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Lazy Weekend Music: Baby it’s (gonna get) cold outside

Posted on: January 26, 2019

Invasion of the polar vortex


Good Weekend Widdershins!

Yes the polar vortex is going to do one of its little numbers and give a big chunk of the U.S. some of the coldest weather of the season to parts of the midwest, before scooting eastward towards the northeast (heads up DYB!).

the polar vortex is expected to become displaced from the Arctic Circle and plunge down to near the upper Great Lakes.

Our WCW (West Coast Widdershins) should not be affected by this.  Those of us in the south should get some cold weather but nothing earth-shattering, like, say, Chicago.

“Latest indications are that Chicago could set a record on Wednesday for the day’s lowest high temperature,” according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tom Kines. Temperatures have not been held below zero for an entire day in Chicago since Jan. 6, 2014.

And as I said, the northeast will get smacked also.

Temperatures along the I-95 corridor from Philadelphia to New York City to Boston may struggle or fail to reach 20 during the day. Overnight lows can be in the single digits and lower teens.

So let’s take a look at some songs about cold, whether it’s cold weather, cold hearts, groups with “cold” in the name and similar instances.

* * * *

Foreigner~Cold As Ice

Annie Lennox~Cold

Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong~Baby It’s Cold Outside


Rolling Stones~She’s So Cold

Bruce Springsteen~Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

Coldplay~Fix You

* * * *

Okay Widdershins, my choices above, please add some of your choices in the comments.

Open thread, of course.



84 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Baby it’s (gonna get) cold outside"

The Coldest Night Of The Year

Y’all keep ’em coming.

Nice footage of a shuttle launch and flight.

native11 @15: Wonderful! I’ve never seen the slow motion bits before. Normally those controlled explosions go by so fast, you miss the amazingness.

@16, I once had pass into the space center bunker for a shuttle launch. I was so excited. Then the day before the launch it was scrubbed. Never got another chance. It would have been the event of a lifetime for me.

Contrask and I took the kids to Orlando for vacation and I took them to Kennedy for the tour. The Atlantis was being prepped for launch. It was on the gantry and I got some pictures of it. It was the last shuttle launch.

Don’t tell me about scrubbed launches. We weren’t that far from Orlando once upon a time, so we went the few hundred miles to watch a launch. There were the usual holds and delays but the count would restart and soon … any second … 10, 9, 8 …. And at -3 they scrubbed the launch. I’m still not over it!

* * * *
For anyone interested

Fresh off Sen. Kamala Harris’ announcement that she is running for the White House in 2020, the California Democrat heads to Iowa next Monday to face questions from the state’s influential voters at a town hall hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper.
The CNN town hall at Drake University in Des Moines — which will air at 10 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. CT and 7 p.m. PT — will offer Harris her first chance to connect with Iowa’s Democratic caucus-goers after her debut as a 2020 contender

@22, contrask, if Hillary ran in 2020 it would be 2008 all over again. The DNC would support Kamala over her. It would be the Obama sequel. TBH, i think it already is. We just can’t stop looking at bright shiny objects….

As much as it galls me to say it, since HRC is by far the most experienced and competent person out there, I agree with Cats. The Mighty Wurlitzer of Garbage would start right back up again.

I mean, if there was any chance it could be a fair process, God, yes. She’s the only politician I’ve ever donated money to, as well as time, and I’d do it again, triple.

But, for her own sanity (which I don’t understand how she keeps so intact), her biggest impact might be herding the Dems into coalescing behind a frontrunner, eg Harris has a pretty big lead, so we could avoid an endless stupid money and energy sapping 1.5 years of primaries. And then jumping on everybody who deserves it for their sexism. She’s got more street cred than anyone to bludgeon assholes on that topic.

But, yeah, I know I’m suggesting she expend her diamondhard-earned political capital and spend it on somebody else.

My heart is with contrask, but I fear cats & quixote are right.

I know – I feel the same. No one compares to Hil, but I don’t think we are going to ever know what an awesome prez she would be. Makes me hate the RWNJ’s even more that they did take her down.

I suspect that the best we can hope for with Hillary, is that 45* is publicly and irrefutably shown to be illegitimate and Hillary the true winner, the people’s choice in 2016. We will have to settle for her as the Grande Dame of the Dem party while she also pursues her lifelong goals of helping people fulfill their “God given potential” and ensuring equal rights for all.

@cats,luna,contrask,quixote: I totally agree. It would be the same ole shit, different verse.

We know that she was the legitimate winner in 2016 and that thing in the W.H.doesn’t really belong there.

I don’t believe Hillary will even consider running, if ever, until much later.

She was never one to jump in a race early and the Russians and GOP whackadoodles love to drive Hillary supporters crazy by tossing out a little morsel of hope.

Until Hillary says something…I will try not to get too excited.

Sorry I’ve been MIA!

I’m about 100% certain Hillary will not run. I think Kamala Harris is her choice.

I don’t believe Hillary will even consider running, if ever, until much later.

And then ppl will complain about why is she getting in so late and spoiling it for others.

@29, Yes, damnit.

Okay, now CNN is telling people that Hillary spoke to some of her friends and said she is not ruling out running in 2020, especially after the Stone inditement.

I didn’t believe it when the Hill posted it, but I will just wait and see how things go. If Pelosi and Dems are more on her side than in 2016, she might run again.

I am afraid to get excited, so will just coast for now.

Yeah, I bet all but Hillary supporters are freaking out. Kamala is probably ticked off this was released before her big night in Iowa.

Kamala Harris and the US state looking to take down Trump

Since Kamala’s chief of campaign was a former senior advisor to Hillary’s campaign, I’ll bet they keep in touch. I recall in 2004 with a crowded field there was a lot of speculation about Gore running again (remember the ‘Re-elect Gore’ bumper stickers?) and no one was telling him to stay home. Oh but he wasn’t female.

@39: Thanks for that info Luna.

@39, if memory serves, Kamala supported Obama over Hillary. I am sure Kamala would rather have his playbook, esp with Hillary being a two-time loser (snark).

@42, i am with you Fredster, i am afraid to google her name based on Pierce’s reaction alone!

Well, somebody had to do it. I looked her up. According to the web, she’s a spiritual teacher, she’s written 12 books, has a series of lectures called A Course in Miracles.

I’m beginning to think we’re going about this all wrong. All these one-off candidacies. Don’t you think we need a Class Action Campaign to accommodate the thousands without any sense of reality?

43 Yes, Kamala campaigned for Obama not for Hillary.

She didn’t pick the more experienced woman over Obama.

@43 and 46: And yet: Since Kamala’s chief of campaign was a former senior advisor to Hillary’s campaign…

@47, forgot to add that the person in question is also Harris’ sister. Not sure that matters.

@48: Not sure if it does or not and should have given you a h/t on that one Luna.

@50: I’ll put the youtube here.

Thanks, Fredster, I missed that the tweet didn’t actually have the video….clicked thru too fast.

@52: No problem. 🙂

Agree with you all about Hillary, although still mad as hell about it. If bernoid runs, I’ll have to get some stroke medicine or something.

Luna and Fredster, that Randy Rainbow is one of my favorites. Thx.

@56, That tweet should have raised the whole Congress to rip Trump out of the White House under Article 25.

As much as I would like to see Universal Health Care, I think that this is a serious mistake for Kamala…it will be like waving a red cape in front of the GOP and insurance companies and big pharma. Lots of money and power will attack her.

Kamala Harris backs Medicare for all and she isn’t messing around.
The Democratic senator knows it’d basically wipe out private coverage. She seems OK with that.

@60: Why would you want to wipe out private coverage? I have Medicare and private insurance as a supplement and I am very happy with my coverage. Don’t the best European models for universal healthcare still include private insurers, either highly regulated or available as a supplement or a better level of care option? Even if your ultimate goal is gov’t insurance only, wouldn’t that be a massive change for everyone, shouldn’t we transition into it? I always liked Hillary’s approach of expanding Medicare, Medicaid and the public option to cover the uninsured and focusing on fixing the ACA to include lowering health care costs and negotiating drug prices with Big Pharma. Accomplish that, let it stew for a few years then try to move to one of the European models or a hybrid thereof that best meets our needs.

Luna, you are in Healthcare, what to do see as the endgame in this country with respect to universal healthcare? There has to be a better system than what we now have. What would your dream solution be?

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said Tuesday she has accepted an invitation to give the Democratic response to the State of the Union address.

Abrams has been talked about as a rising star in the Democratic Party. She gained a national following during her unsuccessful bid to become governor of Georgia last fall. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday said he called Abrams three weeks ago to discuss the idea and that she has since accepted.
Abrams said on Tuesday that she is “honored” to give the Democratic response.
“At a moment when our nation needs to hear from leaders who can unite for a common purpose, I am honored to be delivering the Democratic State of the Union response,” she tweeted.

@61: Not sure about all the European countries but I seem to recall that Australia has Medicare for all and they also have an option to add a supplemental or extra plan that offered options/additions to the standard plan there. IIRC, one was the option for a private instead of a semi-private room (yes please!!)

But yes, let’s do some incremental things first like fix Big Pharma, and do away with things like the do-nut hole in Part D.

@59: Awww, so cute.

The Orange Lump does not need or want to distinguish between fiction and reality. He isn’t using words to communicate. He’s using words to get what he wants. Any words that serve that purpose are what he uses.

I dream of a day when the media stops yammering about what he’s saying, which doesn’t matter at all, and turns to WHY he’s saying it. Who is he trying to push around this time? Which bamboozle is he working now?

Then we’d finally start to get somewhere. Right now they’re just chasing the horizon, a mental construct of their own that doesn’t exist and that they can never reach.

@65, Rachel talked about that last night, Fredster. I imagine the scene with the woman thrown in the back of car have him a hard on. Begone foul stain, we have had enough of you! I still don’t understand why every person in this country isn’t scared poo less, with this thing in the WH. He should have a 0% approval rating from any sentient being.

@67: Yes, I saw that on her show. So the man can’t tell the difference between bad movies and reality. Oy vey!

@60, 61, 63. yes, Big Pharma, big ‘health’ insurance companies will spend millions of $$ lobbying against any change. Though come to think more on this, I don’t think Pharma will protest against this but against plans to circumvent the charging of high prices for their drugs.

Medicare does not get the profit out of the system, but does reduce overhead substantially. My figures aren’t up-to-date, but as of about a decade ago Medicare had about a 2-4% overhead, whereas private insurance was ~20-30% or more.

Medicare has its problems — it only covers 80%, and leaves out dental and vision. Because of that and the profit factor, I think M4A is a bad idea. We need something better.

My understanding of the UK, Canadian and to a lesser extent the other developed countries’ healthcare systems is that most of the healthcare is provided through the national system In the UK it’s through NHS clinics, hospitals and providers; in Canada it’s through independent orgs & providers who are reimbursed by Canada.

Ideally we would not have private insurance, as private insurance is offered by for-profit companies. I can imagine situations where it could be offered by nonprofits, but that is probably rare.

We get rid of profit, we save 30% or more. We could definitely fund job retraining programs with those savings!

@69: Thanks for that info Luna. 2-4 % a helluva lot better that 20-30 and health ins. company CEO’s making a small fortune!

What people mean by M4A is “I can get healthcare when I need it, maybe pay $5 at the first office visit [eg like in Holland], and then everything is taken care of.”

They don’t give a featherweight damn whether it’s a tightly regulated set of insurance companies (the Swiss system, I think), or paid by the government out of taxes, or whatever the funding mechanism is.

And, yes, Medicare has phenomenally low overhead. The number I remember is 1.5%, but that could be ten years old.

Speaking of which, not covering vision and dental is the dumbest idea ever. I know a guy in his 60s with super-bad teeth, many of which have broken off. Obviously, with the nerve root canal exposed, it’s just a matter of time till abcesses form. Then he’s rushed off to the emergency room before he dies of sepsis. Cost: thousands per event. If they just bloody paid for dentures, it would be about $2500. Once. Plus he’d be able to eat more like a normal human being and wouldn’t suffer from about five other health conditions they have to treat.

Yes, another reason why the US has such high healthcare costs. Thank you Rep Hill.

@74, When people use the word ‘Medicare’ the rational interpretation is that Medicare is what is meant by that word. A lot of people under 65 have a mistaken assumption that Medicare covers everything. They’re surprised to find out it doesn’t cover hearing aids, or that there are deductibles and prescription limitations. Correcting their assumptions is education.

Dental … when I worked at a community health clinic, some people would come in with abscess and other dental infections. All we could do was give them antibiotics, a temporary solution. We knew the infection would re-occur. We had a dental clinic, but it was funded only for children. Adults could be seen in the event of a no-show, but they had to sit on premises and wait in case an opening happened that day. If not, they’d have to return. Appalling.

So what is the rationale for not covering dental and vision, esp in view of the cost effectiveness of treating dental and vision issues early? I am a Fed retiree and for about $50 month (I know that can be a prohibitive cost for many), I get supplemental coverage for both. It doesn’t cover everything but it sure helps, esp if you need regular eye exams, glasses, root canals, x-rays, cleanings, night guards for grinding, crowns, implants, etc. which we all do as we age. Note: Medicare is my primary and BC/BS Fed is my supplemental and I consider myself fortunate to have both. Doesn’t preventive care generally cut costs in the long run?

74, cats, there is no rational explanation that I know of. Traditionally there has been a separation between what’s considered the province of medicine and what is dentistry, but that distinction seems artificial and short-sighted to me. Preventive care does cut costs, often significantly, in the long run. Many organizations are overly focused on a short-term outlook — what looks good on the books for the annual report.

This should be fun!

@74: Cats, that’s a good deal and you don’t have to go out to look for a “regular” medicare supplement in the alphabet of Plan F, Plan A, Plan N, yadda yadda.

Does your FEP Blue also cover prescriptions? If so that’s even better bcuz you don’t have to worry about that silly Part D stuff

Oh great, Eric Swalwell just told Wolfman that he is getting ready to letting people know if he is going to run for President.

I really, really like him…if he runs, I need to know how he stands on policies.

@78, yes, Fredster, prescriptions are covered for the most part. For example, my simvastatin is free, my Synthroid is $80 (moved to a specialty pharmacy where I get it for $65), however if generic is prescribed you can get synthroid for $10 and my Eucrisa which is not covered is a whopping $300 retail, $100 mail order, yikes, not sure i am getting that again! And yes, i just have MC parts A and B.

cats re why dental and vision are not included. I *think* it’s because way back at the dawn of these types of programs, which is 1930-1950, getting your eyes and teeth taken care of was a luxury. Cavities wouldn’t kill you immediately. Likewise farsightedness. Our standards for dental care are stratospheric compared to pre-WWII.

Our concept of what health insurance should be covering has gone from emergency-medicine-and-saving-people-from-immediate-death to *health* care. It’s a whole different mindset. Lots of Repubs seem to be stuck in 1860 on that as on so many other things.

@80: I thought they were. That’s a good deal.

I’m working on a new post to put up shortly. Nothing earth-shattering but it will move things along.

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