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Treason Thursday

Posted on: July 19, 2018

Well, as Hillary Clinton tweeted, now we know. Some of us have known for a while that Trump was an actual traitor. Not hyperbole traitor, but an actual one in the sense that hetrump-putin-summit-crisis-time-magazine-cover1.jpg literally committed (and continues to commit) treason against his own country. But many others are just waking up right now, in a post-Helsinki press conference world and saying: “Wait, whaaaaaaat?” Samantha Bee did a great skit on how shocked everyone is and while Republicans aren’t really shocked – GOP is complicit and they don’t actually care – the most galling part is where members of the media say they’re shocked. Motherfuckers have been reporting the wrong news for about 4 years now. It’s really too bad Hillary didn’t lay out her case for Trump’s treason in an email because maybe then they’d have read it.

I don’t think Trump intends to commit treason. I think he just wants to be rich and powerful. That’s why he accepted Putin’s help. To make money. But he’s so stupid it never occurred to him his actions were treasonous. Never crossed his mind. And when it was brought up, he doubled down – because Trump would never not do that. He would never admit he fucked up, never accept responsibility and try to fix it. No, his cover-up is now of gargantuan proportions. NYTimes reported late yesterday that Trump was shown raw intelligence before the inauguration showing that Putin himself gave the green light for the campaign to infiltrate US elections. This means Trump has been covering up his crime with full knowledge of what he was doing since before he was inaugurated. Trump hasn’t been stumbling about in ignorance. No, he knew exactly what Putin did and he continues to this day to deny it. Trump attacks the intelligence community and the FBI, never Putin. He still, to this day, has not said one bad thing about Putin. At the presser, when he was asked if there was anything he would fault Russia for he responded with a direct criticism of the US instead. “We have been foolish.” What does Putin have on Trump? I don’t think it’s just a pee tape, at least not in the way Steele described in his dossier. If it’s a sex tape of some kind, it’s more than just hookers peeing on a bed. It may be Trump being peed on in the bed. Or it’s money. There’s a reason for why Trump has not released his tax returns. What the bloody hell is in those tax returns that he prostrates himself before Putin in front of TV cameras?

One other important point on the news that Trump was briefed with raw intelligence on what Putin did. The intelligence included information from a source very close to Putin. This is significant because normally a newspaper would have been asked to leave out details like that because it would put people in harm’s way. The fact that the Times published that info suggests that they know the source is already burned (and likely dead.) And to that point, Trump was shown this information two weeks before he was inaugurated. On January 27 reports started coming in raising red flags on surprise purges in Putin’s inner circle. All those Russians dropping like flies we were tracking in 2017? That started after Trump was shown the raw intelligence. And it wouldn’t be the last time the Trumps betrayed intel like that. Remember all those Saudi purges, which likely came from intelligence given to them by Jared Kushner.


Also, let me mention the list of evidence Bob Mueller says he will present in court in the government’s case against Paul Manafort. The list includes about 30 emails and text messages and memos Tad Devine sent Paul Manafort through 2014, just a few months before he became chief strategist for Bernie Sanders. These communications are presented as evidence of crimes being committed. Think about that!


Paul Manafort in the middle; Tad Devine to Manafort’s immediate right; and Konstantin Kilimnik – also under indictment by Mueller – is in the blue shirt on the left.

I wonder what new devilry Friday news dump will bring.

78 Responses to "Treason Thursday"

I’ll never understand why the fuck the Obama administration let this go on when they had so much evidence months before the election. Damn the reaching across the aisle “to be bipartisan” when it’s treason.

All the Rs should be expatriated to Russia.

Good roundup, DYB.

The other point I forgot on Bernie/Devine/Manafort is that Bernie voted against Russian sanctions twice.

“Traitor Tot” !!! Hahaha!

The fact that the Times published that info suggests that they know the source is already burned

I have been reading this again and again – “the source is burned” – and am wondering if I am alone in not understanding exactly what that means. Does it mean that the source, a person, has been burned with fire? The source materials have been burned with fire? Something has been burned to a CD? What does it mean?

Sorry, don’t mean to be ignorant, I just don’t completely understand it.

Brainjor, I am not sure, but I think it means their cover has been blown- they are exposed. And in this case, could very well be dead.

Lililam, thanks, that sounds like the most probable meaning of it. But funny they don’t just say the source is exposed or his/her cover has been blown, but just keep repeating that the source is “burned.”

Branjour> Yes “burned” means exposed, but I think not just randomly exposed, but exposed by the people who are meant to protect it. So a reporter revealing the source of their information after promising to keep his/her identity hidden is burning their source, as we saw Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept recently do to Reality Winner. She would have been discovered by the government regardless because of how the documents she leaked were accessed, but Greenwald published the documents in such a way that her identity became clear immediately. So they – unnecessarily – revealed her identity, thus “burning” her . Or an intelligence source being outed by the government it is helping. Which I think likely happened with Trump betraying the intelligence he was shown and “burning” the source, who is now likely dead.

DYB, thanks. So, it is not only exposure of the source, but betrayal. Now I see – it’s like if somebody you trust turns around and hurts you, you were “burned” by them. This is so evil – Trump /Putin systematically eliminating those who know and might tell the truth about their collusion.

Hello shinners!

Just wanted to let y’all know I’m taking a brief break from posting for a bit and may not be active in the comments either. Many, many things are going on right now and I’ve just had to prioritize some things.

Fredster, no don’t leave the comments!!!! Check in a couple of times a day (at least.) Bring us cute critter pics and videos.

Read this on Devine:

DYB, love the post–the creepy Time cover, the Tad Devine news, and the video about the animals & kids. Lord, there are a lot of idiotic parents in the world.

Luna @1, ditto that! @3, awesome tweet!

(((Fredster))) Ditto what D says @14!

D @15, Wow! That is a must read thread, everyone.

Whadda great post DYB!

GAgal, your post is back in draft status.

@23, sounds like Bernie wasn’t really that hard to turn into a puppet.

Small piece of good news:

While I usually hate tweets that say Pls Retweet, I agree these streets are what ours need to look like!

Fredster, hope all goes well for you! Thanks for letting us know. There’s only so much time in a day.

Brilliant post, DYB. You’re giving Charlie Pierce a run for his money!

DYB @23, very interesting!

Luna, agree, I also will usually not retweet posts that say “retweet.” That one looks good though.

Great post, D!!

I have to admit, I have been actually gasping at the news lately. Tad Devine is no shocker at all, but this to me is mind-blowing: Zuckerberg called and congratulated Drumpf after his “victory.” Were they in it together with Putin? There sure were a lot of Russian bots and money and fake news that somehow found themselves on Facebook.

That Putin/Trump morph on the cover of TIME is chilling.

@33 > Wow, I had not seen that article on Zuckerberg calling Trump. Zuckerberg wants to have it both ways: they clearly and very eagerly helped Trump’s campaign. But they downplay their participation in public, pretending that the same tools were available to everyone. That’s not technically true. Even the Trump people are annoyed at how Facebook publicly tries to disown them. But privately brags at how well they did for Trump. It’s a business strategy, have your cake and eat it too. But in reality, they obviously preferred Trump. The idea that they had the same tools available for everyone is a lie. A movie I worked on is available for streaming on Amazon. Where does any given movie land on the Amazon recommendations list, how high up is it, etc. All these questions are very very fluid and it is not always based on traffic. Meaning just because a movie got searched 10 times instead of 100 – there are still ways to get the movie to trend higher. But you wouldn’t know that unless someone at Amazon tells you and does it for you. There are literally manual fixes, it’s rigged. The director of my movie has been harassing Amazon tech people for months and months and months. Finally, probably just to get him off their backs, they adjusted something on their end and suddenly the movie was getting recommendations more and trending more on Amazon, and we actually made some money. The whole damned thing is rigged. It’s like buying followers on twitter. There are things you can do to get around the system to get more favorable results. Zuckerberg was clearly providing those tools to the Trump campaign far more than Clinton. To say that the same tools are available to everyone is a lie.

Would Zuckerburg have called Hillary if she won? (she did) Doubt she would have taken his call. He’s part of the manipulation of the election and he knows he did it.

Remember way, way back when Clint Watts said in a hearing ‘follow the dead Russians’?

@35 – Excellent point about the social media tools having algorithms you can tweak. Back in my web design days, it was called SEO – search engine optimization – and it’s a completely legitimate marketing strategy. Now with the extra complexity of social media algorithms, you don’t have visibility into how they rank and trend your material…and even if you did, it’s never the whole picture.

GAGal – I do remember that. I think DYB posted about how all those Russians were suspiciously dying, more than once.

I continue to believe that Russian money and influence has infiltrated our media to a degree we really don’t want to face. The idea that they laid off Trump and lambasted Hillary just because of misogyny and laziness makes sense, but it really doesn’t explain the Times refusing to run the story on Russia, does it?

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, secretly recorded a conversation with Mr. Trump two months before the presidential election in which they discussed payments to a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Mr. Trump, according to lawyers and others familiar with the recording.

The F.B.I. seized the recording this year during a raid on Mr. Cohen’s office.

@39> Apparently when told of these tapes Trump responded: “I can’t believe Michael would do that to me.”


@35, @38, doesn’t surprise me. I worked in marketing way back when, though of course things were much cruder then.

How quickly things can change when the far-right get into power. Ominous.

Austrian state wants to force meat-consuming Jews and Muslims to register

BERLIN — Jewish organizations criticized the far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), the ruling coalition party in the state of Lower Austria, over a proposal that would require Jews to register with the government if they seek to purchase kosher meat. The same rules would apply to Muslims buying halal meat.

Under the law proposal, Jews and Muslims would still be allowed to purchase kosher and halal food, but only if they can prove that they live in Lower Austria and are observant members of their religious communities. Sales would be restricted to a certain amount of meat per week. Effectively, this means that restaurants would no longer be able to offer halal or kosher options.

Social star Randy Rainbow on making birthday video for Hillary Clinton, why comedy is an ‘endangered art’

A story about Randy Rainbow

This is great!

Clinton Aides Found Mariachi Band To Try Ruining Donald Trump’s Sleep For Third Straight Night
Protestors held candles as the eighteen musicians played “Cielito lindo.” The crowd erupted in song.

Clinton’s political advisor and one of the event organizers, Adam Parkhomenko, live streamed the event on periscope.

Video at link…


Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam who went to prison and was connected to former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is being subpoenaed in the Robert Mueller investigation … TMZ has learned.

Davis worked for former Trump aide Roger Stone for a decade, and had numerous interactions with Stone and Andrew Miller — who ran Davis’ campaign for Governor and who was subpoenaed by Mueller a month ago.

50 GAgal

Hmmm, I remember at least one of the women that accused Dumpty of child molestation and rape was a women that as a teen was paid to attend parties of rich, creepy white men. Dumpty was one of the creeps she ended up with.

I can’t remember, but I think Roger Stone was the guy that had some of the parties…anyone else remember this??????

Oh how I hope to God this is part of what Mueller is investigating.

@48, @darth is a treasure.

@50, @51, the sleaze is connected to yet more sleaze is connected to corruption is connected to …

Just gonna drop this right here ….

@52: If you can’t sit back and have a brief feel-good feeling from that, shame on you.

I want that PUPPY!

@56: I’ve been waiting for that.

@53 The only thing Bernie can beat is off

Doubt that, too.

For some reason, I can no longer watch the videos in posted tweets. No big deal, I just click on the twitter account and watch. I guess it’s because I’m not on Twitter.

@60: Not sure what twitter uses for the videos, whether it’s flash or what it is. However, GAgal, I googled a question abt that and there were several links that came up concerning different browsers.

Wish I had a better suggestion.

God damn every one of their souls to hell for doing this shit.

Tell us who. Which candidates? Period.

A group of hackers believed to be tied to Russia’s military have launched spear-phishing campaigns against at least three candidates running for election in 2018, a Microsoft executive said Thursday.

Tom Burt, a vice president for customer security at Microsoft, said at the Aspen Security Forum that security researchers at the company discovered the phishing campaigns, tracing them to a group widely believed in the threat-intelligence community to be run by the GRU, the Russian military intelligence agency that hacked into DNC email accounts and leaked their emails.

On Thursday, the Republican-controlled House moved to eliminate new funding for states to strengthen security in their elections, drawing criticism from Democrats that Congress isn’t doing enough to protect U.S. elections from another attack by Russian hackers.

DYB – really good post. I hadn’t put together the Russian deaths with the fact that Trump would have gone straight to PappyPutin with it.

Did you see Rachel last night? She figured out the tape had to have been leaked by Trump. Another shiny object to get the press off Helsinki

I hope the 3 top cyber security people who are retiring FBI are planning on helping the states with their systems so we can have a fair vote.

Pretty glum

It’s very easy to have a safe and fair election. Just do the basics:

Paper ballots
Non-Republican oversight
Non-Republican vote counters

If the federal government won’t pay for this, I am quite sure volunteers could be found in every County in America. I would freaking do it.

57 DYB

And want this puppy!

Floppy ears and a puppy strut are my favorites.

@57 Love the puppy! Also, an amazing camera angle.

@59, GAgal, snicker!

@70, Fredster, For years women have had Rxs for Plan B and birth control pills refused in some places, unless there’s a law against it. I’m not surprised that bigots are using a “conscience clause” to deny services to transgender people. I want to use my conscience to deny care to Trumpists, but unfortunately I’m too conscientious to do that.

Recently I saw an article about a pharmacist *fired* when he wouldn’t fill a trans person’s Rx. Will have look for it.

mb and shadow y’all will have to keep an eye out for this.

@62 I’m patiently waiting (or not) for the media or someone to tell me why 1/3 of the kids are ineligible for reunification with their parents.

The ‘Carter Page hill Republicans’ (especially Nunes) want to die on is hilarious. On memorandum right now – 5 different news headlines – the DOJ releases the FISA warrant on Carter Page. Judicial Watch (also on memorandum) headline is – Judicial Watch Has Obtained the FISA Warrant.

@73: If anyone can get an answer on that it will be Jacob. I heard him say this is now is full time assignment.

@71, “…want to use my conscience clause…”

@74, 400 pages of documentation of why Page should be surveilled in that application!

The Carter Page FISA warrant release is interesting. Maybe the intel community will save us after all. Sure shows Nunes up to be the biggest clown ever.

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