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Space Force: There Will Be Merch

Posted on: August 15, 2018

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but honestly. Is there no end to the inspissated stupidity of the Dump’s dumps? (Don’t answer that.)

I was reading an article about it in The Guardian and ran into a whole bedlam of bullshit triggers. (There is so much bullshit now that we need a collective noun for it. A bedlam of bullshit.)

In no particular order, the things that smacked my gob:

Space Operations Force – an “elite group of war fighters specializing in the domain of space”

“War fighters”? “War fighters”? As opposed to what? Peace fighters? War nurses? They’ll be doing everything from consoles in Nebraska. Maybe they’re trying to stop us from thinking “video game players”? The sentence could have just said an “elite group of fighters” but noooo. Idiots.

Under the heading of Why Do We Need It:

The White House points to galactic threats from US adversaries, particularly Russia and China

Galactic? Wow. I had no idea the Russkies and the Chinese were that far ahead. They probably already have InterGalactic War Treaties with the Pod People of Zorg! Arm the (space) torpedoes! Space Farce ahead!

Does it already exist?

No! of course not. NORAD just tracks Santa. Jeebus. Try to keep up.

As to how it would be paid for? Hahahahaha. You sillies. Congress will whistle up the required billions. Duh. I’m sure there are still some kids or old people who have health insurance that’s being wasted on them.

Finally, the Guardian article politely asks:

Is it a Trump campaign tactic?

Hysterical laughter. Why would anyone think that? Major technology programs are always started with logo competitions and sales of Big Boy undershorts.


52 Responses to "Space Force: There Will Be Merch"

“Galactic threats!” “Domain of space!” Ohhahaha!

How can this treasonous grifting farce still be going on? Why doesn’t the sky fall to squash this imbecile?

Yeah. And then all the super-serious buzz cut white guys who’ve already bought the t-shirt, out struttin their stuff at MAGA rallies.

On second thought, maybe it will stop the alien invasion. If I was one of the Pod People and saw this nonsense going down I’d turn my XargleBlaster around and head right back to Zorg.

Great post, Q!

I do wonder when patriotic public servants will decide that they just won’t do what Drumpf says anymore. History will not be kind to.those who didn’t #resist.

PS D, great pic of Our Girl!!

Speaking of “war fighters”…

I, for one, would welcome an alien invasion right now. Please, Thanor or whoever you are. If you’re listening: please invade us!!!

This whole Space Force used to be called Star Wars. Everything is getting rebooted.

@6 Luna, completely insane. Almost $100 million on a parade???

Also, Aretha Franklin has died.

About that parade…will the military peeps have live rounds in their weapons? And there will be a reviewing stand right?

Asking for a friend.

So sad that we’ve lost another great. Her voice, of course, and also her heart. Posting bail for Angela Davis, and so many other things.

Wouldn’t it be good if during the Dictator’s Parade all the military bands played nothing but Aretha’s songs? And maybe some jazz funeral tunes from New Orleans. We need to mark the passing of the country somehow.

@13: For the sad part:

@16, Fredster, all that gold plating doesn’t come cheap.

That didn’t work. Let me try this.


I just saw that the Pentagon is “postponing” Da Parade. I wonder if they’re getting sick of the dump dumping on the real military while playing tin soldier?

‘Space Force’ sounds like a game my 9 year old nephew would make up. But what do you expect with the man-child in the White House?

@23 Or it could be the price tag for the parade jumping to $92 million became public.

Some good news:

Cue the public servants “postponing” the parade till AFTER the November elections. Mmm Hmmm. Nice job guys!

Oh Aretha. She was so amazing. May she rest in peace.

Has anyone posted this yet?

Heck, we need to save the money and spend it on a national parade when Dumbo is impeached and brought up on charges.

Everyone knows a military parade isn’t about our military now, it is only to feed Dumbo’s ego and let him pretend that he is the huge hero in his own imagination.

This is horrifying.

Shadow, I’ll donate to a parade at Trump’s removal from office!

The fiddle player is back at the Kremlin Annex.

Muriel Bowser is my hero! She needs to share with the world *how* she managed to get some reality through the concrete of Dump’s skull. We all need to know this!

@37, Fredster, that violin player sounds as good as he looks, eh!

This is bullshit. Judge Ellis said he had ‘no idea’ how big this case would become. Puhleeeze. But jurors names should not become public.

@40: Oh yes indeed! Tru dat!

Michael Avenatti, when talking about elections,

“…the problem with Democrats is that they bring nail clippers to a gun fight.”

I would vote for Avenatti in 2020 depending, on who he runs against in the primary.

The problem with Democrats is that elections get hacked and the popular vote winner gets ripped off by the Electoral College. Though it’s true that the Republicans love them some guns and many Dems are too polite.

Hillary called out Trump for what he was. The media talked about emailz. Avenatti’s charismatic but he’s a novice at politics.

I will vote blue no matter who, unless it’s Bernie, which it won’t be.

Awwww…. Hate is not inevitable.

Organized crime and cartel linked drug trafficking, you say?

@48: I luv watching Joyce on MSNBC. Her husband is running for Chief Justice of the state Supremes. Of course being a Democrat he prolly has zero chance of winning.

@50 – Well isn’t that wonderful!!

Another great piece by the Krug. I have been thinking this myself…except that the media not only will pretend Republicans should be taken seriously after the Blue Wave,, THEY’RE STILL PRETENDING IT NOW.

New post up!

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