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Lazy Weekend

Posted on: March 9, 2019

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

What’s the latest news with everyone? What do we think about the latest news? Bloomberg has, fortunately, said he won’t run for President and will pump millions into the campaign to help Democrats. Good for him. Biden is likely to not be that prescient; he’s going to run, I’m sure of it. Whether or not he can win – well, the media (namely K-File on CNN, a muckraking team that digs through old media and social media to find those 20 year old tweets and interviews that will bury you today) has been digging up a lot of Biden’s old speeches about the crime bill. They’re not good. What it means for Biden from the black community only time will tell.

Speaking of time, that’s our theme for this weekend! Time-related songs, poems, paintings – whatever art you desire.


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Don’t forget:

She’s been referred to as New Orleans’ Soul queen.

@1, snarl.

Do I like Dave Brubeck? Why yes, why do you ask?

Well, duh! We knew this. But try telling it to the Orange Caligula.

Arrests in domestic terror probes outpace those inspired by Islamic extremists

I hate hate *hate* the clock switching. I don’t care if they go to all DST, all the time. Or all standard time. Or split the difference and have us all be off by half an hour.

But whatever they settle on, *settle* goddammit. The sleep-wake difference isn’t even my biggest problem. But it takes my various other biological clocks weeks to readjust. Digestion, for instance. Hungry at the wrong time, don’t want to eat at the “right” time, etc etc.

And if it was at least in a good cause. I wouldn’t mind if that aggro helped cure cancer or something. But no. It’s completely for naught. The only reason we can’t stop doing it is because at some stupid point we started.

I also LOATHE the time switching. Can’t state governors just stop? There are a couple of states that don’t do it, Arizona is one of them. I have not seen an explanation from anyone on why we still do it. It’s just inertia. But why doesn’t some candidate for Governorship make that part of their platform? It would literally get them extra votes. It just would.

I agree with all of you on the time shit. My preference would be to just go to DST all the time.

And yes the changing does play havoc with all of those internal clocks. Grrr.

I would like them to stop today, after DST. I like the longer days in summer.

I haven’t heard Dave Brubeck in a long time. Very nice.

Fredster @ 2, that’s a fun version of that song. I used to play it on guitar, when I was young.

Did everyone reset their clocks?

The momster loved this movie.

@19, very interesting, thanks!

In CA we voted not to do it any more. I think the changes go into effect next year?

Hubby reminded me this morning. I am a zombie!

BTW the media is saying Sanders and Biden are the frontrunners in Iowa right now. The whitest, malest state except Vermont. Not a surprise and so indicative of how the media is covering this race as though it’s 2016. California will knock Sanders out early, and he won’t recover.

I say malest because it’s a caucus state, extremely favorable to men.

Say “caucus” to me and I think “hours spent in a crowded, noisy room being verbally bullied (and sometimes physically threatened) by bros.”

A woman was trying to take a selfie with a jaguar when it attacked her, authorities say

…the woman, who is in her 30s, climbed over a barrier at the zoo Saturday to get closer to the jaguar’s enclosure so that she could get a selfie with the animal. The jaguar reached out and grabbed her arm with its paw, leaving lacerations..

I’ve often wanted to do that to people with their damn smartphones.

@24: Well she got what she deserved didn’t she?

I know the zombie feeling. I look at the phone, stove, microwave and subtract an hour from what they show.

Bernie picks up where he left off in 2016

In Council Bluffs, he broke from his prepared remarks to warn his supporters that they were up against not only Republicans and Wall Street and corporate interests — but “the establishment Democrats,” too. In Des Moines, he thanked the crowd for nearly delivering an upset victory against Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses four years ago. And in Iowa City, he made a point to note that before those votes had even been cast, “my opponent then had 500 superdelegates.”

The crowd of 1,800 answered on cue with a round of boos.

@28 – Gee, I thought he was going to stay away from attacking Dems this time around! That didn’t last long. He’s ol’ Johnny One Note.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren is making the best case for her policies. By far. I don’t think she has a shot in he’ll but she would make a Damn good President.

Gawdesses. Bernie. I was going to say he’s such an ugly pimple on the face of the elections, but he’s worse than a pimple. Not as awful as a cancer.

An abcess. That’s what he is. Just a minor disturbance if drained promptly, potentially fatal if not.

Regarding the discussion on reparations and how to go about it, Julian Castro makes a good point about Bernie here. Bernie answered a question about reparations by saying ‘I don’t think we need to write a check’. (Gee, I wonder why Bernie would have a problem with that) Castro was asked about Bernie’s response:

“It’s interesting to me that, when it comes to ‘Medicare for All,’ health care, the response there has been, ‘We need to write a big check,’” Castro said of Sanders. “When it comes to tuition-free or debt-free college, the answer has been, ‘We need to write a big check.’”

“And so, if the issue is compensating the descendants of slaves, I don’t think the argument about writing a big check ought to be the argument that you make, if you’re making an argument that a big check needs to be written for a whole bunch of other stuff,” Castro said. “So, if, under the Constitution, we compensate people because we take their property, why wouldn’t you compensate people who actually were property?”

@32 GAgal, Bernie Bros have been on a meltdown today over those comments from Castro. He obviously drew blood.

Bernie Abcess — wasn’t he all for Super Delegates if he could get them to change their minds?

Oh, the poor Bernie Bros when faced with logic. It’s awfully hard on them.

@33 Yeah, because Bernie and his BirdBrains don’t believe in ‘identity politics’. At this point, I hope Biden does enter the race and wins the first caucus/primary states and knocks Bernie down a notch. Then, when the primaries move south (and west to CA), Kamala Harris kicks both their asses just to show ’em! I have no dog in this race yet, other than the one who can rid us of Bernie the fastest, then I’ll go from there.

I have no dog in this race yet, other than the one who can rid us of Bernie the fastest, then I’ll go from there.

I’m with you.

I agree that knocking out Bernie early is very important. The longer he stays in, the more damage he does. (But I fear he’ll stay to the end even if he has zero chance, like he did the last time. He stayed in and yelled “Rigged.” He will do the same thing again.)

Trump to demand $8.6 billion in new wall funding, setting up fresh battle with Congress

Whaaaaa! I wanted a MaxMotor SmokNBestest motorcycle and you gave me a bicycle instead. Now I want a SuperMaxMotor TurboBestests motorcycle instead! I can’t get to grade school without one!

So Nancy Pelosi told WaPo that she’s not for impeachment because Trump isn’t “worth it.” I don’t know if I agree with that.

@39: Even Nadler isn’t mentioning the “I” word yet. And even if they do impeach him, he won’t be convicted in the Senate.

Ugh. Tree and grass pollen are sky-high, as if I needed to see it to know it.

The last thing I want to see is Chris Matthews and Tom Steyer chiding Nancy P. on her statement. Tweety and his ilk are part of the reason where are here now. Someone needs to remind him how he treated Hillary during the election. (for years, actually)

Also, Nancy is right without compelling evidence and bipartisanship, it goes nowhere. I’d even say for the Repubs it will have to be ‘overwheming’ evidence. Another thing, she just took Trump and the Repubs (all they want to do is impeach me!) talking point away.

@43, WTH?

He also wants to cut Medicaid, the CDC, and basically every good thing in governmental programs.

@46: Ha! Gotta make up the revenues from his tax cut to the rich.

I love that Daylight Saving Time movie!! I’ll be waiting for the November installment 😀

I am so with you all on “let’s kick Bernie’s ass out” ASAP. He will not survive California, and at that point, he will be forced out. He has too many problems with sexual harassment, racially insensitive remarks (like the one on reparations), and massive resentment from HRC’s 56 million voters. Also, he won’t release his tax returns. That won’t go over well post-Trump.

39 | DYB
March 11, 2019 at 5:02 pm

So Nancy Pelosi told WaPo that she’s not for impeachment because Trump isn’t “worth it.” I don’t know if I agree with that.

I don’t agree with that either. I keep hoping it’s deflection by Nancy, because she knows the Dems don’t have enough Rethug votes to IMPEACH him.

Have y’all seen this article about an aide in Gillibrand’s office resigning last summer – due to the handling of her sexual harassment claims?

“I have offered my resignation because of how poorly the investigation and post-investigation was handled,” the woman wrote to Gillibrand in a letter sent on her final day to the senator’s personal email account. Copied were general counsel Keith Castaldo and Fassler, who is now managing the senator’s presidential bid.

“I trusted and leaned on this statement that you made: ‘You need to draw a line in the sand and say none of it is O.K. None of it is acceptable.’ Your office chose to go against your public belief that women shouldn’t accept sexual harassment in any form and portrayed my experience as a misinterpretation instead of what it actually was: harassment and ultimately, intimidation,” the woman wrote.

We’re probably going to be seeing an endless parade of these issues / embarrasments /whatever targeted at the candidate’s signature issue(s).

For Gillibrand, finding a sex harassment scandal is perfect (in the sense of horrible). For Warren it’ll be finding that her second cousin was once caught for insider trading. For Harris, I dunno, something like somebody once thought she was white.

What scares me is I’m tired of it already, and we have miles to go. Miles and miles and miles.

@52, Quixote, well said. The takedown of the women running for prez is just beginning.

Regarding the Nancy P./impeachment brouhaha, I don’t know what to think. I’d read one comment on twitter disagreeing with her and think, Yes, dammit, they must impeach; then read another one trying to explain that in reality she has a motive and strategy for her actions, and think, okay, that sounds good.

Anyway, I hope she has a strategy. A lot of people will be pissed if she doesn’t. I think a lot people voted for the Dem congress because they wanted Dump impeached. Speaking of which, he won’t get his budget demands will he? He can’t without the house, right?

@52: I’m tired of it already, and we have miles to go.

Bingo! Ding, ding, ding.

Here’s a fun snippet of newbie Katie Porter taking down a trumpet:

Re impeachment. I think if Pelosi has a problem it’s that she has too much of the practicality of the damned.

(She was also the one who couldn’t be bothered with an ethics investigation of some of Bush Jr’s shenanigans because it would be politically costly at the time. The result was preparing the ground for bigger and badder crap now.)

I mean, we have been damned so her attitude is very useful, practical even!, but people need more.

Seeing justice trampled is soul-destroying. We (humans, social animals) can’t stand it. We’ll make up any stories to pretend it still exists. And those stories, because they’re not true, end up destroying societies.

Anyway, my point is that it’s a mistake, a bad one, to say “Oh why bother.” “Oh it’s divisive.” At our level now the only question is “Is it true?”

She could at least stress that he’s committed enough crimes for a dozen impeachments, but the Repubs want to pretend otherwise.

Quixote, all good points, thanks. Especially like the last line.


New post! More on the impeachment brouhaha.

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