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Activist Tuesday: Lobby the Ladies

Posted on: July 10, 2018

So, the Mango Moron has nominated himself a Justice. Based on his writings, Justice Brett Kavanaugh is as conservative and Trumpy as any criminal traitor “President” on the verge of indictment could want. He has already gone on record against undocumented immigrants, against LEGAL abortion, against the Affordable Care Act and against the Consumer Financial Protection Board….and of course, has said he felt it would be disastrous for a President to be indicted.

What now? As DYB pointed out so eloquently, the Democrats have no procedural remedy to stop the confirmation of this asshole. Chuck Schumer cannot pull a Mitch McConnell and fakely claim that he is concerned about adding a justice at such close proximity to the election, even if he wanted to. (My point, that Drumpf is an illegitimate President, and shouldn’t get to nominate anyone because he did not legitimately win, is clearly not being embraced by anyone in power. SAD!)

As I write, protests are going on in front of the Supreme Court. People are truly fired up about this, and that’s great. I think calls and letters and showing up in front of Senators’ offices will be forthcoming, and will have an effect. But what will be the most effective, in my opinion, is this: Lobby the Ladies.

We cannot allow Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins to hide behind a pretension that they “don’t know” whether or not Judge Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v. Wade. The Federalist Society List ONLY contains people who will overturn Roe v. Wade. As conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin stated so eloquently,

It should not be more complicated than this: Voting for a nominee on the Trump list (either the original 20, or the wider 25) opens the door to the criminalization of abortion. Collins might break her pledge and vote to confirm one of these judges approved by Federalist Society. That is up to her. But she should fool no one that voting for one of these judges would not amount to reversing Roe. Oh, and the Federalist Society judge-pickers must be called to testify under oath, and all notes, documents and other materials relating to their selection process must be subpoenaed for review. I bet that’d be fascinating.

This, to me, is the key point. Every man and woman in the Senate who claims to be pro-choice should be told this over and over again: We ARE NOT FOOLED. We know that Kavanaugh was picked partially for his anti-choice beliefs and record. There should not be any pretension otherwise, and Susan and Lisa should be confronted with this reality by us, Democratic Senators and activists everywhere.

If ANYONE votes for this guy, they should know exactly what they’re getting: an ultra-conservative, corrupt justice who will overturn Roe v. Wade. As a special bonus, he will protect Drumpf if/when he is subpoenaed by Mueller. If this country were less screwed up, not a single Senator would even consider it. But these are desperate times. We must rise to them accordingly.

This is an open thread.

59 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Lobby the Ladies"

We have to pull out all the stops and block Kavanaugh!

With Rump working to screw our elections with his Putin, and Dems that don’t know how to fight fire with fire…I have almost no hope that the Supremes will end up being better than a Rethrug controlled Klan.

My only hope is that Mueller brings the hammer down on Rump before all is lost.

I’m not sure we can stop it. I’ve never been so afraid:

“Executive Order to end competitive selection process for Administrative Law Judges, making them political appointees who can be fired at will.”


All this crap just keeps bringing home to me how much Obama could have done if he’d been willing to play mere mediumball. Forget hardball.

Here: If you want to read something really despairing, go read Rude Pundit.

Do we need to despair, or do we need to act?

Despair lets us off the hook. Just saying.

Fredster @7. Yup.

I had that eerie feeling, that I saw many other people report too, that something died Nov 9, 2016.

Feelings aside, there’s no reason sufficient voter turnout couldn’t turn things around this November. There are more of us than them. That’s a matter of observable fact.

But the big unknown is just how diddled the election process has become. The really scary indicator is how uninterested the people in power are in making sure the elections cannot be diddled.

That’s the behavior I’d expect from people who plan on benefiting from the cheating.

Add to that how unconcerned they are about implementing grossly unpopular shit — almost as if they could fix the votes any way they wanted. Maybe elections and voter turnout are a complete charade by now, we just don’t know it yet.

So, yeah, I’m pretty much in the RudePundit’s Journalist Friend group of pessimists.

@9: Yep, agree with you.

madamab @8, definitely we need to act. After all, people like Navalny run against Putin, knowing the odds, and brave people demostrate and vote for him. We’re far from that far down the porcelain fixture yet.

If they can do it, so can we.

mb: you went from one blue state to probably an even bluer state.

However, take me as an example: I’m still registered to vote in La. only due to an Act the lege passed that read that if you were displaced due to whatever (Katrina) as long as you never registered anywhere else you could retain your voting rights. So, I vote absentee for La. The congress critter for my district is Steve Scalise. Do you think he’s gonna get voted out? Hardly even though I’ll vote D down the line.

And had I changed my registration it would be even worse in this place, if that’s imaginable.

With Russian hacking fresh in mind, Washington state beefs up elections cybersecurity

Washington is widely considered to have one of the more secure elections systems, in part because its mail-in balloting means the state has a paper record for almost every vote cast. Those ballots can always be recounted, if any question emerges.
…The Washington Secretary of State’s office, which oversees elections, has ramped up its efforts to deal with interference by foreign nations and criminal hackers.
… Washington has one big security advantage: Unlike many other states, it never adopted voting systems that depend wholly or predominantly on computer software.
…While Washington has postelection audits to make sure votes are tabulated correctly, Goodman said they need to be stronger and currently “would not likely detect serious tampering.” State lawmakers this spring approved a bill, HB 2406, that includes efforts to begin strengthening such audits.

All 50 states should be working on election integrity, yet I don’t think many are.

It keeps getting worse and I’m running out of ways to say this is scary and perverted and ominous. No, it’s not ominous. We’re way past ominous now.

Errr, meant to post this, if it nests the tweets correctly.

Fredster, totally get it. Still, we need to vote. My vote “doesn’t count” either, since I am in SF and no Republican has a chance in hell. 🙂

@16, Delete that. I was wondering if it was really true that a senator would pay attention to non-constituents. Good thread here:

I need a critter break.

Okay Luna I’ll delete that one.

So Michael Flynn says he wants to get on with his sentencing hearing. A few minutes later it’s reported he’s joining some ‘global lobby agency’. Then Flynn’s attorney puts out a statement that he’s NOT going to work for the lobbyist agency. What is going on ? Something. I’ll bet Flynn doesn’t spend a day in prison.

@12 Fredster, I know what you mean. It’s discouraging living in a red state. I still get to cheer when Dems flip red seats like in these special elections…

@20, Fredster, thanks! I was speaking metaphorically and really meant “ignore that” which is why I sounded rude. I’m happy you did delete it.

Seems like there’s no end to alarming news. So glad I’m not and never was on Facebook.

@24: Well I was on there then cancelled the account. Tried to create another with a new email address and they tried putting me through so many hoops I finally wrote them back and said “fuck off”.

@22: I think that’s about all the joy we have GAgal.

Hey, some good news!

@28: That *is* good news.

Excellent post MB! Here are some happy faces to end the night:

@32 walkaway (hashtag) is likely fake? That was determined the minute it showed up. I don’t think we need need Salon to tell us so.

@12 Fredster – Ew! Scalise is your Rep? Well, Oklahoma is in good company with Inhofe for a Sen. – and the sanctimonious Lankford, who occasionally says something rational then votes aye on everything.

So, my point about the
“Executive Order to end competitive selection process for Administrative Law Judges, making them political appointees who can be fired at will.” How the heck is it that a president could do that? Seems like that should require a full vote in congress.

We’ve seen so many outrages now that I feel like our entire legal system and constitution is nothing more than the Pirate Code – more a set of guidelines.

I think we have to march – in massive numbers.

@34 – agree, Contrask! We should all keep an eye out for protests in our area.

That Facebook news gets worse and worse. No wonder Mueller is taking a long time getting to the bottom of Russian cyber attacks! I believe we are going to have disclosures about not just social media, but mainstream media. Kompromat and bribes work on editors too.

Something else I think the Rude Pundit was saying in the “Dinner with Despair” post is, where are Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama? Why aren’t the former Democratic Presidents getting together in a national ad calling out Drumpf as an illegitimate President, and the GOP as traitors?

The rule of law is being destroyed right in front of their eyes. They all swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. That responsibility has not ended. They need to speak out.

We have time to take breaks from bad news and refresh our minds and body, but I am with MB, no time for hiding under the covers and living in despair, it’s time to push away the fear and actively continue to fight.

All the Dems that think saying ‘Shame, shame, shame,” to someone that backs a pResident that takes babies away from their Mama’s and doesn’t know where they are, and those babies are covered with lice and alone and traumatized…the Dems that preach, be civil, or those Dems that kick one of their own Senators out of office without a hearing, should STFU and get whacked over the head with a basket full of rotten bananas.

Fight, fight, fight until Trump is stopped dead in his tracks!

Think of the time American’s fought back and how wonderful that felt. The Boston Tea Party, the Women’s March, Viet Nam protests…

Come on MUELLER, we need you to drop a bomb…before the election, before this new Supreme is coronated.

@31, such happy faces!

Fredster, this made me think of “Does the translation matter?”

Nearly 2 years into the Trump presidency, Fox News is still obsessed with Hillary Clinton
With Trump fighting off scandals, Fox News still needs the “Hillary” villain.

“I call her a character because the value Fox News finds in Clinton is largely a narrative one. Fox News has devoted itself to painting Trump as a protagonist, which can be hard given the scandals, the incompetence, and the cruelty. But with the perfectly crafted villain, anyone can be made a hero.

And that villain is, still, Hillary Clinton.

Since Trump’s inauguration, Fox News has consistently covered Clinton more than other cable news channels — by a wide margin.”

Re the walkaway story, always worth pointing out where the puppetmasters are operating. Some of us live under rocks and need all the help we can get to keep up with what’s garbage out there in the real world.

Good point, madamab, about where are the former Prez. The norm has always been not to muck about in subsequent admins, which is fine in a normal world. The hallmark of our current disaster is the little dog in the burning cafe saying “This is fine.”

Too many people in too many visible positions too busy hoping the fire will go away if they ignore it strongly enough.

Voting and people in the streets is all we can do that I can see.

Manchin was the only Dem to vote Yes! WTF? Benczkowski is unqualified AND a Fox in the hen house!

@14 Luna
Quote from Caroline O’s Twitter:

The House of Representatives has introduced a bill called the “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018,” which carries a potential 15-year prison sentence for anyone caught engaging in behaviors typically associated with anti-fascist activists.

This seems ominous but may not be all bad. There is something called the Anti Lesbian Antifa and they are simply violent lesbian hating fucks.

@34: Yep contrask, Scalise.

I mean, I’m sorry the guy got shot and all but I’d love to see him gone. However with the districts the way they are he isn’t going anywhere.

Neither is Lankford in OK, but Inhofe is getting senile, so maybe there, lol.
John Pavlovitz is coming to Tulsa in Aug. @47 We are planning on going to see him

@49: Should be interesting.

Nearly spilled my iced tea all over my laptop laughing so hard:

@47, tell me about it. Patients and providers too.

Luna if you come by check your DMs on twitter please. Thnx.


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