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Congratulations all, we’ve made it through another week. Our reward for that should be that we can relax, take it easy and appreciate all that is good. One of which is critters.

We’re all critter crazy here because they bring so much joy. They bring down blood pressure, create happiness and general well being.  Doesn’t matter if they’re cute, cuddly and furry. They can be hairless, scaly or feathered. We love all crits. (new word) For instance, do you remember a few years back when some guy ignored a ‘Caution – Alligators’ sign  and drunkenly screamed “f*ck the gaters”, jumped in and was never seen again? I love that gator. He or she is special. I really love that gator. That was one less… no, I won’t say it because I’m trying to keep politics out of my post, at least.

So, let’s try for animals today. Anything animal related. Name of the band, title of the song or just an animal in general. If you’re stumped, just share some critter links or gifs. We love it all.

Heart – Barracuda

Lobo – Me & You and a Dog Named Boo

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

America – Horse With No Name

Seals & Croft – Hummingbird

Open thread.


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