Obama for saying he wanted to reach across the aisle to Republicans rather than investigate Bush and his appointees for lying to Congress and for possible war crimes.

If logic and rational discussion worked on Republicans and fascists we’d have saved them by now.

That turkey patrol!

Here’s something for you, Fredster:

@42: Awwww, I want!

Ah, that wiener dog in his bee suit……….with the little sleeve cuffs and slit for…poops is too darn funny and his bee hat for his long nose…

Forget he might have a real sniffer job, he is so well dressed for work.

No one but Faux News would offer Brazil Nut a job. She is going to quickly find that her job is to be the “librul” they all sh*t on. Wonder how long she’ll last?

Trump tweeted a poll that 50% of Americans believe the Mueller probe is a ‘witch hunt’. This was a USA Today/Suffolk University poll. No wonder you can’t trust pollsters opinion polls. Are they just lazy or do they have agenda? It feels like an agenda to me.

President Donald Trump on Monday touted poll results that appeared to show more Americans than ever siding with his oft-repeated accusation that special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe is nothing more than a “witch hunt.”

But some polling experts took issue with the phrasing of the survey question, saying it may have skewed the results.

“President Trump has called the Special Counsel´s investigation a ‘witch hunt’ and said he´s been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents because of politics. Do you agree?” the new USA Today/Suffolk University poll asked 1,000 registered voters in live telephone interviews between March 13 and 17.

But multiple polling experts took exception to the structure of the question.

“I’m sorry to say this question violates three basic principles of questionnaire design,” said Gary Langer, president of Langer Research Associates, which polls for ABC News and others.

Langer said in an email to CNBC that the question is “triple-barreled” because it asks three things within a single question: whether the probe is a witch hunt; whether Trump has been subjected to more investigations than other presidents; and whether those probes have been lodged because of politics.

“Answers to each can differ,” Langer said.

@45, LOL! I saw that announcement on twitter. The picture of her made her look 20 years younger. Photoshop, plastic surgery, or both.

Luna @41, Its so frustrating.

Twitter is buzzing today over Devin Nunes lawsuit. He is suing Twitter itself, some woman repub named Liz Mair, and the twitter accounts called “Devin Nunes’ Mom” and “Devin Nunes Cow.” I shit you not! I looked at some of threads and they were hilarious. The actual lawsuit was posted someplace and the twitter community was dissecting it line by line. And they are unfazed by the lawsuit; now there are several new twitter parody accounts, such as “Devin Nunes’ Dad” “Devin Nunes’ Mom’s Cow Patty” “Devin Nunes’ Second Cousin Once Removed Cow” and more than I could ever remember. Possibly hundreds more. He filed it in the State of Virginia.

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