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Activist Tuesday: Here’s Mikey!

Posted on: February 26, 2019

Hoo boy, it’s going to be quite a news week even for this Dumpster Fire of an Administration. Here are just a few of the things going on:

  • Drumpf, having received his marching orders from Pooty-Poot, is off to North Korea to further weaken American democracy abroad. #PutinsPuppet
  • House Democrats, seizing the day, are forcing McTurtle to hold a vote on the House Resolution to cancel the fake National Emergency the Mango Moron declared. It may even have the votes to pass the Senate. Whoops! Will the Orange Crusher have to issue his first veto? Even more importantly, will he be able to spell it?
  • House Democrats are also holding a hearing on the global rise of authoritarianism and its danger to the liberal democratic values that have been keeping us out of a third World War since the 1950s. I’m sure it’s just a coinky-dink that it’s happening while Der Drumpfenfuhrer is off playing footsie with Lavrov and “Little Rocket Man.”
  • Manafort’s and Butina’s court cases are proceeding apace, not very well for them.
  • Robert Mueller’s report may come soon, but it’s very likely that Barr (who was picked for this very reason) will not provide an accurate summary to We the People. Democrats are prepared to subpoena Mueller if they are not satisfied with what they see.

And yet…the biggest news, in my opinion, is the testimony of Michael Cohen, who will be speaking both behind closed doors and publicly on Capitol Hill this week. Three days of Cohen, who literally knows everything bad Drumpf ever did, and Democrats hearing it and being able to take action! That is something amazing indeed.

Now it’s true that Cohen has this small issue with credibility, since he’s pleaded guilty to lying to Congress already. No worries, though. Apparently, Mikey has receipts.

“I’m told Cohen has been prepping with this for a long time, and he knows he’s got credibility issues, so he’s coming with documents,” Dilanian said, “and he’s got very detailed, sordid and, what (attorney) Lanny Davis has described as chilling stories of what how the president conducts himself behind closed doors.”

“We shouldn’t underestimate how powerful seeing a Trump insider who has been with Donald Trump for more than 10 years telling these stories before the glare of the television lights,” he added.

In today’s world, where the news cycle has shortened to 60-minute intervals and we’re all dizzy and dispirited from trying to keep up, it’s hard to predict what will land on Trump, the most Teflon-coated criminal President since Ronny Raygun. Somehow I think, though, that what Cohen says will be the last straw for many Republicans, and they won’t come back to the fold once they jump off the TrumpTanic.

I guess we’ll see, Widdershins.

This is an open thread.

97 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Here’s Mikey!"

@2, ooooh! But wait a minute … “a” crime? There’s got to be more than one.

U.S. Cyber Command operation disrupted Internet access of Russian troll factory on day of 2018 midterms

I’m not sure if blocking the trolls for 1 day “to prevent the Russians from mounting a disinformation campaign that casts doubt on the results, according to officials” makes much difference. There’s all the active time prior to the elections. Not to mention voter suppression and absentee ballot hacking. Still, it’s a start.

Glad Cohen is being questioned by House committees where the Dems hold control, rather than in the Senate.

U.S. Cyber Command operation disrupted Internet access of Russian troll factory on day of 2018 midterms

Looks like USCC geeks do wear capes!!!!

@5: There will be that one Senate hearing but yeah glad the other two are in the House and that one of them will be open.

The only reason I can think for disrupting only on the actual election day is that USCC knows or fears that they have some kind of access to voting machines via that route. This way actual vote-diddling would at least be prevented.

Convicted drunk driver from Florida is really a special kind of Republican. As someone – may have been Maggie (barf) pointed out – there’s really no reason for Gaetz to be writing this except as the ultimate in showing Trump that he is loyal and will do anything for him.

@Quixote, I think you’re right and the NSA didn’t want to say it. It would be obvious that the NSA thought that votes/machines can be hacked.

@8, @11, you’re right. I missed that. That’s practically proof that the votes/machines/tabulation was hacked in the past (as if we hadn’t suspected).

@10, looks like witness influencing and obstruction of justice to me.

10 DYB
This creep has been on Chris Cuomo’s show many times to be the Rethug side of his debates, but tonight, Matt wasn’t around to defend his horrible behavior. He should be punished for witness tampering and threatening.

Did y’all see this interview with McCabe by Ari Melber? It’s good. At 9:45, they are talking about Comey’s July ’16 statements. ‘We were over confident in Jim’s considerable ability to communicate… I think we gambled too heavily on Jim’s considerable ability as a communicator to convince the American people’… that the email investigation was on the up and up. (You know who didn’t have confidence in Comey’s ‘considerable ability’? Loretta Lynch, who told him it was not protocol and a bad idea)

Then at 19:15, he repeats that (Ari shows him a passage in his book about Benghazi and brings up Comey’s action just before the election) McCabe says ‘It is undeniable that that action had an impact on the election’. At least McCabe will admit it. I don’t see anyone talking about this. It’s pretty big, IMO. That part alone should be going viral.

I haven’t read it all yet, but here is a link to Michael Cohen’s opening statement. Now I’m going to read the rest of it.

Great post, MB! Is anyone going to watch Cohen tomorrow morning? I think it starts at 7am here?

Quixote @8, agree. And I think that’s what happened to us in 2016.

@16, that’s really sad.

GAgal @15, Wow. I may have to get up at 7am to see this.

Great comments everyone! I am tracking Cohen’s testimony online. Important disclosures about Drumpf so far:

He absolutely knew about the June 2016 meeting with the Russians offering dirt on HRC and directed it

He didn’t think he was going to win so he pursued the TT Moscow deal for much longer than he admitted

He is a racist, conman and cheat. “Black people are too stupid to vote for me,” he said.

He lied about his bone spurs to get out of service

He wanted to win so badly he would work with anyone

He knew about Stone and Wikileaks

He signed payoff checks to Stormy Daniels (Cohen brought one)

So far all horrible and quite damaging. I wonder if Cohen does have evidence that Drumpf committed a felony while in office. If so the Justice Department would normally indict him as they did with Spiro Agnes, according to Rachel.

Republicans are really trying hard. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows are in hysterics. The only Republican who asked some thoughtful, personal questions of Cohen was Justin Amash. A few days ago some Democrat tweeted – I wish I remembered who it was, when Amash took some position – that of all Republicans in the House, Amash was the most decent. (Granted, the bar is low.)

@19, “lied about his bone spurs.” Nooooo! Who’dathunkit? Hope all the troops despise him now.

“Black people too stupid to vote for Trump.” Lololol! They’re too smart to.

“didn’t think he’d win.” I still don’t think he thought he’d lose. He has such a grandiose idea of himself, and people with that personality believe that they can’t lose.

“wanted to win so badly he’d work with anyone.” Snort! He’d work with anyone before this. He was just staying true to form.

Still, glad to see that all this (which has been obvious to any who paid attention) are out for all to hear.

Haven’t been on Twitter yet this morning. Bet Orange Twitler is frothing at the mouth again. Oh how delicious! Or it would be if we knew he’d get impeached promptly, but with the Rs as corrupt as he is, we’ll be waiting a while.

Hmmm, there is a difference between the two parties.

I missed a lot of the early part of the hearing bcuz,ugh, pollen counts are high and I slept after taking allergy med. Bleh.

I’m guessing CSPAN will have it available.

@24: I really want to see Jordan and Meadows having hissy fits. LOL

Y’all need to watch the afternoon session. There were fireworks with the asshole Repubs and the racist stunt with the one black woman who works for Drumpf somehow proving he wasn’t racist. Elijah was rather magnificent at the end and Cohen was in tears.

@26: I caught part of that but yes, would like to see that an entire session.

Elijah was rather magnificent at the end and Cohen was in tears.

I’ve watched it three times and cried 3 times. It was from the heart.

For anyone that missed it:

Does anyone know who the two Dems who voted against gun background checks were?

Also, I see the Independent line is blank on that vote. Did Bernie not bother to vote on a gun control measure again?

@30: Was this a House vote or Senate? Should be able to look it up.

@32: Oops, you said Bernie so I guess that was a Senate vote.

The only gun vote today was in the House. No Bernie!

Fredster and Madamab, thanks ! It was a House vote, not Senate. My bad. Now, it moves to the Senate.

Welp, that was a big flop and waste of time, effort, airplane fuel, yadda yadda. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank God. If the talks had not “collapsed” the dump would have probably handed over the nuclear codes for a pink birthday card and boasted about his Greatest Deal Evah™ because he got an actual thing and who knew what that old gibberish was about anyway.

@39 – laughing and crying because, so true!

Honestly, how could any leader of any foreign country trust Drumpf at this point? Even if you are an ally of Putin and know Drumpf is an asset, the guy is a compulsive liar and is likely going to be at least impeached, if not indicted. This makes any negotiations impossible.

Our allies and adversaries are likely to implement a wait and see approach to all future dealings with the US. For heaven’s sake, we don’t even have a SOS or SecDef! Media forgets to mention these things.

So, Dump left his beloved in Viet Nam, at the alter? Is he still in love?

Was he too upset to put on his Art of the Conjob, after he watched Cohen steal all the tv attention?

The Dems are comin’ to git ya!

Trump & Kim. Kim’s going to say compliments which vaguely promise everything (but without specifics) and he’s going to do nothing. Trump’s going to lie his way out of accomplishing nothing by blathering that it was a great deal.

The rest of the world says Pffffft! We knew it.

@39, No telling what Trump handed over to that Russian stooge who was in Vietnam at the same time.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu To Be Indicted

Yes I saw that Shadow! Drumpf must be shaking in his boots. Bibi knows things too…he used to be in tight with Pooty-Poot.

@43: Oh yeah. No mention of him being there also.

I always thought Bibi was a good guy. No???

Which Russian stooge was this? I missed that. It’s not like it’s been widely reported. (Why do we even have those stenographers with press ID?)

Shadow @47, Bibi? You must have him confused with somebody else.

@48: Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov.

@48, 50, Sheeeeeer coincidence.

@49, WTH didn’t Gen. Kelly resign? And then go grab to the nearest non-Fox reporter? Is there no end to these traitors by cowardice?

quixote, you asked about Jay Inslee in the previous thread. I think he’d be good. The governor role is all about executive/managerial planning, and action, whereas Senators have less applicable experience. Inslee’s very strong on climate change, also investing in infrastructure, and promoting thriving economies without wrecking the environment. He’s chair of the Democratic Governors’ Association, so other Dem govs think well of him. He has directed our Attorney General to challenge many (all?) of the Trump administration’s decisions — the Muslim ban, denial of funding for PP and similar. He’s trying to get internet freedom as the law here in WA state, although ensuring the ISP do that is a very difficult thing. He’s really good at talking positively and succinctly on what the Dems stand for, and pushes back at media who try the ol’ “Dems in disarray” questions.

Negatives: Early in his first term he gave Boeing an enormous package of subsidies — hundreds of millions — to stay, and Boeing took it and ran out of state. He also tends to think anything is related to climate change, for example the forest fires last year. Turns out when you look at the historical record, last year was not even close to exceptional. Also I don’t think that Microsoft and Amazon are necessarily the types of businesses you want as the mainstay of your thriving economy — housing prices are exorbitant in Seattle and traffic is very congested. We don’t have very good public transportation IMO. However, the area has a lot of lakes and ocean features which do make it difficult to streamline highways let alone trains.

Inslee has been very active in environmental and trade programs with Canada, the other Left Coast states, and even many European countries, and some in Asia. This doesn’t get much press in the US, though. I don’t think he’s well known at all. Being a Left Coast guv is not going to go over well in parts of the country. If Kamala Harris wins the nomination, she’s going to want a VP from central US or maybe E Coast.

Here’s a video clip of him speaking on Dem policy — it’s from right before last Nov’s election, but I didn’t want to search too long and this was handy. The connection has a time lag which they didn’t adjust for so that looks bad. IRL he doesn’t hesitate before answering.

I’m embarrassed to say I had no idea there were such animals as tree kangaroos. They sure are cute!

Thanks for the info, Luna! I’d gathered you thought well of him, but I’m like every other non-
washingtonian, I knew almost nothing about him.

I hear now Beto is looking at running. I like Beto. He’s got charisma, his heart seems to be in the right place, he’s intelligent. But fergawdsake do you think you could maybe sit this one out? Cartoonists are already drawing the Democratic field as a horde covering hills and valleys out to the limitless horizon. /*endless screaming*/

If the Dems had any sense of strategy (wild laughter) they’d 1) get together, 2) throw out Biden and Bernie, 3) whittle themselves down to no more than five candidates who cover the range of views and have the most appeal to Democrats, and 4) everybody else would join the rest of us in working themselves to the bone to elect one of them.

I can dream, can’t I?

Fredster @50. Lavrov? *Lavrov*? The goddamn Foreign Minister and general right hand man? And that’s supposed to be a chance encounter? How stupid do they think we are? (Don’t answer that.)

@55: Exactly.

@54: quixote I saw somewhere on tv (Maddow?) that the Dems’ plan, if they have this multitude that they would then have two nights of debates when those start. Would not be like the Repubs did with the adult and kiddie tables.

They have a number of criteria and ways for the candidates to make it to inclusion in the debates. Forget all the particulars but I’ll try to see if I can find some info on it

Okay, from 538:

The party has capped the number of debate participants at 20, and to qualify to take the stage, a candidate will need to get at least 1 percent support in three national polls or polls of early primary states, or raise money from a minimum of 65,000 donors from 20 states, including at least 200 unique donors per state. If more than 20 candidates meet this criteria, the party will give preference to candidates who clear both the polling and fundraising thresholds, and if that’s still too many people, invitations will go to candidates who have the highest polling averages. And if the number of qualifying candidates is too unwieldy for a single debate, the Democratic National Committee said it’ll hold primary debates on multiple nights if necessary, assigning candidates randomly to the two debates rather than dividing them based on polling like Republicans did in 2016.

Bolding above is mine.

Luna @52, like the Inslee bio. He seems like a good guy. I wonder if our telegenic new gov might plan to run for prez in 2024.

@53, I’d heard of them, but don’t remember seeing them before. Cute little critters.

About Beto. He seems like a nice guy, but he’s only been in congress since 2013, and lost his senate race to the creepy Ted Cruz. I don’t think he’s ready for prime time. Besides, we need a woman.

Quixote @54, that sounds like a great strategy.

Fredster @58: Good god, nooooo! Not 20! Aaaughhh!

Re Bibi, he has gotten more and more wingnutty and corrupt as he has stayed in power. At one point a few years ago I said he was right about one thing, but as I recall, it wasn’t a complimentary piece overall.

The Israeli people have moved past him and his time is up. I hope that with a more reasonable and honest person in charge of Israel, there might be hope that the constant Palestinian aggression (bombings, rarely covered by the American press) will calm down. Maybe they will even kick Hamas out and be authentic partners for peace. A gal can dream, can’t she?

As for Beto, sit down. Women are talking.

Beto? Please sit down, you overconfident boy. Yes, you have a cute grin, but win a damn senate race first. Or a governorship. Then you can come back and talk to us.

Twenty. Dear god in heaven. I was thinking the Dems couldn’t lose this one. But you know what? The Dems will find a way.

/*endless screaming*/

@65: Well remember they have to meet a few different criteria:

a candidate will need to get at least 1 percent support in three national polls or polls of early primary states, or raise money from a minimum of 65,000 donors from 20 states, including at least 200 unique donors per state. If more than 20 candidates meet this criteria, the party will give preference to candidates who clear both the polling and fundraising thresholds, and if that’s still too many people, invitations will go to candidates who have the highest polling averages

I think I first heard about this on Maddow’s show. And I believe it was also there that it was mentioned that when Bernie announced he even beat his previous fundraising amount in 2016 after his initial announcement. Bleh

Twenty. (eyeroll) Well, we do have some very good candidates. I think Kamala beat the High Sparrow in fundraising the first few days.

But WTH don’t they have the requirement “Must be a Democrat for the last 5 years“?


I had no idea there were such animals as tree kangaroos. They sure are cute!

I had no idea either and I had to take a third look to make sure he wasn’t a stuffed animal. So darn sweet looking.

Q, you’ve got a couple of choice quotes…good bumper stickers.

— If the Dems had any sense of strategy (wild laughter)

— I was thinking the Dems couldn’t lose this one. But you know what? The Dems will find a way.

These people act like running for president is like becoming your class president in high school. They just come up with the most dishonest unicorn platforms and start screaming to get on tv.

Most of them are just selling snake oil. (Not that the liars in the GOP are better, but for Pete’s sake…)

@67, High Sparrow for Bernie! Hilarious!

This is sweet:

@71, Love it!

71 Fredster

Haha, look at that little weirdo in the float with Burningman.

@75: Oh Shadow, that’s a rider who is wearing a full face mask with cut outs for eyes,nose and mouth.

I actually caught part of this charade on Schmoe. Finally found an embeddable youtube clip of it.

Luna, glad to see your Gov join in. Even if he doesn’t get far he can at least pull the other candidates into the climate change debate. Much needed.

@77 Did you notice in the first five seconds that Meeeka introduced him as “Stealth Moulton’ instead of Seth? LMAO.

AOC is not only smart as a whip, but someone has set her up with excellent staffers. Following up on her colleagues questions, who had run out of time (stupid 5 minute rule) she was on fire.

Seth Moulton?!?! No thanks.

@80, that was good. She nailed it.

What do all y’all think of the argle-bargle over reparations for slavery and Sanders’ response?

I find myself in the disorienting position of kind of agreeing with him, at least at face value. I think the real reparation would be to disappear racism and to have effective(!) affirmative action to make up for its continued influence.

The issue I have with reparations for a historical event is that there isn’t any way to do that fairly. I mean, are we going to do reparations to women for all the endless violence, wage-, and asset-theft they’ve suffered? and are still suffering? How about American Indians? How do you even decide how much to pay people for a whole continent? And do you pay what it was worth then? Or now?

Anyway, does anyone see what I mean? Am I all wet? What am I missing?

@83: Is his response in one of the links here quixote? If so I missed it.

It can’t be like the reparations thing that Reagan signed because that only went to the individuals who were actually interned.

No, Fredster, it’s not here. I keep seeing it out and about on various public twitter feeds. And the problem with the electric twitter machine is that it tends to be cranked up to shout. There’s hardly ever any context (what is the Sanders actually trying to say? that slavery doesn’t deserve reparations because it’s all about WWC? ?? That it does, but we should deal with the problems it’s still causing not pretending those are solved while chasing past wrongs? Something else?) And there’s often not much thought. How would you put a price on it? Who would you pay it to? They’re called reparations, but how do you actually repair something like that with money, unless it’s enough to lift all blacks out of poverty for good?

Anyway. I was having all these questions, so I came here with them :).

@85: Probably the only way to correctly address the situation would be to have a commission of some type appointed to hash it all out.

76 Fredster…full face mask with cutouts…no wonder. 😉

@87: That’s a pretty standard thing for most riders. In some krewes the riders wear a different type. I started to grab some photos online but really, didn’t think anyone would be interested. LOL

Reparations for slavery — it’s a nice idea but only if it came out of the pockets of those who bought/sold/used slaves. I don’t agree with holding offspring responsible for the sins of their great-great-etc-grandfathers. Half of my ancestors came here in the 1900s, so they weren’t involved with black slavery, and I suspect a lot of their ancestors were serfs. We shouldn’t forget that black Africans sold other black Africans into slavery (not that that’s an excuse for a repulsive and ethically inexcusable practice).

One of my awesome Senators:

Hey y’all, I’ll have *something* up for tomorrow, just not sure exactly when.

@90: One of my embarrassing Senators.
15 new ripostes from John Kennedy

Fredster @92, I saw that! 😆 I’m a big fan of crab legs myself and when you’re sitting there, your crab crackers poised, just waiting for the restaurant to get on with it before you break down and fill up on the tons of fried objects they never run out of … well, let’s just say I feel the brawlers pain 😆 😆 😆

@95: q, I love the boiled crabs that you get down here whether you boil them yourself or buy them already boiled. But I absolutely hate all the effort to crack ’em open to get that crab meat out. Too much effort and too little reward. LOL

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