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Lazy Weekend – Anxious in America

Posted on: September 16, 2018

Hi gang! How’s your anxiety level? Mine goes up and down, but I’ve pretty much learned to ride the wave. We’ve been seeing lots of talk from doctors and psychiatrists that their  patients are suffering from higher anxiety levels over the past couple of years. I was not really comforted by the ‘Anonymous’ op-ed assuring us ‘there are adults in the room’. Are they on meds? You’d have to be to hang out with that gang and not throw yourself out the window. I wonder if Anonymous is one of the two who went to Yale psychiatrist Brandy Lee last fall?

Two White House officials actually contacted me in late October, stating that Trump was “scaring” them, that he was “unraveling.”  Not wishing to confuse the role I chose, as an educator of the public, and a potential treatment role, I referred them to the local emergency room without inquiring much further.

That’s some pretty shitty advice if you ask me. I can just imagine walking into my local emergency room and telling them I need some Xanax because Trump is scaring me. (Although he does)

Anyway, my post is not really about Trump’s erratic behavior or anxiety in America (or the world for that matter). I just want to share some odd news pertaining to drugs. Maybe we all need this

HUGO — This town on Colorado’s Eastern Plains warned its residents not to drink, bathe in or cook with its tap water on Thursday because officials said multiple preliminary tests of the water came back positive for THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana.

Concerns about the water were first raised by a Hugo company using quick “field tests” to check employees for THC, Yowell said. The strip tests are similar in function to home pregnancy tests in that they return only two results: positive or negative.

Yowell said the company, which he did not name, had been getting inconsistent results and decided to test a vial of tap water, expecting it to be negative. Instead, the test came back positive, and the company called the authorities.

But wait! Not so fast – says the people with a lick of sense.

Peter Perrone, who owns Wheat Ridge cannabis testing facility Gobi Analytical, said cannabinoids such as THC or CBD “are in no way soluble in water.”

“There is zero possibility that there’s anything like THC in the Hugo water,” Perrone said.

What is with these field test kits? They obviously don’t work. How many people went to jail based on these faulty kits?

WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina sheriff’s office thought it made a huge drug bust, seizing 13 pounds of fentanyl worth $2 million on the street. The powder was found in a home along with other drugs and paraphernalia. A field test indicated it was the powerful opioid, justifying a host of charges against three suspects.

The sheriff’s office then sent the powder to a private lab, and the results arrived this week. New Hanover Sheriff’s Lt. Jerry Brewer tells WECT-TV that the powder seized in July includes no illicit ingredients, and is nothing more than “a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates.” In other words, sugar, worth about $8 at the grocery store.

Here is another where the state police (IOW taxpayers) paid dearly for their mistake. Poor guy lost his job, apartment and all his possessions over soap.

Pennsylvania State Police paid $195,000 to settle a New York man’s claims he was wrongly jailed for nearly a month after troopers using a field drug test mistook soap for cocaine, a court document obtained by The Morning Call shows.

A search of their rented Mercedes-Benz revealed two brick-size packages covered in clear plastic and red tape, according to the police report. Cruz, who was the driver, told the troopers they contained homemade soap for her sister, whom Cruz was traveling to visit in Florida, it says.

What really got me started on ‘drug news’ was this recent article. (my bold)

Police in the Long Island town of Coram, N.Y. are looking for the people responsible for putting up vending machines that appear to be crack pipes. Two of the small blue machines were found over the weekend and angry residents reported them to police, who then removed them. The machines have coin slots where would-be patrons insert $2 to get a pen-shaped device that has the items required to construct a pipe used to smoke crack cocaine.

“They were actually repurposed tampon dispensers”, said Jack Kreiger, Communications Director for the Town of Brookhaven, CNN reported.

Speaking of pipes… what do you do if you’re a pot shop clerk who is being robbed. Why, you grab your handy-dandy, trusty, big glass bong. (Don’t miss the teeny pooch at the beginning)

I found this amusing, except I’m surprised no one was killed.

A group of undercover Detroit police posing as drug dealers tried to arrest another group of undercover police posing as drug buyers in a mishap that resulted in a brawl between more than two dozen armed officers.

“This is probably one of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen in this department,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Monday, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Idiots. There’s video of the ‘brawl’ at the link.

I’ve got a couple more, but I think I’ll put them in the comments. I’m extra lazy right now – anxiety level low but could change at any time! Open thread, of course.

36 Responses to "Lazy Weekend – Anxious in America"

Fun post, GAGal!

Anxiety level is about here.

LOL Madamab! Speaking of psycho killers, did y’all see that a Border Patrol supervisor was arrested for murdering 4 prostitutes and kidnapping another?

Anxiety levels? Shit!

I already had g.a.d. generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks and this shit ain’t helpin’.

GAgal, awesome post, the stories were very interesting…and alarming. Lakerwade says the same thing. We all enjoyed watching the pot shop guy stand up to the robbers. Brave dude. Agree with you that its amazing someone wasn’t shot or injured.

Here’s another bong story. Bongzilla comes to Vegas.

There are two flights of stairs curling around the head-turning glass bong, all 24 feet of it. There also will be an elevator to ferry people from the ground floor — where the pipe’s 100-gallon reservoir sits — to the mouthpiece high above.

It weighs more than 800 pounds and the bowl can pack a quarter of a pound of marijuana. It has elements in the glass that will make it glow — greenish mostly — while bathing in black light. Jason Harris, the artist who made it, said it’s his artistic opus to the cannabis culture.

My anxiety level has been through the roof since before the election. I don’t think I’ve had more than 5 hrs of sleep every night. I’m exhausted and I don’t think thinks will get better in the next 20 years or so.

All the Kavanaugh stuff is nuts. Flake and Corker are saying “Let’s maybe postpone the vote,” but there’s no way these two will stick to that. Collins was asked what she thinks and she says she doesn’t know enough to make up her mind. But she made up her mind about Franken very quick! They are all cowards.

Also, did you know Cynthia Nixon has not yet endorsed or congratulated Cuomo in NY? She’s trash.

@8 That’s a fantastic article from Hillary. Scathing.

My anxiety is nearly always high. My sleep was already shot before the 2016 election due to post-cancer side effects and meds — now it’s even worse. Feels like I’ve aged a half-year for every month since the election. I’m worried that our democracy won’t survive, and that economically everyone but the rich will be crushed.

Off to read Hillary’s article now. Perhaps the late Sunday release will instead prime this story for start-of-the-week exposure?

Damn, damn, damn. She is so intelligent. I read only a few paragraphs, noting with admiration the elegant, clean, strong structure of her essay, and then felt too much grief — and fury — to continue to read tonight.

Great post GAgal!

As far as CBD goes, my son picked some mouth spray and topical skin cream up from a legal dispensary…I was hesitant that it would help, but when they took me off of pain pills after I broke my arm…I was willing to try anything that would help with the pain.

Now I am a child of the 70’s so I do not freak out at this being some sort of terrible ‘drug’…and CBD does not get you high…but it sure as heck helps with the pain and is a lot easier on the body than addictive, constipating pain pills. It’s not as strong as hard core pain pills, but it definitely helps.

Anxiety, well I have only been able to sleep four hours at a time and force myself to sleep more on the weekends…because I am always exhausted. I have to stop listening and reading about the news for a few days at a time to help reduce the amount of anxiety I am feeling since Dump stole the election from our girl. This is why I am MIA from the blog every now and then.

Dump has damaged millions of people, stress kills…he needs to be taken out of office asap.

I just made a fairly long post and it just disappeared. I am not in the mood to write it again.


I am glad that woman came though and is letting people know about Kavanaugh.

I want that baby lab.

Thanks for finding my longer post.

@16 Shadow, your comment is out of spam. Gotta run a quick errand, then I’ll respond to it. (I started taking CBD too)

DYB 20
That was a statement from last December before Franken left.

Let’s see if Murkowski feels the same way about Cabinoff (I hate having to look up this jerk’s name every time…) and comes out at least as strong against the Rethug wannabe supreme.

Shadowfax, I know. It’s a commentary how differently Murkowski and Collins treat Democrats vs. their own.


I know. It’s a commentary how differently Murkowski and Collins treat Democrats vs. their own.


Sorry I misunderstood your original point.

Shadow, I started taking CBD oil drops about a month ago hoping it would help with my Crohns symptoms. I had read it could help with IBD and digestive issues. Within a week, I felt a lessening of my abdominal discomfort. I don’t bloat up as bad after I eat, either. I’m not expecting a miracle here. It seems to help a little with anxiety, too. Not like I’m high, just calmer. (But OMG… the taste)


I totally understand, my son had Ulcerative Colitis since he was 16 and over the years, all meds stopped working for him. He had his colon removed and CBD helped him though 3 surgeries and he is much better now.

((GAgal)) sorry you have this disease and glad CBD helps you.

Franken was set up, that video from the entertainment tour for the troops shows sexually aggressive behavior on the part of his accuser, and none of the accusations were anything close to 2 young men shutting a 15-yr-old girl into a room, trying to rip her clothes off, blasting music and pressing a hand over her mouth to stop her cries for help. Plus Dr. Blasey Ford has evidence from medical notes and the polygraph test.

So now Murkowski and Collins think that a man who tries to rape 15-y.o. girls — and only doesn’t because of his own drunkenness — is a great candidate for a lifetime judicial appointment. One more example added to the hundreds that show Republicans are lying hypocrites.

27 Gotta agree there is no comparison to the actions of both men.

For most of us women that have been sexually assaulted, the event is never forgotten. The more frightening the event, the less we ever forget it. That’s why women have no problem believing when it happens to other women.

When I can’t take the news anymore, I watch YT cooking videos. For hours. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately even though I can’t eat a lot at one time. But my parents are eating well. My Mom is a good cook, but her vision is bad and it hard to cook if you can’t see detail.

So I make up big meals, then freeze the leftovers so I can pull it out when I don’t feel like cooking. I also make up a bunch of breakfast burritos (freeze individually then put in fridge night before) or an egg frittata that we can grab and eat anytime of the day.

@30 Oooh,

I have to say, as a woman exactly Dr. Blasey Ford’s age, her story sounds very true to me. I never was assaulted by two drunken men, but I had some close calls when I was 15-16. When I was in college, my friend was attacked in a Paris subway and somehow the attacker didn’t notice I was there. I was somehow able to surprise him and push him away, then my friend and I ran away.

The 80’s were not a good decade for.young women.

I’m so sorry about everyone’s health problems. Life is so hard sometimes. I bought some cbd for my kid, but he usually forgets to take it. I’m going to try it myself. The stuff is too expensive to waste.

Love all the tweets.

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