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Lazy Weekend: Hope

Posted on: January 6, 2019

Happy Sunday Widdershins!

We made it all the way to January 6th!! The good news is: Democrats are now in charge of the House and Nancy Pelosi is in charge of the Democrats of the House. Trump is livid. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was busted having danced in college on video! And Michigan Rep Rashida Tlaib was busted calling Trump a “motherfucker” in a bar. Republicans are flipping out! Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – whom Trump called “Steve” in a Rose Garden ceremony – said GOP has written a resolution CONDEMNING such outrageous behavior. As someone on Twitter said, though: GOP might want to pace themselves. If they think a young woman in college dancing a tribute to “The Breakfast Club” and a grown woman cursing in a bar is scandalous, what are they going to do when the subpoenas start flying? They  might choke themselves to death on their pearls.

Oh and both Seth Moulton and Tim Ryan voted for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker. So, take that! Remember how we were all rooting for Connor Lamb to win? He voted against Pelosi.

Anyway, just a tiny shred of optimism is setting in as Democrats announce plans to question Kirstjen Nielsen, whom I have dubbed “The Hyena of ICE”,  on what the hell’s been happening on the border. They announced their intention of looking into Trump’s profiting off of the Presidency. They want Wilbur Ross on the carpet. So…we’ll have some entertainment, at least.

So – hope and optimism is our musical theme for today! What are some of your favorite tunes that give you hope?

This is an open thread.



128 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Hope"

#1, yes. And yet St. Bernard’s support is supposed to be college kids. How have we college profs done such an abysmal job of teaching them how to fight their way out of a paper bag? How? We had one job!

@3 – Q, is that a “Galaxy Quest” reference I heard? Loooove that movie!

D, great post! Yes, all the cockroaches are going to have to come scurrying into the sunlight now. This song to me is about hope, even though it is called “Faith.”

I have some hope, but not in the sweet, passive way – and I like to see the Dems fight like they are doing now…may they continue!

Great post and theme DYB…I like hope and less fear.

Probably no one here likes techno music, but I couldn’t resist this one.

Keep hope alive.

That gif above is LOL funny! I laugh every time I see it.

@10, OMG!

@10 – that dog is focused!

Love the critter vids!

I was absent yesterday due to reconning on potential playoff opponents for the Saints. Looks like we have the Philly Eagles.

Hope and optimism. Okay here’s one and also good because our rainy, dreary, 90+ % humidity has also left and we’ve been seeing the sun now for several days.

Some nice Ella.

10 socalannie

This is great.

I wonder if the pup knows the pile is all leaves, hence why his owners are at the ready with their phone video, or if the dog thinks it is a fun hill covered with leaves?

I want to see him come out the other side.

So, who’s stoked for Der Drumpfenfuhrer’s prime time address? :eyeroll:

Fredster, omigosh, can you believe this game?!?

MB, Ugh! I can’t believe they’re all airing it. I’m hoping he’ll go completely off his nut, like the Howard Beale (Peter Finch) scene in Network.

@21: Oh yes!! There is a football gawd or gawdess!!

Those puffed-up Bama players looked pretty forlorn on the sidelines and I luved it.

New pic, right sidebar.

Rachel Maddow asking us to tune in tomorrow night … Sorry Rachel. My TV will be off the entire hour. It’s the only way to let MSNBC know how we feel. I read that Rachel beat Hannity every night in viewership the entire month of December. It will be interesting to see how that goes tomorrow night.

@25, LOLOL!

@26, also not watching. Besides, every minute detail will be picked over endlessly for days on the internets.

@22, Laker found the Clemson QB interesting as they both have long blonde hair!

So, who’s stoked for Der Drumpfenfuhrer’s prime time address? :eyeroll:


I’m pretty darn sure I am going to be really busy during those 7 minutes…doing somethin’. [snoring…Z..z..zzz]

@28: And he’s only 19. Also he’ll be there another two years.
I’m sure Dabo has his fingers crossed on that two year thing.

annie, I haven’t gone over to al dot com yet. There may be mass suicides in the Yellowhammer state.

The hits keep coming.

@32 It’s hard to say if the Sec of Defense COS actually resigned. Maybe he didn’t want to work for our new for-profit, military industrial complex, Boeing executive to run the Pentagon or… ?

Today would be a good day for Mueller to drop another indictment. It’s so close!

@35 Yes, I know he factually “resigned”. But it was not because he wanted to spend more time with family or ‘go into the private sector’. Puleeze. Just another man without the balls to call out Trump and his new “Acting” Secretary of Defense.

@36: Sorry GAgal, misunderstood.

The worst of all this is I don’t know if Agent Orange is making me anxious and neurotic and PTSD because that’s how awful things are or if, in the real world, I ought to be keeping calm and carrying on.

Is he just gassing about a military takeover? Of course he is. He’s always gassing. But he could also pull another “LOOK AT ME I’M POWERFUL” because of a Coulter Corollary.

So we’re all floating on this inadequate Dicktater’s dreams and no way to know what happens next.

God, I despise that waste of space.

@38: a Coulter Corollary.

Love that phrase.

Well, at least Chuck and Nancy will get to deliver a response.

TV Networks Agree to Carry Trump’s Speech Live

I’ll check to see if BBC America is showing Dr. Who or perhaps they’ll have a nice documentary on English ceddar cheese.

@33, He could have written a letter like Mattis’, polite but non-so-subtly saying POTUS is a fcking idiot and that national emergency declarations are for actual emergencies, you treasonous bastard.

@41, “make adjustments” like trying to stiff their landlords and other companies to whom they owe money? Riiiiiight. That only works for bully mob bosses who sue and then stiff their contractors. It’s also hard to buy groceries by suing the grocer.

@43: Yeah I was wondering about that. Adjustments? Like maybe armed robbery of the local 7-11 for the rent money?

Annie: Tee-hee

What’s he whining about? His healthcare is covered.

Okay, confession…I ended up watching Dump and Nancy/Chucky.

Dump of course, sucked and actually read this prepared speech…really slowly. Tried to sound empathetic, but sounded phony and pathetic.

The most interesting thing about his speech were the long sniffs at the end of each sentence, especially when he was taking about the drug problems that were killing our people…made me wonder what drug he was taking. Remember how he did this on stage when he was stalking Hillary?

But the big news of the day was the error made by Manafort’s attorneys, posting incorrectly and exposing redacted info that sounds like proof that there was collusion…

Manafort Accused of Sharing Trump Campaign Data With Russian Associate

This could be a BFD!

Running the country like he ran his businesses. Yup.

The best line of the day ~

“First of all, the fact … that he says, ‘We’re going to build a wall with cement, and Mexico’s going to pay for it’ while he’s already backed off of the cement – now he’s down to, I think, a beaded curtain or something, I’m not sure where he is,” Pelosi said.

This is funny:

@52 I don’t fucking get it. The media everywhere is mocking Pelosi and Schumer for “sharing a podium” and talking about how ‘small’ it is? Since when is a second required? Shame on Carville.

“…a beaded curtain or something…”

Haha! Excellent way to poke fun at Trump and his wall and show up how ridiculous both are.

@54 — what? You can’t share a podium? Republicans might not be able to, but Democrats do it just fine.

Trump threatens to cut off FEMA aid to California for forest fires

In the midst of a government shutdown, President Trump has threatened to cut off federal emergency aid to California for forest fires.

Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that “billions of dollars” are sent to California to help with its wildfire recovery efforts and claimed, without evidence, that the state would not need the funds if there was proper forest management.

Petulant, senseless, unPresidential, dangerously stupid behavior.

Doooooo it! LOLOL!


Let’s face it, if Pelosi and Schumer had used two podiums, the “buzz” would have been, “ZOMG! Are there deep rifts among the Democrats? Can’t they just share a podium? What self-important, tinpot….” etc. you know the drill.

The great thing is, we have power over bs pumped out by the media, ignore and turn the channel or hop to another website.

No reason to stress over their worthless bullshit.

@54: Nope, nope ain’t gonna do a shame on the Ragin Cajun James Carville. He was correct in that those response dealio things are hardly worth a damn, no matter who gives them.

Chuck and Nancy should have given their response(s) from matching Lazy Boy recliners; snacks and an adult beverage at their sides.

@me at 61: I stand corrected.

@67, Ditto what MB said! How bizarre.

I’m glad the Dems got better ratings for their response. Did he really sniff all through his bullshit? It was night, so I bet he was sundowning and needed his Adderall or coke boost.

@63, Poor Georgia! They keep getting screwed in their elections.

I had a rough morning, but along came twitter to the rescue. I laughed myself silly looking at this thread:

Luna, Quixote, does anyone know what kind of cat that is @72? Is it a bobcat or lynx?

Lynx, I think. Wonderful!

I think lynx also, due to the ear tufts and short tail — although it looked skinner and with a far shorter coat than I’ve seen in photos of N American lynxes.

Not a good zoo to have fencing which doesn’t keep the kits safe.

@70, well, sounds like we oughta let the migrants build our cars!

The Republican capacity for self-delusion is mind-boggling.

White House legal team prepares aggressive defense of Trump’s executive privilege as investigations loom large

A beefed-up White House legal team is gearing up to prevent President Trump’s confidential discussions with top advisers from being disclosed to House Democratic investigators and revealed in the special counsel’s long-awaited report, setting the stage for a potential clash between the branches of government.

The strategy to strongly assert the president’s executive privilege on both fronts is being developed under newly arrived White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, who has hired 17 lawyers in recent weeks to help in the effort.

17 lawyers, eh? No, nothing to hide, nothing at all.

@79, that’s what they get for voting for a repeatedly bankrupt bully who knows nothing about economics. Thoughts and prayers. They should’ve voted for the woman.

It has been suggested that the furloughed Coast Guard personnel have garage sales to get through the gov’t shutdown.
I wonder what an armed 48ft Coast Guard Cutter would bring at a garage sale.
Asking for a friend.

“Evangelical group calls for LGBT people to be removed from anti-lynching bill.”

My gob is so smacked I have to go to the dentist for dentures.

@80: Taking a look at the farmer in the article I don’t think he was a Trump voter.

@82: Perhaps they can also bring one of those rescue helos to the garage sale.

@83: I have no words.

Deep in the border town of Texas….

Protesters bring signs and “Baby Trump” balloon to President’s border trip


@84, yes. I should have said that lots of other Midwest farmers did. Unfortunately all the fallout shit from Trump’s screwups lands on everyone (but the rich).

@89: I was getting ready to think the same thing and then saw the guy. I don’t think he’s a “Blacks for Trump” voter but it’s possible.


@82, Hahaha! love that!

@87, LOL!

@92, how beautiful! Would love to see one up close. i’ve seen barn owls here but they’re not that white.

Luna @90, I like Pramila. We have some great reps here on our coast.

Fredster @94, god, that’s despicable!

Something else I heard today. We went to see a cpa, about doing our taxes and he told us that the dump admin got rid of personal/child exemptions, starting for 2018 taxes! Won’t that raise taxes on a lot of people and families?

I’m telling ya, he has dark, evil plans for America. If Mueller doesn’t bag him soon, we’re all screwed.

@96: And it looks annie like the water board is going to give the W.H. a break:

“We are not turning off water to the White House,” Vincent Morris, a DC Water spokesman, said in an email. The outstanding tab: $5 million.

@96: About the exemptions, I found this:

The big news coming for 2018, stemming from the tax reform bill passed in December, 2017, is the elimination of the standard $4,050 personal tax exemption, while the standard tax deduction doubles in the 2018 tax year. Personal tax exemptions are changing as well

Don’t know if that is good or bad, but probably bad.

@96 It’s not Trump. He’s dumb as a stump. That’s Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s doing. Republicans. Not Stump’s administration. Republicans who ruled the roost.

Looks like all the cheap publicity that the media rained on Ocasio-Cortez for the past week, has now turned to acid rain…

Three of the last three political websites I just looked at are all covering the same issue:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already making enemies in the House Democratic Caucus — and some of its members are mounting an operation to bring the anti-establishment, democratic socialist with 2.2 million Twitter followers into the fold.

@94, 97. Will the utilities companies do the same for Joe or Jane Furlough? Or will the grocery stores let them run up a tab?

Cut off the damn water to the WH already!

Oooooh. Congressional authorization, eh?


@104. Yes. But, they’re endangered. Sniff.

@102. The difference being that climate change IS AN ACTUAL EMERGENCY. Aargh.

A wild cat kitten would be adorable until it started getting bigger. I don’t think undomesticated animals should be pets. I’m of two minds about zoos, though they seem to help with keeping a population of threatened animal species going and then allow for release to the wild (if there is enough undamaged habitat).

The Point Defiance zoo in Tacoma has several clouded leopards — pics here:

Sigh. Declaring and funding a climate change emergency would produce a lot of jobs in sustainable industries (besides helping to keep Earth a habitable planet).

Super funny! We were all shouting with laughter:

@109 ?! Looks like exotropia with hyperthyroidism, with those bug eyes.

Fredster @108, Glad RP could find something funny to say about it. Do you suppose Russia will give her $ to run?

@111: Who knows but possibly.

@110, I love the way he snarls at the very end. Don’t a lot of dogs have bug eyes, like chihuahuas? My sisters dog has severe bug eyes and there is some kind of medical issue with it.


I assume most of us have heard the latest bombshell that hit tonight:

I’m not surprised but glad that the FBI started investigating from the beginning.

Dump is going to have another rotten night and days ahead. He deserves all the Karma that is coming straight at him.

@114, Haha! She killed it!

@114: I had recorded Ari and just saw that. Loved it!

@114, “literally scalped” (eyeroll)

Otherwise, what she said, except for the age part. Bernie was a selfish self-righteous dick when he was young, too.

a thoracic surgeon was on Maddow’s show last night to assure us that all is well with RBG.

Sorry can’t embed it but here’s a link.

Don’t panic! Ruth Bader Ginsburg recovery time completely normal via @msnbc

@115, Not sure this is really news. Trump was being investigated by the FBI during the campaign (which is why it was so appalling when Comey tried to imply something about HRC’s emails yet staying mum about Trump & Russia.

F.B.I. officials had grown suspicious of Mr. Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign but held off on opening an investigation into him, the people said, in part because they were uncertain how to proceed with an inquiry of such sensitivity and magnitude.

“We, the FBI, who work on sensitive matters, were supposed to do our job, but we were worried about how sensitive our job might be. Oh, and we worried if it was a bigger job than usual.” Of all the fcking idiotic excuses!

This from the paper that said “FBI sees no Russian connection.” And don’t even get me started on the “possible threat to national security” BS. Lock. The. Traitor. Up.

Hot damn, Nancy is on fiyah!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was asked about Trump’s comments suggesting an emergency declaration may not be imminent after all. “Let’s give him time to think it through,” Pelosi said. “Oh, think? Did I say ‘think’? Let’s see what happens next.”

Pelosi has said that Democrats do not feel any political pressure to give in to Trump’s wall demands, saying instead that supporters were urging the party to hold the line.

“I’m a mother of five, grandmother of nine — I know a temper tantrum when I see one,” she said.

Nice discussion at Lawfare on the NYT article.

What if the Obstruction Was the Collusion? On the New York Times’s Latest Bombshell

Ya know, it would seem a really good idea to have presidential candidates undergo background checks. I’m going to call my Congresscritters and ask them to introduce legislation for this (not holding my breath anything like this will happen with a Rethug Senate).

@104,107, Adorable! Agree with you about undomesticated animals being kept as pets. Enjoyed looking at your link to the zoo in Tacoma.

Fredster @106, LOL! @119, good to know.

@122, Mindblowing. Did you see how they picked Marla Maples because of the Southern vote?!?!? I’m stunned this has gone on for so long,

So… let me get this kinda straight in my boggled brain. The FBI only opened an “inquiry” into whether Trump himself was working for Russian interests after he fired their hero Comey. Not when he was on stage saying ‘Russher if you’re listening’. Not when they knew Russian was hacking DNC, Podesta, and attempting to get into Hillary’s computer. Which they knew then.

Not after the Trump Tower meeting. Not after the change to the Republican platform. Not after all the intercepts they had (and our allies had) which brought guilty pleas for lying. Not after knowing the Russian propaganda spread through Facebook and more. Not BEFORE the election or even during the transition (wouldn’t want to be partisan, ‘ya know) It was only after the inauguration and he fired Comey that they gave a shit and started looking into Trump himself. Ok, got it. Here’s a question I’ve heard no one ask. Is that an investigation that it is still going on or is it all on Mueller’s shoulders now? That’s a heavy load for one man. Not sure we have a Justice Department to back him up.

@125, “wouldn’t want to be partisan” oh but her emailz, that’s not being partisan and oh those emailz so careless those emailz. screaming

No I haven’t gone over the edge yet; I just feel like it.

@126 I’m waiting for the pundits to catch up. I just want to scream at them all. Hillary warned you!! (in a fucking debate) Podesta warned you Jake Tapper and you laughed and sneered. Brian Fallon tried too, to no avail. These pundits should be ridiculed merciless, given total hell over their coverage. They should never be taken seriously in 2020. The last thing I want to hear is Chuck Toad’s “opinion” about Kamala Harris.

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