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Blue Waves

Posted on: August 10, 2018

As I enter my 41st year on this planet I mostly regret that space travel isn’t possible yet. Nothingness.jpgBecause if it was I’d get the heck off this one. What a poopy show we are living through. While we know Hillary testified for 11 hours before Gowdy-Doody’s Benghazi panel, Dumpfuhrer has rejected Mueller’s latest request for testimony, via his attorney, serial adulterer and liar Ghouliani. Ghouliani also demanded that Mueller should end the investigation. Chances of that are on the low side. So Rethuglicans continue their diabolical plan to fire Mueller. Skippy Nunes revealed GOP’s plans in a private fund-raiser. (Politicians really need to stop being so candid in fundraisers…) In a tape leaked to Rachel Maddow, Nunes told the rich Rethuglican crowd that the reason they aren’t impeaching Rosenstein right now is that their priority is to confirm Kavanaugh; they can’t do both at the same time. Once Kavanaugh is confirmed, Rosenstein’s a goner. If Rosenstein’s a goner, so is Mueller. That’s GOP’s plan. Now we know and it makes the urgency to flip at least one house (the House) even greater. (In a fun tidbit, Adam Parkhomenko, the man who organizes the White House protests right now and who works for Hillary Clinton (as an aside within the aside, I’m surprised Parkhomenko’s connection to HRC hasn’t been blasting on every news channel and in every Dumpfuhrer tweet), anyway, Adam tweeted earlier today that he’s heard stories that there is something much bigger coming out soon about Nunes, bigger than these tapes. Something that will show that he is fully complicit in what’s happening with Trump. Adam did not expand on that and, to reiterate, it was something he heard about. Let us cross our fingers that it comes to pass…)

The one bright light on our horizon is that Hillary-backed candidates in special elections have been winning and Bernie’s have been losing. It also appears that in Michigan this past week the Democratic turnout was the highest ever. Maybe, just maybe, Democrats in Michigan have woken to the gravity of the situation and will also come out to vote in November. One interesting side-note to these last elections was the presence of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Alexandria won a primary in Queens against a powerful Democrat, which the Alt-Left embraced with special vigor. Certainly she deserves credit for taking on a powerful multi-term Democrat. (Though I have to note that I lived in Queens for almost 15 years and I never heard of this guy until he lost…) The media also embraced Alexandria with numerous glowing profiles. She was invited to many shows ocasio_cortez_msnbc.jpgand podcasts  to offer her thoughts on the Revolution (!) and Bernie (she was a Bernie delegate, though he did not endorse her candidacy). She was called the new face of the Democratic party. She felt emboldened enough to attack Tammy Duckworth. And then she decided that she was important enough to go to states like Michigan, Kansas and Missouri to endorse and campaign for candidates running in primaries. She joined Bernie Sanders on this tour of endorsements. Her face appeared on posters next to Bernie and, as an afterthought, the candidate they were endorsing. Each of those candidates were the “anti-establishment” candidates, but some in the Bernie tradition. White men, some of whom didn’t even live in the districts they were running in, one of whom was a Republican 4 years ago and proudly nearly voted for Jill Stein in 2016. These are the natural allies, of course, for Bernie and Alexandria. And then most of them lost. All of Hillary’s candidates won. Alexandria tweeted congratulations to some of the winners and praised some of her favorite losing candidates, but she pointedly did not congratulate Sharice Davids, the lesbian Native-American candidate who kicked Alexandria candidate’s ass. All the losing must have confused Alexandria because just days ago she was still leading the Revolution with Bernie against the establishment, and the media said she was the face of the Democratic party. As soon as Bernie and Alexandria failed to deliver results, the media made a sharp turn. “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s movement fails to deliver any stunners,” read a CNN headline. “Socialist pin-up Ocasio-Cortez sees four candidates FAIL,” read The Daily Mail in the UK. Suddenly Alexandria was a loser. The media does that. Alexandria fell for their bait and switch, and they pinned the losses on her – not Bernie. She thought a few glowing profiles meant she could leave Queens and still find herself relevant in Missouri. She took a wrong turn off Queens Blvd, let me tell you. People in Missouri really don’t give a shit what a lady from Queens thinks. Frankly, they don’t care what a white man from Vermont thinks either. Bernie will never learn this; it remains to be seen if Ms. Ocasio-Cortez ever humbles herself enough to realize that winning a single primary against a candidate who doesn’t even campaign does not make you a queen-maker across state lines. It doesn’t even make her a queen-maker across borough lines. How much success do you think she’d have endorsing in Staten Island? I wonder how she will react as a freshman representative in the House. There really is a powerful hierarchy. From what we’ve seen from Ocasio-Cortez so far she’s not into that. It’s a risky strategy. Let’s see how it works out for her.

23 Responses to "Blue Waves"

Great post from our birthday boy! My 51st is coming up soon. Hard to believe.

Excellent point on Alexandria. The media will always turn on any woman they seem to like, even if she bashes Democrats. A strong liberal woman is the media’s worst nightmare.

Trump is still trying to pay people hush money. But he underestimates how much Omarosa is worth. She ain’t cheap.

Excellent post D. I was keeping an open mind about AOC, until she campaigned against Sharice Davids. What a stupid move. If AOC breaks away from bernoid, maybe she could evolve into a good democratic politician, but at the moment, I’m not liking her.

Every once in a while I break into a cold sweat thinking, “All signs point to a blue wave, just like they pointed to the UK remaining with Europe, and Clinton winning.”

It ain’t over till it’s over, I keep reminding myself, but it sure feels like like if they manage to steal it again in November, it really will be over. At least for our lifetimes.

I need anti-pessimism pills.

I’m anti-huffpo, but that Jennifer Bendery tweet was so funny I had to “like” it.

Quixote, you make good points. I consider myself “cautiously optimistic.”

They even steal logos.

Cher covers ABBA and gawd is she fantastic! Love that thumpa-thumpa music.

Now the Americans are starting to die:

Yikes. In the last few years, every time I think, “Nah. They would never do that.” I’ve been wrong.

Great post DYB!

I have been a little MIA on the blog lately, really going though some major bs at work, keeping up with news as much as I can stomach at any given point and waiting for either/and Karma or Mueller to hammer down on the blatant corruption and destruction of Dumbo and his crew.

We are all in the same boat, probably because we would never dream that our ‘elected leaders’ would pour gasoline and light our country on fire with all their hatred and greed.

Let there be justice and asap.

And to think, that intelligent, experienced woman that we all voted for…has to watch all this and know how much better America would be if she was our President.

❤ Hillary ❤

Good (but fairly long) thread here.

@15, Yessss!

@12, I remember reading about that back when the fire happened — my recollection’s rather vague now (so much shit keeps happening) but I recall that one of Trump’s lackeys called someone in the building and told them to get out now. Hmmm. Wonder why the story’s resurfaced.

@10, love Señor Fox!

Sigh. I checked the local neighborhood blog to look for an explanation for the distant but loud amplified music I’ve been hearing all day. Turns out there’s a Subpop 30th anniversary event with many bands, down on the beach a mile away. Unfortunately the sound gets carried uphill to the area where we live (without beach views). I had to look up what Subpop was — thought it might be a band but it’s a Seattle record company. I’m so out of it. I sound like a grumpy oldster, complaining that the loudness of music is not indicative of its quality.

Rant over.

I’m not overly fond of Maher these days but I liked this.

New music post up!

20 Luna

Absolutely, we can also add in Diane Feinstein with the age ‘thing’.

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