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Lazy Weekend~M.I.A.

Posted on: January 12, 2019

Good Weekend


Okay, okay, I know it’s a week between posts.  However I make no apologies.

Nope, haven’t gone fishin’. It’s the second week of the playoffs so I will be otherwise engaged. Among other playoff games, Annie’s L.A. Rams will be playing the Dallas Cowpokes.  My Saints will be playing the Philly “Igles”, at home in the Dome.  Sooo, this is a completely non-themed open thread.  Discuss whatever strikes your fancy.



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Haha, sounds like a good thread to me, Fredster. Enjoy your games and hopefully the rest of us will all spend time enjoying the things we do on our winter weekend.
I would like to add, for those that enjoy the music weekends…we post what ever song/s are helping us get though this weekend.

Right now, I am drinking my first cup of Starbucks and going to ramble around the news sites to see what’s up.

@2, I meet your yawn and raise you a side eye. So far, the Democratic primary looks weird. Are we going to get a ridiculously large group of disgruntled incompetents like the rethugs had in ’16?

Sure looks like it, Annie, with the one difference that there are competents sprinkled in there. But too many! Psychologists, who’ve done, like, actual research on this, show that people do poorly with more than about five choices, whether it’s peanut butter or politicians.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Dems could Get. Their. Goddamn. Act. Together.

In other news, Stacey Abrams is thinking of running for the Senate! yay!

But Boo! that I can’t vote for her, not being from Georgia. I can send her money, though. (The only other politician I ever did that for was Hillary.)

Wonderful dream:

@1: the rest of us will all spend time enjoying the things we do on our winter weekend.

Indeed, that’s exactly what you should do shadow.

Chiefs and Colts are on and meh right now.

for those that enjoy the music weekends…we post what ever song/s are helping us get though this weekend.

Yes…you should do just that.

Let’s be real, 2020 election should be the race for Hillary Clinton Vice President because Hillary Clinton need to be sworn in with all of this Russia and Trump treason against America democracy to steal her election.
Amen ~

I’m not waiting for anyone but Hillary…
If she absolutely refuses…up to the last week, I will have a runner-up choice.

Quixote @4, spot on! Too many choices, especially in politics is bad. Remember the CA governors race we had with a lot of weirdos running?

@5, yes, that wonderful news, I will also donate to her.

Luna @6, yes, I think of that dream every day.

Cowpokes and Rams getting ready to start but wanted to share this.

Congrats annie on the Rams’ win against Dallas.
If the Saints win tomorrow against Philly that means they will have to play the Rams again. While we won the first game against y’all it’s always harder the second time. Watching Todd Gurley tonight, he was a beast.


Thanks Fredster! The dudes actually think that Brees is unbeatable. Anyway, we’ll be rooting for your guys tomorrow! Even though we’ll be playing each other for the NFC.

The Chiefs seemed to win pretty handily. Andrew Luck didn’t look like he was on top of his game, but, what do I know?

Haha! Dallas ‘Cowpokes’. At least you didn’t call them CowPlops’. That’s how we refer to plops of cow manure in the pastures.

Kamala Harris’ response to Meghan McCain is pitch perfect. Shut her down. This is how you do it with a ‘smile’ on your face.

Here’s a song I heard as sound track on a tv show that got me though today.

@17: I got a chance to catch Harris on Morning Schmoe and I was really impressed with what she had to say. She repeated some of it in this clip but what she had to say was well thought out imo.

@16: LOL I read one comment on the Dallas loss and the writer “thank God we won’t have Jerry Jones near a sideline or microphone for another year. 🙂

@15: I’ve got my fingers crossed for the game. However with both of these (if we beat Philly) we’ll be going against teams we beat before. However I do know the Saints players really want to win another Super Bowl and especially for Drew before he decides to retire which I hope is NOT for a couple of more years.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Homophobic Remarks Surface After 2020 Presidential Announcement

@22 – With Democrats now wary of #TheBernout and info quickly spreading about Gabbard being a homophobic, right wing Russian plant, I don’t think we will fall for the same tricks as we did in 2016.

I thought this article was interesting: Republicans eviscerated Congress when Newt was Speaker. Yet another reason for the dysfunction that is not as well-covered as others.

The Saints/Eagles game has begun! Oh no…the first pass by Brees is an interception. Hang in there Fredster, this could be a bumpy ride!

@23, MB, I saw that earlier — good article.

Can’t embed the video but when the Saints took the lead, the Dome went nuts Choppa Style. You’ll have to click the little button dealio to turn the sound on.

I’m looking forward to seeing Biden bombing again early in the primaries if he does run.

@28: Am I gonna believe any crap from Fox News? Nah.

@29: Honestly, I don’t even want to think about him running.

Fredster, Congrats on the Saints great win! Like MB, I was a little worried for them in the beginning, but they worked their way right out of it.

So everyone, now Fredster’s Saints and the L.A. Rams compete next week for the NFC Championship, the winner goes to the Superbowl. I’m a Rams fan (since the new guy bought it), but since I’m so fond of Fredster and his Saints, I won’t feel bad when they win! 🙂

@32: LOL, you and I are going to have to walk a fine line on this one.

I don’t even know what sport ya’ll talking about! LOL.

Joe Biden is going to crash and burn like he always has. He barely concealed his contempt for Hillary during 2016. And expressed his contempt explicitly after the election.

Gropey Uncle Joe will not run. Grouchy Uncle Bernie (not a Democrat) will not either. (Warren’s announcement shut that down) Tulsi Gabbard – hilarious. I have no problem with Castro throwing his hat into the ring. He needs to get his name out there for a future run of some sort. Maybe a cabinet member again to shore up his credentials. That’s the way I view all of this at this point in time. It’s about the future. It’s about time the Democrats start working the long game.

37 DYB


Oh, but let’s all freakin’ forget Hillary won the election, and somehow, lost the electoral college…and let’s all think of NEW or old men that should run in the D election of 2020 and forget Hillary. $#$@!#!%^!!!

@37, She. Told. You. So.

@36 That’s a great thread!

Ice loss from Antarctica has sextupled since the 1970s, new research finds

An alarming study shows massive East Antarctic ice sheet already is a significant contributor to sea-level rise.

42 Luna,

Isn’t his dad a doctor? Maybe he isn’t a surgeon.

Yeah, too bad that great health care in Congress isn’t good enough for Ram’s surgery.

Come to think of it, doesn’t someone getting surgery in Canada have to be a Canadian resident?

Jesus on a carousel. I hear the Sundowner-in-Chief twittered about how wonderful it was to be going to Nashville. Not New Orleans.

N-ville, N-leans, s’all the same, right?

@45, yeah, and provided more fodder for the Resistance welcoming party, lol. h/t to dakinikat.

@46: Jeff is a very good reporter. Didn’t know he had gone to The Advocate after getting canned at the Times-Pic/

This looks like fun:

Luna @46, LOL!

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