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Activist Tuesday: Dear Diary…Why Aren’t They Mad at Republicans?

Posted on: March 12, 2019

Dear Diary,

Today I watched in disbelief as pundits and reporters I respect started tearing Nancy Pelosi apart for her statement about impeachment. Here’s an amazing Twitter conversation between the brilliant security expert Malcolm Nance, and the indispensable journalist Sarah Kendzior:

Diary, I could not believe my eyes. These smart, liberal people are attacking the woman who finally tore the House out of the Rethuglicans’ hands, who helped mastermind the biggest Blue Wave in history, and who has repeatedly faced down Donald Trump and made him cry like a toddler who’s dropped his ice cream cone. Malcolm Nance hasn’t done that. Sarah Kendzior hasn’t done that. In fact, I haven’t seen anyone do that since Our Girl kicked his ass in 2016.

And the way they’re attacking her! Let’s start with my friend Malcolm.

“What is wrong with the Speaker Pelosi Congress….”

If only! I am pretty sure that if Nancy were in charge of the whole Congress, impeachment would have happened on Day 1. But she’s not, Malcolm. She’s the Speaker of the House. The part of Congress that has not acted for two fucking years is the Senate. Why not call them the Mitch McConnell Congress?! Can you not figure out who the problem is here?

Let’s keep going:

“Nothing is criminal anymore? Trump can do or say like a dictator as he pleases? All his crimes are OK even if you see them?”

And Kendzior wrote,

“…Pelosi has proclaimed him above the law.”

Diary, when did Nancy say any of these things?

Say it with me, Diary: Impeachment is a political process. It is NOT a legal process. Apparently this point is lost on Malcolm, as is the makeup of the Congress, NOT (sadly) owned by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Contrary to his and Kendzior’s impassioned tweets, Pelosi has nothing to do with whether or not Donald Trump is charged with the multitude of crimes that he has no doubt committed. She has no power over the criminal justice system. She isn’t Bob Mueller or a prosecutor for the Southern District of New York.  All she can do is start impeachment proceedings, which will no doubt fail in the rotten-to-the-core Republican Senate.

With impeachment, every Republican in the country will be up in arms and screaming “Fake impeachment!” “Bullsh*t!” “Democrats kill babies and hate Jews!” (Okay, that last one is happening now.) Do we really want to make that happen before 2020? Politically speaking, we can reap much more fruit by investigating and getting the results of the Mueller Report published to all Americans, and we might pick off a lot more #MAGAs in the meantime.

Oh, dearest Diary, please don’t get me wrong. I really, really want the Mango Moron impeached, more than almost anything else these days. But if the woman who has brought this piece of sh*t to his knees and taken back the House despite gerrymandering and other egregious examples of Republican Election Fraud, says she is against impeachment, well, the last thing I’m going to do is attack her.

Instead, I’m going to defend her to my last breath, and focus my wrath on the Republicans who refuse to do their Constitutional duty and hold him accountable. They are the ones who have enabled his corruption to take hold, and they will face the consequences at the ballot box in 2020.

Who’s with me?

This is an open thread.

112 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Dear Diary…Why Aren’t They Mad at Republicans?"

Nancy is pragmatic. Those other Dems are making the perfect the enemy of the good.

Well, madamab, I love you dearly, but I’m not with you on this one. Yes, she’s done a good job on the Blue Wave. Yes, she’s an excellent politician.

But she really did miss the ball on this one. Saying “it’s not worth pursuing” is going to sound to a lot of people like “the crimes don’t matter enough.” To them, she has said that he’s above the law.

Like you, I’m sure she meant that impeachment is a waste of time with Repubs controlling the Senate. But she didn’t say that. She should have. For the mental health of the country, she really needed to point out he’s committed enough crimes, before and while in office, to have the Hugest Impeachment Evah, but that too many Repubs are complicit so we’re stuck. You can’t just let crimes happen without at least bearing witness.

I’m not gonna try to second guess her.


Personally I don’t give a crapola what some of these Dems think, and attacking another woman, especially an ‘older’ one, is just so damn typical …

First, I would like Dump strung up in a redwood tree or flung to the damn moon, but Nancy can’t wave her magic wand and get the GOPers to help Dems impeach him. Telling your enemy before the Mueller report comes out and before you have the proof in your hot hands is just shooting yourself in the foot. Without the GOP votes, she has to play it smart before the election, so she doesn’t give more fire to the enemy before the war.

I trust Nancy will pounce when she has the votes and she won’t harp on it until the proof is there. Anything else would be unwise.

@5: I trust Nancy will pounce when she has the votes and she won’t harp on it until the proof is there. Anything else would be unwise.


I’m seeing plenty of people saying that Pelosi’s “not worth it” is very smart politically. They say it deprives Repubs of their big campaign issue about how mean Dems are to that nice man, Dump.

Whatever works!

Well, I also think Pelosi could have been more detailed in her response, for example, mentioning the Emoluments Clause and other instances where Trump’s actions deserve impeachment — and then said that the Dems are focusing on specific positive actions while continuing to investigate. But that’s likely too nuanced for the news.

@8 – Yes, that is what I think too. However, as Chatblu used to say, this isn’t an echo chamber. Respectful disagreement is all good!

@9 – Agree too, but honestly she really said that to get under his skin. And it worked! He can’t stand it when a strong woman throws shade.

Why aren’t they mad at the Republicans? I think about this all the time (in a different context). How. in. the. hell. did the Republicans allow him to stomp all over their 16 primary candidates and give him a win? Of course, the media helped. And racists. And now, they enable him.

I’ve done a 180 on Pelosi’s statement. My initial reaction was “WTF.” But after reading some comments and thinking about it, I think she was right (although I understand Luna’s point that “not worth it” just makes it sound like the crimes aren’t worth it. I think she meant HE, TRUMP isn’t worth it, which is a way to dismiss him as irrelevant. Now, Trump deserves to be removed from office more than Nixon. So maybe Pelosi didn’t articulate that one point perfectly, but…) I think ultimately right now a few things: Pelosi doesn’t have the votes to impeach. The Democratic investigation is only 2 months old and we’ve seen the hearings. Impeachment hearings would be like that, but GOP would be more unhinged. It would be a circus and because the media holds Democrats to a different standard, each day the headlines would read “Impeachment In Disarray.” With all that, impeachment would not pass and that would be catastrophic for Democrats, they would lose the House in 2020. That must not happen. I think holding on to the House in 2020 is more important than impeaching Trump right now. In fact, the quickest way to get rid of Trump is probably voting him out in 2020. The impeachment/removal process (even if you assume McConnell holds a trial – which he will absolutely NOT), it wouldn’t be over by election day, it’s too late in the game now. Interestingly, besides people like Adam Schiff and Ted Leu explicitly siding with Pelosi on this, even people like Rashida Tlaib said she was not upset with Pelosi for what she said (Tlaib is the one who got int rouble for saying ‘Impeach the mother fucker.’) It seems to me Pelosi didn’t surprise anyone in the caucus with that interview and made sure people in her caucus held the line. And they are! It’s the pundits who are freaking out because it’s what pundits do. But I was surprised at some of the people having hysterical nervous breakdowns over it, people like Charles Blow and Armando and Tom Watson. They overreacted to what Pelosi actually said and then dug in. (They all REALLY objected to Pelosi using the word “bipartisan.” I think they read too much into it and then constructed straw men arguments out of it).

Take a few minutes to watch the following 3 videos. They are essential viewing. Representative Katie Porter was elected just a few months ago from CA. (She is a former student of Warren’s.)

(Porter also lists Kamala Harris as one of her mentors.)

(And the face of the Representative in white sitting next to her is amazing.)

That’s hilarious about Porter and the calculator.

I’m noticing a pattern with many of the female congresscritters. They’re damn good at requiring facts and evidence and proof. I’m thinking that connected to the way women are always being grilled on everything and rarely given the benefit of the doubt. So doing this is pretty well bred in the bone. I wonder if men ever realize the downstream consequences of their never listening to women, they’ll start to wish they hadn’t been so deaf.

(Nah. Too many connections to make. If they had that level of reasoning power, they would have listened to begin with.)

Yeah, I see the battle over that Nancy said about Dump was being discussed on Upps site too. Pretty much the gang over there is on Pelosi’s side, even though we all want him impeached, but like they say, Nancy is a pro at counting the votes, and they just aren’t there yet.

Didn’t I comment here earlier today? I know I wrote one out, did I not hit post?

Regarding Pelosi, I saw/heard one of the talking heads on one of the MSNBC shows saying that by doing and saying what she did, she took away the “I” word from tRump.

@18 Annie, I don’t see anything pending or spam. Fredster is the pro. If it’s there, he’ll find it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written a comment and hit refresh instead Post comment. So annoyed with myself.

Donald Dotard will rue the day he threw his hat in the ring. And so will the Republican party for allowing it to get to that point. He will die in prison on RICO charges, at the very least. I’ve said this since the day he won (actually, lost) the election. I only hope I live long enough to see it.

@20: I did check the spam and trash folders but nope didn’t see anything. GAgal, I’ve had a similar thing happen but it’s usually been when the wireless mouse makes a “jump” on its own and I’m sitting here looking and saying “huh, wha? ” Irritating as hell.

@20, oh okay, thanks GAgal. I’m getting senile.

@22, LOL! I know what you mean. I’m basically an apple person, but I’ve been using one of hubs old pc’s for the past year. I still don’t get it. (How it works)

D, that was so well said. My hubby also noticed that no one in Pelosi’s caucus is publicly contradicting her. She absolutely had the meeting before the meeting on that topic, told the caucus “this is our public message, if you disagree let’s keep it between us.”

The reason she is beating Drumpf like a drum is exactly this: MESSAGE DISCIPLINE. In the age of TeeVee, and social media it works.

I’m still queasy about letting expedience muscle out facts. Some of the clearer voices than mine out there:

Jennifer Pozner: “I agree with @JamilSmith: the political calculus may be challenging for Dems, but that’s true regardless. If Congress &/or Mueller don’t impeach for obvious crimes done privately and in plain sight — some that landed Trump in office — what is impeachment (or Congress) even for?”

She links to this article by Jamil Smith who also says it well: To recap: American voters seems largely convinced that the president is a crook, but are concerned that firing him might be a step too far. … Yet Nadler echoes Pelosi, signaling that even though he believes there exists evidence of Trump’s crimes, there isn’t enough to impeach. It all seems so ludicrous. Democratic leadership isn’t ruling it out, but if Pelosi and Nadler don’t want to impeach Trump because it is politically unpopular, then they should just say that rather than couching it in bland rhetoric about such action being “divisive.”

Allowing anyone, especially powerful, fuck-you type criminals be above the law is hideously corrosive.

That may not be what Pelosi means or is strategizing toward, but she’s opened the door an extra bit to too many people seeing it that way.

As Jamil said, and I too, she should be saying it’s Repubs making it impossible. Not that anything is “not worth it.”

Going OT for some entertainment — I think we can all agree this woman is an idiot.

Ah hell. Thought it would post this parent tweet:

I’m sure y’all have already seen it but just in case Manafort thinks he’s gonna get a pardon and escape jail, the Manhattan D.A. said, uh, no.

Pelosi never said no impeachment. She said no impeachment UNLESS.

If the investigations or the Mueller report yield evidence that is so obvious there is a public outcry in red states and districts, and Rethugs have to move forward with impeachment, it will happen. She is not against it per se. She is against it NOW.

31- Hubris, much?

@31, Annie Leibovitz is such an extraordinary photographer!

@33, she certainly is.

@31, all the shit Hillary got because people thought she was declaring it was her destiny to be given the nomination or the presidency. No, she was declaring she had the experience, wisdom, and heart to be president, and would work hard to win our votes. Beto doesn’t have the experience or the wisdom. He may in the future, but not now. It’s such straight white male confidence that he thinks he’s ready now. BTW he should smile more.

@34 – hear, hear! A guy who lost his race is running for President and people think he’s magical. It’s that scrap of flesh between his legs and his lily white skin….all the qualifications he needs!

@35, I don’t get it at all. The dude couldn’t beat Ted “Eddie Munster” Cruz for gawdsakes. On twitter, people are talking about him like he’s the 2nd coming. smh.

Beto has become too full of himself. The attention he got running against Cruz has gone to his head. He tries to come across as the hipster-est hipster that ever was. But hey, maybe he can peel off some BirdBrain supporters. More power to him in that case. Go Beto!!

@36: Latest shiny object that’s getting attention.

Dude’s having a breakdown. Been “journeying” too much.

Beto is missing one important thing, though: an actual reason to run. O’Rourke would enter the race as a man without a clear political ideology, a signature legislative achievement, a major policy issue, or a concrete agenda for the country. Those in the know tell the Atlantic that Beto is planning to run as a candidate “offering hope that America can be better than its current partisan and hate-filled politics, and that the country can come together,” but that—brace yourself—he hasn’t yet “landed on how he’ll propose to actually make that happen.”

That’s more of the same empty words Beto’s been offering in public since his loss to Cruz. “I don’t know where I am on a [political] spectrum, and I almost could care less,” he said at a recent stop in Wisconsin. “I just want to get to better things for this country.”

Who in the hell thought designed a system this way was a good idea? And next question, why did it take two deadly crashes to get any action?

The software, known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), can in some rare but dangerous situations override pilot control inputs unless it is switched off. This can interfere with pilots’ longtime training that pulling back on the control yoke raises a plane’s nose, putting the plane into a climb. That means that as a pilot tries to maneuver an airplane, the automated system may be counteracting that pilot’s inputs.

@40, “I don’t know where I am on a [political] spectrum, and I almost could care less…”

Well, the rest of us do care.

41, et al: Gag me with a fork. Unfortunately, he will appeal to the young crowd by sheer weight of his shallowness and personality and ability to impart some sense of destiny (we’ve heard this before). Why do we need to wade through this crap again? I guess there really isn’t anything new under the sun.

I love Sen. Murray. If we had term limits, she wouldn’t still be in office, nor would my other wonderful senator, Maria Cantwell.

Ugh, we are going to have 2008 and 2016 combined in 2020. Shiny object (Beto), women more qualified than shiny object not getting attention (every woman running). cult leaders (Bernie, maybe Drumpf if he is still in office), No Chance in Hells (everyone not a governor), the governor people like but won’t elect (Inslee), and the wacky outsider (Tulsi).

PS, adore Patty Murray. She and HRC did some great things together when Hillary was in the Senate.

I think the US has put itself in a rather weak position to object to any candidate’s lack of background to be President. Shrubby, as I recall, hadn’t done much except be Governor in a state where that’s a figurehead position. Obama had been state senator for a while and was in his first term as US Senator when he ran, wasn’t he? With quite a few “voting present” and not much signature accomplishment that I remember. (But that could be my memory going on me.) And then, of course, the example that will ring down through the horrified ages: the Dump himself, who has less than no experience at anything except ripping people off.

Beto is running on having his heart in the right place, which may even be true. I give him points for being up front about having only a vague clue. That’s more honest than usual for unprepared guys.

What I do hold against him and the rest of the unnecessary trampling horde is GODDAMMIT WE HAVE AT LEAST FOUR EXCELLENT CANDIDATES (who happen to be female). SIT DOWN.

Would every Tom, Dick, and Harry be running if the frontrunners were named Tom, Dick, and Harry?

I think young males like Beto will be gathering steam in the coming elections. The media is already hooking up Beto with the excitement that JFK brought.

Beto, you ain’t no JFK!!

Big Dump and Obama proved that a MAN running, doesn’t need any experience. They just need to wind people up, for one reason or another.

Two strong emotions that take no intelligence nor reasoning:
– Anger (Dump’s people)
– Prom date status, (Beto, Obama) for young people.

This is a man’s world, and Hillary showed us how difficult it would be to break though the SOB glass ceiling.

Women have been fighting for equality since day one, we have to be smarter, stronger and never give up.

And don’t forget that Biden is doing his Hamlet routine and may still enter the mix.

@42 Luna, one article I saw on the Boeing software fix is that there was a delay due to the government shutdown. No joke…

O’l Joe is taking his time to jump in…what he might be waiting for:
– Endorsements from big donors?
– Where he stands with DNC support?
– Can he win at all?
– Will he get an early endorsement from Obama and Hillary…(Hahaha, no way!)
– Will over 85 year old women like him in his Levi’s, like Beto does it for young women?

I saw that too.

BTW, Rosario Dawson has confirmed that she and Corey Booker are dating.

@54: Bleh. Poor Corey.

Rosario Dawson was a huge Bernie supporter and voted for Stein because she thought Trump and Hillary were too ‘elite’.

lililam @44, SPOT ON! Especially love “the sheer weight of his shallowness…”

Luna @45, I love them also. We have a lot of great political talent here on the left coast, and I am hoping for the next dem ticket to have at least one, so my first choice for prez is Kamala, since she is also a woman & I want that too. It seems like the Right Coast and Texas candidates get all the preference.

MB @46, Omg, you are so right. This was really confirmed for me last night seeing people drool over Beto all over twitter and proclaiming “Biden-Beto” for the next ticket. Seriously, I was seeing tweets like, “are you ready for Beto?” and “Biden-Beto, just the ticket.” It was so depressing. It made me think about moving to New Zealand.

Quixote @48, and Shadow @49, enjoyed these comments which are a true social commentary on todays nightmare politics.

The Widdershins are on a roll.

I hate to sound sexist, but I don’t think it will help Cory’s campaign to be dating Dawson. Not that I think he has a chance anyway.

I’m sure Beto gives Chris Matthews tingles up his leg.

@62: I watch several of the talk shows on MSNBC but haven’t seen his show in a long time. If he’s even a guest on another MSNBC show I’ll switch it.

News I’m seeing, that shooting situation is ongoing. They don’t know if they have all the shooters (one has been arrested), there were shots at the hospital where the ambulances went (I don’t know if that’s confirmed or hearsay), 30 people dead so far. The shots were at two separate mosques, on Friday prayer day so they were full of course. The police still have schools on lockdown and are keeping people away from cars where they suspect bombs.

And this is all happening in Christchurch. Basically, in US terms, a sleepy burg on the South Island although it is the biggest town there.

I don’t know if New Zealanders are going to take this in stride (find the perps, chuck them in jail, get on with life) or get all fascist over it. I hope not the latter!

@63 Omg. The death toll (hate that term) is now 40.

@67: Just saw on yahoo they said “at least” 49 but that might include ppl they got to a hospital and they died there. SMDH

Interesting Charles Pierce (I haven’t read him in months).

Seems Beto is running for hero. And comparisons are made to JFK. Really?

Beto as hero…Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

That is funny.

Yup. 49. The police and terrorism experts in NZ are saying the signs of rising far right extremism have been around for years. The reports I’ve seen so far are talking about the need to support Muslims, deal with NZ’s gun problem (apparently they have a gun problem, which, from a US perspective and with my warped sense of humor is just funny), and do something about radicalization of white working class males (yes, they actually say *males*) who are feeling left behind.

So far, so good, in terms of not losing themselves over this horrible event.

Although I remember well that the initial reaction to 9/11 in the US was to understand the roots of that level of hatred. The NZers have Jacinda Ardern, and not a Shrub-like figure, and so far she’s been an actual leader when horrible murders happen. So we can hope the country won’t decide the solution is to go shopping and start hating.

Death toll is indeed 49…The guy was of course a white nationalist and called out Trump and Candace Owens as inspiration. Horrifying and dreadful.

Hero’s don’t jump up on counters and praise themselves with empty words, while they tower above others in the room. Maybe little girls would like these theatrics, and obviously some people in the media.

About Beto. You know, folks? Whatever works. If the country is so hopelessly misogynist they’d really truly literally rather have a criminal than an experienced competent woman — even after going through the consequences of that vile choice! — then Beto is not bad. I think his heart really may be in the right place, and that does count for something.

(Now, I have to admit I haven’t watched any of the drooling and gushing. Knowing how that goes, that would probably put me off Jesus Christ himself.)

But, anyway, my point being: don’t let the huge massive universe-sized anger at the misogyny transfer to Beto. We should try to keep the anger on target. When he does stuff that deserves anger (and running at all in these circumstances is kinda stupid), by all means. I’m just saying don’t hate on him because the media or other people are sexist jerks.

@74 – I totally agree. I would vote for a banana if it were a Democrat. Anything to run the Rethugs out of power. The only one I would hesitate to vote for is Bernie, who isn’t a Democrat and is another Russian stooge, as we know. However, he won’t be an option by the time the general election happens.

Forgot about Tulsi, she is such a non-entity and will be disqualified soon…

Really good article by the amazing Natasha Bertrand about Manafort and Mueller. Financial crimes are not the end of it, not by a long shot.

Delay to Boeing software fix due to the government shutdown — Yes, that’s the case, although the FAA should have acted far faster, when problems were first noticed.

A number of these folks are gonna fall by the wayside as we go along bcuz of $$s or lack of.

@78: Correctamundo.

I watch this show on Smithsonian channel, Air Disasters and I get the impression that the FAA and NTSB are/were the gold standard in accident investigations. Now?

@79 – yup agree. I am keeping my powder dry till the field narrows quite a bit.

On that topic, Beto’s fundraising efforts may not have gone the way he wanted them to, either.

And who did tRump want to put in charge of the FAA? His own 757 pilot. Guess that’s why there is only an acting administrator. Oy!

Now this is how the leader of a free country should respond!

Yes. She’s good.

@86, well, there’s a nice example of Bernie’s “economic and social justice” for us.

@87: Wonder who the 3 employees are and how they’re related to Bernie.

@89, IIRC one was his son. Social justice, ya know. Bernie is such a damn hypocrite.

Okay. I went and read the Charlie Pierce thing. He sounds pretty sceptical to me.

What O’Rourke is talking about here is more akin to some revelation in the wilderness, like a wandering prophet in the Sinai coming to terms with the mystic. Beto O’Rourke is the candidate of the desert, of the redemptive power of heat and thirst. No wonder he wants everyone to move to El Paso.

@91: Yeah, Charlie can be kind of snarky at times.

91 and 92- i think Pierce is being pretty realistic here, albeit colorful and skeptical. Beto has described himself in a similar fashion, particularly in regards to how the “words” just come to him, as if from on high, and how the rooms full of people are “magical”. There is a religiosity here that gives me pause.

Welp, we didn’t get our pragmatic idealist in 2008 or 2016. I guess a good portion of America prefers slogans and self-love to getting sh*t done.

I want words to come to a candidate after thought, research, and a knowledge of history. As for rooms full of people being magical — hey, O’Rourke, you’re supposed to be working for us, not in it for the adulation. If a woman talked like he did about crowds she’d be called vain. I hope not too many Democrats fall in love with him.

Have y’all seen this?

As is the case with most of us here, I imagine, I will vote for any of these options, despite my misgivings. With the exception of you know who, Bernie the schnook.

Although, if the choice was trump v bernoid, I would probably feel compelled to vote for sanders.

95 Luna

I agree. This isn’t about who has the most Twitter followers, who has born for this, and who thinks he is ready to be President but doesn’t have well developed policies. This is okay when you first run for Congress, but in my book, not for President.

This is nothing to do with women vs men when it comes to Beto, this is about who is ready for this gigantic responsibility and who isn’t.

On my part, this is nothing to do with hating men…I really like men, in general, (not Dump and anyone like him), and who ever runs as a Dem I will vote for.

Beto needs to get back into politics and get his act together, in the future, he could have chance at the highest job in the land, unless he is hoping to be VP.

Most of the female Dems that are running are much more serious about this job.

@96 That looks like s stinkbug! Figures.

Oh my goddess, did you watch Rachel tonight? HHS kept Handmaid’s Tale level details on female refugees who were pregnant. They did this to make sure they could keep the women (sometimes young as 12) from getting abortions. They had a spreadsheet with column after column and they had weekly updates to it.

These are the same “people” (I use the term loosely) who claim they cannot keep track of babies and children kidnapped from their asylum seeking parents.

I am completely horrified, sick to my stomach and trembling.

@madamab, Weekly updates? And how many of those girls and women were raped by Border Control? This is terrible and inhumane. This is Nazi behavior.

@102: I caught just a bit of her show. Have it recorded for later.

Rachel’s show was so disturbing. They had a column for the last time the girl had a period and misspelled menstrual. Disgusting. The ACLU attorney said it was a kinda creepy. To me, it is perverted. That Lloyd guy is not just anti-abortion, anti-contraceptive, he is a f*cking pervert. Will we find out next the girls were forced to have intra-vaginal ultrasounds? He sounds like just the guy to demand it.

Yes, all that data collected on those poor young girls and teens is beyond upsetting. To think, they had to endure telling these horrible keepers the most personal things about themselves while they couldn’t get an abortion, children who have been raped. Yes GaGAL, that guy Lloyd is a pure pervert.

What does he think these young girls should do with a child? Does Lloyd have the money to support them, pay for their housing while they stay home from school to have a baby in a ‘foreign’ country?

This is child abuse and he should be in prison for this horrible behavior.

MB @101, Hubs and I saw it. Absolutely horrifying. I think I was freaked out, furious, and afraid all at once. What the fuck is this country coming to? I know I keep comparing the dump admin to the Nazi’s, but I’m sure I read that the Nazi’s did experiments on young women, kept them segregated and other horrors. We’re creeping closer and closer. That spreadsheet is insane.

Also, dump’s freak is not only against abortion, he’s against birth control.

Agree with all of you, Lloyd is super skeevy and a perv. These religious nutjobs often are pervs in hiding. Agree he belongs in prison, he has no business being near young girls.

I didn’t know Q was in NZ! Q, I hope you guys are loving it. I remember looking at your pix from a vaca there a few years ago.

I don’t think Beto is a bad guy, or a bad politician, but I’m not a fan. I don’t think its his time, and don’t appreciate his crashing into an already overcrowded field. Also all of this fangirling over him reminds me of 2008.


New post coming up in just a few.

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