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Lazy Weekend ~ some toons

Posted on: February 9, 2019

Wall Art Detroit MI

Good weekend Widdershins!

I could not even really get it together for music this weekend.  I’ve been having some sinus things happening with the worst of it being the infamous sinus headache, the one right over your eyes.  Ugh.  So I’ve pulled together some recent political cartoons for your (I hope) enjoyment.

Open thread of course.










(I love this one!)







And last:


* * * *

Hope y’all got a chuckle or two out of these.


116 Responses to "Lazy Weekend ~ some toons"

Great toons Fredster, I especially enjoyed the ones on Pelosi, the long line and ‘The New Socialism’ faux building fronts held up with 2 x 4’s.

@1: Thanks shadow!

Interesting possibility (so, pessimist speaking here, it’ll never happen) in VA:

Fairfax resigns (which isn’t out of line. He may be the only black in the mess, but he’s also, so far, the only one with all-too-credible likely actual criminal assaults in his past).

Northam appoints a black women whose name I’ve forgotten (aargh. Who was it who said old age is not for sissies?). Jennifer Something? he appoints her as Lt Gov. She sounds like she has a pretty good background and experience.

Then Northam resigns.

Voilá, competent Dem governor who can keep the Repubs, hopefully, from further trashing the state.

“The Pelosi clap” Hahahaha! That is going to have a place in history.

Good toons. Necessary for survival these days.

@4: Oh I definitely think so.

@5: What’s the old thing from Reader’s Digest, Laughter is the best medicine? Something like that.

@3: quixote, that’s so convoluted it just might work.

@3 quixote: that’s a brilliant idea. I hadn’t thought of Northam appointing a Lt. Gov before resigning. Problem is – I think Northam intends to fight it out. The problem will be in 2020 when a Democrat desperately needs the black vote and there’s a governor who took pics in blackface. The nominee – whoever it is – will not want Northam campaigning with them. So it puts VA into a tough spot in 2020 for Democrats. Ideally, Northam does what quixote said.

Luna, check email when you have a chance please. Thanks!

Well this looks kinda ugly for the left coast and then heading our way.

Love the cartoons, Fredster!

@3 Quixote, I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. In AZ, Sally McWhat’sHerName lost her race to a Democrat and the Rep Gov gave her John McCain’s old seat as a consolation prize.

Fredster, great toons!

From 127, 128 last post: Laker watched Maher last night and said Nance was great. Good point @127.

Quixote @3, that’s a good strategy. I’ve been worried about that state going back to the r’s.

Thanks GAgal!

@15: That’s the part I was trying to find on youtube. Thanks for that GAgal.

Maher has done his part in both-sider-ism over the years. I guess Trump finally did it for him.

@16 It’s funny that Kingston was the last one to get the joke. (if he ever did)

Great toons Fredster!

So thinking about Virginia…I really like Quixote’s solution. I also wonder if Northam, who has a lot of strong relationships in the black community, could turn this around by actually working with AAs on racial justice, making it a focus of his administration. That would be an amazing model for future white Southern leaders. Yes we were racist decades ago, we are sorry and we are doing something about it. You know this guy is far from the only one.

Always a good sign!

@3, quixote, good scenario! However, if I understand the VA regulations aright, if the Lt Gov’s position falls vacant then the Majority Leader of the House gets that slot, and he’s a Republican.

Amy’s speech was awesome and she supports most of what Hillary spoke of.

In. The. Snow.

Look! More football!!

The Alliance of American Football, a league most people probably couldn’t name one team from before this week, debuted on Saturday night. Its debut, with two games on CBS, was up against a great NBA matchup between James Harden’s Houston Rockets and Russell Westbrook’s Oklahoma City Thunder on ABC, a fantastic game that ended with a comeback Thunder win.

And the AAF posted better television ratings.

Oh how interesting.
Susan Collins might want to rethink that 2020 thing.

Demand Justice, a progressive judicial advocacy group, is already up with a digital ad this weekend in Maine highlighting Collins’ vote for Kavanaugh. Titled “It Was All a Sham,” the Facebook ad features video footage of Collins shaking hands with Kavanaugh and audio of her voice saying she doesn’t believe Kavanaugh will weaken abortion rights.

I don’t know if I can get this graphic in here at a decent size but I saw something about this poll this morning.

Eh, didn’t come out too badly.

Fredster @30, that last stat is very interesting.

MB @21, good idea!

I’ve always liked Sherrod Brown. I need to listen to all the speeches.

@33: Two snaps for DYB.

@35, My thoughts exactly.

Wait, African-Americans, by a large margin, do NOT want Northam to step down?

Then WTF are we talking about here? We should listen to the folks who have the biggest stake in the outcome.

PS, All the women running, except Harris, have dissed Hillary. I hope they apologize soon. Personally I hate that they disrespect Our Girl, but I cannot imagine her wanting us not to vote D because of that. She cares more about the country than she does about her own feelings. Breaks my heart but I adore her for her strength and badass-ed-ness. (That’s a word, right?)

For me, I am not emotionally invested in any Democrat as much as I was/am invested in our Hillary, therefore, it will be easy for me to vote for any candidate that I think can win over Demp/andHis Pence.

I have almost no chance of crying over any of them…it is a lot easier for me this time around unless by some miracle, Hillary ends up in the race.

madamab & Shadowfax, agree. None of them have the brain and spirit and heart that Hillary has. I will support whomever wins the nomination, but will never again be as committed.

@37, bet the AAs realize they are helluva lot better off with Northram in office than a Rethug. I agree we should listen to them.

@37: mb, that’s what threw me when I saw that this morning. He must have a very good record in the community or something like that. It was shocking when I saw it.

MadamaB> Nobody here is going to vote for R or I in the general. This is the primary season. And for Klobuchar to literally launch her primary campaign by taking a shot at Hillary is dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. There is literally zero benefit for her to have said that, only negatives. It was beyond stupid to have done it.

And yes, I think Harris is the only one who has not taking shots at HRC. Warren, of course, has taken numerous. Gillibrand – who owes her Senate seat to the Clintons! – took a few, especially at Bill (again, for no reason.) I just find it appalling. Because it’s pointless. Why attack the previous candidate from your party, the one who won the goddamned popular vote, who broke one glass ceiling, who has a long career of fighting for your party. Why would they do this? What in their broken brains makes them think it’s ok? I just don’t understand it.

@42 – Everyone else has done it, maybe that’s why they think it’s fine? Maybe they think the voters want them to diss Bill and Hillary? I truly have to clue. They should know better!!


Wait, African-Americans, by a large margin, do NOT want Northam to step down?

Then WTF are we talking about here? We should listen to the folks who have the biggest stake in the outcome.

I agree and this is what I said back on the last thread or perhaps on Upps site.
It should always be up to the voters on something like this and not up to Congress.

The reason they diss Hillary and Bill is out of jealousy and they all sound petty. Harris picked Obama over Hillary, so she is equal with the rest in my book.

All of them wished they had millions of people that love them as much as the Clintons.

I will vote for who ever wins the nomination and in the primary, I will vote for the person I think would make the best president.

@42 Completely agree, DYB. Completely unnecessary. Stupidly unnecessary. Maybe she should find a “Minnesota nice” way to ask why people of Wisconsin fell for targeted Russian propaganda and voted for Donald fu*king Trump. It sure as hell wasn’t because Hillary ‘didn’t go there’. (In fact, I’m not convinced she didn’t actually win Wisconsin.)

Well, just for future reference because she’s not running right now, but I think Stacey Abrams shows signs of having Hillary-level abilities and character.

As to the candidates taking potshots at HRC? Braindead. And going with the tired old Kremlin trope that Wisconsin had anything to do with anything is beyond braindead. At that stage all organs have been removed for donation. Hillary lost because of 1) vote suppression and 2) shenanigans. If Klobuchar wanted to make the point that she’s learned the lessons of 2016 she should have talked about strengthening voting rights and election procedures.

I recall that Hills called off planned campaign stops due to the horrific mass shooting at that club in Florida. Not something to diss her for. sigh But there’s never anything very rationale about such criticisms of HRC.

@47: And going with the tired old Kremlin trope that Wisconsin had anything to do with anything is beyond braindead

Bingo! Ding, ding, ding!!

@47, quixote, yes. A few measly ten thousand votes here and there, a suspiciously and equally few, and the election was stolen.

We should call them low-information Wisconsin voters.

@50: Plus Republican state gerrymander ratfcking there and messing around with voting rights eligibility. Thanks Walker!

Changing subject, I see I should have gone to the Chewbacchus parade last night in the Marigny.

Luna, yes, Hillary and Obama were supposed to rally together in WI. Then the Pulse Nightclub shooting happened in Orlando and they cancelled the rally in WI and Hillary went to Orlando instead. After that, because of scheduling, they sent people like Bernie to WI on her behalf.

I also have not seen anybody explain how Russ Feingold lost his WI election – he being the perfect Bernie candidate who only campaigned in WI – and lost by a bigger margin than HRC.

Any of these Democratic candidates should figure out the answer to the question they will inevitably be asked “What went wrong in 2016.” And the answer should not be “Well, Hillary didn’t visit WI.” The answer should be: “Voter suppression in states like WI, gerrymandering, Russian influence and interference in our elections, and HRC won by 3,000,000 votes.” It’s really not that difficult to figure out the correct response.

@54: Brilliantly explained D. Now pass that along to this current crop of candidates.

@53 Thank you, DYB. That’s it in a nutshell.

And following up with Quixote regarding Stacey Abrams… hell yeah. I can guarantee you if Stacey was asked that question, there would be no mention of Wisconsin in her reply. Suppression, gerrymandering, poll closings, voting machine failures in heavily black districts, purging eligible voters, etc. Abrams has got it. She will be more of a force to be reckoned with than AOC ever thought about. (or rather AOC’s detractors)

@55 Yes, AOC is just not ready for prime time. She has instincts – but often her instincts get ahead of herself. This whole Green Deal thing sounds great, but it’s a 14 page memo with things like “farting cows” in it. This is not legislation, it’s an idea, nothing else. It’s why Pelosi is dismissive of it. A lot of Democrats are rushing to sign on to it because, I guess, they think it’s harmless.

Abrams, on the other hands, is an experienced legislator. She doesn’t pretend that every one of her ideas is a miracle. She’s tough and practical. I agree that she is likely to accomplish far more than AOC, who so far has been a show horse.

@55: Suppression, gerrymandering, poll closings, voting machine failures in heavily black districts, purging eligible voters, etc

Yep, she has lived through it.

I think AOC will get there, too. She needs some blowback, not just from the Republicans (fu*ck them) but her Democratic colleagues to do so. She can handle it. Some pundit questioning Kamala Harris (don’t remember who – they all look the same to me now) tried to get her to berate AOC. Instead, she said “I love bold ideas! We need bold ideas!”

Let’s not forget what Hillary said… politics is making the impossible… possible.

@58 – that’s how I feel about AOC. I see her learning in real time and finding her place. Her potential is unlimited. And Stacey? She is amazing, the most exciting potential President out there, The Dems have plans for her.

Looks like the Twitter pushback has already changed Amy’s tune. Keep it up folks!

AOC gets way too much airtime by the media. Right now, I just tune her out until she buckles down and learns something about being a congresswoman.

Ocasio-Cortez may be a show horse, but she’s a good one for the most part. The Green Deal (it’s not all that New) gets ridiculed for including minority rights and cow methane, but those are actually real factors. If you try to go carbon-free without consideration of rights, megacorps wind up getting megacontracts to build nukes and dump the waste out of sight somewhere. Cows really do add a significant amount of methane (200x more greenhouse-y than CO2) into the atmosphere. And so on. Pelosi is dismissive because it’ll never pass, but if Dems have had a fault it’s been being too willing to work within the stupid limits Repubs force on them.

Anyway, my point was going to be sure she’s a show horse. So’s Dump. So’s Burnie. Who’d you rather have the media chasing? (And they *are* going to chase the show, unfortunately.) Consider how much better she is than the Dump. There’s a good measure of the gender gap right there.

Fredster @52, is the really big guy supposed to be Lil Abner?? If so, I didn’t know L’il Abner had ever even met Chewbacca!

61 Q, sorry but…
she just doesn’t interest me at all.

Eeenteresting. I just saw this:

Notice how the Cherokee Nation leans RW? Oklahoma NA leaders are ALL GOP ~ Gov Stitt, Rep. Cole, Rep Mullin. That’s what’s going on here. They don’t oppose Warren b/c of her family story. They oppose her b/c she’s a DEM. This needs to go viral.

*Now* it all makes sense. The twisting of facts. The way most American Indian organizations and leaders have no problem with Warren, but don’t get any air.

@33- I am trying to find the source of this quote. I listened to the entire Boom Island speech and it wasn’t there, although Amy did reference that her mom was from Wisconsin. Has anyone found the actual quote and context?

Also, Klobuchar spoke quite a bit regarding voter suppression, resumption of the VRA, automatic registration, etc., but I would have liked more righteous anger about what happened in 2016. There should be a heck of a lot of energy to tap into on that front.

Some righteous anger from one who knows:

@62: But he did quixote (I’m gonna mash this up) in another galaxy, a long time ago and far away.

That group, chewbacchus, was started by a bunch of hipsters who relocated here after having seen 23,000 episodes of Treme on HBO. It started before I got back but I always got a chuckle out of the pictures online of the marching/parading Princess Leias.

I asked a friend about going to it and he said “Oh geez, it’s gotten to be such a big deal and it’s impossible to find a place to park anywhere nearby and the cops are out on patrol for the slightest parking violation so then you’re out a couple of hundred bucks to get your car back”.

Nola dot com had a gallery of pics from the parade so I’ll email those to you.

@66: but I would have liked more righteous anger about what happened in 2016


Weather update from the upper left-hand corner :

This afternoon we will transition to mixed rain/snow and then rain this evening. Temperatures tomorrow will zoom up to near 40F. And the great melt out will begin.

This has been an extraordinary month, with Seattle experiencing the greatest February monthly snowfall on record (14.1 inches).

Oh Lordy, just saw notification on my laptop that Windows will start updates soon. See y’all in a couple of hours. LOL

Treme on HBO

I loved that show…and then it just stopped…

Fredster @68, Oh. In a galaxy far, far away. That explains it! 😆

(I’ve been trying to get a ticket out there for two+ years now.)

@74: Shadow, they ran out of made up stories. LOL

@75: quixote, if you score one of those tickets let the rest of us know.

Hmmm, Klobuchar wouldn’t comment? She’s getting moved farther down my list of candidates.

He’s running.

@64, Did not know that. It is interesting. Wonder why in hell they’re Republican? They must like power over others.

Damn socialism!

There’s a garden bench under there somewhere. I want some rain, damnit!

@83: OMG!

Yeah what happened to that rain?

Luna and Fredster,

Where’s the rain? [Hand raised]

N. Calif. is gonna get lots more rain starting tomorrow. The big mountain near were I live is covered with snow.

WA, I think you guys are just about 8 degrees colder than we are and we have your rain.

@85: Shadow, have y’all gotten a lot of snow in the mountains this year to help with water amounts this summer?

Do I have that right? Isn’t that the way it works?

Fredster, yes, that’s how it works. The snow was slow in coming but I think the snow is normal now and we’re getting a lot of rain as well. Also, its butt-kicking cold!

You guys will not believe this f*&king bullshit:

@88. Jaw on floor.

Oldy but goodie:

Klobuchar is all over the place

@91- I am going to reserve judgment. I felt that her interview with Maddow was internally consistent, not all over the place, but this particular quote may seem to be contrary to what some tweets have implied was a diss to Hillary vis a vis Wisconsin. If Klobuchar was clearly dissing Hillary, I would look elsewhere for someone to support. I still want to see that Wisconsin quote in context. I have only seen the tweeted excerpt. I am very wary of negative press on any of these current candidates.

@87: Thanks annie. Sounds like good news for water supplies.

Cold…we’ve had a few days here and there with cold temps but the temps have been relatively mild here.

@88: Face plant – ow, that hurt!

@92 lililam, I’m still waiting too. I’ve yet to see proof that Klobuchar said any such thing. I like Amy K, but I don’t think she can beat Trump, if he runs. He will mow her over.

Getting stronger together…

The image and Hillary bastardized slogan he chooses,
on a navy background with white stars,
adds his ugly mug,
and a Heil Hitler raised arm, with his tiny hand & open fingers.

We all know he is all about branding…and this is his best steal and big boy pose?

Fredster, I agree with Annie and 87

We have had enough rain over the past couple of years that we no longer have a drought, but it will take many rainy years to build up the depleted water-table that farmers had to drill into for water in the central valley, to grow tons of American’s food.

Some of the water comes from rain, most of it comes from snow run off in all our big mountains.

DYB 91
Klobuchar is all over the place

I liked her in-the-snow speech a lot more than her interview with Rachael. She was on point, clear and covered a lot of important issues in her speech.

In her speech, I think out of everyone running so far, Amy supports most of what Hillary ran on. The one thing I really like about her is that she is not running on the Bernie far left Unicorn bs of the Dem party that everyone else is running on.

Amy is not well known, so I don’t get the feeling that she will end up being the nominee. She might make a great VP though to bring in more of of the blue dog Dems.

Hillary’s kick in the teeth to Big Dump

Hillary Clinton (Tweet)

Verified account

4h4 hours ago
More Hillary Clinton Retweeted GOP
Now copy my plan on health care, a fairer tax system, and voting rights. Hillary Clinton added,

Verified account

382 replies 1,859 retweets 6,918 likes
Reply 382 Retweet 1.9K Like 6.9K Direct message

The cold opening from last weekend’s SNL. I only include it bcuz Chuckles the clown Todd gets on my nerves so badly and this parodies him perfectly. I weighed putting this one in because of the topic and it also includes a Donna B impersonation. Bleh.

Trump & the GOP stealing Hillary’s slogan — I’ve never seen such hellish gaslighting.

Come on Mueller, pounce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all waiting for this effin’ nightmare to end. We can’t wait until 2020.

@105, forgot to add: “Accuses”??? He did steal her slogan.

@104, Oh the flying hair! Oh the happy face! Oh the waggy tail!

@107: The beagle was cute too.

Fredster @104, Oh that was fun to see. The dachshund was gorgeous. I miss Fluff Society.

Sorry, the article in that tweet is from 2016. I don’t know why Aunt Crabby retweeted it now.

It’s just as true as it was in 2016. The bigger question now is why nobody has looked into something which is a crime against democracy.

@111, Maybe because it’s still not been investigated the way it should be. Same for 2000 and 2004. We all remember hearing that Kenya held their 2016 election over due to finding out that Cambridge Analytica had been messing with them. Kenya. But the US? Nooooo.

Look at this cute Australian critter!

@112, Well said. Its always bugged me that the Clinton’s never sue any of their attackers.

@113, Omg. Our elections are pathetic.

@114, Cute little guy.


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