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Ranty Tuesday: What Took Them So Long?

Posted on: January 15, 2019

Well hello there, Widdershins. Apologies for the long absence, and thanks to DYB and Fredster for keeping our posts going!

Am I the only one who heard about the New York Times’ report about the FBI investigation into Drumpf being a #RussianAsset last Friday and, far from being shocked or excited, could only ask, “And?”

As I have posted and commented repeatedly, there is no innocent explanation for what has happened in full view of the American people. None, zero, nada mucho. No other candidate has ever had contact with a hostile foreign government during an election; it has previously been unthinkable because all of our other candidates for President have been loyal to America. I mean, duh! That’s the lowest possible threshold to meet when running for a country’s Presidency! The Mango Moron, by contrast, is up to about 100 known contacts, folks. One. Hun. Dred. And it’s only now that the Times report came out (most likely based on leaks by Democrats, as House testimony from 2017 was quoted) that the media is starting to come around to a common sense point of view.

What took them so long?

Let’s do a bit of a thought exercise, shall we? Imagine the 2016 election is reset, and the feces-throwing baboon doesn’t run. Instead of the Dicktater, we have a typically odious Republican nominee (like Ted Cruz) and Hillary Clinton is running against him. At the same time it’s becoming known that Russia is interfering in the election on her behalf, the FBI suddenly discovers that Our Girl had just ONE contact with ONE Russian during the 2016 campaign.

It would have been extremely suspicious, of course. Republicans and Democrats alike would have had meltdowns, and the media would have (rightfully) tried and convicted her of corruption and treason prior to the election. (We all know they spent every day hammering her for a faux national security scandal, so what would they have done with a real one?!) If this imagined contact were known before the nomination were decided, there is not a chance in hell she would have become the nominee. If she had become the nominee before the imagined contact were discovered, she would assuredly have lost the election, and the Democrats would be a disgraced Party for decades to come. “Democrats in disarray,” a constant Beltway narrative no matter what the circumstances actually are, would be playing on every channel. The follow-up questions would have been obvious. How could they have allowed this to happen? Who else in the Party knew, and when did they know it? How far into the Democratic Party has Russia reached?

Now let’s come back to reality. Up till now, despite mounds of publicly available evidence that Russians, Trump and the GOP are all hand in glove, der Drumpfenfuhrer has been given the benefit of the doubt to a degree that I, as a human being with a functioning brain, simply cannot understand. Trump admitted to obstruction of justice to Lester Holt on national TeeVee, I have always believed; and according to the story, the FBI thought so too.

Agents and senior F.B.I. officials had grown suspicious of Mr. Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign but held off on opening an investigation into him, the people said, in part because they were uncertain how to proceed with an inquiry of such sensitivity and magnitude. But the president’s activities before and after Mr. Comey’s firing in May 2017, particularly two instances in which Mr. Trump tied the Comey dismissal to the Russia investigation, helped prompt the counterintelligence aspect of the inquiry, the people said.

Where has the media been? Why are they still inching up to the real questions that need to be asked…what did the GOP know about Trump’s being a #RussianAsset, and when did they know it?

Maybe because they already know the answer?

As the indispensable journalist Sarah Kendzior wrote in December of 2017, the GOP is not going to get electoral power from their support of the Siberian Candidate. Yet Lindsey Graham has become one of his strongest supporters. Why?

Given that some of Graham’s worst fears about Trump’s Kremlin ties and mental state have been legitimized, what accounts for the senator’s changed attitude toward the president? There are a variety of possible rationales available for conjecture, many of which apply to the GOP at large. Opportunism may play a role, as Graham complies with Trump in order to pursue right-wing extremist economic policies and war. Blackmail may also be an issue, given that Graham has admitted his email was hacked, as was the RNC’s, by Russia. Trump has derided and threatened members of Congress and private citizens, and it’s not a stretch to imagine him unleashing his fire– publicly or privately–on Graham.

Opportunism. Blackmail. Intimidation. Those are three good reasons. But what about corruption? The New Republic had the right take on this in May of 2017. Yes, they knew and they let it happen. They did. not. care.

The basic nature of the [Russian] pro-Trump subversion effort was known to GOP leaders before the parties’ conventions last year: The above conversation took place on June 15 [2016]. Several weeks after the GOP officially nominated Trump in mid-July, in a secure setting with Obama administration officials and other members who receive classified briefings, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed to politicize any effort on the part of the government to reveal that Russian intelligence was intervening in the election to help Trump. “According to several officials,” the Post reported, “McConnell raised doubts about the underlying intelligence and made clear to the administration that he would consider any effort by the White House to challenge the Russians publicly an act of partisan politics.”

Despite Ryan’s clear awareness of the truth, we can infer that he sided with McConnell, tacitly or otherwise, because the Obama administration backed down in the face of McConnell’s threat. An official government assessment that Russia was helping Trump in the election didn’t reach the public until after the election, as Trump was transitioning to the presidency.

So where has the rest of the media been? Even after the massive trouncing at the mid-terms, the media has failed to pronounce the doom and disgrace of the GOP as a Party. “GOP in disarray” is not a narrative I hear or see. Steve Bannon, somehow, continues to escape all blame and scrutiny; the latest major stories on him are from a year ago. How is he not as guilty as Manafort? And although this has not been noted anywhere other than Twitter, there is evidence that Mueller is looking into the media as part of his investigation. For example: Faux News has not tweeted since 11/8/18. Seriously. Isn’t this big news?

As the inevitable downfall of Drumpf draws near, I hope the impending Mueller report includes some insight into why the media has been so reluctant to call out Drumpf for his treason, and the GOP for their knowledge of treason.

We deserve and need the truth about what has happened to the right-wing half of our two-party system. And one of the pieces of the puzzle is, what did the media know, when did they know it, and why are they still so unwilling to admit the truth?

This is an open thread.



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This whole post, madamab. This. This. This. What in the actual hell is up with the media? With, for that matter, the people in govwernment who knew? Primarily, obviously, Obama. He’s the only person who could have told the truth with impunity, and who also knew the truth based on classified info.

Where are the Watergate-style Repubs in Congress who come out of the intelligence briefings and say, “Enough”?

I’ve been assuming it has to be blackmail keeping everybody in line, but, jeeebus, in the media and politics both that’s thousands of people. So that can’t be right. Even J. Edgar Hoover didn’t pull strings on that many people. (Did he?) Of course, Putin is in a league of his own.

Am I the only one who heard about the New York Times’ report about the FBI investigation into Drumpf being a #RussianAsset last Friday and, far from being shocked or excited, could only ask, “And?”

Over the last week I’ve said “That’s news?” dozens of times. (snarl)

I love that a bunch of the Repub talking heads like Schmoe, Nicolle Wallace and Schmidt disavow trump but their party has been a mess for years.

Well the Repubs did something somewhat right:

annie check ur twitter dm.

Thanks Q and Luna!

@3, a dangerous precedent for Rethugs, as there are quite a few Nazis in their midst, including El Presidente.

Excellent post MB. I’m so disgusted and discouraged with the media.

On another note, I can’t believe how many people I’ve had to explain tax margins to in the past week:

Thanks Annie!

Yes, people do not seem to get that the first 10 million will be taxed at current rates, and anything above that would be taxed at 70%.

The part that’s a bit surprising about “not understanding” marginal tax rates is that most people pay taxes. You’d think they’re vaguely aware of what proportion that takes from their income. ??

I get the feeling a lot of the misunderstanding is pretty much accidentally-on-purpose.

And most Republicans are shocked to hear that tax rates were much higher during Nixon and Reagan’s terms.


[some thought that] Gillibrand had rushed to judgment before the accusations against Franken had been vetted.

Yep. That deprived the Senate of a hard-hitting, smart critic of Trump. The accusations were pretty baseless and the Roger Stone connection was awfully suspicious.

Oh, she does have a lot of good qualities and I’d certainly vote for her if she was the nominee. But I think there are others I’d rather see.

@13: My thoughts exactly Luna. He was on the Judiciary committee. Can you imagine how he would have torn through some of these morons?

Interesting aside: I had to go to my credit union’s website to transfer some $$s for a couple of recurring transactions. Here’s what they had on the splash screen:

XXX Federal Credit Union is here for our XXXX(agency) employees on furlough. If you have a loan(s) with us please contact the credit union @ xxx-xxx-xxxx to discuss payment. We are doing furlough skip payments with no fee.

Don’t have any idea what they are doing except possibly extending the terms of the loans.

New Randy Rainbow!

Oh, Randy Rainbow, I love him so!

Re Gillibrand, I have liked her for quite a few years. I would have loved to see her as Hillary’s VP, but not possible as they were from the same state.

I just think it’s Kamala’s time. All due respect to the other candidates (except Russian plant Tulsi Gabbard), but I just don’t think they will mobilize the Dem base, which as we know is WOC, the way Kamala can. One of the good Dems can be her VP.

Harris/Klobuchar would be really interesting.

@15, I still think of his ever-so-applicable question “Were you lying then or are you lying now?”

@17, luv Randy Rainbow!

@19, I like Amy Klobuchar too. She’s smart and calmly determined.

Pelosi going for the Trump jugular by disinviting him from State of the Union speech due to government shutdown. Trump is going to blow a gasket!

Betcha Putin’s already got his hackers working on this.

Government cyber workers increasingly concerned hackers will strike during shutdown

The government’s cybersecurity professionals are increasingly concerned that hackers will take advantage of the partial shutdown to tamper with sensitive government data or steal citizens’ information — and that the bare-bones staff won’t be able to fend them off.

It’s far from clear that the cadre of contractors and “essential” employees that remain on the job — and without pay — are equipped to defend against such a hack, a furloughed cybersecurity and IT manager tells me. The risk increases every day the shutdown continues, and he worries that failing to combat a serious hack or disinformation campaign would have consequences long after it eventually ends.

Interesting. Look at the last 3.

Puppets in the GOP vote to end sanctions against Deripaska.

A year ago most of Congress – including almost all Republicans – believed in Russian sanctions. Now Republicans don’t even back the sanctions anymore! GOP is getting worse. I keep hearing that they’re going to flip on Trump. Any day now. But they get more Trumpian.

On those statistics of how Democratic contenders voted – what do they mean by “voting with Trump?” That includes common sense legislation Trump signed into laws too?

The big hurdle for Gilllibrand is going to be Al Franken. Whether they’re real or Russian bots, Franken truthers are vocal on twitter. Franken was trending as much as Gillibrand was. People demand Franken put out a statement absolving Gillibrand of any wrong-doing in how his case was handled. I frankly don’t see why Franken owes Gillibrand anything.

@24: Traitors, all of them.

Luna @22 re Putin gearing up the hacking. It now occurs to me that maybe that’s the real purpose of this Shutdown-For-No-Reason. Just Agent Orange taking orders from his boss, as per usual.

I still do not understand why Gillibrand felt Franken had to be shoved out now-now-now without a hearing. Given that she looked like having Presidential ambitions (as turns out to be the case) did she have no clue that would be a bad look? She strikes me as way too smart for that.

And given that Franken, just about alone out of the vast field of harassers, abusers, and rapists, really did have dubious circumstances around the accusations against him (such as Repub operatives apparently egging women on and supposed harassment happening during a comedy tour when others, including women, were acting even more outrageous) it looked too much like a rush to judgment for either no good reason or to serve personal ambition.

Gillibrand has never thrown any light on those angles and explained why they’re wrong.

30- I think Gillibrand was trying to make a name for herself as a spotless example of righteousness defensively warding off attacks of those shouting out the “glass houses” offense. The truth is, though, that the only ones that would thus shout would be republicans or purists of some other ill-defined type. In addition, I doubt that too many will remember the crap that she hoisted on Al. She probably calculated that she would only lose a small portion of votes in that regard. I would much prefer Klobuchar, who seemed to very grudgingly and reluctantly go along with the program at that time. Gillibrand will not get my vote unless I have no choice.

Woops-,I mean 29- did a post disappear? Or was it my mind?

Gillibrand is on my $hitlist, I will never vote for her.

DYB – “I frankly don’t see why Franken owes Gillibrand anything.”
[I absolutely agree, she jumped the gun and doesn’t have the common sense needed for the job.]

Great twitter image of our girl with the Russian agent.

@26: I frankly don’t see why Franken owes Gillibrand anything.

He doesn’t.

There was a quite a bit of bickering over Gillibrand and Franken on twitter today. I am still disgusted by her ridiculous grandstanding and will not vote for her in the primary. If she gets the nom, which I doubt, I will vote for her.

Luna @24, I saw that earlier. Fredster called it–they’re traitors.

I was reminded that Gillibrand wasn’t the only Dem woman senator to call for Franken’s resignation — IIRC 8 of them did. I need to look back at the stories from them to see if Gillibrand was significantly more vehement than the others.

It still infuriates me that accusations aren’t at least minimally vetted before demanding resignations. For example, there were the women who contacted WaPo with accusations against Moore (in the Moore v Doug Jones race), and when the WaPo reporters researched the stories they found the trail led back to Republicans who were hoping to plant the stories and then do a big reveal that the accusations were groundless. The aim, of course, was to cast doubt on the women making earlier accusations (for which there was a fair amount of evidence). ‘Believe women’ — maybe not if they’re Republicans. Listen to women, and then investigate.

I don’t think Franken owes Gillibrand anything. What a stupid idea.

Bernie? He’s busy, doncha know? “Making the case” as he puts it, travelling everywhere. He doesn’t have time for details like unimportant votes or harassment in the ranks. Priorities, people. Priorities!

Luna @37, yes, well said. I think Kamala was one of the eight? Maybe it isn’t fair that Kirsten gets most of the heat, but at the time it looked like she jumped out in front of the issue to score some political brownie points. Supposedly, Schumer privately asked Franken to resign, then Kirsten did so publicly, then the others. It seems so obvious that this was another case of rethug ratf*&king, and not very clever or original at that. I don’t get why the Dems didn’t pause and consider before they jumped.

I saw someplace (sorry!) that Sherrod Brown might run. Also saw that Kamala will.

annie, if you know anyone coming to the Saints/Rams game, tell them to bring earplug for sure.

Did you guys see this before?

Fredster @43, I can’t think of anyone, but I’ll tell Hubs. He has a pretty wide acquaintance in L.A.

A few online sites (Politico, Business Insider) are saying that Sherrod Brown is visiting the early primary/caucus states. Interesting.

@46: I have to confess that I’m intrigued with Kamala Harris.

Bernie couldn’t show up for the Russia sanction vote because he was busy meeting with the women who dealt with sexual harassment during his ’16 run. For a whole hour. Great timing, huh?

The meetings, which stretched for almost a full day, began near Capitol Hill on Tuesday evening and picked up after the full group convened for breakfast on Wednesday morning. Their goal, according to participants on both sides of the table, was to confront past failures while forming more robust plans of action for future campaigns, including a potential second run by Sanders in 2020.

A former staffer for the Sanders campaign, who asked her name not be revealed so she could discuss the private meeting, told CNN Sanders was present for “about an hour” and described him as “conciliatory.” She said he opened his remarks with an “honest apology.”

Bernie won’t run. Warren, Harris and Beto have sucked all his oxygen out of the room. I don’t believe Beto will run this time either.

I did not know this applied to future shutdowns too. Very astute of Kaine.

@49 So illiteracy *does* have at least one point in its favor!

Cohen says Trump directed him to pay for poll rigging

@49, Thank goodness.

@50, LOL!

@51, Love that Cohen is blabbing so much. I hope he and his family are safe.

@44, I had never seen that video of Trump “fisting” Putin. (LOL) It’s crazy!

On Gillibrand/Franken. Seeing all the comments on twitter since she announced I feel like there’s a bit of gaslighting going on from those defending her. We all discussed the situation here in real time and it was Gillibrand leading the charge against Franken in public. Schumer told Franken to resign privately. Gillibrand made the fight public. Then as the accusations piled up, several female Senators joined the chorus, including Harris and Klobuchar. But Gillibrand led the charge and it’s an image she and her supporters embraced at the time. They were pleased that they got rid of Franken just in time for the Kavanaugh hearings. Now that a Franken-truthers-society has formed on Twitter (and I’m sure some of it is driven by bots), Gillibrand supporters are downplaying her role in the situation, saying she’s being singled out because….reasons. It’s not because she’s a woman, other female Senators called for Franken to resign. But the reason everyone fixated on Gillibrand in real time is that she was leading the charge. And even at the time several people pointed out that Gillibrand just got rid of a 2020 rival. Because that is now a political liability for her and distracts from her campaign, her supporters (or really, just twitter justice warriors, many of whom I normally like a lot and we agree on 99% of the issues), her supporters are now crying foul. And they demand that Franken speak out and defend Gillibrand and if he doesn’t, then he really is scum and doesn’t deserve to be welcomed back into polite society. I haven’t seen Franken ask anyone’s permission to come back into polite society. I do see that all the accusations against Franken have fallen silent and no new accusations have been made from the moment he resigned. Remarkable how the pool of victims dried up right at the moment of his resignation…

I think Gillibrand is a long-shot for a few reasons. One, in addition to Franken she also went after the Clintons, saying Bill should have resigned as President and I seem to recall a dig somewhere at Hillary apologizing to Monica. Considering that the Clintons backed her candidacy to serve out Hillary’s 2nd term in the Senate over Caroline Kennedy and Gillibrand *owes* her Senate seat to them – she should perhaps have declined to answer questions about Bill and Hillary. That shivving Clintons in the back turned off a lot of her natural supporters.

And there’s also the big issue of Gillibrand the Senator vs. Gillibrand the upstate NY Representative, where she was extremely conservative. She had an A-rating from the NRA and was very proud of it. She was against immigration and wanted ICE to deport more people and to coordinate with local law enforcement to make that happen. All of her very right-leaning previous positions will come out and I’m not convinced she can explain it all. Today already it started: K-File on CNN was tweeting old fliers and pamphlets and headlines about Gillibrand’s very right-wing positions before she moved to the Senate. I think she’s wasting her time running. But it’s a free country. And I don’t think she should be asked about likability.

Melania Trump took a government jet to Mar-a-Lago tonight. Nancy Pelosi is not allowed to take one to visit the troops in Afghanistan.

Also, of the people we expect to run in 2020 – so far Kamala Harris is my top choice.

D @55, excellent comment. (insert applause emoji here).

Fredster @53, love that!

@54, That f’ing corrupt POS! How is this even legal? It seems like espionage to me.

@55, Thx. I’d meant to go back and look at some stories to see why I had the impression Gillibrand was much more vocal about Franken resigning than the other women Senators. So much shit happening all the time and I feel my cognitive skills have really declined over the last couple of years, lol! More so than from merely growing older. Funny indeed how those accusations never went anywhere. I was expecting to hear something … but nothing. They damn well should have investigated them in the Senate, but that’s all water under the bridge now.

Really interesting about Gillibrand’s conservatism as a Representative; I did not know that. I thought it was senseless that she said anything about Bill Clinton. It only played into the Republicans to bring him up again and what’s more important it was *not* harassment as Lewinsky initiated the affair and it was definitely consensual. She also hasn’t spoken out much at all against Trump who has a record of self-confessed sexual harassment as well as many accusers and a history of rape (forget which wife it was).

Harris is also my favorite if she runs.

Good news:

BuzzFeed just dropped a story that Trump personally asked Cohen to lie about the Trump Tower in Moscow, including lie to Congress. And the article claims it’s not just Cohen’s word; there’s proof.

Joaquin Castro (who is running, isn’t he?) just called for Trump’s resignation or impeachment on twitter. I think that’s the first “big” name calling for that in public.

I like both Amy and Kamala. I don’t have a favorite yet.

Luna @64, that’s hilarious!

Better link to Atlantic story:

On the contrary, I will take great joy in seeing the Orange Traitor squirm under investigation. And even greater joy when he’s hauled off to wear an orange jumpsuit.

@74, I’d take great joy in seeing this too! He wouldn’t last a half hour.

So far, my favorites are not running, but they are Hillary, Amy, Warner, Swalwell and one other guy I can’t think of his name right now. I am not a fan of anyone that has already jumped in the race.

The Atlantic article is long and a little too much on Johnson, but history prevails. Nixon was a crook, Bill Clinton was a cad, but Trump… sounds like Johnson. Can you imagine Trumpers reading this? Over their head. They never will.

The case before the United States in 1868 bears striking similarities to the case before the country now—and no president in history more resembles the 45th than the 17th. “The president of the United States,” E. P. Whipple wrote in this magazine in 1866, “has so singular a combination of defects for the office of a constitutional magistrate, that he could have obtained the opportunity to misrule the nation only by a visitation of Providence.

Insincere as well as stubborn, cunning as well as unreasonable, vain as well as ill-tempered, greedy of popularity as well as arbitrary in disposition, veering in his mind as well as fixed in his will, he unites in his character the seemingly opposite qualities of demagogue and autocrat.” Johnson, he continued, was “egotistic to the point of mental disease” and had become “the prey of intriguers and sycophants.

I’m holding off on the Dem primary right now. I’m not sure if Trump will be a viable candidate. The shit is hitting the fan. If he does run (uncontested) I think only Kamala or Booker can slapback. I don’t believe Amy can effectively and I sure as hell don’t believe Kirsten can. Nope.

@74 Technically, they would have to drag Pompeo to an 11 hour hearing as SOS. No one dragged Obama to a hearing. Maybe even Tillerson for our solders killed in Niger.

Who’s Amy?

@82, you’re right, GAgal.

DYB 83

Senator Amy Klobuchar

In my book, NO ONE even comes close to Hillary, except Feinstein…and she will never run, she is too important in her leadership role in the Senate.

Attack dogs are the job of a VP, where I could accept Harris, Mazie, Booker or even Warren in, but having a cool head and big brains is for the job of the President…something we do not have right now.

83 DYB

Amy is in the bottom video you posted @67.

This Buzzfeed story is the first big jackboot on Dump’s neck that isn’t speculation.

Hahaha, another horrible day for the Dumper and his ugly clan.

It really makes me happy, Happy, HAPPY to watch Dump’s spool of lies unravel.

Big bags of popcorn for everyone!

As Melissa McEwen at Shakesville points out, Dems need to coalesce behind a candidate who can run against Dump *or* Pence. And Pence is a whole different presentation of moral vacuum requiring a whole different approach.

In a real world, the number of their supporters would be limited to their mothers and co-conspirators. In this one, about a third of the people want to smash everyone, so here we are.

I want Pence incriminated in Trump’s corruption. Manafort picked Pence so there’s got to be something grifty going on.

90 Luna, I want Pence in the same boat with the rest of the crooks and liars.

Funny twitter page is ‘Trump’s ties’

Here’s an example

annie, those Rolling Stones Jazz Fest tix went on sale and at 3:00 a.m. there was a line winding around the Dome. The tix were $ 185 each.

Nope not gonna happen.

Ahead of time, thanks again to DYB who will be taking the weekend post for me bcuz

Geaux Saints!

Let’s get the ball rolling:

Seconding everybody who says the whole cabal needs to be rolled up.

The truly horrific consequences of trying to deal with the treason and mob crimes piecemeal is that we get Pence.

Which is one of my recurring nightmares.

Pence is also a traitor, but I don’t think he’d be as dangerous as Dump. Also, we wouldn’t be stuck with him for long, he’d never get elected as prez in 2020. The imbeciles that voted for dump liked him because he’s a mouthy celebrity who said what they wanted to hear, and got them all worked up in a racist frenzy. Pence seems like a mousy thing by comparison.

Wow. The NYT finally got a headline right. ‘Pelosi delays trip as Trump administration leaks travel plans’. About time.

Our newly elected GA governor Brian Kemp, who won with 50.2 percent of the vote, has an approval rating of 37.2 %. Stacey Abrams has 51.9. Even Pelosi has a better approval rate at just under 39%! So how the hell did he get elected? By cheating, of course.–regional-govt–politics/ajc-poll-shows-deeply-divided-georgia-and-tough-numbers-for-kemp/8dqIoXp1j5o0kujop427PN/

Reporting: Muellers’ office has said Buzzfeed reporting is not accurate. Clicked on FOX and they are lovin’ them some Mueller right now. After they’ve spent months attacking him, suddenly they trust him. Imagine that. Buzzfeed needs to put up or explain and I doubt they can.

@98 That’s good for the NYT. Though if they’d really wanted to be accurate, they’d say “Trump endangers Speaker of the House by leaking high-security secret plans. “

My governor. He’d be a good VP for Kamala.

@100: Confusing, confusing.

BuzzFeed stands by Cohen report: Mueller should ‘make clear what he’s disputing’

Clearly, Dump was in on the whole thing. Clearly he was instructing everybody he could to break the law for him. The only part we don’t know is the details.

Buzzfeed (or their sources) must have got some legal technicality wrong. Big whoop.

The general outlines of the situation have been clear for so long, there’s no way the basic fact of him suborning perjury could be wrong. He’s a mob boss. A bad one. Of course he has.

It’s kinda scary to know this guy lives in my community. He starts off his letter to the editor talking about the movie Red Dawn. Then there’s this:

In true life, World War III will play out in nuclear war or a great land invasion though Mexico and Alaska, maybe even Florida as the great buildup of the Cuban Army building since 1963. Since the Cuban missile crisis, the Cuban Army was building a force to go back and take Cuba back from Castro. What Americans don’t know the great American Cuban army still exist today, in great force in army and in civilian life.

So I ask, who’s been watching our US borders for the past 55 years. Trump’s wall between the USA and Mexico would be a blessing to our national defense, as World War III is coming, and the 1988 movie Red Dawn lays out how it will happen. History will repeat itself.

President Trump is the only President who wants to save our great country, alongside people like Gov Sarah Palin. God save America.

That’s not all of it either. I can only hope this guy is too scared to leave his house.

annie, I’ve been putting up the Saints logo a good bit so in the spirit of equal time I found a Rams logo for ya.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is getting her feet out from under her. She’ll do more than more than Bernie Sanders ever dreamed of doing. As I said before, neither Uncle Gropey Joe or Bernie Slanders will run. But I don’t mind if they distract the media for awhile. That’s what it’s all about these days. What the media says… goes.

@107: I’m not sure exactly what is, but I really don’t care for her very much.

@105, so a wall between the US & Mexico will help defend us since a nuclear war is coming. Uh-huh.

@108, I don’t either; probably it’s because of she’s acted until recently. The last month she seems to have grown up a bit, but we’ll see.

@69, it’s Julian Castro who’s running. Joaquin Castro is the Representative.

Amazing butterflies!

Love the butterflies! I bet there’s a lot going on in UV wavelengths too.

AOC? I think what puts us all off is her willingness to charge in where angels fear to tread.

That can feel obnoxious, but it’s important to remember that it can also have its good side: moving the Overton window away from extreme right wingnuttery.

Sort of like when everybody finally started talking about the 1% because of Occupy. She’s got everybody talking about marginal tax rates and what they ought to be on billionaires. This is actually a good thing.

She needs to hone her message, and move gently away from the idiotic “Justice” party or whatever they call themselves. Like supporting silly choices in primaries, etc. If she doesn’t do that: bad sign.

@115: See 53. Not that I mind duplicates.

@109 & 114: I think maybe it’s because she got Bernie’s imprimatur didn’t she?

@110: What will his slogan be: Free latte in every pot or free pot with every latte?

@112 – Beautiful.

Did anyone see or listen to tRump’s thing today? From what I just read he’s offering some type of deal on the “dreamers”.

Seeking to cast the plan as a bipartisan way forward, Trump said he had support from “rank-and-file” Democrats, as top Democrats made clear they had not been consulted

The man just can’t stop his lyin’ mouth.

Yeah. I gather the “deal” is some temporary twaddle for Dreamers so he can get 5.7 Billion-with-a-B thrown at his Never-never Wall.

@118, lol, I thought it was Inslee who boasted “We have the best pot in the country?”

Schultz should give away free lattes. Starbucks used to be a small rather quaint shop selling coffee, tea and spices in Pike Place Market until he came inand decided bigger was better (which is hardly ever true). Then he upped the price of coffee x 10 and Starbucks has been driving small cafes out of business everywhere.

@111, agree.

@120, One of the laughable things about his “deal” is that he ended DACA, and now wants to create a temporary and miniscule DACA and get his vanity wall.

Nancy calmly rebuffs him in grownup language.

Eichenwald cuts through the bullshit:

@124, damn, pasted the URL twice accidentally. If a moderator would pls fix I’d be most grateful. Thx.

@123: And who were those ppl who didn’t want her as Speaker?
Yeah, rite.

Fredster @ 106, awww. That’s very sweet of you Fredster. The dudes are touched that you did that! ❤

@128: It’s going to be a nail-biter. We’ve got a few players out who were in the last game with y’all.

I may have to pull a chat blu and hide behind the sofa at times. Lol!

@127, thanks!

OCD, ABC oh it’s AOC…I think she is fantasizing that she is the next RBG.

Fat chance!

Love those transparent butterfly wings.


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