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Activist Tuesday: Marches and Questions

Posted on: January 22, 2019

Hello Widdershins, happy Tuesday in this broke-down mess of a government we’re currently suffering under.

Last Saturday was the Women’s March. (Yes, something happened besides the playoffs!) Despite all the Farrakhan mishegoss, a smart young colleague of mine and I went and carried signs. There were some good and inspiring speakers, and being San Francisco, the inclusiveness was epic. We had speakers from the MMIW (we really need to talk more about the plight of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women – I was extremely touched by the powerful speakers and singers); high-level elected officials like California Representative Barbara Lee and mayor of SF London Breed; Muslim comics and first-time state representatives; Samoan poetesses and homeless advocates; a Jewish community organizer; and a great performance from the SF cast of “Come From Away.” All women, all powerful, loud and proud! Here are some pictures I took.







Now some questions for you to debate:

  1. Rudy Giuliani: Worst Lawyer Ever or Double Agent for the Good Guys?
  2. Will our next President be Kamala, Kirsten or Elizabeth? (Tulsi, we know, is a hard “NO”)
  3. Buzzfeed story about Cohen being directed to lie to Congress by Drumpf: Totally bogus or only slightly inaccurate?
  4. What’s your bet on what date the government will re-open, cause Pelosi?

This is an open thread. Hang in there everyone!


109 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Marches and Questions"

2. I would much prefer Amy K., unfortunely her intelligence, sincerity, humor, and humility may be disqualifying features.

The Women’s March in SF sounds like it was done right! Beautiful.

Nothing to do with anything mentioned, except that it underlines what a pathetic blot Agent Orange is:

President Trump Posts Altered Photos To Facebook And Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner.

He even had them lengthen his fingers.

Triple 😆

As the kidz say, I’m ded.

Yes, something happened besides the playoffs!

panem et circenses

Bread and circuses mb.

Wonderful post MB.
I went to the original Women’s March in San Francisco, it was raining then and I marched until my legs felt numb, and it was the most heart warming march I have ever gone to.
Great that you were there and thanks for sharing the photos.

My answers to the debate questions above:

1. Giuliani is just playing the shell game with the media and public. Which shell hides the truth, while the other two shells are made up whackadoodle stories.

2. I agree, none of the three of them will win the primary.

3. Slightly inaccurate. [Fingers crossed]

4. Date – Within the next 30 days.

1 lililam
I like Amy too, and wonder if she is too nice to get down and dirty with others at the primary.

@3, At least the Romans got free bread and circuses.

Thanks all!

Shadow….do you have a guess as to who the Dem nominee will be? I like Amy too, don’t know if she is running.

I will vote for any Dem, but I do have my faves. Whomever it is MUST energize black women, as they are the base of the Party.

@7: You got a tv, then it’s free to watch. Don’t have a tv then go to your fave drinking or eating establishment and games will probably be on there also.

@9, Lol! I should have emphasized the free bread.

@8, I’m for whomever can win. Although, the Russians and the GOP will likely have upped their cheating game and that’s disquieting.

Thanks for the pic Madamab! Glad you could go.

1. I think Ghouliani is the chaos PR attorney for Trump and nothing else. Notice how the media spends two days every time he does this trying to figure out what it meant. It means nothing! They fall for it every time. You remember Comey said there would be an investigation into the leaks of the NYFBI. I wonder if Ghouliani was ever questioned and what came of it.

2. Right now, I’m leaning towards Kamala. I like Amy K too but not up against Trump. She’s really good at subtly skewering someone with a smile on her face so it takes them a minute to realize they’ve been stabbed. She might be okay if a “normal” Republican is running, but if it’s Trump – no way.

Elizabeth is great on the economy but not well rounded IMO. Kirsten – every time I see her speak or in an interview – I just don’t think ‘President’. So that’s where I am this early, but I would be glad to vote for any of them.

3. I believe Buzzfeed. Whether it was through suggestion, threat (or else!) or a downright ‘order’ Trump told Cohen to lie or plead the 5th. Trump and the rw hate Buzzfeed because they had the nerve to publish the dossier when others wouldn’t. They have a new article out today.

On Monday, his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said “the proposal was in the earliest stage,” and he went on to tell the New Yorker that “no plans were ever made. There were no drafts. Nothing in the file.”

However, hundreds of pages of business documents, emails, text messages, and architectural plans, obtained by BuzzFeed News over a year of reporting, tell a very different story. Trump Tower Moscow was a richly imagined vision of upscale splendor on the banks of the Moscow River.

4. Well, they are voting on reopening on Thursday. If it passes Trump vetoes or not. I actually think he may sign it because people are getting pissed. He’s too stupid to have known what a shut down would entail. In polls, his approval rating is lower than the percentage who want him impeached! Haha!

MB. I will vote for anyone I think can win against the big Dumper. I have not gotten over the thought that Hillary will never be our President, so even my second place choices ring hollow to me now. We have two years to go, and a lot will happen in that time.

For some strange reason, I get the feeling that the Dem. favorite will not enter the race until later on in year. I think those that jump in this early will become boring to the public with overexposure.

Personally, I am burned out with the Dump drama and want him put down as soon as possible. I can’t get excited about anyone running yet, but that’s just me.

Do you know how Ted Lieu used to post constantly on Twitter “Why does Jared Kushner still have security clearance”? I keep saying this – why is Stephen Miller still in Trump’s ear and writing his speeches? What’s it going to take to be rid of him and away from Trump? He is the biggest source of hate, yet he lays low. He needs more attention and exposure.

One of the House Committees (can’t remember which)is going to question Wilbur Ross about citizenship status on the next census. Sure, that falls into the category of his job description (and we will learn more how he tried to blame other agencies) but that is Stephen Miller’s doing all the way. Do we actually think Wilbur Ross gives a shit about the census? No. It just happens to be under his jurisdiction. Congress should directly ask Ross if he’s doing Miller’s bidding.

What will it take to throw Stephen Miller out of the White House? I’m going to start asking this. Spread it around. He is poison and part, if not all, of why Trump’s views are. He needs to go. After watching that whole administration staff churn, he is still there writing hateful policies and hateful rally speeches for the Dump. He needs to be forced out.

Stephen Miller’s horribleness is a feature, not a bug. It’s *why* he’s still there.

Miller will be forced out only when Trump is. Or if he goes earlier, Trump will find another soulless Nazi (yeah that’s redundant) to lick his boots and write his speeches.

Is there going to be one more candidate a week?

Pete Buttigieg joins 2020 Democratic presidential race

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has signaled for months that he would try to leap from local to presidential politics, announced Wednesday that he will join the burgeoning cast of Democratic candidates in the 2020 race.

Buttigieg’s brief entry announcement was light on specifics. He cited consumer protections, racial and social justice, cyber- and other security threats, climate change and freedom from interference by hostile foreign powers as some of the problems for which he would seek solutions.

I’m sorry to be juvenile about this (but I’m guessing I’m way less juvenile on the topic than 52% of the country will be),


a small-city mayor named Buttigieg?

(If this keeps up, I’m running for Prez.)

@18, and (what shouldn’t matter) he’s gay which unfortunately means all the homophobes in the US will make foul jokes.

We are down with NDP! Nancy Pelosi shows why she is Madame Speaker:

If anyone is interested Kamala Harris will be on Maddow’s show tonight.

@20: Nancy: “Donald, what part of ‘No’ don’t you understand?”.

Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen delaying testimony to Congress

As a backup to Fredster’s link @25

President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen announced he is postponing his public congressional testimony that was scheduled for February 7, citing “ongoing threats against his family” from the President and his attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Good for Nancy standing her ground and showing that not all women over 75 are out to pasture.

I consider the four great women of our times – (that men and younger women try to push out of sight). This group have moved American women and many men light years ahead, and Rump and his crew HATE them!

Hillary [Hint – Dear Hillary, get back in the darn game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

All those young “progressives” who said they didn’t want Pelosi can choke on their words.

(I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a Public Service Announcement.

Would salaried journalists stop using the inane word “co-equal”? Equal means equal. You. do. not. need. the. stupid. “co.”

That’s all. Carry on.)

(Brought on by yet another otherwise fine article pointing out that Agent Orange doesn’t get that Congress is an equal branch of government.)


I totally agree!

@30 – Thanks Q! Poor grammar drives me crazy too.

I saw the interview with Kamala Harris on Maddow’s show.

She’s well spoken and gave some pretty good, if general, answers.

I wasn’t aware of what happened with the crime lab when she was D.A. in San Francisco, but she took the only action she could when there was the possibility of tainted/comprised evidence which was to toss the prosecution of those cases.

Good that Dump gives up to Nancy’s power.

Now it’s important for Congress pass whatever to open up the government and get those American’s paid, tomorrow.

Is anyone surprised by this in the latest tell-all book by someone who worked in the White House? Pretty good article (actually an excerpt from the book). No wonder KellyAnne is more out of whack than usual. She’s the leaker.

As I watched Kellyanne in operation over our time in the White House, my view of her sharpened. It became hard to look long at her without getting the sense that she was a cartoon villain brought to life. Her agenda—which was her survival over all others, including the president—became more and more transparent. Once you figured that out, everything about her seemed so calculated; every statement, even a seemingly innocuous one, seemed poll-tested by a focus group that existed inside her mind. She seemed to be peren­nially cloaked in an invisible fur coat, casting an all-­knowing smile, as if she’d collected 98 Dalmatians with only 3 more to go.

Alyssa Milano – A red MAGA hat is the new white hood. She’s right. I’ve been thinking that, too.

@35, Let’s give our Queen Nancy another standing ovation! She doesn’t give into toddlers or traitors.

@39: Abso-fucking-lutely!

@40: And here’s what old Wilbur had to say:
Wilbur Ross says unpaid federal workers shouldn’t need food banks, they can just get a loan

“So the 30 days of pay that people will be out – there’s no real reason why they shouldn’t be able to get a loan against it and we’ve seen a number of ads from the financial institutions doing that.”

Right: Payday loans with like 200% interest or something!

I’ve figured since forever that once Agent Orange was cornered one of his defenses would be to gin up a war. I didn’t know whether it would be Yemen or god-knows-Djibouti?? or where the hell.

Turns out I lacked imagination. It’s Venezuela. He’s ordered the US diplomats there to stay, Maduro (Venezuelan Prez) has now ordered them out.

Because of the international law around embassies, I don’t think Maduro can have them escorted out under armed guard.

But if he turns off embassy water and electricity, I bet Agent Orange would love the distraction of throwing bombs. Or some damn thing. Apparently, Venezuela is Pence’s longstanding pet project.

All that said, Putin has ordered his useful idiot to lay off Venezuela.

It’ll be yet more proof of whom he serves if Dump suddenly backtracks on his Pence-inspired bellicose noises.

@43, I hope this doesn’t get ugly. Lives should not be lost due to Trump/Pence idiocy.

State Department officials …declined to provide details on plans to protect the diplomats

President Nicolás Maduro severed relations with Washington after the Trump administration on Wednesday recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president. The U.S. government has defied Maduro’s order to vacate the embassy, saying it has Guaidó’s permission to stay.

The standoff raised the possibility that Maduro could use force to expel the remaining diplomats. Already, his allies have suggested the government could cut off services to the building.

“They say they don’t recognize Nicolás,” Diosdado Cabello, the leader of Maduro’s socialist party, said on state television late Wednesday. “Okay. Maybe the electricity will go out in that neighborhood, or the gas won’t arrive. If there are no diplomatic relations, no problems.”

As in most U.S. embassies, the mission in Caracas has U.S. Marine guards who live on the compound. The embassy is a sprawling 100,000-square-foot building in the Andean foothills, built to withstand terrorist attacks. But the diplomats do not live in the compound, relying on Venezuelan authorities for protection outside the embassy — just as other foreign diplomats in the country do.

This article had me swearing. OK, they got the title right, but just who did they talk to for the rest?

Why no one is treating Biden like a front runner

Multiple operatives described Biden as a genuinely beloved figure among Democratic voters…

“I hear people bring Anita Hill up a lot, so it’ll be interesting to see how much apologizing he [Biden] has to do. He does not start in a good position on women’s rights. But he’s in a better position to explain it than someone Democrats have never heard of.”


How in the world will we ever get close to fixing how much damage has happened to our national security?

Yet one more asinine and dangerous idea.

@46 re Biden.

Remember how corrupt and shill-y it was when Clinton gave some speeches to Goldman Sachs, speeches that were exactly the sort of “let’s be good” stuff you’d expect of a former SoS?

Biden gave a speech, with a price tag of $200,000, to help a *Republican* get elected just recently.

Nobody even talks about it. Nobody points out this is a lot weirder for a Democrat than some general boosterism to a bunch of rich people.


@44: Yeah, the CNBC thing I linked to had a number of credit union rates and info.

Navy Federal Credit Union, the world’s largest credit union whose members include workers in the Coast Guard and other armed services and several government agencies, has a no-interest loan program that will cover half to all of a missing paycheck up to $6,000 per pay period with no credit check required. The catch is workers can’t get access to the loan program if they don’t have a direct deposit account there already.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union, with 1.7 million members, has two offerings. For affected workers who have an account with direct deposit already, it is offering a no-interest advance on an overdraft line of credit in the amount of the most recent paycheck up to $6,000. This is available to those who have been PenFed members for 12 months and a direct deposit coming from a furloughed agency.

PenFed also has an unsecured, fixed-rate loan for any affected federal worker. But this is subject to income verification and credit guidelines.

@51 – Oh HELLS YEAH!

@51 HA! That is fantastic! While we’re out there in ‘way- way land’, let’s say Trump and Pence are impeached, President Pelosi appoints Hill as VP then resigns, then immediately President H. Clinton appoints Pelosi as VP. Switch-er-oo. That is so much fun to imagine!

By the way, Fox news is apparently throwing out the fact that Pelosi is second in line. I don’t know why or in what context. I just overheard my mother muttering about it recently. It’s not something that would have occurred to her if she didn’t hear it on Fox.

Need to watch Sam Bee more.

@53: Only fly in the ointment there GAgal:

When the position of vice president becomes vacant, the 25th Amendment states:

25th Amendment: Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.

@47 Luna, that thread on Jared Kushner is unreal. Makes me think “sealed indictment”. Chip off his Daddy and father-in law’s block. Responsible for murder.

@55 Fredster, yeah, that’s why I said ‘way- way land’.

@57: I had to double check on that because I wasn’t sure.

@51, my bad. I’d just read the WaPo article with that 9% headline. I should have thoroughly read the one you linked to.

@54, Lol!

@55, well in that case Hills will have to just do without a VP.

Takeaways from the Roger Stone indictment

The words “was directed” loom large here. Who did the directing? Why not just characterize who that was using vague terms, as is done throughout the indictment? Is it because it’s not clear who that was, or because Mueller’s team doesn’t want to reveal too much about that person’s role?

Though we can’t say for sure, it seems entirely possible this is Trump. He, after all, would seem to be the person who would have the authority to direct a “senior Trump Campaign official” — though it’s possible another senior aide could also do so. Even if it was Trump, that wouldn’t necessarily be some kind of smoking gun, but it certainly be problematic.

Drat, just wanted the ‘people that POTUS* surrounds himself’ with comment. Nancy is so politely insulting.

Do you know who’s having a good morning? Hillary Clinton. And John Podesta.

Also, LaGuardia airport has suspended all outgoing flights and is limiting incoming flights because of the shutdown. As some people pointed out on twitter, if this spreads to other big airports – all hell will break loose.

@64, let them take private jets. It’s the Trump-sponsored airport shutdown.

@65, exactly. Doesn’t everybody have private jets to fall back on?

(Although even private jets need airports to fly out of. And in to. Oopsie.)

Here is something I shared on FB:

Fun FAA Factoid:
Several years ago the FAA management and Union conducted a study on fatigue in the workplace. It was a long and intensive process. Some of the findings:
1) Fatigue was a real problem.
2) Fatigue impacted the safety of the National Airspace System(NAS) negatively.
3) Mandatory time off between shifts had to be increased.
4) Internal procedures had to be developed to mitigate fatigue.
5) Controllers were encouraged to insure they got sufficient rest between shifts.
So, fatigue is a risk, time off between shifts was MANDATED, controllers were expected to get adequate rest to safely do their job.
Fast forward to today. Controllers are working short staffed, some have been working 60 hour weeks with no end in sight. No new controllers are being trained due to the shut down, so staffing numbers will not be improved any time in the foreseeable future. Support staff are not there to relieve the controllers from tasks that have to be done but are a distraction to the controller actively separating aircraft.
Controllers are having to use their MANDATORY time between shifts to work part time jobs to make ends meet. I know controllers who are not sleeping even when they have the time because of worrying about their job.
In a sane world how does this make any sense?

@67, and it’s no wonder that under all this stress people are getting sick. Plus you don’t want to spread it to your coworkers. Ahem. I don’t blame them at all.

@68, I know what you mean, “wink”, “wink”

Roger Stone says he won’t testify against Trump after Mueller indictment. That’s pretty much a giveaway that Trump’s guilty. (As if we didn’t already know.)

@63: Nancy is killing him with kindness and politeness.

@71: Dayum that’s a big kitteh!

@67: Native11, local news interviewed a controller at MSY and I was surprised to hear him say (I think) “Normal (or regular) 10 hr. shift”. Is that routine for them, a 10 hr. shift?

@54: That was great! Honestly I rarely watch TBS anymore. I’ll have to catch her show.

50 NW Luna
10:52 pm

I was also thinking of this team.

Bravo to Nancy!!! This is how a woman takes control and doesn’t need to raise her voice nor start barking in someone’s face. Nancy has class and demands respect.

Who else does this?
Our Hillary.

@76, In some places yes it is the norm. 6 day weeks are almost routine. I personally know a controller who worked 183 hours of overtime last year.

Staffing is at a 30 low. 25-30% of the existing workforce can retire today. this fiasco may cause a lot of them to put in their papers. They have gutted the controller workforce and it will take years to recover, if we ever really do.

@79, I hear and see that it’s similar in other branches of civil service. Lots of early retirements and accepting other jobs in the last couple ofyears.

Air traffic controllers should not be working such long shifts or so many days in a row — too hard to keep concentration and other cognitive abilities sharp with that schedule.

Uppity Woman has a nice post about Roger Stone, go check it out.
Roger Stone you lousy F*ck. Soap on a rope for you!

@79: Oh geez. And the controller was talking about how some of them have taken side jobs like Uber driver during this mess.

Also I see they’ve reached a deal to temporarily reopen the government. No specifics in the article.

Nancy’s trying not to laugh out loud….

I sure hope they get all the back pay and current pay processed before the Orange Waste of Space has his next hissy fit.

I wonder if *anyone’s* concept of a Great America was a testerical dicktatership with gold palaces.

@84: There’s going to have to be a lot of manual updating before they start the payroll runs.

Madame President forthrightly puts Bernie and his bros in their place. Damn. Someone who can criticize another person without swearing, name-calling, and incoherency.

@85, I don’t even want to think about that. And about all the catching up that they all have to do.

Oh, since our good day got spoiled by #NotADemBernie #MiniPutinPuppet deciding to run again, here’s another cute critter tweet.

71 NW Luna

Wow, the kick off, back slide attack. That was amazing…a new karate move.

@87. Oh my god, they’re the size of a big cricket! How big do they eventually get? (Off to Wikipedia to look it up.)

Hell, forgot about the manual updating. Of course. Those poor workers. And even poorer contractors!

I’m sooo loooving the indictment and arrest of Roger Stone!!! FBI! Open the door!! FBI warrant!! This goes beyond any Snoopy happy dance. More like the Carlton dance. (damn ‘Will’ for interrupting it)

For those who are active on Twitter – what does it mean when someone has two red Xs around their name?

I will be doing a weekend post. Will probably set it for Sunday.

GAgal, several weeks ago, I read a funny tweet that suggested that the red X’s were symbolic of the confederate flag!

Native @79, Wow! That’s terrifying!
Luna @71, hilarious cat!

@95: Nope annie, it’s a conservative thing from what I read.

@93 Oh. Okay. That explains it.

The red cross mark incorporated with the username of Twitter accounts is added to represent that their content is being filtered by Google for “quality.” The “Quality Filter” is a feature that was added by Twitter in 2016 to influence the visibility of notifications including mentions, replies, retweets and posts from accounts they deem to include “lower-quality content.” When Twitter subjects a user’s account to their Quality Filter, their notifications will not be visible to other accounts that interact with them. Twitter users can disable the Quality Filter in their account settings but the feature is set to “on” by default.

Quality. According to Google. Got it.

As Fredster said:

Even with shutdown deal, federal workers probably won’t see back pay until next week

Although employees are on track to go back to work when Trump signs legislation that would restart the government for the next three weeks, its massive timecard and payroll processing systems will take several days to lumber back to life. Employees will have to file timecards, agencies will have to approve them, and the Treasury Department will have to disburse billions of dollars in what is known as an “off-cycle” payroll.

It probably will be next Thursday, Friday or even Saturday before employees are paid, according to former federal personnel and payroll officials and senior agency officials. The delay could cause continued financial hardship for thousands of employees who have been struggling with zero cash flow during the partial government shutdown.

@92, 93, My impression is that it’s a conservative thing since they think they’re getting banned or timed-out for their “viewpoints,” which are usually profanity and threats to liberals, especially women.

@100: Yep.

The employees who do time and attendance will have to enter in all the appropriate information. At the shared service centers such as the one I worked at, employees will have to make adjustments to the database tables and similar things.

Actually the table adjustments will have to be done first. Then the payroll folks at each agency can start submitting T&A’s. Then after that the service centers can start their payroll runs. At the place I worked they did payroll and personnel for over 600,00 employees at various agencies.

Yeah, this is gonna be ugly.


From the NATCA FB page:

Patricia Gilbert Executive VP

“The TENTATIVE pay plan is as follows:

Monday (1/28): process straight 80 with a 60% net. Expected deposits on Wednesday- Thursday

Tuesday (1/29): process straight 80 with a 60% net. Expected deposits on Thursday – Friday

Friday (2/1): process time cards for actual pay with correct withholdings and premiums.

Friday (2/15): process any outstanding necessary amendments.”

native11, I saw that the NFC site is at least live and doesn’t have the shutdown message there any longer. However I don’t see any current messages there. That will probably have to wait until Monday.

Hey shinners, I’ve got the weekend post ready. Do y’all want me to go ahead and post it now?

@86: I just got a chance to see that. It was GREAT!

Sure Fredster, it’s fine with me if you post it.

@107: Great annie. I’ll have it live shortly.

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