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Weekend Music – Holiday Style

Posted on: December 23, 2018

Hi gang! How’s your holiday starting out? Hope it’s festive. We’re having our Christmas dinner today instead of Tuesday, so I may not be around much. Everyone finally decided to only buy for the smallest kids this year. It was getting really, really over the top. The only problem with that is there are so few presents under the tree, it looks bare! Maybe I’ll wrap some boxes and put ‘fake’ gifts under there. It will be fine when everyone starts piling in and adds their gifts.

So, let’s do a holiday music thread. Here’s a start:

Elvis and Martina McBride – Blue Christmas

Kelly Clarkson – Please Come Home For Christmas

Rod Stewart – Let It Snow

Kenny G – Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas

Jose Feliciano (and cool kids) – Feliz Navidad

Okay y’all, don’t make me post ‘Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer’ because I will if I have to… Have a wonderful holiday!

Open thread.


31 Responses to "Weekend Music – Holiday Style"

Thanks for the new thread and tunes GAgal, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas dinner.
I too am MIA today, going to see Volta, Cirque Du Soleil in San Francisco with my son.
Happy, happy to all.

I’ll be back to add some songs after the Saints game.

Hi all I’m off visiting relatives–have been for a few days and will be for a few more. Least they are all Dems tho shockingly out of touch with what’s going on. Not everyone follows events as keenly as we do. but I will be reading but not able to comment much. Merry merry to you all — and confusion to the Trumpers!

WHO DAT! I don’t need any EKGs after that game.

@6: And then you can rock it.

You know it, you love it, you’ve heard it on commercials until you gag.

3 tenors minus 1, Oh Holy Night

@3, I love that idea!

@10, omg, that was beautiful! I loved those two. Is Placido still alive? I regret that I never saw them in person, but have many of their songs on my ipod. Even Caruso.

Well, Fredster, we rooted for your team and happy for you they won. Hubs thinks they’ll win the SB!

Oops, I almost forgot Hubbies favorite Christmas song:

@11: I’m not sure if Placido is still with us or not. Bet DYB would know.

Let me tell ya annie, I was on pins and needles there toward the end of the 4th quarter.

Tell hubs I’m hoping the same thing. I’ve got fingers crossed.

@12 Feliz Navidad is in the post, except with kids!

@13: Placido Domingo is most definitely alive. He’s 77 and still performing. Celebrating 50 years with The Metropolitan Opera, he was honored in November on stage for the anniversary of his debut with the company. This season, he is performing the title role of “Gianni Schicchi” (“Il Trittico”) and Germont in “La Traviata.”

Roz in NJ/NYC

GAgal, I know but hubs loves that version because of the fine guitar playing. He always tells me to post for him here and at Uppity’s.

@15, Ah, good to know! Thanks Roz!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

@15: Thanks for that info Roz.

Well I see the turd in the White House is unhappy about being “alone” so he’s pouting about it and causing all kinds of mayhem. (sigh) Nothing new there.

socalannie and Fredster: You’re welcome!

Roz in NJ/NYC

Hello all! I am back from Hawaii, but my bag loved it so much it stayed. I hope it gets to me before this evening when I am supposed to eat Chinese food.with my family like a good Jewish girl.

Sending you all wonderful Christmas Eve vibes..

Merry Christmas everyone! Hoping for Mueller indictments to be unwrapped in the days ahead.

@22: Ha! If we live through his meltdown until then.

Good grief. And Merry Christmas to all, huh?

I will be posting tomorrow at some point…I believe a play is coming on. 😈

Hope you’re all having a merry happy holiday! Here is Rosemary Clooney and Linda Ronstadt:


This is my favorite Christmas album of all.

Oh my goddess DYB, that is completely gorgeous. I didn’t know that album existed!

Christmas Day in the French Quarter – check out the hooves. LOL

I love New Orleans.

Have you folks seen this? From Dec *18th*?? This is baby-bro of the Cuban missile crisis. (I’m not saying it’s different from the US putting war materiel everywhere from Turkey to the Baltic states and right in Russia’s face, but it’s a new development, and it’s the other guys doing it, and meanwhile Israel is shooting at Damascus in Syria. This is all Triple Plus Ungood.)

Russia has announced plans to set up its first ever military base in the Caribbean after striking a deal with cash-strapped Venezuela.

The state-sponsored TASS news agency reported that Russian experts had selected the island of La Orchila, 125 miles northeast of Caracas, as a possible military base up to 10 years ago.

According to the agency, Russia will now be ‘deploying Tu-160 strategic aircraft to the island’, after seeking permission from Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro.

The deployment will represent the one of the largest semi-permanent postings of Russian military hardware to the region since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 – which marked the height of the Cold War.

Quixote, the hits just keep coming, don’t they? And Fredster, nice pic.

NEW POST…The play is up!

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