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Naming names – Weekend Music

Posted on: July 22, 2018

Good Weekend Widdershins! Seriously, how are we suppose to keep up with all of this? We’ve got 25 Russians indicted whose names I can’t pronounce, let alone spell. We’ve got a bunch more newly sanctioned Russians, same. We’ve got Manafort, Gates, Page, Papadopoulos and even Tad Devine. We’ve got Stone, Assange, Rohrbacher, Guiliani. We’ve got a Russian honeypot situation offering sex for a position in an “political special interest group” (come on – it’s the NRA), thus we have US Person1s and US Person2s. We’ve got the Trump kids, especially Jr. Oops, I almost forgot Flynn. Can you imagine the flow chart in Mueller’s office?

I definitely think Michael Cohen will start naming names to cover his own bee-hind. Or maybe he’ll just let his tapes speak for him. (Lordy, there are tapes!) Manafort, I’m not so sure about. He knows they have him dead to rights on so many charges, he’s going to prison for a looong time. While my head spins trying to keep up with it all and connect the dots, I’m pretty sure I know the name of at least one person who has it all down pat. Robert Mueller.

Let’s do some songs today that name names. Here’s a few to start us off.

Elton John – Daniel

Janis Joplin – Me & Bobby McGee

John Denver – Annie’s Song (sorry about the silliness at the beginning)

Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon

Johnny Cash – A Boy Named Sue

And last, but not least…

YG & Nipsey Hussle – FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)

Open thread.

84 Responses to "Naming names – Weekend Music"

I’ll quit now.

I know Little Richard is famous for this one but I also like the CCR version.

Also, many thanks GAgal for taking this post for me. Much appreciated.

@8 Wow, haven’t heard that one in awhile!

@8 No prob, Fredster. I haven’t been around much today because our AC condensation line stopped up and flooded the basement. My nephew came over to try to find the end of the pipe to clean it out. He couldn’t find it, then he left to go camping. But he did mange to track in red mud all over the carpet. So, now I have wet carpet with muddy shoeprints. Now I’m just holding back the water with big towels around the drain. Fun, fun!

@10: Oh gawd. We went through that one time back in La. Not fun.

@9: contrask, I have a trick as to how I find some of these songs.

Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally

Someone was saying that Trump has come undone. So I had to share this song. Like the line that says “She wanter truth but all she got was lies”

GAgal, you mentioned Tad Devine. It’s remarkable that the story has barely registered on the news. Can you imagine the headlines if this was John Podesta??? Podesta’s risotto recipe made headlines. Devine’s emails submitted into evidence of criminal wrongdoing – silence from our trusty journalists.

We interrupt this pleasurable sharing os music for a message from the orange twitler:

Manafort’s trial starts tomorrow, so we’re gonna bomb Iran?

@18 DYB, I expected Michael Jackson with ‘Billie Jean’ or even ‘Ben’. Dirty Diana never entered my mind!

@23 But it has been reported that Tony Podesta has been given immunity (with four others) to testify against Manafort.

OMG. Just saw the Trump Spam on the sidebar. Love it!! Thanks, Fredster. (I assume) I’d like to grab a knife and slice it.

Very cute post, GAgal. So sorry about your plumbing, you poor girl. Anyway, here’s a song by the great band Toto, who are still performing, btw, and still amazing.

Rosanna is supposed to be about Rosanna Arquette. Incidentally, the song Magnet and Steele is about Stevie Nicks. Fun facts.

Fredster, that spam thing is unbelievable. Can you imagine spending the time to carve that? Or having the talent? Or being able to tolerate the smell?

Oops, meant “Magnet and Steel”

Did you guys see Dumps tweet threatening Iran? I don’t want to touch it (link it, respond, retweet, whatever). He is completely unhinged. A lot of people on twitter are reporting it as a threatening tweet and calling for twitter to dump Dump. I’m not sure what would be safer for the world, banning him, or letting him stay on twitter, like its an outlet for his insane rage or something. All I know is, I’m scared.

@28 & 30: I’ve got a million of them! LOL

Seriously I do have some more images to use but that side is getting sort of long. I’d like to remove some items but just not sure which ones.

@32 I posted the link up @24 I was setting there when twitter started exploding with it. He is such an idiot. I cannot believe he has a base of support. So depressing

Hey guys! Spent the weekend with my family. Dad’s 77th birthday and my month old niece, all in one weekend! Plus my niece by marriage and her new husband came to visit.

Then I wake up to this great post, and our orange maniac is threatening Iran. Before people get too exercised about this, they should remember that Iran and Russia have a lot of shared interests. And, Drumpf has dirty deals with the Iranian national guard. He will not do anything at all. He is just posturing for his base.

Love your post GAgal, and all the tunes that folks have posted. Wayyyyyy behind on the blog…

Yup, Dumbo seems to want to start a war with Iran by tweet.

Shitsticks….we have a freakin’ psycho in the Oval and the GOP is letting him get away with murder. May they all rot in Hell.

GAGal, so sorry about your basement!

Here’s a great thread from the Krug.

Hillary Clinton is offering a helping hand to immigrants looking to reunite with their families: She says she’ll help organize transportation they might not be able to afford.

“I’m going to be tweeting about this in the days to come, but if any of you work for an airline please direct message me because these families will need vouchers and discounted tickets to be reunited over these thousands of miles,” she told a crowd cheering her Saturday in Central Park when she took the stage as part of a star-studded summer festival of conversation, music and food.

New image/cartoon on the rt sidebar

Rand Paul is an idiot suggesting Brennen lose his security clearance. Of course Trump had to double down. Rand and Bernie are like two peas in a pod. Nothing more than useless contrarians.

Turns out I was wrong about Tony Podesta. His name wasn’t on the list after all. Don’t remember where I read he was a few days ago.

MB @36, okay, thanks MB!

Fredster @40, LOL! That’s me!

Shadow @39, She always has a plan. Always wants to help. I hate everyone that worked against her and deprived us of the best president we could have.

@41, I saw that on twitter this morning. It makes me think he is also compromised. He’s an imbecile either way.

She always has a plan. Always wants to help. I hate everyone that worked against her and deprived us of the best president we could have.

Absolutely, Annie.

She is brilliant and always ready to jump into the biggest mess and straighten it out…I can’t believe that I will never see her as our President.

@46, that’s a good tweet. Here’s another:

Has anyone heard of this Netflix show?

Sasha Baron Cohen has fun with member of the state lege in Georgia.
Somehow I feel like he’s gonna get around to every state.

Okay there’s some serious skullduggery going on here:

There’s an entire thread below this tweet.

@48 – I haven’t, Annie! I will check it out.

Fredster, seriously. Why are the media not screaming about how weird this is?!

How U.S. intelligence agencies can find out what Trump told Putin


Privately, sources familiar with U.S. intelligence capabilities expressed confidence that the so-called Special Collection Service scooped up not only Putin’s readout of the two-hour meeting, but what the Kremlin’s top spymasters really think about it — and how they’re spinning it to their foreign counterparts.

That means the National Security Agency and CIA are at less of a strategic disadvantage than U.S. intelligence officials have acknowledged publicly. But because they likely are missing the one critical piece of intelligence they need the most — a word-by-word account of what Trump and Putin said during the meeting — those officials appear to be flying somewhat blind when it comes to fulfilling their most important mission of helping U.S. policymakers figure out what comes next.

@40, that’s me and most of my patients!

The security clearance hoopla — Once you leave your position, you lose your security clearance, except for former Presidents and Secretaries of State. Of course Twitler is ignorant of that fact.

But the idea that a POTUS could determine security clearances is ominous. He could then shut down any high-level investigation of him, since Mueller would lose the ability to access needed info.

Welp, at least he knew he needed a ride home/back to the dorm/whatever.

When Reiff noticed there was a rider sitting in the passenger seat, police said he moved to the back door and attempted to open it.

When asked what he was doing, police said Reiff asked for a ride home. “He thought that was our job,” the police report states.

When asked if he thought the vehicle was an Uber, police said Reiff replied “Yes.”

Arrrrrgh! Meant to post this:

@55, Lol! And he even said Uber instead of Lyft. Figures.

GAgal, on the Tony Podesta story: I’ve been seeing it bandied about on Twitter. Right-wingers are incensed, naturally. And just as naturally, the story was a lie that started with Tucker Carlson. Others picked up after he reported it. It was a lie. Carlson made it up to feed the flames of white supremacist rage.

Does he still wear a bow tie, Fucker Carlson?

Did you guys hear that Dumpty tweeted that his love toy doesn’t like him any more and will help Dems win the election in Nov?

Yup, so Dumpty can say he was right, GOP lost the House to Dems because PlutoPutin messed with the votes. Taking away the anger that voters are feeling towards his stolen, effed up time in office and what he did to our Hillary.

Fuck Dumpty!!

Sean Spicer is on a book tour.

We remember you Spicey!

Okay, I can’t believe this… but I’m gonna take up for Trump/Ghouliani until I hear different. I do not ‘hear’ Trump say to pay cash. They are talking over each other, so it’s hard to hear. When Trump says ‘cash’ and Cohen says ‘no, no, no a check’ – doesn’t mean what the media thinks it means. I’ve listened to it several times and it isn’t clear. It was about Cohen setting up a shell company that he thought would make him rich.

And why does the cash vs. check even matter? For some campaign finance laws that never amount to anything?

GAgal, WaPo’s transcript says “Cash.”

TRUMP: Maybe he gets hit by a truck.

COHEN: Correct. So, I’m all over that. And, I spoke to Allen about it, when it comes time for the financing, which will be —

TRUMP: Wait a sec, what financing?

COHEN: Well, I’ll have to pay him something.

TRUMP: [UNINTELLIGIBLE] pay with cash.

COHEN: No, no, no, no, no. I got it.

TRUMP: Check.

[Tape cuts off abruptly. Separate recording begins.]

And here’s WaPo’s explanation of that section:

“This is the key part of the recording. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has contended that the tape is “exculpatory” because it features Trump saying the payment should be made by check and not cash – and therefore suggests Trump wasn’t trying to hide anything. (The rights for the story were never ultimately purchased.)

It’s not clear from the tape, though, whether Trump says “Don’t pay with cash” or something besides “don’t.”

Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis suggested on CNN shortly after the tape went public that Trump’s allusion to paying with cash shows his nefarious motives.

“The only people who use cash are drug dealers and mobsters,” Davis said.

A lawyer for the Trump Organization, Alan Futerfas, told The Post that Trump was talking about “cash” not as in untraceable money, but as an alternative to Cohen’s allusion to “financing” – or a loan.

“The notion that they were discussing using a bag of cash or green currency is ridiculous,” Futerfas said.”

President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star was smashed to pieces

Video of man smashing it and wanting to sell pieces and give the $ to the women that Dumpty sexually abused.

From our girl:


No child should ever be torn from their parents, and no parent should have to wonder when or if they’ll see their child again. But with the reunification deadline set by a federal judge fast approaching, thousands of families who have been separated at the border by the Trump administration still need to be reunited — and in some cases, children have been sent to states far from where their parents were detained.

There is something we can do right now to help. A coalition of groups is raising money for flights, hotels, and cell phones for families traveling to reunite with their loved ones — so far, they’ve raised more than $180,000 and helped more than 400 families. Chip in here.

Those working to reunite families on the ground have shared incredible stories, from a little boy reunited with his mom just in time for his birthday to reunited families settling in together to watch Pixar’s Coco on a quiet evening.

Let’s make more of these moments happen. Donate right now to help cover travel expenses and more to families separated at the border.

Donate now
Thank you,


At first I thought the story of Trump’s star being destroyed was a joke. But apparently it’s real! Womp womp

I wonder what the Brits intend to do with Assange.


A little hard to tell what it is.

LOL, it’s not like Jim Jordan has nothing else to occupy his time.

House Republicans move to impeach deputy attorney general

Quitter Bob Corker and his ‘concerns’ about Trump to Pompeo. Stop at the 1:57 mark and notice, thereafter, his Repub buddies sitting alongside him and their aides behind them squirming.

What a ghastly day in the news. Here’s something worth looking at:

OMG those doggies are adorable!!!

BTW, I know I’m supposed to have a post up today, but time got away from me. I’m on my way to Fire Island for a week and will write one for tomorrow, I promise!

Luv the shades of Goldens! And oh, that poor doggo behind a chainlink fence.

@79, DYB, uh, what’s Fire Island?

Tha’s practically a paw mark on his nose!

@81 Luna – Fire Island is a great little resort town located on a barrier island just off the south shore of Long Island. It is well known as a gay resort mecca.

Hey y’all, I threw us up a new post just to get through tomorrow… Bring any recent comments up if you want. (Luna, OMG snoot)


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