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Weekend Music – Follow the money

Posted on: October 7, 2018

Welp. It looks like someone was finally able to unearth some of the financial shenanigins of the Trump family. Yeah, it was a big story for about half a day. Too bad they’re three years too late. We’ll be hearing a lot of ‘statue of limitations’ blah,blah, blah. It will take New York years to bring a case. So what if he ends up owing a 400 million dollar fine? Although it would be interesting if he couldn’t pay and ending up having to sell one of his properties. No foreign bank can bail him out of that. And what about his siblings and kids? I assume they’ve been doing the same. They just pay the fines – if they’re ever caught.

What we really need to know is after the 90’s when US banks wouldn’t lend to him because he was such a failure. How long will it take to dig that up? 2024? Everybody (mostly) knew he was a crook and a con. I’m still pissed at those Republicans in the primary who let him run all over him. They must have done zero opposition research.

So let’s do some music about money – for those that have it and those who don’t.

Donna Summer – She Works Hard For The Money (live at the Nobel Peace Prize concert)

Willie Nelson – If You’ve Got the Money, Honey…

ABBA – Money, Money, Money

Jennifer Lopez – Dinero

Cyndi Lauper – Money Changes Everything

Drake White – That Don’t Cost a Dime

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26 Responses to "Weekend Music – Follow the money"

I have no idea why there is a large blank space between the end of the post and the comment section. That happened on my last post, too.

Just saw a clip of Susan Collins saying while she believed Dr Ford was assaulted, she didn’t believe Kavanaugh was the one who did it. FFS. She cannot possibly really believe that. He had his hand over her mouth not her eyes. Moron. Liar. Coward.

@1: I’ll take a look at it GAgal.

I can’t see a thing in the editor that would cause it to do that. I even checked it in the text layout.

I also saw that WP has another “new” editor so who knows what’s going on with them.

Hi Fredster! Thanks for trying. Good song choices, too.

@8: I thought perhaps there were some returns coded in there but I didn’t see any. Chalk it up to WP.


Sadly, I’ve got neither here. 😉

Great post GAgal, sorry, I am in too shitty of a mood to find songs. I am just binge watching Man in the High Castle until it’s time to go to work tomorrow.

Hey Fredster! We were all bummed about LSU yesterday, but it does seem like they’re going to have a great year (especially now that you’re home!).

GAgal, money is a good pick for this weekend!

Deutschebank (sp?) was loaning Trump & also Jared money in a suspicious manner according to several investigators. Can’t remember the articles off the top of my head — so much out there on Trump’s coincidental shady dealings which have never been fully investigated.

With today’s GOP, it doesn’t matter how unethical or fraudulent a candidate is as long as it helps them further their right-wing agenda.

@12: Thanks annie, but we probably have at least two or more losses; one this coming week against chat’s Dawgs (#2 in the polls) and the “red tide” (#1 in the polls).

Florida shouldn’t have been a loss but the front four didn’t do a lot to help out the quarterback. The transfer QB has played well this year.

Great post! It is indeed all about the money for Rethugs.

This is a good article about Manchin and how his Kavanaugh vote is getting him criticized by Republicans and Democrats. As an aside, I kept seeing the words “registered Democrat and Trump voter” throughout the article. Makes me nauseous.

The Joe Manchin thing is interesting. I don’t follow his votes enough, but from what I’m seeing from people who do, Manchin has never cast a deciding vote against Democrats. Not even on the ACA. Would it be great to have a full liberal in WV? Sure. But we won’t unless we repopulate WV with liberals. According to many in WV, Manchin is too liberal already. And his vote is needed, if on nothing else, then on who controls the majority if Democrats are at 50 seats without him. But these kind of complexities are too much for the alt-left. And the media.

@20, I agree. A conservative Democrat is still better than a Republican; not voting is a vote for the Republican. Only a fool would pick the greater of two evils. (Actually I wouldn’t put Manchin in the ‘evil’ category whereas his Republican opponent does fit there.)

@20: Exactly right DYB.

Here’s the thing with Manchin: he should have said he voted Yes to represent the wishes of the people in his state. Instead, he said he voted on “the facts instead of emotions.”

That’s bullsh*t, and it’s demeaning to women.

I get all of your points about him so far not causing the Dems to lose anything. And if we have the majority we get the committees, etc. But the way he handled the vote was not good.

Manchin is a sleazy idiot, but he’s our sleazy idiot. If control of the Senate rests on him getting re-elected, and it may well, I’d move to West Virginia to vote for him, if I could. I might, in actual fact, send him money if it looks like it might be close.

My jaw is pretty much on the floor to hear me saying stuff like that, but I’ve come round to Fredster’s point of view.

First we win. Then we pound the sleazebags.

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