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Activist Tuesday: Special Election Edition

Posted on: August 7, 2018

Hello Widdershins! Whew, what a week already. As Drumpf admits to treason on Twitter, Republicans think Better Red than Dem, Rick Gates admits to crimes on the stand, and social media outrage finally shitcans right-wing terrorist Alex Jones, believe it or not, there’s a special election today in Ohio. And this one is a doozy!

The candidates are 31-year-old moderate Democrat Danny O’Connor and Republican Troy Balderson, who has just beaten a Trump-aligned candidate in a tough primary fight. Balderson is fighting for his electoral life in yet another supposedly safe Republican district, which went 11% for the Mango Moron in 2016. These days, however, 11% ain’t much – especially in suburban districts where ex-Republican soccer moms have had enough of the misogyny, vulgarity and violence of today’s GOP. We’ve seen districts Drumpf won by 20% plus, go blue in 2018. And indeed, Balderson and O’Connor are neck-and-neck in the latest polls, even after the national Republican Party has thrown millions of dollars into the race.

The feces-throwing baboon currently squatting in the White House has also descended upon Ohio, pushing hard for a candidate who doesn’t like him much. Why? Well, for the Orange Crusher, it’s all about him…the thought of Democrats with impeachment and subpoena power makes him shiver in his rubber sheets. (You know he has them.) But for some Republican strategists, this is the special election that, if won, will finally make the die-hards admit: The Blue Wave is real…and it’s a tsunami.

In the minds of many Republicans, Tuesday’s contest has emerged as a critical test of whether they can win over Trump supporters while keeping moderates in the fold — and whether Democrats can succeed in the type of suburban districts they need to win the House.

“Up until now, these special elections have been highly overhyped. This special [election] is different, it’s truly an accurate reflection of where both parties’ bases are, as we leave the calm and head into the general election storm,” said Nick Everhart, an Ohio-based GOP strategist who is working on races across the country but is not involved in this one. “This election outcome is not overhyped, and it matters maybe more than the hype.”

It’s a bit sad that this is the hill some people are choosing to die on…because as Steve Kornacke pointed out on MSNBC last night, districts like OH-12 are supposed to be safe Republican districts. The really competitive ones are the many that FLIPPED to Our Girl in 2016…and we haven’t seen a single special election in those districts yet.

Take, for example, these 7 districts in CA. You’ll notice some names of prominent Trumpian Republicans who, uh, are not very popular these days, like Darrell Issa and Dana Rohrabacher, aka “Russia’s favorite Congressman.” If Hillary carried these districts in 2016, does anyone think Democrats will have trouble carrying them in 2018, after the two years of hell we’ve been put through at the hands of these #GOPTraitors?

The larger point here is that Democrats are finally running in every state, in every district, in the most diverse and exciting group ever. Women are coming forward as never before, as are LGBTQ. This forces the GOP to compete fiercely, to spend money in areas they never anticipated (Alabama, anyone?), and it stretches their organizational ground game to the limit. Meanwhile, the #Resistance is getting people online to volunteer in many creative ways. This activism is free, and it’s amazingly effective. So much for government by rich white straight Christian men, for rich white straight Christian men!

A brief digression: I’ve signed up to write postcards to voters before the general mid-term election. Here’s a sample for you: “Vote Blue or Die in A Nuclear Apocalypse Because Trump Will Kill Us All.” Waddaya think? Too subtle?

Anywho…if you would like to see a really good in-depth analysis of the House races to watch, take a look at this story from ABC News. Meanwhile, my teevee will be tuned to MSNBC tonight to see how Danny O’Connor fares. Let’s hope our winning streak continues!

This is an open thread.

59 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Special Election Edition"

Danny O’Connor is now up 1% in the polls! Just donated to ActBlue to text the vote.

More activism at the “Kremlin Annex” last night…

Great post MB and I loved this…

“…The feces-throwing baboon currently squatting in the White House…”

I think your postcard message might work for Hillary supporters that already plan to vote, but might be too subtle for the Burnout supporters. You would have to promise to throw them a huge rave and free pot for a year.


Thanks Shadow!

The headline for this story should be, “Trump promoters embarrassed by supporters’ abject stupidity. ”

I donated to O’Conner too!

As for “Vote Blue or Die in A Nuclear Apocalypse Because Trump Will Kill Us All,” it might be too truthful for some, lol.

All the screaming about “illegal immigrants” is just a cover for racism, as if we didn’t already know this. They also hate legal immigrants.

They don’t care about your health, either.

@6 and @7 – The Trumpkins are a toxic mix of corporatism and white male supremacy. We never would have put them into power if Russia and Comey hadn’t put a massive thumb on the scale.

Come on Mueller!

We have got to get Stephen Miller out of the White House! Even Lindsay Graham hates him.

10 DYB

This person musta been out in the middle of nowhere to get this amazing shot of so many stars in the MilkyWay.

Come on anti-Dumpty voters in Ohio…vote, vote, vote!!!

Ohio is a squeaker at the moment…come on O’Connor!!!

Ohio, CNN declares it, “Too close to call”.

Wow. They won’t count the other ballots for eleven days? Weird. I wonder why. Also, I wanted Kobach to lose until Steve K. said the Dems have a better chance against Kobach.

Also, I think it was really petty of Manafort’s attorney to force Gates to admit to an affair on the stand. Ridiculous and doesn’t make Manafort look any better.

I can’t believe it….we have to wait for the recount! Good grief.

O’Connor won’t concede. Good for him. I wish Hillary hadn’t.

There are a lot of good tweets about this. I will put some in when I get to the office.

I also wish Hillary hadn’t conceded, but…I am not sure anything would have changed. The extent of Trump’s treason was not known and could not be proven then. Trump would have been sworn in anyway. (I don’t think Roy Moore has conceded his loss either, but things moved on without that.)

Oh no! A moment of silence while I conjure up a tear or two…..ummm, nope, not gonna happen.

Hahahahahahahah…Burnout story.

Bernie and his army are LOSING 2018

Sanders missed the boat on Ocasio-Cortez, then watched his endorsed candidates fall on Tuesday — a sign that his sway is limited heading into the dumper 2020

I also wish Hillary hadn’t conceded…

Me too. I think when all is said and done, the cheating has to be corrected and Hillary must be declared the ‘legal winner of the election of 2016’,

Dumpty then needs to be impeached and prosecuted and Hillary put into the Whitehouse where she belongs, starting her first term, day one!
Anything less, and I will be an angry woman until the day I die.

GOP declares victory in a U.S. House race in Ohio that’s still too close to call

Despite Republicans dramatically outspending Democrats and a last-minute visit by Trump, Republican state Sen. Troy Balderson received just 1,754 more votes than Democrat Danny O’Connor, an elected county recorder, with thousands of provisional votes still outstanding.

The margin of less than 1 percent came in a district that Trump won by 11 points in 2016 and where Republicans have held control since 1983. If the vote difference tightens further, it could trigger an automatic recount under Ohio election law.

That significantly shrinking margin of Rs over Ds is encouraging for other races. OTOH, there’s that coincidence of just the bare minimum of votes that the Rethug needs to win. 😦

BTW this WaPo article didn’t have 1 photo of O’Connor, but several of Rs. Liberal bias my ass.

@20: This is the new scheme the Rethugs are using. Rude Pundit had a piece on it yesterday.

What they want to do now is get rid of legal immigrants and they’re gonna contort the fuckin’ law to do it so they don’t need congressional approval. The plan: “immigrants living legally in the U.S. who have ever used or whose household members have ever used Obamacare, children’s health insurance, food stamps and other benefits could be hindered from obtaining legal status in the U.S.” You got that? You have a kid who’s a U.S. citizen and is on CHIP? No green card for you. You have a green card and get an Obamacare subsidy? No citizenship and, hey, we’ll take that green card away. Back to the unstable visa system for you or, the real goal, deportation.

Sooo fucking disgusting and I hope, as so many of their actions have, that this blows up in their fucking faces.

An 11-year-old was accused of shoplifting. An off-duty officer Tasered her in the back.

It is not yet clear what threat the 11-year-old girl may have posed to the off-duty officer as she walked away from him. Or how many steps she took before he unholstered his Taser.

The officer had suspected the 11-year-old of shoplifting Monday at a Kroger in northern Cincinnati, where he worked another job.

He commanded her to stop. She didn’t, authorities later said. Then he deployed his Taser and shocked her in the back.

She weighed 90 lbs. Well, at least she wasn’t shot dead with a regular gun.

@27> That story is disgusting. It raises a question I’d love an answer to: what responsibilities does anyone have to an off-duty cop?

JFC. The swamp keeps growing.

@31, a “counting error,” eh? I’m awfully suspicious of those now.

Programming note: As this thread isn’t full yet, I’ll do a new post for Friday!

Also note: today August 9 is my birthday. I’m 41 and I’m tired.

@35 Luna, LOL!

So Luna, you might want to check out this piece by Charles Pierce and the associated ProPublica article.

And there goes Danny O’Connor:

36 DYB

Happy Birthday to you!!!

@40> Thanks Shadow!!

Happy birthday DYB!!!

Work was crazy yesterday. Thanks for posting the tweets, folks!!

This thing with legal immigration makes me almost blind with fury. How dare they!!!! And the Nunes audio makes it clear that the Rethugs are not scared. They are complicit in treason because it gives them power. Simple as that. As for the Bernie bro being a sexist shithead, what’s new there? I am so glad he didn’t win.

I respect Pelosi very much. She is a kickass woman. But, she is almost 80. Time for new blood when the new Congress comes in.

I just hope all these young white guys don’t think they’ll be in charge when she goes. The new Representatives are rainbow-colored and heavily female. I predict a young woman of color gets the job.

Happy Birthday, DYB and many happy returns of the day!

Forty one? You, kiddo, are a spring chicken 😆 ! And may you stay forever young 🙂

Happy b’day D!

Happy Birthday DYB! Hope you have some fun!

I don’t care if Pelosi is the next Speaker, I just don’t want her to be pushed out because she’s ‘old’ or because she is ‘a target for the Republicans’. Those are the wrong reasons. If she is ready to step aside, I’d like to see her endorse someone she thinks can do the job. Tough as nails, young or old.

Totally with you on that, GAgal.

Totally with you on that, GAgal.

Me too, or three. Nancy and Diane were ready to retire when Hillary became President, now they stayed to try and hold down the fort with wisdom and courage.

Thanks for the bday wishes everyone! 🙂

@50: Check your email D, you have a jacquie card waiting for you.

Because…of course.

DYB, Happy Birthday, you youngster! Oh, to be 41 again….

@39, I’m disappointed in O’Connor and now regret donating to him. In these times we need experience, not novices. A lot of the calls for new fresh faces is merely ageism IMO. And it’s usually directed against women, even though women tend to live longer than men.

As far as age–wonder if he also thinks RBG is too old?

@55 – I don’t know why he said he wouldn’t vote for her. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. If he turns out to be another sexist brogressive, that would be disappointing indeed.

I do expect that Pelosi will be happy to mentor the next kickass female Speaker of the House. I am sure she is sick and tired of herding cats.

@55 Yes, not just ageism, it’s ‘anti-establishment’ which means no experience. It’s how Trump was elected. It’s the absolute wrong road to go down IF we win back the House. We need someone who knows the ropes and has respect from their colleagues. (And Tim Ryan-ish ain’t it)

Aww, D, hope you had–and still having–a great birthday, you young pup! Just finished the last couple of posts and comments and enjoyed them both. What’s going on with O’Connor?

Thanks guys for the bday wishes! 🙂


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