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Weekend Music – Celestial Musings

Posted on: August 12, 2018

Happy weekend Widdershins. I’d like to say things are looking up, but they really aren’t much are they? We’ve won a few elections, so good. Then, one vicious policy, grifting, criminal act after another comes oozing out of this administration. Oh well, we’ll look up anyway.

I know I’ve been eyeing the sky a lot lately. After a week of rain, the heat came back and brought storm after storm rolling through. Fortunately no tornadoes, but occasional high winds that can topple trees. Those can run me to the basement!

So let’s look to the sky for inspiration this week. Songs about the celestial, links to an amazing weather phenomenon, or beautiful pics of the galaxy beyond. The sky’s the limit!

Bad Company – Shooting Star

Don McLean – Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)

Train – Drops of Jupiter

Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven

Frankie Avalon – Venus

Actually, the sky is not the limit ’cause this is an open thread!



70 Responses to "Weekend Music – Celestial Musings"

Nice theme GAgal, happy weekend all.

Re: @2, hmm, heaven’s not really a celestial body. Let’s try this instead:

“…heaven’s not really a celestial body”


All those years as a young teen I thought guys like Ricky Nelson, young John Travolta and young Jim Morrison were from Heaven. 🙂

I suppose I could put all of these in here but I’ll just put one.

Eh, Mercury is kind of short so I’ll add that one also.

Great additions y’all! I can’t believe I’ve never heard those Moody Blues and Jackson Browne songs!

That Jackson Brown song was new to me too. Lovely. Sort of reminds me a little of Tom Petty RIP, but Brown has a sweeter voice.

Us PUMAs may not have gotten our girl into the Whitehouse, but we are still together, still with her and sharing our good and sad times. Our music, photos, news, friendship and a place to go to hash out these crazy times.

I am grateful to all of you and the other PUMAs on the internet.

We like to look at the stars at night, and during the summer, we especially like looking at Mars which is bright and golden.

Well, this is lovely.

Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits Alaska’s oil-producing North Slope

The vast and environmentally pristine coastal plain, wedged between the Beaufort Sea and Brooks Range mountains, is prized for its importance to caribou, polar bears and other wildlife but is believed to hold billions of barrels of oil.

“Scientifically, however, this region is poorly understood and the behavior of the fault or faults responsible for today’s earthquake are not known,” the Alaska Earthquake Center in Fairbanks said in a bulletin.

@19, omg. It figures.

GAgal, the dudes and I enjoyed your musical post. We just got home tonight from another short trip, so couldn’t post earlier, but my son sends this one:

Oh Contrask:

Scary shit right here folks.

@23 – Yes, those machines have been easy to hack since they showed up in our states. Nothing has improved since Howard Dean did it over 10 years ago, except that some of the machines have paper ballot backups.

Those machines were used to hack 2000 and 2004, as well as the Congressional elections in Obama’s time and the 2016 elections. They used to be in all states. Most states have removed them…they must ALL be turned off for the mid-terms!

This story by Stephen Miller’s uncle is a must read.

Hillary Clinton to Guest Star on CBS Drama ‘Madam Secretary’

This “kid” is publicly supporting his own father’s opponent for office.

He is not playing!

The article by Stephen Miller’s uncle was brilliant!

It really irks me about Strzok. He was fired for sending snarky texts to his girlfriend on his work phone. Nowhere could they find that his views biased the process of the investigation. Wray and the FBI are bending to the will of a bullying tyrant. That’s scary as hell.

Forgot to say I hope Strzok sues the shit out of them for wrongful termination and wins full retirement and back pay. Plus slander or libel or whatever.

The Strzok firing is insane because not only did he not have a bias for Trump, but he was responsible for re-opening of Hillary’s email investigation and did not want the fact that Trump was under investigation to be known. He literally helped get Trump elected.

Did Trump fire Strzok personally? I’ve seen statements that suggest this. (Including one of Trump’s tweets.)

Meanwhile the FBI NY agents, who we know helped destroy Hillary’s chances of winning, are still going about their day. We know those a-holes actually did have a bias that directly influenced the election.

28 NW Luna

What is that animal? Snub nosed, tiny eared, ground hog???

Now that he’s been fired:

Shadowfax, that’s a capybara. The largest member of the rodent family and cute as all outdoors.

Good for Strzok telling it like it is. Bit late, of course. :grr:

I believe Strzok can go here to appeal his firing:

@36, yes, and he was fired contrary to official policy, not that that matters to any Trump’s henchmen.

@37, the 3rd branch of government is so far (barely) saving our republic.

The Krugman speaketh on Nancy Pelosi, “the greatest Speaker of modern times.”

That Strzok tweet isn’t real. Pretty good though.

Here’s something real. Our Queen tells it like it is:

Go Kitty, go!

The ‘peace hamster’ is a capybara, the world’s largest rodent, located in Venezuela & considered a delicacy.

The FBI Deputy Director has some explaining to do about his decision to over ride the will of the head of the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility, Candace Will. (from someone who has dealt with this)

That Deputy Director Bowdich chose to overrule Will is what takes this matter so far outside the ordinary practice of the FBI disciplinary process. I have never seen senior FBI leadership unilaterally and directly intervene in such a manner, whether in my client’s favor or otherwise. If Strzok had not been satisfied with Will’s determination, appealing to Deputy Director Bowdich would not even have been a formal option. His final stage of administrative appeal would have been before the Disciplinary Review Board, which is comprised of three senior FBI officials but to my knowledge does not typically (if ever) include the deputy director.

@41 socalannie> Are you sure that’s not the real Strzok? He’s got 28K followers. Still unverified (it takes time).

So their strategy will be to argue in the closing argument witness by witness why everyone lied? It sort of worked for the Menendez Brothers in their first trial.

35 Thanks Q

Jail time … *snicker*

Will the media stop blaring the ‘WikiLeaks leaked Clinton’s email’ crap?!! Hillary’s emails were not leaked, for Pete’s sake!!! Stop saying they were!! Can’t they get anything right? FFS. Someone needs to pop on MSNBC and CNN’s twitter or something and call them out.

BTW socalannie, you were right about Strzok. I guess I fell for that account like everyone else. That was a fake one – the clue was in that it said “notpeterstrzok.” The real one popped up verified. He didn’t say anything as interesting as the fake one though. 🙂

@51 GAgal> You’re right, they have never gotten that right. They couldn’t even educate the public about the stolen DNC emails and Hillary’s server. Everyone thought that was the same story.

@46, this is his verified account:

There are a couple of unverified ones.

@54, Horrific is the word. That poor family. There should be arrests for this. I’m all for free speech, but threatening a kid?

Both-siderism. Omarosa is releasing actual audio of conversations. WikiLeaks was dumping tens of thousands of hacked emails regularly with no one knowing if any had been altered. (How the hell could you possibly check that) But hey, it’s Annie Karni and Ken Vogel so what do we expect? I haven’t read a single thing by her since the beginning of the 2016 campaigns and don’t plan to – now or ever. In fact, I commented here that I would remember her name and I have.

Friends don’t let friends fight.

@59 GAgal> Karni is an awful woman. What I remember most vividly is several months after the election Chelsea appeared on the cover of some magazine and she was smiling in the pic. Karni tweeted that cover and wrote: “Why is this woman smiling?” Chelsea actually responded to her and said something like: “My daughter said something funny, so I laughed. I hope you can laugh too.”

58 socalannie

Wow, great to see some people are so good with wild animals and birds.

Well of course it was Russian hackers even if they won’t say so.

WASHINGTON — FBI agents in California and Washington, D.C., have investigated a series of cyberattacks over the past year that targeted a Democratic opponent of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA). Rohrabacher is a 15-term incumbent who is widely seen as the most pro-Russia and pro-Putin member of Congress and is a staunch supporter of President Trump.

The hacking attempts and the FBI’s involvement are described in dozens of emails and forensic records obtained by Rolling Stone.

The target of these attacks, Dr. Hans Keirstead, a stem-cell scientist and the CEO of a biomedical research company, finished third in California’s nonpartisan “top-two” primary on June 5th, falling 125 votes short of advancing to the general election in one of the narrowest margins of any congressional primary this year. He has since endorsed Harley Rouda, the Democrat who finished in second place and will face Rohrabacher in the November election.

@58, whew! I think I was holding my breath all through that!

Trump starts down on his enemies list. Brennan stripped of his security clearance.

(New post up.)

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