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Lazy Weekend: Brrrrrrrrrrr

Posted on: January 19, 2019

Happy Sunday Widdershins!

It sounds like winter is finally here! It’s a few months late, but climate change isn’t a problem. In NYC we are promised an arctic chill with temperature supposedly dropping to below 0. We’ll see if that actually comes true. I’m always skeptical about the weather – and everything else.

I know Fredster is also getting some bad storms. How is it around the rest of the country where you are? Is it Winter or July? You have to tell us using music!

And since this is an open thread, post any other music you want, but you have to tell us about your weather using some of your favorite songs.

61 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Brrrrrrrrrrr"

This past week we had 12″ of rain in four days. That’s a lot for us. This weekend the sun is out, its warmed up (it was 36 degrees one day last week) and the hills are already turning green.

I l o v e d the butterliy video on the last thread. Gorgeous things. I love butterflies. I’ve always meant to go up to Pismo Beach to see the butterfly grove. Quixote, have you ever done that?

No! I only heard about it a couple of years ago and never could make the time to go yet. One of these years!

DYB, I love your devotion to Madonna! I’m amazed at how large her catalog is, she has a song for everything. Here’s a pretty song that Laker is sending you:

Right now, we have a gale warning/wind advisory. I ran out a short time ago 1030ish CST to Wendys to get a baked potato and some chili and saw all the fallen soldier-trash cans along the street. No use in bothering with them until the winds all die down.

And tomorrow night it’s supposed to go down to the lower 30s/upper 20s in the area. Cold enough for us.

@6: Yay for both of them!

We had a line of thunderstorms ahead of all the windy stuff so

Sorry, Fredster, but I have to say that tweet quoted @5 is offensive, inappropriate, and shouldn’t exist. And revolting, and sexist. I could go on, but I guess I’d be repeating myself.

The last time I remember a hard freeze in New Orleans, a walk in the cold light of morning felt like the Alps. Everywhere were babbling brooks and rills as water poured out of all the broken pipes at almost every house.

Our pipes didn’t freeze because we got under the house in the crawl space and warmed the pipes with a camping stove … while being super careful not to burn the whole house down…. Fun times.

@9: Point taken. I’ll delete it.

@9: And the water pressure gets dangerously low after all those pipes are busted.

Not supposed to be that bad, however all the wx people were telling folks who were going to tailgate and party at Champions Square before the game to be sure to dress in layers because of the winds and wind chill.

Okay probably the last pic I’ll share till after the game, but Saints fans are such fanatics they even had to dress up the Joan of Arc statue in the French Market.

I think one reason the fans are such fanatics is because many remember the bad old days of the “Aint’s” and people wore bags on their heads at the games.

Tweet @ 5> It’s not the Carl Reiner one, is it? There was something else there???

New York is now raining. Definitely not below 0 yet.

@13: It was a tweet about Ann Coulter, D. I put it in here and quixote pointed out how offensive it really was so I deleted it.

@3 socalannie> Haha, yes, Madge is Queen! I guess after a nearly 40 year career, the topics tend to pile up! Haha.

Thank you Laker for the pretty song!!

An EF1 tornado hit the small town of Franklinton across Lake Pontchartrain when the line of wx moved in yesterday.

Tornados. In winter. In Louisiana. And parts of Australia with temps over 115 for *days on end*.

But everything is fine.

Well, here in SF it is very typically raining. A bit warmer than normal, but still around mid-50s daily.

I am excited for the Rams -Saints game. Whichever team wins, we will have some happy Widdershins.

I went to the women’s march for a few hours yesterday. I was with a very smart female colleague who is 24. She pays a lot of attention to politics, so I asked her about AOC. She said she doesn’t think it’s fair that AOC is so much more famous than other Representatives already, and she hasn’t done the work yet.

I think that’s really where I am too. Creating a hashtag isn’t work, it’s marketing. And, she needs to learn policy before she speaks about it.

Having said that, I have a great deal of hope for her future, AND it is great that she is good at selling her policy ideas. About time we had that in the Den Party. Obama sucked at it, all he knew how to do was sell his own story. He made such a hash of selling ACA that the Republicans rode into power on it. How did a simple message like “you’ll have health insurance matter how much you make” get screwed up?!

Just watched the latest XML cold open. Somehow they managed to torpedo Pelosi more than Drumpf. Even without Moonves, NBC can’t seem to handle powerful women who exercise power.

Yeah, this was not a good idea.

“’Semenly’ Harmless Back Pain: An Unusual Presentation of a Subcutaneous Abscess.”

The unnamed man used his semen “as an innovative method” to treat his chronic back pain, a decision he made without any medical advice, the report says. He bought a hypodermic needle online and injected himself with a monthly dose of his semen for 18 months.

The method does not appear to have worked.

His right arm, in which he had injected the liquid multiple times, was red and swollen. An X-ray showed air trapped underneath, as semen had leaked into the soft tissues.

I visited one of the smaller sites once when I was down visiting in-laws in Santa Barbara. Flickering orange and black draped here and there over the eucalyptus trees. Was told it was a much smaller showing than it used to be. There is so much habitat loss in Mexico also.

@18: Yep and before the front moved through we had a high temp of 72.

The temp isn’t unusual for this time of year; hell we’ve run the a/c on Thanksgiving and Christmas. But tornadoes? Yeah not normal. Of course we’ve had them as spin-off from hurricanes but nope not usual.

Also unusual was the EF3 that wiped out a bldg at the NASA Michoud facility a few years back. That was the bldg/facility I worked in before Katrina.

Okay, game on and I gotta go.

@23, that’s heartbreaking.

@20, Moonves was CEO at CBS, not NBC.

Roz in NJ/NYC

Congrats to the Rams annie! That was a nail-biter of a game.

{{{Hugs}}} to Fredster! Omg. That field goal at the end. I didn’t think we had a chance in hell of making that, or winning even. We all really like the Saints as you know, and would have rooted for them.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on what’s missing in the outrage about the mini-MAGAts mobbing the Lakota elder. A British wit put his finger on it:

The March for Life put out a statement part of which said, “We know this incident has also tainted the entire witness of the March for Life and express our most sincere apologies to all those who attended the March and all those who support the pro-life movement.”

Hayes’ comment: We regret that the teens menaced a native elder instead of what they were sent there to do: demand women be forced into reproductive slavery.

@29: Oh well. Stuff happens annie. I’m watching the AFC thing now to see who y’all will be playing against.

We had two weeks of rain, then one day that it hit 60. Right now, it’s 29 on it’s way down to 25. But at least the moon is pretty.

(me @30: not sure I have my facts right. Phillips is a member of the Omaha tribe. Whether that’s Lakota or not, I don’t know.)

Roz, thank you for the correction! I was thinking of Lorne Michaels who has taken a bit of heat in the #MeToo era.

Sorry about the Saints, Fredster, and congratulations Annie!!

Eclipse has started! Wonder of wonders, the sky here is clear so far.

@30, quixote, women, POC, anyone who’s not a straight white male is considered fair game by these toxic males.

uh-oh annie, it’s gonna be the young pup Goff against the old master Brady in the Super Bowl.

Watch out: Patriots like to play fast and loose.

The Bay Area, rain, rain and more freakin’ rain…..drip, drip, drip.

That’s too bad, Shadowfax. sighI just stepped outside, saw the moon 7/8ths shadowed, dusky red. Then clouds came over right as I brought up the binoculars for a closer look.

Saw a bit of the eclipse and then clouds rolled in.


@42, Fredster,! I went back out again and it was clear! Lovely glowing dusky blood-red — rather like a healthy retina, lol. Wish I had even a small telescope. Binoculars don’t do it justice.

The moon is about 3/4 covered here. Very cool.

Almost everybody is writing that The Saints were robbed by the referees. Sorry, Fredster.

42 Superbloodwolf moon…thanks for posting photo Fredster.

At least the blood moon brought the Bay Area sunshine back today. Clear blue skys, 53 degrees outside…burrrr for CA. 😉

This will make many of you happy…

Kamala Harris to run for president in 2020


We should be celebrating Hillary’s 3rd year, good economy, debt going down, cleaner air & water, Putin getting checkmated all over the world, and better healthcare. But I like Kamala. Her campaign chair, Maya Harris, is her sister — and a former senior adviser to Hillary’s campaign.

@45: I know Sue, we was robbed!

OTOH, if they had gotten TDs instead of having to settle for field goals a couple of times, it would have never been an issue.

Read that the NFL may bring it up in the next owners mtng to allow those calls to be reviewable.

@49: I like the idea also Luna, but you know what I don’t like? She’s not even barely into her first term as a Senator. The same for many of the other candidates. Barely any experience on the national stage.

I’m not too worried about lack of experience with eith Harris or Warren. Both are highly expert politicians. Stacey Abrams even more so, but that’s another whole discussion. Also Klobuchar. Not that anybody has thrown the lack of experience thing at her. That I know of.

One thing makes me furious about all this. Well, one of many. What if we actually get one of these outstanding people as Pres? Why did it have to wait till the country was laid to waste by a transnational mafia masquerading as a government?

@53 – Cause sexism! You’re welcome. (laugh + sob)

We saw the super blood wolf moon pretty clearly in SF. I took a few pics but my poor Android phone was really struggling to find something to focus on. It was really something!

Fredster, true she’s only been in the Senate 2 yrs, but she’s been active and forceful during this time (unlike Obama). Her background as a prosecutor is important. She cares about the right things and she’s whip-smart. She also has a certain energy about her which I respond to.

But we’ll see how she does in the primaries and debates. She’s already getting the Hillary treatment. Apparently she might be too tough. (eyeroll; snarl)

@54: She’s already getting the Hillary treatment

Glad you mentioned HRC. How long was she in the Senate? Oh yeah:

In office
January 3, 2001 – January 21, 2009

So she had a term and half in the Senate. And no comparisons to Obama being in only part of one term. That inexperience hurt him when it came time to deal with the Hill.

Just my opinion of course.

@56, agree, no one now has close to Hillary’s experience. Nor is it likely that anyone will again for a long time.

We need someone with excellent insight and debate skills, smartness on the world stage and in dealing with Putin, and perhaps most of all, the ability to get legislation and nominees through Congress.

Kamala is the one I like best of all who’ve announced so far, but it’s still very early. She does have the insight and debate skills, but there’s no background against which to judge the other qualities.

Sorry folks…in training this week and didn’t mention that there’s a new post up!

@57: The case or argument can be made that there’s no time to dilly-dally around and someone must try to stop tRump if he runs in 2020 (if he’s still around).

I like her and would support her.

Getting ready to close comments here cuz mb has a new post up.

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