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Activist Tuesday: In Which We Take a Well-Deserved Break.

Posted on: November 20, 2018

Widdershins, we did it! The election was two weeks ago, and it was indeed a blue tsunami. 40 House seats, holy banana pants! Not to mention all the governor’s races, state houses and other awesomeness we, as card-carrying members of #TheResistance, made happen. Yay, us! (And 60 million other people.)

We deserve a break. To me, the idea of getting together with friends and/or family and eating and drinking myself into oblivion sounds really, really good right now. And I am really thankful that I have this opportunity, not taking it for granted at all.

Food-wise, I am especially looking forward to the barbecued turkey my sister-in-law’s dad makes every year. It is really good (he makes it in a Weber charcoal grill). Oddly, I am also looking forward to the fresh green beans. They are my favorite vegetable. No casserole, just yummy beans sautéed in oil, garlic and a few herbs.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving, and what are you looking forward to the most? Are you preparing this?

In case you’ve never seen this creation before, meet the TurKracken: a turkey, stuffed with an octopus, garnished with crab’s legs and artistically striped with bacon. MMMMmmmmm!

Relax and build up your strength, O Resisters. 2020 will be here before you know it, and we’ve got a lot of work to do before then!

This is an open thread.

71 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: In Which We Take a Well-Deserved Break."

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Here’s a court win for us:

In blow to Trump’s immigration agenda, federal judge blocks asylum ban for migrants who enter illegally from Mexico

“Whatever the scope of the President’s authority, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden,” wrote the judge, who was nominated to the federal bench in 2012 by President Barack Obama. Tigar reasoned that the “failure to comply with entry requirements such as arriving at a designated port of entry should bear little, if any, weight in the asylum process.”


A Thanksgiving message from the Clinton Foundation.

Looong thread, but really amazing if his dots are connecting right. Even if half is right (I think it is) wonder how much Mueller knows.

@6: We cannot be rid of these people fast enough.

Turkey Day – my son and I are spending it with very good friends of ours, about 16 people that cook up a storm and consume more wine than I care to mention or pay for 😉 The living members of my family all live outside of CA, so it’s good to have friends to share the holiday with.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

May Dump keel over from too much turkey, soon.


Too funny.


Slowly winding down my last day of work before the long weekend. Big readout was yesterday and went well. Hurrah!

I wonder if Drumpf even eats turkey. Does McDonald’s have a turkey burger?

Here we go…

The House intelligence committee’s incoming Democratic majority is taking its first steps to follow Donald Trump’s money, The Daily Beast has learned.

The committee is looking to hire money-laundering and forensic accounting experts, three sources familiar with the plans confirm to The Daily Beast. One Democratic committee office said the purpose of the potential new hires is to examine unanswered financial questions about Trump and Russia, but their work could apply broadly across the panel’s intelligence oversight.

This indicates that likely chairman Adam Schiff’s stated interest in the intersection of financial crimes and intelligence threats isn’t just talk.

Schiff, a California Democrat, has said publicly and privately that he’s interested in President Donald Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank, the German financial giant that has been scorched for its connections to money-laundering. When other lenders were loath to lend money to Trump in the 1990s, Deutsche Bank stepped up and spotted him tons of cash. The president may still owe the bank up to $175 million, according to MarketWatch. Bringing on staffers with expertise in financial crimes would position the committee to pursue those questions.


Looks like Dump got a heads up of what is reported by the Daily Beast, hence why Adam was called ‘Schitt’ the other day. They also don’t want to have to depend on Mueller’s final report being released, and made public. The new dumbcluck AG will do everything he can to keep it from us.

There are some great t-shirts on Amazon.

I am going to get one like Hillary is holding, on the right side —>
and one that says, “Clearly we took this, ‘Anyone can be President’, way too far.

Other good ones are the numbers, 86 45
Science is not a liberal conspiracy
Literally anyone else 2020

Judge strikes down 15 week abortion ban signed into law by MS Governor.

Citing evidence that viability begins at between 23 and 24 weeks, Reeves wrote that “there is no legitimate state interest strong enough, prior to viability, to justify a ban on abortions.”

“The state chose to pass a law it knew was unconstitutional to endorse a decadeslong campaign, fueled by national interest groups, to ask the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade,” Reeves wrote.

Furthermore, he called the Legislature’s professed interest in women’s health “pure gaslighting,” pointing to evidence of the state’s high infant and maternal mortality rates.

“Its leaders are proud to challenge Roe but choose not to lift a finger to address the tragedies lurking on the other side of the delivery room, such as high infant and maternal mortality rates,” he wrote in a footnote.

“No, legislation like H.B. 1510 is closer to the old Mississippi — the Mississippi bent on controlling women and minorities.”

He also noted what he called the “sad irony” of men like him deciding women’s reproductive rights, recalling what the lawyer for Jane Roe argued to the Supreme Court in 1971: “A pregnancy to a woman is perhaps one of the most determinative aspects of her life.”

“The fact that men, myself included, are determining how women may choose to manage their reproductive health is a sad irony not lost on the court,” he wrote.

“As a man, who cannot get pregnant or seek an abortion, I can only imagine the anxiety and turmoil a woman might experience when she decides whether to terminate her pregnancy through an abortion. Respecting her autonomy demands that this statute be enjoined.”

Woohoo, looks like Nancy won over opposition to secure a win. She is a fighter.

New York congressman who signed letter against Pelosi now says he’ll support her

“Respecting her autonomy demands that this statute be enjoined.”

But, but, but, not respecting her autonomy is the whole point!

(Thank what remains of rule of law for the judges with a moral compass we still have.)

They are longtime friends who have been bridesmaids in each other’s weddings, worked for and with each other for years, and supported one another with daily text chains and phone calls. And on Nov. 6, these five Democratic women candidates each won their state Senate races by double digits in Colorado, with their wins flipping the Senate from red to blue for the first time since 2013.

@20, that’s wonderful; in fact, there’s a lot of good news in these comments, so thank you all.

It’s actually raining here now. I opened the front door to smell fresh air but it still smells a little smoky. Going to take a while I guess. What a horrible couple of weeks it’s been. We need a reprieve. All of us.

It’s pretty fucked up that Justice Roberts clapped back on Stump, considering he was the one who struck down the Voting Rights Act. Roberts is the reason why Stump is where he is. Maybe he’s noticed his decision was wrong after seeing what happened in the elections.

Let me repeat myself (because I can’t wait for the “media” to catch up). The reason Donald Trump is in office is because Chief Justice Roberts decided there was no more ‘discrimination in elections’ and killed the Voting Rights Act. Period. You think he feels an ounce of guilt? I hope he feels a ton. Will the media catch up and start talking about the VRA? No, they are too busy being offended by Stump being offended by a Supreme Court Judge. They will not even notice. Let’s not forget this is Roberts doing. The second that decision was handed down, the Republicans went to work.

@22 – Agree GAGal!! Roberts can kiss my grits. I do appreciate him standing up to Drumpf though.

Hope.everyone is enjoying the day so far!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We are having a nice sunny day in Oklahoma and doing the turkey-thing with the blue side of the family. So I expect a peaceful day. Hope everyone is ok! I see some you on twitter from time to time. Been reading actual books lately – not political – and holding my breath until our Dam House gets seated.

Happy Thanksgiving Widdershins!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am spending the day with 16 people that all voted for Hillary.

[Cute emoji of a turkey]

Photos of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

I have never been there to see this and with all the great gigantic balloons, I was waiting to see baby Dump…but it wasn’t there 😉 My favorites were Charley Brown and a woman I thought was the Statue of Liberty, gone rogue, but no, it was from something called, ‘Dragon Ball’. Santa looked a little like Pence in a real beard.

Happy Tbanksgiving Widdershins:
chomp, chomp, snarf, slurp, chomp, belch, football, zzzzz.

With their last gasps of political breath, House Repubs on Judiciary show they are still useless and clueless.
House Judiciary Committee subpoenas James Comey and Loretta Lynch

I hope both Comey (no love lost there) and Lynch tell them to take their subpoenas and wipe their bums with them.

CHOKING WARNING! Please don’t watch if you are eating anything or consuming a beverage. Wait till after.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!!! What would I do without my Widdershins?!

I had dinner today with friends all of whom hate Trump, so we could discuss politics and not fight! LOL

I’m glad Nancy Pelosi already has the Speakership in a bag. That’s what’s remarkable about her: she knows how to count votes. That’s why she’s as good as she is at what she does. And all those right-wing Trump Democrats who tied to shiv her don’t know their elbow from their ass. They declared war on Nancy Pelosi without counting the votes. What’s interesting is that in their attempt to kneecap the liberal wing of the Democratic party (Pelosi), they ended up kneecapping themselves because one of the factions Pelosi directly reached out to was the Progressive Caucus and – wisely – is giving them seats on all the major committees. That’s a good thing to do regardless and perhaps she would have done it anyway. But it was the Trump Democrats’ attempt to take Pelosi down that expedited it. They actually got all the various left and center wings of the Democratic House to line up behind her and publicly express their support, making her position going forward stronger. Not what they intended, but because they are so fucking dumb, it’s what they got. And now I hope they all get primaried.

More animalia:

I spent Thanksgiving with a wild, intelligent group of adults that made fun of Dump and his rakes and were passing around all kinds of wine and port and had a great, happy time laughing. It was like an emotional cleansing. I hope you all had a good night too.

Hey Shadow, I was in NYC once for the Macy’s parade. Somewhere downtown in a “good” spot and therefore sharing it with, estimating conservatively, a million people.

It’s the only crowd I’ve ever been in where you literally could not move. I just kept myself upright in the mass and stood.

The parade was impressive, but the knowledge that if anyone got startled about anything and tried to run, the stampede would kill us all … that diluted the fun a bit too much for me.

What I’m saying: you haven’t actually missed anything. Go to New Orleans for really good parades.

Luna, *loved* the crazy foosball playing birds! (Well, beakball. Same thing.)

Also loved the basketball birds! Here’s another one:

Quixote @39, I’ve been in a crowd like that, but it was a Stones concert.

I’m not traveling anywhere for a parade. I’ve been to the Rose Parade a few times. My grandma took us when we were little, and in the 80s, I went to work for a man that owned some really nice spa/gyms and he had one right on the parade route. He let all of us employees bring our families and friends the night before the parade and we hung out in it all night and slept in sleeping bags, and in the morning we’d get up and make tons of coffee and go up on the roof and watch the parade go by and drink coffee and eat pastries.

Widdershins, I’m glad you all had a fun day and evening! xo

annie, 31-17 over the dirty birds.

Fredster, congrats to your Saints. Happy Thanksgiving (well, the day after) to everyone.

@45 Thanks Sue. That’s 10 wins now and they’re on top of the NFC South. Have a feeling if they get into the playoffs we’ll be seeing those LA Rams again.

@ 46, that sounds entertaining!

39 Q, thanks for the update on the parade…glad you made it out alive. I saw photos too of all the NY cops in full shit kicking gear, these guys had long effin’ guns with their fingers on the trigger. I bet it was a pretty hard day on them too.
I also saw that it was an exceptionally cold day there too….burrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Fredster, I liked seeing all those folks happy to run up and kick Dump in the dumper. I would have enjoyed it too.

@49: Shadow, I put that warning up there because I had almost taken a sip of tea while clicking on it and I’m glad I didn’t. LOL!

@47: annie, it certainly will be. Not sure how high-scoring it would be but we’ll find out.


Just to be clear, Shadow, that parade was a loooong time ago. There wasn’t a cop I remember in sight anywhere, certainly not in riot gear.

No way I would have stood in a packed crowd like that if there had been. I remember my Grannie’s stories from WWII too well. She was in Italy when Mussolini got lynched by a mob, and happened to get caught in it. One of those standing-room-only mobs, except that one was moving. She said the only thing you can do is use your elbows to try to brace yourself on other people and be in the upper layer. It obviously worked for her because I’m here, but sounds beyond terrifying. (She also said the roar of that mob was something she couldn’t forget.)

Q, a long time ago? Wow, that means that CNN put bogus photos up for the parade.
That many people is a disaster waiting to happen. Glad you are safe.

So, on Black Friday, Dump’s administration decides to release this. [cough, cough…right after the election!]

How will whack job Rump lovers deal with this? Science is a witch hunt…these people will be hit the hardest, and FL.

The only good news that I can say about it is that the Dems now have something to work with to get us back on the environmental train.

I can imagine that Jerry Brown might want to start thinking about running for Pres. He has done a great job with CA in my opinion.

Parades are dreadful unless you’re in the parade. I don’t why so many people enjoy standing there and watching things go past them super slowly. Only time I enjoyed a parade was a Pride Parade I was marching in.

@55 Shadowfax, yep:

(Not sure what you mean, Shadow. The one I went to was in the 80s. I gather the Macy’s parades are always like that. What photos did CNN have?)

A big oops on @ 55, here is the article on global warming warning…but Dump folks.

Climate change will shrink US economy and kill thousands, government report warns

Q Check my link up @30….

57 Yup DYB, sorry to post the link after you did.

Btw, just want to comment on Hillary saying that unbridled immigration ends in xenophobia and fascism.

Totally unpopular point of view. Totally right.

People react horribly to having home taken away from them. It’s even worse when they didn’t move and it changes under them. It’s like an immune response. It’s not under conscious control.

And telling people to be all tolerant when it’s not your place being changed is the height of arrogance.

The highly tolerant folks on the coasts and wherever, they need to get dropped off in Swink, Oklahoma. No cafes, no libraries, oh and no broadband where you got dropped off. No internet. And then live there for three or four years with no social life unless you want to start going to the First Baptist Soulcatchers on Sundays.

That’s what it’s like when you lose your place. Slagging people off for resenting it just shows stupidity.

And I’m sure, if you dig into it, that Hillary has whole policy papers on how to help immigrants make the transition, on how to facilitate neighborliness from locals, possibly even something along the lines of Norwegian classes to help migrants learn the ways of their new homes.

Understanding the problem doesn’t mean you deal with like the Dump. It means you don’t.

@65: And h/t to annie for retweeting that one. 🙂

65 Fredster

Hehe, he is like a little jack in the box, without the box.

So cute.

@65, corgi doggo!

Luna, you might want to add those last 2 comments up on the new post. Getting ready to close this one.

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