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Lazy Weekend~Happy New Year!

Posted on: December 30, 2018


Well I have to say Widdershins this is the most optimistic I have felt since November 2016.  I freely admit that the road ahead will not be easy but with a strong majority in the House, despite not having the Senate, things are looking up and since all revenue bills must originate in the House this is gonna be enjoyable.  Add in the new chairs of committees such as Judiciary and Intelligence, and it is gonna be a fun year to watch.

With that let’s look at some New Years songs.

(1) Bringing In A Brand New Year~Charles (not Charlie) Brown

(2) Funky New Year~Eagles

(3) Happy New Year~Abba

(4) Maybe Baby (New Year’s Day)~Sugarland

(5) It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve)~Barry Manilow (somewhat a downer)

(6) My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)~Peggy Lee

Okay Widdershins.  If you have any favorite New Year songs share them in the comments below.

Open thread of course.


98 Responses to "Lazy Weekend~Happy New Year!"

British Columbian neo-Celtic version of the song

I totally agree Fredster. 2019 is going to be very very bad for Drumpf. Finally, some hope!

Sorry for the lack of music…but since we were talking about McConnell in the previous thread, it looks like he has, on fact, retreated into his shell and is throwing the Mango Moron under the bus. What is going on in his evil little skull?

@4, “hiding out in Kentucky,” lol! Hmmm. Did he find out the kompromat on him wasn’t that bad after all and he feels OK about defying Trump? Or is he developing awareness that insistence on the Vanity Wall is really, really bad for the GOP? Somehow I don’t trust the reptile.

@4: Oh feel free to add something later mb. Is there something operatic that deals with a New Year?

Nice selections Luna. 🙂

madamab @4 “what’s going on in his evil little skull?”

Not much, I suspect, unfortunately. It’s just probably evident to him, as it would be to any four year old who had all her marbles, that there are nothing but downsides to the latest idiocy and he wants as little of the backsplatter to stick to him as possible.

@7, thanks Fredster. You already picked some of the ones that I thought of, lol.

Here you go Fredster!

@11 – Drumpf has no clue what is coming for him. He has no frame of reference for being held to account except for lawsuits, and that’s just OPM as far as he is concerned. This level of scrutiny over all of his criminal enterprises will be the most humiliating thing he will ever experience. I hope they change the nuclear codes and don’t tell him!

Yes, saw that on Twitter!

Speaking of which, here’s a great and hopeful tweet from Ted Lieu.

Hoisting a New Year’s Eve glass to Rep Lieu and his colleagues!

@16: One of the best parts:

Stephen Miller’s fantasy of changing the laws to restrict legal immigration ends in a whimper

Gawd, I hate that little toad.

Ever since Stephen Miller did that weird fake felt hair appearance on television, I haven’t been able to think about anything else whenever his name comes up.

What was the idea behind that glued-on felt hair piece? What?

@19: Gives a new meaning to rug rat doesn’t it?

Okay so last night/early am I was watching this channel on cable, TV5Monde which is a French channel.

So last night they had Mozart’s The Magic Flute showing. It was being sung in German. They had French subtitles. Being performed by a Belgium Opera Company.

At one point while listening to the German, seeing French subtitles and trying to translate to English in my head, my mind just sort of said “Enough!”. I didn’t know the libretto well enough and just went “Gah!” and had to flip the channel.

Congrats to contrask’s Ok State Cowboys in their bowl game against Mizzou!

Fredster, the Magic Flute is tough sledding even with sub titles!! LOL I used to audition with both female leads’ arias. I could sing the Queen of the Night but didn’t enjoy it much. It’s considered one of the most thankless roles in opera!

Let’s keep this post going for a few days, shall we?

@23: And imagine the subtitles in another language you recall some of but not lots. LOL

@27 bwahahahaha. hahahahaha

Wombats! Yesss! It may be common knowledge by now that they have unusual cubic poop. But I only recently found out why. They’re territorial and mark their zone with poop. (Whatever works, right?) It’s much harder to roll cubes out of the way, so they work better as markers. Nasty neighbors get tired, trying to mess up your fence line!

Nature is amazing.

@1 ah – Love BonJovi!
@22 My Pokes did it! Much better than the Boomer Sooner side of the house did on their bowl – Womp Womp!
@13 so hope you are 100% right on, madamab !

@25, that is soothing. Ah, a critter that just wants to eat thoughtfully.

Probably goes right to Putin — after passing through a dozen shell companies.

@28: I did not know that. Indeed strange.

Contrask I was pulling for your guys. Now I have to keep fingers crossed for LSU tomorrow. There are a couple of guys who won’t be playing to get ready for the NFL Combine and the usual injuries and such.

Raising a toast to all Widdershinners, for a new year full of indictments!

So he probably snuck off to Florida after all.

Re: wombats. Not too unusual for animals to leave scat or urine markings to mark their territory. For some reason marmots and picas are the critters that come to mind first of the ones I’ve seen leavings of. (Pardon the atrocious grammar.)

@26, are you, Fredster? Yikes. But as for not giving any, I’d guess that’s how most of us feel about 2018. Let’s slam the door on it.

@33 Fredster, I have a few LSU fan friends here, so we usually root for them too. Hope it goes their way! I couldn’t watch OSU – makes me a nervous wreck!

Happy New Year everyone! GOODBYE 2018. I won’t miss you.

Happy New Year Widdershins! Here’s to a year of hope! 🥂

Happy New Year, beloved Widdershins! The socal family wishes all of you and yours the best new year ever! xoxoxo

Happy New Year everyone, may 2019 bring the Karma that we have been waiting for, and bring us back to some semblance of sanity.
Good health and happiness to all.

Sorry I couldn’t think of a New Year’s song, but this one keeps running though my head and at least includes ‘Happy New Year’ in the lyrics.

This song is also about hope for a new year…yet John’s short life was almost over. Hopeful yet sad.

And here is the link I forgot to add…

Another 50 hours or so…tick, tick, tick.
Boom! Let Dump’s new nightmare begin.

Happy 2019 from Northern California!!!!

❤ My Hillary supporting friends.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! Let 2019 be at least 1% less awful than 2018? LOL

Happy New Year to us all! Love and power to all good, sane, patriotic Americans. And Shadow, I love New Year’s in San Francisco! The fireworks were amazing!

MB, so glad you discovered the fireworks in SF, they are the best. Wait until the 4th over there.

DYB @45, there spoke the true Slavic spirit. Those are my dearest wishes too! 😆

Shadow, I saw the July 4th fireworks too! They were great. This is the first place I have lived in that does NYE fireworks though. We have the ball drop in Noo Yawk.

Fredster, Geaux Tigers!!

I like these New Year’s Resolutions! 🤪

@50: Yes! Allons les Tigres!

Dem boyz give me a heart attack at times but they did it!

@45, 48. Hey! I’m half Slavic, and I wish for 2019 to be at least 5% better than 2018.

53 Hahaha, DYB…I was waiting to see the rows of great white teeth as she popped that blow up boat like a baby Dump pinata.

Less than 31 hours…I hope House Dems are even more excited than I am, and sharpening their strategy as the minutes pass.

Okie-doke. Fingers crossed for chat’s Dawgs. Good luck in the Sugar Bowl.

Hahaha, I am Russian, German and British. Not sure where my optimism comes from.

Love the shark!

Go Dawgs! Am watching them now.

Someone did research on who gets to be “likable” in the media. And it’s exactly the way you imagine it:

@59, quelle surprise’

And has anyone read an article on Trump where the media use the term “unlikeable” about him? Thought not.

Fireworks on NYE — Seattle has them too, shot off from the Space Needle. There’s a couple of good viewing spots within walkable distance, but I didn’t think of going to watch. It’s been in the mid- to upper 30s at night so nippy for this area. Usually we’re in bed before midnight, but we stayed up last night (this morning), in front of a fire in the wood stove, hanging out with the cats, sharing a 1/2 bottle of champagne. Got up late today and went for a short hike.

Pauvre chat’s dawgs. They lost to Texas 28-21 and it was never that close. I had switched channels and then went back. Apparently I missed a yuge melee that gave Ga some field advantage but too little too late.
Texas was ready for them for this game.

@61: Didn’t even mention fireworks for nola. Usually they are on the river right off the French Quarter but the fog rolled in so the show wasn’t that great. Or it might have been great but couldn’t be seen well. Another fog advisory for tonight.

Yay Tigers!!! Fredster, so glad for you!

Omigosh, this is wild! I’m so glad the girl fought back. Florida.

Apparently the guy was given another order (?!?!) and left, but the cops found him and arrested him. You can hear the guy yelling for her to get fired! Good God.

D@53, Holy crap! That looks terrifying! The people in it are still alive I hope!

@54, I’m half Greek and 2019 better be 50% better than ’18!

Fredster @62, aww, that’s too bad. We always root for them, for Chat. ❤

So Fredster, Saints & Rams are both 13-3! Very interesting! Wadester thinks Drew Brees should get mvp. He is happy that the Rams got a guy named Aaron Donald. Should be an interesting month. And we’re going to the NAMM Show again.

“Red Paul” LOL!

@70: Follow the money and I bet there is some.

@70: Oh and annie, knowing how you and the guys probably feel about Notre Dame, it was delightful to see Clemson smash them into the ground. They never should have been ranked as high as they were.

Second if they keep refusing to join a football conference they should get no consideration for playoff bowls.

@72, Laker says it filled his black heart with joy! And we are with you 100% about them being in playoffs. Its ridiculous! Laker says hubs thought Clemson would beat them handily btw.

LOL, Rona “Romney” McDaniel is talking about her uncle Mitt, who wrote an op-ed criticizing Trump. Hahahaha

@74, “TEAM” player for Trump means “MEEE!” And “won big” means “losing the popular vote.” Glad Romney is criticizing Trump, but he probably will be a Flake.

@65, Good for her to fight back! But appalling how the other employees treated her assailant. In the assault you can see they’re trying to pull her away, rather than trying to stop him. She should have received medical attention promptly rather than be allowed to continue working. And letting her assailant stay and be served? Guess you have to be a black man sitting peacefully to be thrown out.

@73: LOL, Laker is too young to have a black heart but I get what he’s saying. Now if Clemson can do the same to Bama. I’ll be ecstatic if they beat them by one point!

Well, well, well. I see the lame-stream media can’t wait to start reporting a fight amongst the Democrats. Speaking of getting slapped down…

Ocasio-Cortez Breaks With Pelosi in Key Early Vote for Democrats

@75 Luna, you were right when you said Romney will be a Flake. He already said he would vote for the wall. So…it’s all just noise from him. Republicans are full speed ahead for Trump.

I went and read that article. Sheesh. Well, she can probably keep getting elected Congresscritter from Queens forever, but she’ll never be a national politician at that rate.

I mean what the hell is she thinking? Does she know what country she lives in? If the Democrats waltz in and instantly start talking about raising taxes — because that’s all people hear when you say “new revenue” — for what they see as pie-in-the-sky down the road, even the Mess of Orange will win against them in 2020.

Politics is the art of the possible. Not of let’s annoy 85% of the voters.

@65, Followup on the McDonald’s jerk:

Taylor was charged with two counts of simple battery and ordered to stay away from the McDonald’s restaurant and avoid contact with the employee. He is currently awaiting trial in the Pinellas County Jail, records show.

Arrest records also indicate there was further violence not captured on video.

“The victim was kicked in the stomach by the defendant, and was complaining of pain,” police stated in an affidavit. “The defendant was being escorted out of the business by management due to him battering another employee, and causing a disturbance. The defendant kicked the victim in the stomach while she was standing near the exit door.”

Calls to the St. Petersburg McDonald’s were not answered Wednesday morning.

Yet another reason to hate Trump’s shutdown.

Couples can’t get marriage licenses in D.C. during federal shutdown

The Marriage Bureau at D.C. Superior Court is not open.

Even though Congress allows the city to spend its own revenue to maintain D.C. operations during a federal shutdown, the local courts are funded by the federal government.

And while court hearings are proceeding and juries are being seated, the Marriage Bureau is considered a nonessential function and has been suspended, along with bar admissions, the judicial library and a child-care center.

O’Rourke says her experience cemented her view that the District should become a state. “We get no representation in Congress, but Congress is able to prevent you from getting a marriage license,” she said.

@81: Yep and you would hear the old meme from the right: “Tax and spend libruls”.

Oops, didn’t see that Luna already posted it! Sorry gang, am working my way up the thread.

Luna @83, Yes, that must be so frustrating. We should make N & S Dakota go back to being one state and give DC statehood.

Quixote @81, yes, completely agree with you. I occasionally like the stuff she says, and want to like her, but I don’t trust her judgement.

AOC is so clueless, she tweeted about “Single Payer Medicare for All.” That’s like saying “Automobile Nissan Leaf.” Medicare uses a single payer, the government , to lower health care costs for those covered under its rubric. If you understand what single payer is, you don’t need the qualifier.

She clearly is generating sound bites and trying to get as much attention as she cqn, without doing the work to understand policy. I wish she would slow down, show a little humility and patience. She could be formidable in a few years.

MB @88, spot on.

@88: I wonder how many of these folks who shout “Medicare for all” realize what Medicare is actually composed of? Do they know there is a Part A and a Part B along with a Part D? Do they realize there are deductibles for all of those?

@90, Fredster, that is what I frequently say and tweet back to people yammering about M4A. Sounds nice until you look at the details. Part B has the 20% that’s not covered. You get cancer, well, having to pony up 20% of outpatient treatment costs (chemo, scans, labs, doctor visits, etc.) can be a helluva lot of $$$. Copays for meds can be quite high depending on the med.

The other aspect of M4A which is bad is that it does not get the profit out of healthcare. Around 30% (last time I checked; it’s probably more now) of our healthcare dollars go to profit for the insurance and hospital and pharmaceutical CEOs. If we got the 3rd-party leeches out of the system we’d have substantial savings — which could go for more complete coverage. That’s one way most of the rest of the developed world spends far less than the US yet has their citizens generally have a better health status. (angry face)

@91: Exactly! And if you are in the regular 65 age group there are those medicare advantage plans but that’s a whole nuther ball of wax because basically you’re signing up for an HMO.

Thread on some Democrats who did not vote for Pelosi. It’s interesting. (Remember how we all rooted for Conor Lamb? He didn’t vote for Pelosi.)

May I saw again how much I love Ted Lieu? Go get ’em!


New post coming up in just a few minutes.

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