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A Skunky Super Bowl Sunday

Posted on: February 3, 2019

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, Widdershins. Being from a family that watches a LOT of sports, and married to a hubby who adores football, I will be going over to Bro’s house to watch the game. This year, though, there are some sour notes in our typically light and frothy event. Our Bud Lights, in other words, are skunked.

First of all, there’s the way the Rams won against the Saints. The pass interference call that wasn’t, which should have ended the game in the Saints’ favor. Whether you are in the camp of “The Saints got robbed!” or “The Saints shouldn’t have let it get that close!”, you won’t find anyone online who now disagrees with how badly the game was officiated. Even Roger Goodell has admitted that the referees made a mistake, and he says he is looking at ways to change the rules so that kind of egregious error doesn’t happen again. It was too little, too late for Drew Brees, the Saints’ veteran QB, who hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since 2010. (The Saints won that one, 31-17.) Said Brees about Goodell’s belated apology:

“Do I really want to be in a position talking about this over and over again? No, but I have to stand up and do it because I have to represent my team, represent the ‘Who Dat nation,’ and that’s my responsibility. It’s the commissioner’s responsibility to do the same thing, and yet we don’t hear a peep for 10 days, and it’s because he has to do it now because he’s at the Super Bowl and he does his annual press conference.”

One take on the SuperBowl is that it’s the game we deserve today, comparing the Patriots’ and Rams’ victories to the corruption of Drumpf’s “win.” Hey now! That’s a bridge too far. Unless Pooty-Poot paid off the refs to throw the game to the Rams, there’s just no comparison. Besides which, the Saints didn’t win by 30 points and STILL not make it to the Super Bowl!

Speaking of Drumpf, as unfortunately we always seem to have to do, Dear Cheater will be blah-blah-ing before the game on CBS. I know I won’t be tuning in, since I know what he’ll say: “Yada yada border emergency national security I am so SMART!” He’ll probably throw in something about the National Anthem protests as well. Colin Kaepernick, the first one to kneel, still doesn’t have a job, and many NFL players and social justice activists are not happy about that either. Says NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith:

“I wonder whom on the NFL side has thought about how history is going to look at them given the near universal belief that Colin Kaepernick should be on a team. I think about those things,” Smith said. “Leagues do a great job of telling the story backwards. Major League Baseball tells a great story backwards about Jackie Robinson. But telling the story from the front forward is, well, there had to be a separate negro league. So, I think it’s an interesting way to pose the question of, of what’s going to be the story forward on Colin Kaepernick is not a great story for the National Football League. … So, what’s history going to say about this, and I think history is going to say that he should have been on a team.”

I don’t know how you’re going to spend your Sunday, Widdershins. Maybe you’ll be going to a Boycott Bowl, like Fredster. Maybe you are barely aware of the Super Bowl and are busy with other things. Or maybe you’re like me, and will try to make the best of it by surrounding yourself with loved ones, hoping no one cheats, and laughing (we hope) at the commercials.

No matter what, I wish you a happy Skunky Sunday.

This is an open thread.

46 Responses to "A Skunky Super Bowl Sunday"

This has nothing to do with anything, but it’s bothering me. With the Endless Prez Race and all, I see lots of pics of old Burnie. In 95% of them he is pointing his goddamn finger.

Is that because people choose those pics as expressing his essence? Or is he really jabbing at the air all the constant time? Doesn’t his arm ever get tired?

Quixote, Yes, yes, and I don’t know how either.

He bellows, glowers, and wears shapeless wrinkled clothes. If he was a woman the best they’d say is that he needs to smile more, get some stylish clothes, a decent haircut, and try to be likable.

I’m baaack! Bringing quixote’s comment up from last post:

a funeral parade for a Bowl game. I love New Orleans! Wish I could be there.

You know how this place is q; any reason to party or celebrate(?).

@4: Oh, oh…I need wall art. I’m trying to avoid going to Big Lots. LOL

From nola dot com, a pic of the crowd heading away from the Quarter toward Canal Street.

And I’m sooo glad I didn’t go to the thing in the Quarter.

@7, @8, Par-tay!!!

@9: Yeah you rite!

And on the bright (?) side, I don’t have to be concerned with spending maybe $95 for a jersey. LOL

Y’all are not missing a thing. Worst Super Bowl ever. Terrible commercials too.

@11: Ha! And I just saw that the Patriots won…once again.

This was the headline on nola dot com:

Patriots win 6th championship in Super Bowl snoozer

Ha, NOLA has an attitude, doesn’t it?

@14: Regarding *this* game, yep.
And besides Nola is 300 years old; we’re entitled.

Worst superbowl and terrible commercials…what a bummer.

@16: So glad I missed it.

Because he’s *not* low energy.

I had about as much interest in watching the Super Bowl as I do in watching Dotard’s SOTU Tuesday night. Which is to say… none. I may even avoid the media, who have a horrible habit of showing clips of that asshole speaking from his asshole shaped mouth. (Except for Rachel and Lawrence. They don’t do that) I did watch the Puppy Bowl here and there.

I just noticed the Indictment Bingo card on the sidebar is filling in. The first line – not yet. The second is two. The third is two. The last is one. We’re getting there!

Far be it from me to take up for the Idiot-In-Chief, but that screenshot from Upps’ tweet, which I have seen everywhere, is dated 11/7/18 – the day after the midterms. No one should be surprised he would be glued to the TV screen that day. I was. But I have no doubt he spends, at least, 60% of his time doing absolutely nothing except watching for himself on TV.

@22: I went to Axios and looked at the document. On one day I believe he had the trifecta of Executive Time, Lunch and more Executive Time all one right after the other.

@22 and 23 – I believe there are three months of leaked schedules.

Sigh. Idiots all over the US.

4-year-old shoots mother in face after finding loaded gun under bed south of Seattle

Washington state voters in November approved Initiative 1639, a measure that, among other things, holds gun owners criminally liable if an unsecured gun is accessed by someone not allowed to have a firearm, like a child, and the gun is discharged. Most provisions of I-1639, including those pertaining to unsecured firearms, take effect July 1.

I have fired a gun, a pistol, exactly once, at a shooting range, so I’m an ignoramus on the topic. Maybe it was just that particular gun and maybe it also has to do with me being a megaweakling who has trouble with peanut butter jars. BUT. As an adult it took just about all my strength to fire the stupid thing. How do toddlers manage to do it? Is there that much difference between guns?

quixote, I don’t know much about gun characteristics either. As a teenager I would sometimes do target shooting with my father, with rifles. He occasionally hunted — about 2 or 3 x a year — but was careful about gun safety and showed us what not to do and instilled fear into us about what could go wrong if you were careless or didn’t know what you were doing. I liked practicing the skill of eye-hand coordination involved in hitting a target. We did clean up after ourselves and weren’t the redneck yahooing beer-drinking garbage-littering types you see too much of in rural areas. I don’t recall pressing the trigger as very hard but it wasn’t easy either. I think modern pistols have gotten pretty small and lightweight. Wonder if the kid had a toy gun and also if the family watched a lot of shoot-em-up movies.

Apparently the mother was taken to the trauma hospital with life-threatening injuries and is now stabilized.

Children should not play with guns.
Children should not play with guns.
Children should not play with guns.
Parents should not leave guns where babies can play with their guns.
Irresponsible parents should not have guns.

Lololol. The real explanation!

Democrats Are Urging Stacey Abrams to Run for Senate. She’s Listening.

@24: Hell, looking at just a couple of days was enough to lead to shock and awe.

@25: Geez, there are gun locks of many types. There are locked boxes you can secure a pistol in, just too many ways to secure the thing when there are children around. Stowing it under the bed is not one of those methods.

@26: quixote, it’s called the pull weight of the gun or trigger pull.

The standard Glock trigger pull (with a 5.5-lb connector) runs around 6-7 pounds,

@33. I see. 6-7 lbs sounds about right. And under the bed not being secure storage … honestly, not enough eyeroll emojis in the world. Good to hear they got the mother stabilized. Hope she won’t have permanent injuries!

@34: There are some locks that fit into the the trigger area and guard, completely obscuring the thing. When I got my Glock it came with a thing that almost looked like a bicycle lock. You ran it through where the clip goes in and up through the ejector.

and then some like this:

I get this thing in my email from Vox called Vox Care and is about health, health insurance and the like.

I was surprised to read this in the latest article.

ake Canada, for example, the country that Sanders has modeled his own health plan on.

The country does indeed have government-run health coverage for all citizens that covers visits to hospitals and doctors. But it does not cover dental care, vision, or prescription drugs. Instead, the vast majority of Canadians have supplemental coverage — and most of them get that insurance at work. Even in Canada, the Commonwealth Fund estimates that two-thirds of citizens carry some version of private coverage.

Sorry about those image sizes above. When you add them into a comment you don’t have the option to resize them.

@38 – You know, Maddow had her finger on that for over a year. What happened to that d*mn money, and where did it come from?

BTW – love the pic of the wall!

@39: That’s true. And another thing still not getting much attention is the communications between Alpha Bank and the Trump (Crime) Org servers.

@36, Fredster, yeah, we all know that Sanders doesn’t know the details of what he talks about. But Canadians have better health outcomes than the US, and spend far less to get it.

Canada has a robust and regulated private insurance system for meds. Coverage is good for most drugs but not so good for hyper-expensive drugs for rare diseases. And remember, people in the US are buying drugs from Canada because they’re so much cheaper there, thanks to the Canadian gov’t regs. Dental and vision aren’t covered on most US ‘healthcare’ plans either, as we know.

Wow. Laundering foreign money to pay for the inauguration.

@41: Oh yes about medicine prices there and control. I was just unaware that their plan did not cover the items mentioned.

If only President Cheney’s mug wasn’t in the background… never mind… it’s George W. At least he knew respect.

Shocking to hear a Repub President being respectful of a Democrat.

New post!

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