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Activist Tuesday: WWRD?

Posted on: July 17, 2018

Yup. It’s treason. It’s been treason. It’s ongoing treason. The Republicans know it. The Democrats know it. The 100-year-old hermit in the Himalayas knows it. Our allies and enemies know it.

Now what?

Well, we have to finally force the conversation that never should have been. Donald Trump should never have been the Republican candidate for President. The media should have destroyed his corrupt, treasonous ass in 2015. But alas, Hillary’s vagina dentata was more frightening than the prospect of a corrupt, treasonous foreign agent in the White House…and now we’re all paying the price.

We have to talk about things like, what is the next step if the Republicans decide that the only remedy we have for rogue Presidents, impeachment, is not going to happen?

We have to talk about the illegitimacy of the 2016 election, because the Republicans had the DNC’s analytics handed to them, by Russia; stole voter data from at least one state board of elections; and hacked into voter databases. They had a blueprint to sway impressionable voters, and if they didn’t sway enough, well, they’d just do the typical Republican thing and mess with the voting machines. It didn’t take much…just 70,000 people in three states, out of about 120 million eligible voters.


We have to talk about the fact that we have a President who is more loyal to Vladimir Putin than to our Constitution.

These conversations are unimaginable because they have never happened before. The difficulty we’re having in imagining them, however, does not excuse us from the duty to have them. As Americans who love our country and revere the Constitution, this is a crisis beyond anything we ever thought possible. We must absolutely speak of these things and we must address them, quickly.

What will Republicans do? This is the most important question of our time.

If the Republicans will not impeach Trump for treason, then we must get in the streets until they are forced to do so. We cannot wait until November to fix this mess. The fish has rotted from the head, and we must get rid of every stinking trace of it before we can clear the stench.

This is an open thread.

56 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: WWRD?"

Great post madamab! I was so disgusted with yesterday and had to hear about it afterward in bits & pieces. Even in Tulsa a couple of women from Indivisible Tulsa went and stood on a street corner in mid town with a sign of protest. They only stayed 1/2 an hour but got about 50 honks of affirmation and only 1 flip off

Maddow covered the protest at the White House last night and protest is planned tonight. We need to get out and join a protest

Yes Contrask! I need to find something in SF. It’s a bit harder now that I am off FaceBook.

Good cover today:

madamab, I do depend on facebook groups for local activism. Sadly they are not very organized around here. I want to see massive protests. After seeing protests over the week-end in Britain and Scotland and also at Helsinki, it seems like we should have another major nationwide protest over this.

This is one of his bests – brand new

Great post MB, speaking the truth, loud and clear.

Don’t worry MB, SF is the hotbed of Trump anti protests…you just have to get used to finding out where the info is. I normally look to the folks at Women’s March, although I am sure there are better places.

There are normally big protests in Berkeley, Oakland and SF…but SF is normally the largest against Rump.

@5 I wanted to vomit, listening to that woman.

Excellent post, MB!

@9, Ditto.

Oh no I’ve been posting downstairs.

Sorry D! Forgot to close comments. Can you bring them up here?

Why won’t Rachel Maddie say “impeachment”?

@13, I thought she was rather tepid. Not that I’ve listened to all her broadcasts, but perhaps she feels she needs to be cautious to keep her show? She was carefully avoiding the T word.

@15 – Wow, even the Russians are shocked by how obvious Drumpf is.

Damn, I unplugged my tv and have to wait until just before I go to bed for MSNBC to upload Rachel’s show.

Rainbow was pretty funny in that clip.


You were pretty busy posting downstairs. Loved the Hillary / Tucker ‘eat his shoe’ clip.

Well, this was unexpected….

James Comey, Longtime Republican, Tells ‘All Who Care’ To Vote Democrat In November
“History has its eyes on us,” the former FBI director said after Trump’s remarks in Helsinki.

This makes me crazy.

I finally listened to Randy Rainbow! Hubby and I were crying!

@22 – Totally agree!!

@20, Comey needs to apologize and abase himself before Hillary. He’s a sanctimonious hypocrite.

@22, Why the hell don’t they all go to Russia if they’re so cozy with treason?

I keep loving Schiff!

Funny cute critter break!

This is a great article. I have been allergic to the term “meddling” since I first heard it, for exactly this reason.

26 Luna,

I keep loving Schiff!

Me too!!!!

These days, all it takes is someone in Congress that speaks the truth and they raise to almost ‘hero’ level.

Celebrating That The Panda No Longer Is Endangered

Wow, that is a big deal.
Annie, thanks for posting.

@28, What a happy panda!

@31, Agree on “meddling.” It’s far too trivial a term for attacking our democracy. It downplays the enormity of what has and is happening.


…when meddling is not the appropriate word:

– When a man graps a woman’s private parts, that is not meddlling.

– When a person grabs your laptop and cell phone and copies the data and plants a trojan virus in them…this is not meddling.

– When someone attacks your child, this is not meddling.

– When one country kills others of another nation or their own people, this is not meddling.

– When the President steals an election with the help of Russia, this is not meddling.

Treason by any other name is still treason.

I am very concerned about some of the things Putin said. Namely, the discussion that the US and Russia need to get together, as major suppliers, on the price of oil and gas, as well as the threat to demand a quid pro quo for any cooperation on interrogating the 12 Russian indictees. The reference to Browder made me Shiver. What has Trump agreed to?

When will Jim Jordan resign?

On Tuesday, Jordan’s public-relations crisis became a legal nightmare. Attorneys filed a massive class-action lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Ohio on behalf of an as-yet-unnamed former OSU wrestler. The law firm Sauder Schelkopf is seeking to represent all the students and athletes “treated” by Strauss in his two decades at the school, from the late ‘70s to the late ‘90s – a number they estimate will amount to “at least 1,500.”

Jordan, the jut-jawed anti-gay crusader who’s the fourth-ranking Republican leader in the House, is singled out in the suit: He’s one of only three former school officials named, including Strauss, though the action is aimed at all the coaches, administrators and others in positions of responsibility at OSU who, it claims, stood by while students and student-athletes were repeatedly “sexually abused, harassed, and molested,” and “forced” to seek treatment from a well-known predator even after they complained. (Strauss was the sole team doctor for the wrestlers; the men say they either had to choose to let injuries go untreated, as the lawsuit says some did, or subject themselves to yet another assault.)

And did y’all know about this?

The congressman managed to contain the fallout from an eerily similar revelation last November, when one of his longtime Washington aides and protégées, Ohio state Rep. Wesley Goodman, was publicly unmasked as one of the capitol city’s most notorious sexual predators during his six years working for Jordan, stalking and abusing at least 30 young conservative men he promised to “mentor.” This was huge news in Ohio, but was buried nationally beneath the daily drumbeat of Trump atrocities.

The right wing is running with Comey’s remarks. They think this proves that he was anti Trump pro Hillary all along. Idiot.

Here is a good article on ‘the DNC server’ that it is not a ‘server’ nor is it ‘missing’.

@41 & 42; GAgal check your email. Also you too mb and DYB.

OMG….just heard on Lawrence that Drumpf knew Putin ordered the cyberwarfare in JANUARY 2017!!!! He was briefed by John Brennan. Story is in NYT.

Consciousness. Of. Guilt. Explains so very, very much.

When I was late teens/early 20s, I had a Mann Island Minx (no tail) that was pure fluffy white and had eyes like this, one brilliant blue and one emerald green.

Oops, meant to say “Manx” not “minx”!

That shot of Melania is great. Love how she manages to embarrass her evil asshole husband at the best moments. (Well, if he could be embarrassed. We know he’s shameless.)

@45 To me, that just looked like Melania getting into photo-op mode. There are hundreds of cameras in her face. She’s just use to two or three while she was posing nude. That’s new for her.

Seriously, have you seen the amount of media cameras in the face of people? It’s over the top. She should consider herself lucky they aren’t allowed to get close to her.

The Jim Jordan scandal hadn’t gotten through the noise for me. Thanks, GAGal, for bringing it up.

Never, ever trust an anti-sex crusader of any kind. They always have some sort of horrid sexual behavior they are trying to hide.

The definitive ranking of 2020 Democrats

If this is the best list of people running against Dumpty…Dems are in big, BIG trouble.

All of them put together, don’t match Hillary’s intellect nor experience.
Joe and Burnout won’t last though a full term.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin morph into the same person in Time magazine cover


52- what do you expect from Cilicia? My choices are at the bottom of his list- Brown and Booker.


That was cilizza- wow spell check is weird!

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