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It’s Time for the STFU

Posted on: February 5, 2019

Oy vey! Today it’s the SOTU – or as I call it, the “STFU.” As usual, I have no interest in watching the Mango Moron spew his ignorance and lies for the 8,000th time. Literally! As of January 21, 2019, the man has told over 8,158 lies since his inauguration, an average of 11.35 per day.

Ah, but what may be worth watching is the Democratic response, given by the fabulous Stacey Abrams…yet another strong, intelligent woman who was cheated out of victory in a transparent case of (say it with me now) Republican. Election. Fraud. Abrams was an unusual choice, given that the respondents both usually hold elected office, and are not African-American women.

That’s what makes it so brilliant.

“I know there were some headlines that characterized her as the future of the Democratic Party. In my estimate, she is the present and the future. She’s shaping the future,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, who in 2018 became the first African-American woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress, said in an interview with ABC News.

And while Abrams’ defining characteristics set her apart, they also match her up for the current, unpredictable era — one in which the State of the Union is pushed back after a historic government shutdown, and the president giving the address had never held elected office himself before taking office.

“I think it’s untraditional in all the right ways — and ways voters are showing themselves to have an appetite for,” said Jamila Michener, a professor at Cornell University who researches racial inequality and the electoral system. Particularly African-American women, Michener said, who are “the electoral bedrock of the Democratic Party.”

“It’s almost a kind of ‘duh’ moment for the Democrats, and one it’s good they finally had,” she said.

After the triumphant Blue Tsunami of 2018, which women of color played an enormous part in making possible, it seems like the entire Democratic Party is finally overcoming their gender and color blindness to honor their true base.

This awakening does not, of course, include that self-centered screamer who won’t release his tax returns. You know who I’m talking about…the one who’s only a Democrat when he wants to run for office to help elect Comrade Drumpf. Yup, he’s just certain that all his fauxgressive cultists cannot live another day without hearing the same bullsh*t from his yelling pie hole.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will deliver his own response to President Trump’s speech to Congress on Tuesday for the third year running.

The senator’s office confirmed to The Hill that his response will follow Trump’s State of the Union address as well as the Democratic rebuttal and be streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

So, not on TeeVee then? Mwahahaha.

All righty then, here’s my plan. Who’s with me?

  1. Don’t watch Drumpf.
  2. Tune in to Stacey. (And, Xavier Becerra is giving the response in Spanish, so you can also tune in to him.)
  3. Ignore #theBernout.

This is an open thread.

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131 Responses to "It’s Time for the STFU"

I’m looking forward to hearing Abrams speak. As for Orange Caligula’s speech, I’ll be following Bravenak on Twitter who’s live-tweeting the SOTU with commentary — which should be hilarious.

This topic came up in one of our earlier threads.

Monarch population is up 144 percent at Mexico wintering grounds

This winter, researchers found the butterflies occupying 14.95 acres of pine and fir forests in the mountains of Michoacan and Mexico states. That is an increase from 6.12 acres a year ago.

They arrive in such numbers that their population is measured by how much surface area they cover.

This year’s is the biggest measurement since the 2006-2007 period, Rhodes said. A low of just 1.66 acres was recorded in 2013-2014.

Jorge Rickards, director of World Wildlife Fund in Mexico, which participates in the monitoring, cautioned that the butterflies like other insects see their annual populations rise and fall and the monarchs have had a declining trend. This year’s number was positive, but there is no guarantee it will continue.

The STFU speech, yeah…ah no, I will not start listening to this disgrace of a human being today or any day, except as he whimpers as they pull his fat butt out of the Oval.

I will make fun of him and his stupid supporters for as long as I live.

@2 and @3 – Ha! Guess Brady isn’t as MAGA as people thought. Also, I may now be following Bravenak as well. Love her.

@5 – So with you on that!!!!

So many better speeches to listen to than the SOTU!

@8: Did you see all those comments to Sam’s tweet? Folks can’t even read.

I had thought about putting a poll up but we know how we’d all respond.

I hope Nancy gives him the evil-eye behind his back. LOL

@9, yeah, it’s a PRE-buttal. Sigh.

Trump better remember when he walks in that room that he’s in Nancy’s House, now!

Nancy and the ladies are wearing white tonight…to stand out as they glare at Big Rump.


I don’t know about all the white and everything. In my mind the only appropriate action is for everybody to boycott the whole damn STFU. The media, Congress, everybody. Just being there implies he’s not some kind of treasonbait.

But I know they can’t do that. There’s (many) reasons I can’t be a politician.

I also don’t know about Harris prebutting. I thought she was smart enough to leave Bernie’s pathetic little games to Bernie. First stupid move I’ve seen her make.

Looking forward to Abrams, though. She’s really a supernova.

Here’s some butterflies:

Stacey is about to come on!!!

She did very well.

Oh wow. Seriously. Wow. Just listened to Abrams. (I never listen to politicians talk. The last one was Obama giving the Convention speech in 2004 because it happened to be on at the airport or something. But I am *that* interested in Abrams.) Anyway. That was dynamite. She just about brought me to tears a couple of times. She had me smiling along with her through the optimistic stuff (and I am, by disposition, genetics, and training, a pessimist). She hit every point that needed hitting, and brought in echoes of the Constitution and Bill of Rights in her wording.

In a Lennon Imagine voice: Imagine if she was President.

Yes, little Grace’s story was very moving and this little girl was so excited to be there and clap with all the big people.

Then the window dressing fell of and Rump talked a few minutes later of all the babies that are yanked from their mother’s womb and killed right after they are born. This shocking comment was done in the presence of this little girl. It was a WTF moment and I couldn’t believe he used her to jump on women about the abortion issue.

It really made me angry.

I ended up watching the entire, stupid speech. I thought Nancy was going to bite her lip clean off and when she was pist, she picked up these big white cards and pretended to read and shuffle them.

Nancy held all the Dem power tonight. Dump said something that was horrible, maybe it was about abortions, or something as bad, and when the younger women in white started to react, quietly talking…she just barely held up her hand a little, and they all hushed. She was like a famous conductor.

Okay I missed it…all of it. I’ll try to see if I can find Stacey’s thing online.

Popeyes robber fails to open register, steals chicken instead: NOPD

Just NO! If you can’t figure out how to open the register you don’t deserve any chicken as a consolation prize.

@28: Thanks quixote!

Stacey’s response was excellent!

Clinton/Abrams 2020 and i would die a happy woman. And they are both Methodists to which i attribute their devotion to service to others and their remarkable compassion. Stacey has that rare ability to pierce the political veil and touch the heart, to inspire and give hope to all people. She is smart, down to earth, confident, strong, persuasive without being offputting, caring and a genuine doer in addition to being an excellent talker. I love her to bits.

Clinton/Abrams 2020

Yes, they would be awesome together…but two women on a ticket would give GOP men a stroke.

@33, And a few Dem men too.

The performance piece ‘Ivanka Vacuuming’ seems to irk the first daughter even more than ‘fake news’

Journalist goes on about various reasons why Ivanka might not like the piece, but never hits on the main reason she wouldn’t like the piece. It shows her doing menial work.

For Fredster:

Aaawwwwwck! I hadn’t cleared my ‘copy’ cache. That was supposed to be this:

@37: Awwww.

And as an update, I’m holding off for now on looking for another pupper. For some reason where I’m living now is just inundated with gnats and what looks like baby mosquitoes. There is an outfall/drainage canal nearby and I don’t know if that’s where they come from or what it is. I put up a yellow LED bug light on the front but that hasn’t seemed to affect them at all. Still, I don’t want to get a dog and have to worry with mosquitoes and heartworms even if I got the meds for that.

I thought about laying down some Sevin dust in the shrubs by the house but I’m not sure if that will help or not. I’m definitely going to call the parish mosquito board but I swear I think the little buggers thrive on that stuff when the spray truck comes around.

Arrrgh! Cable and internet went out. Called Cox cable and automated reply said out until possibly 10 pm. Sheesh! I’m tethered to the phone for now but won’t keep that up.

Cya when I get internet back!

Sic ’em Adam.

There is some massive ratf*cking going on in Virginia. When Republicans can’t win, they try to destroy the ones who did.

Political crisis engulfs Virginia’s top 3 elected officials

There is no way in hell this is a coincidence. And by the way, I dressed up as Tina Turner in 1988 and put on a bit of bronzer. Does this mean I am a racist? I am dead serious. Apparently I don’t understand the rules as well as I thought I did.

What I thought blackface was: Blackening your face and acting like a racist stereotype of a black person. This was possibly what Northam did.

What it seems to be: Dressing up like a black person for Halloween and trying to look like them. This was what Northam says he did, Herring too.

Look at the baby fluffy murderbirds!

@42, I am sure screwing up whether I copy or not today.

44 NW Luna


Nancy took out those big cards and shuffled them every time she was pist at what the Big Dumb was saying.

@45, Shadowfax, I liked the commentator who guessed those were draft subpoenas!

You can’t make this name up!

@41 madamab, I was thinking that same thing today. They weren’t wearing black face to mock them or say racist things. They were trying to emulate musicians who were very popular at the time. Silly, yes. Intentionally racist, no.

@41- it is pretty disconcerting and messed up, isn’t it? On many levels and likely many that we are not privy to. I appreciate your candor. I don’t think by imitating Tina Turner you became a racist. I had a friend that used to imitate her, mainly as a vehicle to let out her inhibitions. Perhaps Northam innocently imitated Jackson. I still don’t understand why he came out with that premature apology, then. Maybe he was flustered? Or maybe he really was a serial racist? We just don’t know, but the whole thing is highly suspect as this came out just after Northam clarified his stance on the abortion bill and consolidated his support. A chill is in the air.

And if you did make it up and tried to sell the story, you’d be rejected by everybody for complete lack of plausibility.

Really? Combover? 😯

Thanks everyone for your input. I can be pretty clueless about some racial cues and dog whistles. I appreciate your help!!

Actually, they are not Hillary’s, but still funny…

@41 and others:

Here’s one for ya: Is it okay for black people to wear blackface? Quixote you know where I’m going here.

Well yes, when it’s the Krewe of Zulu.

But it’s apparently not when it’s a white woman who was invited to parade with the group.

And honestly she would have stuck out like a sore thumb had she not worn blackface.

Agree that this looks very suspicious, like republican rat-fucking. Another thing that strikes me is the harshness, the lack of forgiveness. How long ago was this–40 years? When it comes to banishing people, how many decades are we going back for wrong, but non-criminal behavior?

Also, regarding the yearbook, has it been confirmed that the picture/page is authentic? Surely there must be people that attended that med school that have one, but I haven’t heard anything about that. Anyway, I think that accepting any accusation about a Dem politician without verifying it, or putting it into context, is a dangerous road to go down.

MB, no I can’t imagine Tina Turner being offended by people dressing up as her for parties. What are costume parties about?

@52, Dump’s tweets sound like a bratty, spoiled teenage girl wrote them. And what’s with Stone’s “Penguin” get-up?

Here’s our answer to what’s going on in VA. The fourth in line. (Sorry so long)

A constitutional crisis mainly driven by race and threatening to wipe out the Democratic executive leadership in Virginia could elevate a Republican fighting to preserve state voting districts that critics say disadvantage blacks.

Kirk Cox, now the speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates, is fourth in line to take over the governorship imperiled by black face controversies involving Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring, and a sexual assault allegation, which he denies, against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who’d become the second black governor and the first in 25 years if he succeeds his boss.

Cox, 61, is a conservative in a state that continues to struggle to fully shed an ugly historical racial legacy while simultaneously becoming a model for political diversity and an economic powerhouse that’s just lured Amazon to its northern suburbs.

The gerrymandering case, which is set to be argued at the Supreme Court on March 18, isn’t related to the unfolding scandal in Richmond, but it does layer on another element of race to its politics.

Herring announced last year that the state would not continue to defend the now-defunct maps following a lower court’s ruling that invalidated them.

The court’s finding that the legislature “sorted voters into districts based on the color of their skin,” should “be of the utmost concern,” Herring said. He urged legislators to act with speed in ensuring that “fair, constitutional lines are drawn as soon as possible.”

Cox wants to intervene to defend the maps, and the Supreme Court will decide, among other things, whether he and the House of Delegates can do so.

Cox’s Richmond-area district, which he’s represented since 1990, isn’t among the 11 districts under review. But any changes to nearby ones being worked out in the courts could alter it.

Packing Black Voters

Gerrymandering is the process of manipulating voting district boundaries to benefit a particular group. The Supreme Court has long held that redrawing lines for racial reasons can be unconstitutional. But it’s struggled for 30 years over whether redistricting for partisan reasons can be halted by the courts.

In addition to the Virginia racial gerrymandering challenge, the justices are set to consider two partisan redistricting cases out of Maryland and North Carolina this term.

The high court itself revived challenges to the 11 state legislative districts at issue in Virginia when the case first came before the justices in 2017, after the lower court had initially upheld the challenged districts.

The legislature may have acted unconstitutionally by relying predominately on race when crafting the challenged districts, the court said. It sent the case back to the lower court to decide if that was in fact the case.

On remand in 2018, the lower court reversed course. The panel decided 2-1 that the state’s then-Republican majority packed black voters into districts to create other districts more favorable to Republican candidates.

There you have it. That’s what’s happening. I hope Eric Holder’s group is on top of this.

From what I linked above:

The gerrymandering case, which is set to be argued at the Supreme Court on March 18, isn’t related to the unfolding scandal in Richmond, but it does layer on another element of race to its politics.

Oh, hell yeah, it’s related.

I remember a few years back, a white actress blackened her face on Halloween to emulate her favorite character on Orange is the New Black. She was slaughtered for it. To me, it is the time we are in. Bronzing to be Tina doesn’t seem racist to us because of the motivation behind it. Presumably, most if not all of us here are white, so we are not perhaps in the best position to decide this point at this juncture in our history. Obviously, POC find white people imitating black people in this way offensive or hurtful or disrespectful or insensitive, so let’s not do it, even if our intentions are the exact opposite of what is perceived. Maybe someday color, gender, sexual orientation and religion won’t matter, but we are not there yet.

Yes, Fredster, as far as I’m concerned, Zulu can do no wrong just on general principles. But also on the real principle that blacks get to decide about costuming in a black krewe even if others disagree with them. And all the others have to do is shut up about it. (Too many people love a pile-on way too much.)

On a different angle here, the point GAgal brings up is what’s going on. I’ve been suspicious of the Repub angle from the start. Like the Franken fiasco, something stinks. They don’t care about racist insults — hell, they don’t care about crimes against humanity — except suddenly when it gives them a tool to get the Dems to eat their own.

At first I thought it was weird, they’d be opening the door to a black Dem Lt. Gov. But as soon as I heard they had crap lined up for everybody until you got down the line of succession to some Repub, the pieces fell into place. And now we can even see which pieces: it’s all about cementing their vicious gerrymanders.

I agree with Cats that, hey, how about everybody stops being rude. (To use archaic language, but, really that’s what we’re talking about here. Blackface is an insult, which is a different order of harm than physical damage. It is harm, and it rests on a crimes-against-humanity system which makes it awful, but it’s not — itself — more than an insult.)

And, again, I don’t know how the Dems deal with this. You can’t have rapists and racists in public life, and you can’t have Repubs using that to put their own rapists and racists into power. That’s the evil genius of using people’s best instincts against themselves.

Definitely something fishy about the VA incidents. You’d think they would have used the Northam yearbook back in the election. Why save all this until now?

Good lord:

Elizabeth Warren is making a “big announcement” about her 2020 plans on Saturday. Is she dropping out?

I tried to go to one of my fav twitter sites, Fluff Society (I’ve posted many cute animal tweets here), and their account is suspended!?!? Fluff Society? What could they possibly have done?

I’m in a hotel and have msnbc on and MTP just came on (bleh), and he has AOC on. That young woman is everywhere. Off to the Fitness Center.

Odd note: AOC’s makeup is beautiful, and she’s styled well. She’s a fast learner.

On a cheerier note: New image/meme on the right sidebar

@65 LOL! Trump better buckle up. This is just the beginning.

@66: When I saw that photo GAgal, I knew it was meme-worthy.
I tried to crop out as much of Pence as possible. And I love the fact of Pelosi looking down on tRump. LOL

@65, Ha! Good one!

This is a transcript of an podcast interview with Adam Schiff. It’s long but it’s worth it. Schiff is not playing around.

Edit: If you don’t want to read a long twitter thread, I linked an easier to read link to americablog down below.

From above. The last part of 7/ is amazing that Schiff told Rosenstein that turning over voluminous documents about the Hillary email investigation to the Rep led committee was a violation of department policy and that it just might come back to bite him on the ass. Good for him!

@69: GAgal, I tried looking for the entire transcript but didn’t see it. Do you know if there’s a link to that?

Ahem….What was that the Repubs were saying about Elizabeth Warren?

@71 Fredster, found it down in Aravosis’ twitter feed. The whole transcript is the Q & As, but it’s much easier to read here.

Love the Pelosi hate clapping meme!

@63, annie, Fluff Society? Did they criticize an Orange Weasel? Weird. Well, here’s a raccoon vid for ya’all.

@73, oh crap, this time I didn’t have anything copied….it was a tweet about how some Republican congressman had been getting preferential treatment by claiming he was American Indian.

I’m surprised.
Supreme Court blocks Louisiana abortion clinic law

Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s four liberals in putting a hold on the law, pending a full review of the case.

I’m surprised too. I also wonder what’s going to happen in their full review.

@79 – I am pleasantly surprised. Perhaps Roberts is the new Kennedy on some issues.

No surprise here. When is Trump going to get pushback from Republicans on this?

‘My whole town practically lived there’: From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for Trump goes back years

Angulo earned $8 an hour, a fraction of what a state-licensed heavy equipment operator would make, with no benefits or overtime pay. But he stayed seven years on the grounds crew, saving enough for a small piece of land and some cattle back home.

Now the 34-year-old lives with his wife and daughters in a sturdy house built by “Trump money,” as he put it, with a porch to watch the sun go down.

The company’s recent purge of unauthorized workers from at least five Trump properties contributes to mounting evidence that the president benefited for years from the work of illegal laborers he now vilifies.

The Dump rips off everybody he can. (It’s his definition of smart.) Undocumented workers are the easiest to rip off. Of course he had as many as he could get away with.

As soon as he got the nomination, I thought Dems should go looking for them on his properties, because it would sure put the lie to his whole “illegals are criminals” shtick.

The only reason I was glad they didn’t is the workers would be the ones getting the sharp end of the stick, which is what happened two years later.

What a toxic pit he is.

What’s funny about Jeff Bezos taking on the National Enquirer is that AMI signed an agreement with the SDNY office promising to *be good* for three years and not payoff women tRump fiddled around.

So after Bezos’ piece, Justice (SDNY) is looking into whether they have violated the agreement.


“looking into whether they have violated the agreement.”


:multiple hysterical laughter emojis:

@85: Well, that was my choice of words.

I saw something on Niccole Wallace’s show that they (Enquirer) had made some kind of b.s. statement but I imagine they’re checking on their supply of Depends.

All David Pecker managed to do is bring the Khashoggi murder back into the news. Good backfire there.

Goodbye Fairfax. You’re done.

On the SCOTUS abortion ruling: I don’t think Roberts is going to become a swing vote, at least not as consistently as Kennedy was. I think Roberts is a right-winger and will vote to advance that ideology, though he might do so cautiously so that his court – already controversial because of Merrick Garland and Kavanaugh – does not appear to lose legitimacy. It sounds to me that this current ruling is extraordinary for Kavanaugh to have made is because LA essentially was saying they just want to ignore SCOTUS’ previous ruling on a similar case and Kavanaugh – with the other conservatives – argued that it’s fine to ignore SCOTUS rulings. (Actually, the other 4 justices didn’t sign on to Kavanaugh’s opinion; they just offered no opinion at all.) Roberts sided with the liberals this time, but only so he could say “Ah, no, SCOTUS rulings are not to be ignored.” If or when a case like this finds its way back as an actual case – vs. a case that’s just about process – I think we can rely on Roberts to vote to gut RvW.

This Bezos thing is just crazy. What is National Enquirer so desperate to hide, which Bezos’ private investigator was digging into? And I don’t think anybody would be even a little surprised that it will involve Trump in some way.

There’s a new WaPo article about Saudis buying hacking software from (their enemy) Israel that lets you hack into someone’s phone and now you have full access. The article does not mention Bezos, it must have been written before that story hit; Ignatius is writing about how this led to Khashoggi murder. I’m surprised it was not updated to include the Bezos news because this is precisely how they would have gotten into Bezos’ phone and gotten all his info. Here’s the article:

One interesting thing happening is that with Klobuchar’s announcement that she’s running, the stories coming out about her. We know this would happen. Many hit-pieces on Harris and Gillibrand and Warren and now Klobuchar. The media does not do this to men. Ever. BUT, in Klobuchar’s case, I’m actually struck by the stories: if true, they are not good. It sounds like Klobuchar is abusive to her staff. Apparently even Harry Reid got involved at some point… This stories below, if true, Klobuchar’s intent here would be to humiliate and dehumanize people. Nothing else. It’s terrible.

(Hey, Fredster, now that I know it’s you, maybe just one hysterical laughter emoji 😉 )

Hmm. The Klobuchar stuff does sound odd. If true, she sure does a brilliant job of not expressing that part of her in public. I’d have said she was uncommonly pleasant, quiet, and polite!

And, yes, it would be nice if male candidates got any vetting beforehand.

No, Howard, we really don’t think you’d make a good president.

Report: Howard Schultz put millions into controversial for-profit university

…The Senate committee found that in 2009, Capella spent $1,650 per student on instruction, compared to $4,538 per student on marketing and $2,912 on profit.

@92, so Klobuchar had very detailed descriptions of what her staff should do. Makes sense to me. Reads like some job descriptions I’ve seen. It can be a very good idea if staff don’t chit-chat all the time, especially when the boss is at a stressful or politically delicate event. I can’t remember if she ever served in the military.

Whether firmness crossed over into tyranny toward her staff, I don’t know. Staff who chafe at rigidly defined job responsibilities would certainly complain, and are likely to leave, as are those whose work was subpar. I doubt we’d hear much about this issue if she was Sen. John Klobuchar. And if this is the worst they’ve got on her, it’s silly. Except for the men who will say “Nagging shrewish woman! I won’t vote for that woman!”

Wooo-hooo! Draaaag him!

@98, Shit.

I have thought these criminals are getting the kid glove treatment. Hadn’t thought it through that this means no real containment of Trump. Deities save us.

@97 Lunda> If it was JOHN Klobuchar, it’s true, we may never have heard about it. But, I actually do think that the stories – if they are true – are problematic. It’s not the things that her staff are asked to do (although picking up her dirty underwear may be a step too far). The problem are the “punishments” that are dealt out when someone fails. The story that one of the aides had to tell Franken’s people: “Senator is late today because I am bad at my job.” That is not ok. That is intended as pure humiliation. It’s dehumanizing. I’ve seen one insider say that the stories about Klobuchar’s treatment of her staff have been famous for years and he’s never heard anything comparable from anyone else.

Meanwhile, the Saudi government posts this:

The Saudis yammering how their leadership is untouchable? Reminds me of Whittaker telling Nadler, chairing the hearing!, that Nadler’s time is up.

That is not how any of this works.

@105 quixote> Sadly we might have to wait 2 years before anyone calls Saudis out on their shit.

I caught a couple of hours of the hearing this morning, working in our construction trailer. I thought the Dems did well. Whittaker is a vile little punk.

So does anyone know anything about our taxes for 2018? It sounds bad.

Fluff Society is not back yet!

GAgal, what will happen in VA? Will a Rethug end up being governor?

@107 Annie, as far as I know, no one has heard another peep from Fairfax after he called the 2nd accusation a smear. One Dem is moving to impeach.

Democratic state Rep. Patrick Hope of Arlington said Fairfax needs to leave or be forced to leave office.

“On Monday, I will be introducing articles of impeachment for Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax if he has not resigned before then,” Hope wrote on Twitter.

I think AOC is doing pretty well. This needed to be said. Glad to see Walter Shaub on the panel.

@110: I saw that, I think on Nicolle’s show. The talking heads were saying he’s probably auditioning for another position after Barr takes over at Justice.

Luna, I saw a thing on the late news here and it showed Seattle gonna get slammed with snow. Showed a line at the grocery store. Did you get your bread and milk (what the bamians rush out to get when they here “snow”).

@113, Goodness, what a winter we’re having here on the left coast. I’m going to call my Mom tomorrow and ask her to please stay inside (my mom lives N of Seattle). She has a sloping driveway, and my stepdad slipped on it 10 years ago and had a severe head injury and died a few months later. My husband fell in the pouring rain we had a few days ago and landed on his knees (one of which was replaced). Laker & I are taking him to the ER tomorrow.

Luna, hope you have lots of provisions and can stay home.

I watched a bit of the Whitacker hearings and that guy…and Republican sanctimony. I wanted to slap each and every one of them. From what I heard, Whitaker basically did not answer a single question. He should have been held in contempt. Though someone pointed out one question he did answer, towards the end (I stopped watching) was a question if he had seen any papers related to Presidential pardons and he said yes, he has. Did anyone catch that moment??

VA is a mess. So is Northam staying on? Sounds like he is. Allegations against Fairfax are, obviously, far more serious than what Northam did. (Rape (alleged) vs. black face – I’m gonna have to go with rape is worse…. someone tell if I’m wrong.) But you also had the 3rd person in line – also a Democrat – saying he did black face. And I think if all 3 leave, the next person in line is a Republican and I’m sorry, I don’t care how pure we want our party to be, handing control of the Governor’s mansion back to GOP is not an option.

D, we posted at the same moment! I just saw the first couple hours. I couldn’t believe what a snide, smarmy asshole he was. And his rethug handlers/enablers. It was a disgraceful display. (I thought Nadler and the Dems did a good job)

@116, Agree.

You’re being sarcastic, DYB? Physical harm versus a nasty insult. Torture using sex and blackface aren’t even on the same page.

They’re both expressions of soul-destroying systems, but one goes way way way way way further in committing the actual destruction.

Here’s our girl, looking great:

@114: Oh annie, I didn’t realize you still had family up there. Yep I would say stay inside for her if at all possible.

Every time I see her — looking inspiring, intelligent, benevolent — all I can think is how much was stolen from us.

She’s obviously marched on, but I just can’t seem to.

Last night only 3″, rather anticlimactic — but then we woke up to 7″ of snow and a steady fall of tiny flakes. Oh, Prof Mass was right (of course). It wouldn’t be that bad except for all the hills here. Busses on emergency snow routes, not just snow routes. Main arterials are clear, but certainly not other streets, plus all the kids are out playing, and many adults too. I should get out my x-c skis today! I went grocery shopping Thurs night to stock up and waited maybe 20-30 min in line. Some stores were practically emptied. We’re six blocks away from a grocery store on an arterial, so I hope we’ll be ok if we need perishables. The area is supposed to get another 4-8″ on Tues, yikes. Fortunately I’d put in for vacation time this coming week; good timing!

annie, your mom is up around Bellingham? I heard they got much less snow than Seattle so far. It’s supposed to drop to below freezing and even into the teens at night, plus high winds. Definitely stay-inside weather. So sorry about your father — head injuries are nasty and as you know the sequelae an be very bad.

@120, 122. What could have been and should have been. I still nearly tear up seeing her.

@123: Saw on the Wx Channel early this a.m. that some routes going east were closed for miles.

Hillary does look really great, and she still speaks out…like a President. She looks and acts like a President in waiting…

The hearing with the bald, rude pretend AG was terrible. He thought he ruled the hearing…he needs to get punched in the face with subpoenas.

I am getting sick and tired of the Dems acting so timid and setting standards of saints while they battle the worst of American humanity. They bring a knife to a gun fight every time. Enough!!!! This isn’t the cream puff derby.

– I am not a fan of Warren, but for God’s sake woman, STOP apologizing for calling yourself an ‘American Indian’ 30 years ago, the first 10 apologies were enough.

– Virginia and it’s three a-holes in office, kick the guy out with two rape charges and let the public vote in a special election, in or out for the other two. It’s up to their voters.

At this rate Dems are going to lose to Big Dump in 2020. Someone has to step up and punch back.

@120,122, 124: Here’s a point to ponder.

If HRC had won in 2016, would the Dems have flipped the House in 2018? While we wouldn’t have had the existential threat that has been the tRump Crime Organization, would we have had Gay Trousers and his shouts of “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi” and the rest along with more ridiculous investigations of “her emails”?

Just wonderin’.

Bill Maher last night was great. He had on Malcolm Nance and Jack Kingston former congress critter from GA. Kingston still supports tRump and was blathering on about something. Finally Malcolm says to him “Let me explain this to you in terms you’ll understand: NASCAR”. It was hilarious and I’m trying to find a clip of it.

As far as all the women running, I don’t care how they run their homes, who pickups up their undies and if they appear to be perfect Stepford wives or not.
I care about their ethics, their policies and if they run too far into the left unicorn area and if they know how to fight with some degree of grace, like Hillary and Nancy.
I will end up voting for the person that battles Big Dump the best, be it a woman or a man.

New post coming up in just a few minutes.

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