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The livestock speaks

Posted on: September 19, 2018

Gillian Flynn’s words echo and echo and echo inside my skull.

They don’t care about us enough to hate us. We are simply a form of livestock.

(Via Sarah Kendzior. I’ve said the same too, repeatedly, less efficiently.)

There’s Senator Orrin Hatch saying, “…consider who the judge is today – because that’s the issue. Is this judge a really good man? And he is. And by any measure he is.”

“By any measure.” Any measure.

Kavanaugh has never shown any repentance or made any amends, but by any measure he’s in Hatch’s good books. Despite every indication of willingness to commit a crime so bad it’s right up there with murder. Technically, of course. It’s vanishingly unlikely to happen to Hatch. So Kavanaugh is a “good man.”

They don’t care about us enough to hate us. We are simply a form of livestock.

You wonder how the slavers could do what they did to black human beings two hundred years ago? This is how. They thought it was natural, normal, just how things were. They could think well of themselves with no trouble while they sold people. Those people were livestock. Just as people now consider themselves “good” while thinking that a little rape never hurt anyone. Not any real people. Slaveholders were Supreme Court Justices once. What could possibly be the objection to a rapist on the highest court in the land?

They don’t care about us enough to hate us. We are simply a form of livestock.

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117 Responses to "The livestock speaks"

Important post, quixote!

That’s a great line from Gillian Flynn. It really does put things in perspective. What is happening with Dr. Ford right now is beyond obscene. She and her family have been forced to flee their home and hire security for protection. Kavanaugh has had security assigned to him. Ford’s email has been hacked. The abuse she is receiving from millions of people is obscene. And the abuser she is receiving from US Congresspeople and the president is despicable. The shamelessness with which they do it, how they relish it. Grassley, Hatch, Graham. Then pundits like Erick Erickson. It’s appalling. We have not evolved at all.

And on that Twitter thread I posted in the previous post, it really is heartbreaking. He manages to pack so much into just a few tweets. The way the government – Reagan – responded to the crises is one of the great crimes against humanity. This is why Reagan can never be rehabilitated, one of many reasons. Regan was evil. He calmly watched as a modern plague ravaged an entire community.

“the lady” “drive-by shooting”

Quixote, you nailed it. Thanks for writing this.

I have always felt that Republicans hate me, but perhaps what I am feeling is contempt for what they consider a lower life form, same as when they call African-Americans monkeys.

They are the lower life form, not us. As D says, they have not evolved.

This anger needs to turn into another huge protest, like the Women’s March.

Women and men need to march to support Ford and her request to have the FBI investigate Kabincrap’s history with women. (Out of disrespect, I will continue to misspell his crappy last name.)

Pussy hats out!!!! (God, I hate that word.)

These idiots think they are dealing with a little woman in an apron…

A Senate Judiciary Committee aide said chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley will offer to send staffers to California to interview professor Christine Blasey Ford, if that makes her more comfortable.

What effin’ bull$hit.

What could happen if Roe v. Wade gets struck down?


Nine states have laws that explicitly protect abortion rights.

Very powerful, Quixote. I’ve been watching Grassley, Hatch and John Danforth (!)-where the hell did they dig him up from-and getting serious flashbacks. Dig up Ted Kennedy and Arlen Specter and the picture is complete.

I recorded Hillary on Maddow’s show last night.

I started to watch it and then stopped the playback because I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to watch it. I knew it would completely depress me and I couldn’t do it then. So, I’ll probably watch it tonight.

I’m updated here now with the registrar of voters so I’m ready to go for early voting in October. However, when your congress critters are Steve Scalise, John Kennedy and “Frankencassidy” all you can do is find a “D” candidate and hope for the best.

Small addendum to Shadowfax earlier: the anger also needs to turn into an overwhelming *vote*.

John–bleeping–Danforth?? My god. I feel like I was a young child in a sailor suit (being facetious, never wore sailor suits, don’t start) when he was already old.

That business of using female staffers to ask the questions, they’re not too worried about Blasey Ford’s comfort. If they were, they’d make sure the FBI had the time to get the facts before starting a kangaroo court hearing.

They don’t want their own puffy white male faces associated with their Salem witch trial and they want women to front their dirty work. They’re not just the lowest form of misogynist abusers. They’re cowards.

What happens post Roe v. Wade? 1) Just like pre. Women in the favored states with enough money have access. Everybody else: desperate scrounge for money and time to make the trip. Coat hangers. Deaths. Suicides. We’ve been there before. We know what happens.

Then, once the supply lines get organized, Dutch NGOs start helping the backward 3rd world US, the underground market in Plan B skyrockets, and depending on how successful that is, it may prevent some of the deaths and dreadful scars from unprofessional abortions.

Yup Q, we lived though it already and the map on the link shows the few states where women will have to travel to, where women’s health rights are protected. Then there will be bombings of those sites by the rabid right.

I also just bought the Big Dawg’s new book, ‘The President is Missing’.

One of the people on the list of thanks is his Hillary:

“To Hillary Clinton, who has lived with and worked against this threat and the consequences of unheeded warnings, for her constant encouragement and reminders to keep it real.”

So “drive by shooting” is the new “high tech lynching?”

Let’s not forget (media, take note)… We still only have 10% of BK’s documents. There is no telling what other juicy tidbits he’s said or done over the years. The National Archive said they needed ’til October to release them. That’s why they’re pushing this through before the other documents can be released – which would, or should, cause another delay, at least until after the midterms. We need a delay to wait for those. If they were released, my guess is BK would withdraw.

@10 Fredster, Hillary was not in a chipper mood during that interview either. How’s the moving in going?

Essential article by Will Bunch about how the whole Trumpista fraud rides on fear.

Just one of the points he raises:

immigrant families who’ve sponsored these kids — usually family members or others from their close-knit community — have stopped stepping forward to bring these kids into stable homes where they can go to school and live in a loving environment, without fear. And the reason sponsors aren’t coming forward is that they’e afraid of ICE looking into their immigration status, or at the status of their loved ones. Again, that’s a feature, not a bug. In June, the Trump administration began demanding fingerprints not just from sponsors but others in their household.

Excellent post, quixote.

I am blown away by all the tweets and support of Dr. Blasey Ford. The video of all the women supporting her was incredibly moving.

I haven’t gotten the Big Dawg’s book yet. I am struggling to get through Woodward’s, and having a hard time connecting to it. There doesn’t seem to be a narrative structure. Plus, a lot of it is repetitive of other books released much earlier, like Russian Roulette (David Corn and Michael Isikoff) or, frankly, Fire and Fury.

Quixote, well said. I can’t believe its almost 2020 and we’re still living under a patriarchy.

MB @26, I haven’t gotten Big Dawg’s thriller yet either, but plan to. Thanks for telling us about Woodwards. I figured enough of it would come out on the internet that I probably could skip it.

Fredster @10, I watched it with the dudes. We were a little overcome with nostalgia and then anger, but still, so worth watching.

DYB @20, Thanks for posting. I love seeing all the blowback these creeps are getting. It’s like people are rising up all over the country to set the record straight and defend Christine Blasey Ford.

More cute white doggos:

Cute doggies Annie!

One of my favorite things about my new life in SF is my walk home. I pass a dog park where big dogs and small are running around, catching balls and frisbees. I live vicariously through these moments. 😊

@29- how adorable! My son used to sleep with our labs years ago. Our mastiff puppy insists on sleeping with me now, but she is a little pushy! Literally.

By the way- did anyone see that frightening ad on Rachel Maddow last night? It was a woman vouching for Kavanaugh’s ” decency”. Put on by some euphemistic organization to support judicial something or other. I was so appalled, I missed the title.

Awwwww. Love the doggos.

@32, MSNBC merrily took that money and ran that ad on Maddow??

marketing departments truly are the mole people

@34- yes- i found the name- the Judicial Crisis Network. It was on twice last night and it was nauseating. By the way, the first half of Maddow was a systematic and logical historical account of the mundaneness of calling for an FBI investigation. It was excellent.

Dr. Ford says she is willing to testify next week.

People keep saying ‘after 27 years the Judiciary Committee hasn’t learned a thing’. That’s only partially true. After two years of Trumpism, they are actually worse.

lililam, they’ve been playing that ad a lot in Ohio. She claims not to be political. Every time she says that, I shout “I’ll bet you’re Catholic and pro-life.” And I’d bet my life, Mrs. Not Political votes Republican every time.

Dr. Ford says she is willing to testify next week.

This woman has real courage. What she is going though and will go though with nastyass, right wing sexists attacking her on tv will be horrible.

Ford lawyers say she is open to testifying, but not Monday

This video show lots of women are protesting in support of Ford and I am really liking the senator from Hawaii, Mazie, saying she calls on the FBI to investigate this on their own since Rethugs and the Resident will not call for it.

Love all the floppy eared, warm and fuzzy pups.

I didn’t see the HRC interview with Maddow, but apparently she predicted that after the midterms Trump will purge all those he deems disloyal?

Did y’all see this from a couple of days ago? The Steele dossier was ‘stuck’ at the FBI NY field office for several weeks. Figures.

Trying to take advantage of that relationship in July 2016, Steele sent the FBI agent in Rome the opposition research on Trump he generated working for Fusion GPS.

The Rome-based agent then forwarded the reports to an agent he worked with in the FBI’s New York field office – an agent with expertise in criminal organizations and organized crime, not counterintelligence, sources told ABC News.

That was “the wrong person” to send the reports to, according to one source briefed on the Russia probe.

(Warning: auto play video of Trump. Thank God my volume was down.)

@45 That reminds me of a puppy I once had. I noticed I hadn’t seen him in awhile and I searched all over the house for him. I finally found him in the guest room. (which I had looked through twice) The bed was ‘decorated’ with stuffed animals. He was smack dab in the middle of them with only his face sticking out, sound asleep. He had found his happy place.

GAgal, I’ve seen that somewhere before, like in early 2017?, that the info Steele was trying to give the US just languished. I seem to remember that was when he began to worry that maybe not all branches of the US gov were on the level. Either the CIA or FBI also carefully ignored Dutch information in 2014 — 20-freakin-14 — about weird contacts between some USians and Russian agents, as well as eavesdropping and hacking.

So, yeah, no great sense of urgency about defending the counbtry there.

@48 Oh yeah. That’s the reason Steele went to the press because he was concerned the FBI was doing nothing. (then the FBI cut him off for going to the press) The ‘new’ news here is that it sat at the notoriously Hillary-hating NY field office. What ever happened with that investigation that Comey said had been started?

GAgal, After all that goddamn money Hillary and Schumer secured for NYC after 9/11, why would the FBI/NY field office hate her guts? Why? Why? The only answers are misogyny, or all the field agents live in that shithole New Yorkers call Staten Island.

@50 Sue, it can be summed up in five words.

When Hillary speaks… dicks shrink.

@51 GAgal> Hahahahahahahah. I’m stealing that!

@50 Sweet Sue> I would not at all be surprised if they are from Staten Island. Or Queens. There’s one NY FBI agent who used to workout at my CrossFit and he detests HRC. Would not be surprised in the least if he was one of those agents in question.

With Steele, remember also the final trigger that made him cut off all contacts with US intelligence was the NY Times headline: “FBI sees no direct link…” That’s when he stopped talking to the FBI.

D – Yes, HRC predicted a mass firing, but she didn’t say who. She also said that Drumpf will be more unhinged that ever after the #BlueTsunami.

I personally feel that after the midterms, Drumpf’s weakness will be visible to all the GOP. At that point they will have to decide whether to save their own skins or stick by the pile of orange goo in the White House. What do you think they will do?

By the way…looks like the whole “declassify documents regarding Russia so I can see what you’ve got on me” thing didn’t work out so well for the Donald.

Tweet for previous comment:

DYB 45
So darn cute!

So, Dumbo is attacking Ford for the past few hours.

All the women that came out before the election from Dump’s sexual assaults, should come out now and keep telling their story.

@55 madamab> I have no doubt that GOP will stick by Trump without blinking. Whether it leads to their own annihilation or the end of American Democracy, GOP will follow.


@56, “perceived negative impact” — someone grabbed the phone away from him for a few seconds and turned his ‘fake news’ into multisyllabic form. No way could Trump do that on his own.

@51, GAgal, I’m stealing that too!


President Trump likes to mock Nancy Pelosi, but a private survey conducted for the Republican National Committee finds that she’s actually more popular—and beats the president when the midterm election is framed as a contest between the two.

The internal poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and obtained by Bloomberg Businessweek, asks registered voters who they support “when the November election is framed by Trump and Pelosi.” Overall, respondents prefer Pelosi-aligned candidates over Trump-aligned candidates by 5 points, 50 percent to 45 percent. Among independents only, Pelosi still prevails by a 4-point margin. The poll was completed on Sept. 2.

@64, Haha! Loses to a girl again!

Agree. No way those tweets were done by the Dump. Multisyllabic words, no typos, no raNdom cAps, no shrieks of “No Collusion!”

Given that he’s been seen in public, I’ve revised my theory that he was wrestled into a straitjacket. Now I think he’s on zombification drugs. (Seriously? I think someone somehow managed to make clear to him that if Repubs lose control it’s the orange jumpsuit for him. So he’s taking drugs. comes to the same thing….)

Why the pluck would NYT publish a story about Rosenstein wanting to wear a wire to record Dump to try and get him out with the 25th amendment?

Dump already wants to fire Rosenstein…

That Rosenstein story is a catchy diversion from Kavanaugh, isn’t it? And the NYT has a thing for Trump, the misunderstood president.*

Also remember, FBI sees no connection with Russia per NYT in 2016.

Thread. Yet more indication that voting totals could have easily been changed.

Anyone else pissed off at the “Hillary would have won in a landslide in 2016 re-run” article going around?

Such a day. I need more nice animal tweets.

OMG that whole thing with the NY Times today is a disgrace. Michael Schmidt and Adam Goldman’s story that Rosenstein talked about wearing a wire and invoking 25th Ammendment was debunked within minutes of going live. What Rosenstein actually said, to McCabe, was: “Well, what do you want me to do, Andy, wear a wire?” NY Times spun that as: “Rosenstein discusses wiretapping Trump.” OMG OMG OMG. They are out of their fucking minds in that paper. Laura Ingraham and Junior started tweeting that Rosenstein had to be fired immediately.

Maggie, of course, is all over twitter fighting with people who criticized their horrible reporting. She’s now attacking David Simon. It’s obscene. That fucking paper is godawful. Jesus Christ.

I stopped reading NYT a while back, but snuck in now and again because they really do have some ace reporters. Now? Total boycott. I’m going to do my damndest not to even link to their stories, ever. No matter how significant.

If they’d instantly withdrawn the article and worn sackcloth and ashes, I don’t know if I’d be quite this angry. But now? I hope they go bust.

DYB, NYT has been has been horrible, at least, since Bill Clinton became President. Remember the farce that was Whitewater? That was all their doing.

Luna, those pictures are so sweet. The kitties really like and trust him.

Garrett Ventry, communications aid to GOP Judiciary committee has resigned due to … wait for it… former allegations of sexual harassment. You can’t make this stuff up, folks!


An array of White House aides, playing the role of various senators on the Judiciary Committee, quizzed Kavanaugh last week about his sex life and other personal matters in an attempt to prepare him for a hearing that would inevitably be uncomfortable.

In his answers during the practice runs, aides said, Kavanaugh condemned sexual assault and carefully avoided seeming to discredit Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor in Northern California who has accused the nominee of pinning her to a bed, groping her and putting his hand over her mouth to stifle her screams as he tried to take off her clothes at a drunken high school party in the early 1980s.

But Kavanaugh grew frustrated when it came to questions that dug into his private life, particularly his drinking habits and his sexual proclivities, according to three people familiar with the preparations, who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. He declined to answer some questions altogether, saying they were too personal, these people said.

“I’m not going to answer that,” Kavanaugh said at one point according to a senior White House official, who said that the questions were designed to go over the line and that he struck the right tone.

@77, but he’s fine asking other people leading questions about their proclivities.

Although…He could just day “no I don’t at all” when asked how often he puts a hand over his wife’s mouth to keep her from screaming during “rough play.”

The story about Kavanaugh’s poor showing during the prep for testimony is preliminary to the GOP pulling his nomination, is what I hear. Oh McTurtle, are your wattles quaking?

Y’all, I’ve been trying all afternoon – off and on – to write a music post for tomorrow and I can’t get the videos to load correctly. I’ll keep trying but… I don’t know.

quixote, excellent post on the “livestock” speaking out.

Sorry I couldn’t get my music post up. I’m going to have to figure out the problem before next Sunday.

Thanks, Luna and other kind souls upthread! :red cheeks happy icon:

Don’t worry about it GAgal. They (i.e. “They”) have probably implemented some new script that nobody needs.

Hey folks, sorry I was away all weekend; went whitewater rafting for a friend’s bachelor party. It was fun! Work tomorrow, blech.

So Kavanass is testifying after Dr. Ford. They agreed, finally, to a Thu date. We’ll see how the whole thing plays out, but people like Graham and Hatch have made it very clear they don’t care what she has to say.

oh boy

Here we go:

Ooops, did not mean to post that one, but it is cute. Here’s the one I meant to post:

Wha…???!!! This makes me want to puke.

GAgal, wow! Actuallly though, I’m not surprised. I wonder if the rethugs will pull KKKavanaugh tomorrow. Surely he can’t want to put his family through any more.

DYB @88, how fun! I love water vacations.

Quixote @ 73, Ditto that.

Shadow @77, thanks for sharing that. I’m over my monthly limit.

Sue, nice to see you! How are you and hubs doing?

Short clip of Hill on Colbert about impeachment and such.

What little I saw of Jake Tapper’s show today he was whining about how all the Dems on the Judiciary Committee had been invited to be on his show and they all ‘declined’. He even put all their pictures on the screen. Now we know why. They knew these latest reports were coming. Damn smart, if you ask me. I’m sure the Repubs knew, too.

A man kidnaps a woman, chokes her to unconscious and masturbates on her. Then walks free. Is this the Franklin Graham/KavaNAH defense that if you don’t actually “rape” rape a woman, then it’s okay?

Hey, the “new standard” sounds good to me!

They’re moving as many pieces as they can to end rule of law:

on 9/11/18 @senorrinhatch filed a “friend of the court” brief in the Gamble case in favor of overturning the separate sovereigns doctrine which allows state and federal prosecutions for the same crime?

If states can’t prosecute eg money laundering after a person got, as a random example, a Trumper pardon at the federal level, then suddenly there’s complete immunity to the law for him and his cronies.

And if it get appealed to the Supremes, after it’s been packed with tools, guess how they’ll decide.

Man, if there isn’t a veto-proof landslide on Nov 6th (and nobody is predicting one) we’re done for.

Kavanaugh’s schedule…

“Dear Diary, We are definitely not having a kegger tonight and there are definitely no Quaaludes involved.”

Oops. Forgot the link: ProudNastyWoman.

GAgal @97, Hahahaha! @98, sickening.

Quixote @100, Jesus Christ. Their endgame is as evil as we feared. Thanks for the link. I also read the thread of the guy she was responding to.

@95: Hi annie! I’m doing better but, boy, nine months of C-diff takes a toll! My husband is struggling with post C-diff complications but he has a long history of GI problems. Hope you and your fellas are doing great.

89 | GAgal
September 23, 2018 at 7:56 pm

oh boy

I hope he has some real info!

91 socalannie

Well here ya go, this sounds like a pattern that Kabincroch would get drunk, get young women drunk and force himself or his parts on the young women.

He is toast and he truly represents the lack of morality from the GOP and far right.

104 ((((SweetSue))) I am so sorry to hear you and your hubby are suffering. I hope it gets better soon.

@104: I’m doing better, Shadow. My husband is still struggling but he’s officially clear of C-diff. There’s only person in the world I’d wish that mothereffer of a disease on. Can you guess who? How are you?? Is your arm all better?

Hey all, just touching base quickly.

I’ve been reconnecting with folks lately that I knew from before the storm and catching up on about a decade of stuff! Got together with a couple I knew from the Anne Rice fan club and we watched the Saints game at…where else in Nola, a barroom! LOL! They did have food there also.

Place was packed since this was the Saints vs Atlanta. LOL

Hi Fredster! I figured that’s what you were up to 😀

Just wanted to mention that another news item buried in the noise — besides Team Dump trying to make themselves immune from prosecution — is that a) a Russian fighter jet was downed by their Syrian allies by mistake a few days ago, and the Russians are making noises about how it was *really* the Israelis fault anyway. I.e. “we’d like a pretext the widen this war” ?!??

And b) an Iranian military parade was attacked (about 25(?) killed) by parties unknown. The Iranians blame the “Gulf states” but say ultimately it’s *really* the US. Which, for all we know, it really is. (What a world.)

So anyway, point being, don’t be too surprised if while we’re here fighting to keep the Supreme Court as a viable institution, the Middle East blows up.

Sue, omg, I know you guys have been down a rough road. Well I’m glad to hear you’re getting better, and hope you both are in a state of continual improvement, and feeling much better soon.

Fredster, so happy that you are enjoying your new (and old) life in Nawlins.

Quixote @111, Oh god. Insane things are happening every day. I feel like I’m going around with butterflies in my stomach.

@90- thanks for the video. I think that is a silver or gray Newfie, which I believe is kind of rare. They really do water rescues like that. One of Norton’s siblings is known to pull kids out of the pool obsessively. Norton isn’t much of a water dog, despite his lineage, but he really enjoyed wading in the lake yesterday. He is doing well, crossing fingers.

Lililam, I thought it was a Newfie. I’m so glad that Norton is doing well.

Here’s one for Fredster:

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